About Us

PENHOUSE INITIATIVES is one of the world’s fastest-growing multi-dimensional Writing company that strives for the excellent growth of her clients. With our expertise, we pride ourselves with building and writing for brands by taking your vision for your business and helping it reach its potential. We are the world’s largest Writing hub.

Penhouse blog is your number one Writing Hub for short stories, News, entertainment, politics, gossips and gist, Poetry etc just for your consumption and satisfaction.

What We Do




What We Offer

With Creativity and Excellence, we help to bring out only the best in your brand and Projects. We develop your business idea and Brand’s Vision for global recognition.

Our Vision

Influx of Creativity and Excellence in Creating every idea into a globalized Valuable market.
PENHOUSE BLOG is an educative blog, it was created for the purpose to enlighten the youth on the importance of patience in the global community with the help of storytelling and script writing…
This blog was foundered by
 A Nigerian Youth Named  JAJA GODSPOWER

Aims And Objectives

  • General blogging
  • Creative writing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Fictions and non-fictions
  • Short stories of all genres
  • Informational
  • Educational
  • All kinds of business writings