Being careful is not always the carefulness we need

SEASON 2: Episode 1.
Adam caught the look on his wife’s face again
and looked away. She was trying to make
him feel bad and it was working. He walked
away from her and towards the wine. He was
at the party for a reason; he could not leave,
not yet. It was a party with a lot of political
bigwigs and they did not seem to mind that
their host – Senator Adeshina was nowhere
to be found. But then, none of them had a
pregnant wife to worry about, he did.
He picked two glasses and walked back to
Ese. He stopped in front of her and smiled.
He had married a beautiful woman, not even
the eight months old foetus pushing her
belly out of proportion could disguise that.
“You look beautiful tonight Ese.” He said as
he set the glasses on the table in front of her.
“I don’t feel beautiful. I feel like a house on
legs.” She said with a grunt. “And this house
wants to go home.”
“We can’t leave yet Ese, we’ve not even seen
the Senator.”
“It’s not our fault he is late to his own party,
I’m tired Honey, I need to go home.”
Adam looked at his watch, it was past nine;
she was right it was late.
“Babe, let’s wait for another fifteen minutes,
if the senator isn’t here, we will leave, okay?”
“You’re not leaving, are you?” A voice said
from behind them.
Adam turned around, it was the Senator.
Finally, they could pay their respects and
“The Mrs was getting a little tired, that’s all.”
Adam said.
“It’s not me sir, it’s the baby.” Ese said.
“I’m sorry Adam, I apologise specially to you
Ese. I was held up by a call from the
Hungarian ambassador who for some
reason I can’t fathom has become a dear
“We totally understand sir. We just wanted a
chance to say a big thank you for your help
sir.” Adam said.
“My help?”
“Our transfer to Abuja.” Ese said.
“You think I did you a favour by bringing you
to Abuja? I hope you still think so in six
months.” The senator said and laughed.
“I’m sure there are other people you need to
say hello to.” Adam said, he could tell his
wife was barely keeping the fake smile on
her face.
“Oh sure, most of them I should introduce
you to, Senator Halima especially. She’s been
eager to meet you.”
He knew who Senator Halima Abubakar was.
She was the youngest member of the senate,
she was barely thirty five. It was obvious she
was only in the Senate because of who her
parents were. He wondered why she wanted
to meet him.
“She is a big fan of the Church Street Killer
case, she should be here already; she’s never
late for
parties.” The senator said. He dug his hand
into his pocket and brought out his phone.
Adam nodded and smiled, he hoped the
senator would just go; he was almost as
eager to leave as his wife was now.
“Excuse me please,” The senator said. “I
need to take this call.”
Adam watched him leave. He whispered to
Ese. “This is our chance.”
He helped Ese to her feet and they walked
across the room. There were a lot of
important people in the room, people who
could make his stay in Abuja easier, people
he had hoped the senator would introduce
him to. He had learnt his lesson, he would
not bring a heavily pregnant woman to a
party next time.
“Adam?” He heard the voice call behind him
and he stopped, it was the Senator. No!
He could hear Ese grumble. “Just tell him I’m
not feeling well.” She said.
“I’m sorry sir, Ese isn’t…”
“Adam, you need to come with me.”
Adam shook his head. “Sir, I…”
“There’s been a murder.”
“What?” He gasped. “Where? When?”
“Just now, a few minutes from here.”
“That’s awful. I hope it has nothing to do with
your party or your guests.” Ese said.
“Who was killed?” Adam asked.
“Senator Halima.”
“Oh my God.” Ese whispered.
“She was found in her car, not very far from
here. You need to go with me now.” The
senator said and walked towards the exit.
Adam looked at Ese, he could see the dread
in her eyes. They had come to Abuja because
they wanted to get away from the whole
church street killer case. They had not even
spent a whole month in Abuja.
“Babe, this is probably a case for some other
agency. I’m just finding my feet, they won’t
throw this at me, it’s too important. But I
have to go and secure the scene before I
hand it to whoever will take it over.”
“What am I supposed to do then Adam?”
“The driver will take you home. I promise I
won’t be late.”
“If you won’t be late, I could wait up.”
“No sweetheart, don’t wait up. Get some rest;
I have stressed you enough today.” He kissed
her forehead. “I love you, you remember
that, right?”
She smiled and punched him lightly on the
chest. “Don’t try to be sweet. I’m waiting up
for you so don’t be late.”
“Okay ma’am. Now, let’s get you and my baby
He loved her, he really did but he could not
wait to be at the crime scene. A crime scene!
He stifled the smile spreading over his face;
he was back in the game!
