Three months has gone since the killing of Senator Humphrey and his family. There had been no sign of any other form of terrorism in the state. Though Black Monday had stated that they were four more to be killed. They state seems in peace now. Movement is now as usual unlike three months ago where every Monday there would be a bloody show. That was why the terrorist was nicknamed black Monday. The police and investigation unit has not ceased to provide concrete evidence to catch they culprit yet. But catching the culprit is as far as the sun from the earth. No clue yet!

    Newspapers fly around all with the same headline. WHO IS BLACK MONDAY? HAS HE REALLY BACKED OFF? ARE WE TO EXPECT MORE?
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As expected the child is 16 years of age now. Very young and beautiful a catch of both male and females but seems to be very serious. Though excited that he was going to leave the jungle for the first time in his life, he was more curious in what he was going to expect. Who had killed his mother, making his father that mean and wicked? But dad is not wicked you know, he saved me just a year ago, though he killed my mother figure to protect his empire you. Hmmm he shrugged.

It was a cold night after my fifteenth birthday, mummy Bianca as she would be called, wanted me to have fun as dad wasn’t home. I sneaked out of the jungle to the market place. On my way, I found five hefty men trying to kill a young man. I was so determined to save him and at least show case my fighting skills for the first time. I quickly picked a stone and in one throw I hit the target. Wow that was wonderful, why won’t it be, I mean I have been training since my first speech as a child. One of the criminals grunt in pain. I took that opportunity to bounce on them, though looking small, I was able to defeat all in just a few punch. I was a great fighter you know. A few minutes they were all in pain, run!!!! I shouted at the weakling.

Run!!! I shouted at the weakling. “I have nowhere to run to” came the reply. A look at my face could show confusion. How could it be that he had nowhere to go? I took a proper look at him and found out he was a young man in his early thirties. He was quite older than me. I think he’s my uncle figure. “Wait! Uncle, why are you here all alone, I think it’s quite dangerous here. Who brought you here?” So many questions at a time “Hmmm”.

“I’m Chima” he said, “I was kidnapped and I found myself here” his face saddened. “Uncle here can be very dangerous. But wait did you just say your name is Chima?” Hmmm that looks familiar I wondered. “That means you are Igbo”, “yes” he replied. “Can I get my way back home” he looked perplexed. I giggled what’s he saying “back home?” You are in the outskirts of South Korea for crying out loud. What’s so funny he wondered” “Listen, you are nowhere close to home, I guess you don’t know how long you have been captured” one could tell he’s confused right now. Since you are from my tribe, I’m going to help you. Dad needs more boys in his army. Talking about Dad, I think I have stayed longer than necessary. I’m dead! “Come on! Let’s go” I ordered. As if I knew, dad was home. I’m finished! I saw mum Bianca tied up. Oh no! Dad pointed a gun at her.

Dad! Stop! I yelled. “It was my idea not hers, dad please don’t kill her” I wept.  “I will come back to you later” dad roared, as for her she won’t live further, her husband betrayed me! Kpa kpa kpa! The hot bullet flew pass me, making its way to her chest”. “No!!!!!!” I screamed out my lungs. I scream until my voice got lost in the air. I think I hate dad so much now, she was the only mum I had known. Dad is so mean and wicked. In a blink of an eye, he pointed the gun at Chima.

No you can’t do this” I yelled, kill me instead ” I cried hugging Chima tightly. “Out of the way!” dad screamed. I could feel Chima shaking uncontrollable. “Enough dad! I was angry right now. Kill us both! I yelled. Dad lowered the gun, he was still looking like a monster.

“What can you do?” Dad roared. “I can……… I can co….. Co…. Cook sir” Chima stammered in fear.
“From now on, you are the new cook, if I find out your meal is tasteless, I will kill you. And the moment you think of leaving this jungle, you think of your death. Am I cleared”? Dad yelled.
“Yes sir” Chima shivered.
Waw, dad didn’t kill him. Maybe because he didn’t want to hurt me. OK let’s just cut it short, Uncle Chima lived with us since then. He was a wonderful cook and a great musician. Dad loved him, though you won’t notice, but am his child you know. I can tell when my dad loves someone. Ever since mum Bianca’s death, Uncle Chima became a mum and a friend’s figure to me. He was so kind. Though he is a slave to my father. “I owe you my life” he would always say.
After I saved Uncle Chima that night, the next day a group of thugs came to our hideout. They attacked us, and in the process they injured my dad. I will tell you about the injury latter. My dad and I with the help of other slaves killed them all. My dad burned in furry “this was the reason why I asked you never to leave this jungle” dad fired. “I’m sorry dad, I just wanted to have fun” I cried. Seeing my dad in that condition made me helpless. For once in my life I regretted my actions. “Don’t worry dad, you will be fine” I cried.

“Sit child, let me tell you all you need to know. Get that knife and dig it to my shoulder”. No dad” I resisted. It would injure you more” I cried.
“Shut up and do it, I trained you never to have pity, it will destroy you” he yelled. Reluctantly, I took the knife and dug it my dad’s shoulder. The bed was covered with pool of blood, but I brought out a very sharp metal from his shoulders. Dad screamed in pain. I felt so bad.
“Look, child I lived with that in my shoulder for 16 years now. They murdered your mother in cold blood and the bomb left that metal in me. I was determined to train you so that when am gone, you would avenge your mums death.

“Dad, tell me how mum died, who killed her? Who did this to you?” I can feel the burning anger in me right now. I think this is how Dad wants me to feel, a whirl fire consuming my thoughts seeking to behold the murderer of my mum.
“She was murdered, and they planted a bomb in our room to kill us both, I was lucky to escape with you my child”. Dad replied, he was getting weak. I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to hear more, my heart bleeds for vengeance. “Hang on dad, you will be fine”. I and uncle Chima tried our best and luckily dad survived. He told me all about my mum’s death and who I am. He told me that his best friend betrayed him and took his right. He told me so many hidden miseries and mysteries that I would unravel.
“Wow, you are looking so beautiful ” uncle Chima commented.
“Beautiful, innocent and heartless” I corrected. 
“You have to be careful, babe” uncle Chima looked worried. Ever since he learnt of my revenge mission, he has been less happy. He never welcomed that idea but he had no choice but to comply. “I don’t want anything to happen to you” you must be careful. I nodded. I know what I am capable of. I will strike slowly and no one will suspect me. I hugged dad who promised to come Latter. We exchange pleasantries and off I went. It took me 72 hours to get to my destination.

Now let me tell you about me, some of you may be wondering. I am a rich angel, very beautiful but dangerous, I am just 16 years old but my physique is like that of a 21 year old. My hair length is like that of Aphrodite and I am among the most popular rock stars in town. I am Rose Edwards. Some of you have been thinking am a boy, hell no! Am a girl. Hahaha am a teenage girl for that matter. I am BLACK MONDAY. But who will believe that Eldina Morgan (for that is my music name) is a terrorist. I am not just on revenge but much more. I look so innocent but I am BAD!!!!! Sometimes I fear for the beast that I have become. Not all that glitters is gold you know. I’m a renowned SHE-DEVIL. 
“To be continued”

By penhouse

Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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