Covid19 cure found in AFRICA

The man that discovered the cure to corona virus in AFRICA. He is from Madagascar… Read below…

Information from WORLDNEEDSFREE state that;

President Andry Rajoelina officially launched a medicine he strongly believes can prevent and cure patients suffering from the Coronavirus. Developed by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research and it called COVID Organics, President Rajaolina showed the so-called remedy to the press on Monday. It has Artemisia, a plant grown on the Big Island to fight against malaria as part of the ingredients.

“All test runs and trials have been done and its effectiveness when it comes to minimizing and totaly eradicate the symptoms of the covid-19 have been proven through the treatment of patients with COVID-19 in Madagascar,” the president said. He also made a presidential decree stating that the COVID-organics is compulsory for children returning to school on Wednesday.
President Rajaolina said on Monday that so far they have managed to cure two COVID-19 cases. “The Covid-Organics will be given free of charge to our most vulnerable people and sold at very reasonable prices to others. All profits will be given to IMRA to finance scientific research,” the president wrote on Twitter.

“This is why we must reject the vaccination:”

The man of the moment…the man who wrote Africa’s name on the map of the world.

His name is Dr Jerome Munyangi from MADAGASCAR the inventor , creator and manufacturer of the #Magadascar’s magic herbal drink named COVID–ORGANICS which prevents and cures coronavirus.

His crime is the colour of his skin!

Let’s hope and pray that no harm befalls him. The “disease” and drug industry is a multi billion dollar business run by a ruthless cartel. If they lay hands on him,it will be disastrous.

The reason WHO and the world media controlled by those who predicted tons of millions of deaths for Africa are not talking about the Magadascar wonder of the world drug is because it is coming from the same Africa they said would be wiped out by coronavirus.

How can Africa that suppose to die and be wiped out ,suddenly produce a cure? How can the black Africa give solution of a world pandemic when the white hasn’t provided a solution? How can they allow Africa save the world ? How can Africa they said they would use to test vaccine, produce anprecentuon and cure for Coronavirus?

This guy is young. Magadascar president is young. They can think outside the box. Congratulations to Madagascar for acknowledging their indigenous methods of healing without waiting for WHO.

China is in most African countries including Nigeria in pretense to help us fight coronavirus but, the major mission is to stop African leaders from thinking of using and producing traditional medicine against coronavirus.

 See what wil happen to him now>>>>>

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