The car slowed to a stop and Adam stepped
out. There were a few people gathered
around a black Mercedes, he assumed it was
Senator Halima’s car. Surprisingly none of
them looked disturbed by the murder, they
looked amused instead. The senator had not
told him anything about the murder; he said
he had to see for himself.
The men standing around the car stepped
away from it as he approached. He needed
them very far away, the last thing he needed
was interference from overzealous but
ignorant politicians. There were two
uniformed policemen standing behind the
car, away from the intimidating bigwigs.
When they saw him, they approached.
“Officers,” He started before they could greet
him. “The first thing I want from you is to
disperse everybody who isn’t law
enforcement. Go on and do that now,
The policemen walked away reluctantly to
perform their daunting task.
Now was the moment of truth. He put his
hand on the door handle and paused.
Memories of chasing after the church street
killer rushed through his mind. Did he want
to get back into that world? He shook his
head; he would make that decision later. He
pulled the door handle and held his breath.
He saw the body and took a staggered step
back. Senator Halima – her naked body laid
on its back on the backseat. Her left leg
rested on the front seat where her clothes
were laid and her head laid on the door
opposite him. Her pale eyes stared at him
and her mouth was curved in what looked
like a smile. She looked very much alive
except she was not breathing. There were no
obvious bullet wounds or knife cuts. It would
take an autopsy to determine what killed
her. Had she died in the middle of sex or had
the killer arranged her body that way to send
a message? Was this the church street killer
all over again? What was a senator doing
having sex in her car, and totally naked? It
was difficult to see much without getting
deeper into the car. He looked behind,
thepolicemen had succeeded in clearing the
curious crowd and only Senator Adeshina
was left standing around.
He closed the door and walked closer to the
“Who found the body?” Adam asked.
“We did sir,” One of the policemen – Tijani
according to his name tag, said. “Or actually I
“We were patrolling when we saw the car,”
The second policeman said. “It was parked
by the road, so we decided to see if it was
empty. I waited in our car, he went up to
check the parked car.”
“Did you touch the body? Did you move it at
all?” Adam asked.
“No sir, we didn’t.”
“How did you find out about this, Senator?”
Adam asked.
“Chief Korede called me, said he saw the…
said he saw her on his way to my house.”
“Some of the guests at his party were driving
past, maybe one of them recognized her car
or something but they stopped and then saw
everything.” Tijani added.
Adam nodded and asked. “Is there an
ambulance on the way?
“Yes sir.”
He looked back at the car; the killer might
have left something behind.
“We need to take pictures of the car and the
body before we move it, and I want the car
searched for anything the killer might have
left behind. A used condom, a sock,
footprint, anything.”
“I told you Adam.” Senator Adeshina said.
“Abuja is not as quiet as you think. This case
is going to be bigger than the church street
killer case.”
“Yes, it will be. It’s a good thing I won’t be the
one chasing down this pyscho.”
“Really? Why? You have experience with this
kind of thing.”
“I have a pregnant wife who wants me by her
side all the time, I’ll help when I can but I
think I’ll pass on this one.”
Adam had considered his options. He could
walk away from the case and make his wife
happy or he could satisfy his curiousity and
go after the killer. He wanted this case but it
was not what he promised Ese. He would
hand the case over, but first he had to make
sure that he got everything he could from the
He started towards the car when a car pulled
up close beside the crime scene. He
motioned one of the policemen to deal with
whoever it was. The occupant of the car
stepped out, it was a woman. He paused.
“Uncle Adam.” The woman called out.
It was Kate. He had not seen her since he
came to Abuja.
“Kate, it’s good to see you. What are you
doing here?”
“I called her.” Senator Adeshina said. “I
needed her to get me some things from the
“Sir, you don’t have to stay. You won’t be
doing much here.” Adam said.
“Don’t worry Dad, I’ll stay and help him.” Kate
“No Kate. Thanks but this is a crime scene, I
can’t have you here too.”
“You can go Dad.” Kate said and started to
push Senator Adeshina towards his car. “I’ll
wait around and call you if anything comes
up.”Chat Heritage on zero eight one zero eight  seven five  one three six eight to be added to his WhatsApp group.
Adam returned to the Mercedes. There were
several things he needed to find answers to.
How did the car arrive there? Was the
murder committed here or was the car
driven here with the senator dead already?
Was another car on the scene? He should
check for tyre tracks. He needed light.
“Do you need a flashlight?” Kate asked.
He looked behind, at her. “Yeah, I was just
thinking that.”
“You see, I can help you.”
She went to her car and returned with an
industrial flashlight. He collected it and
looked around the car. There were no extra
tyre tracks so it was safe to assume the killer
came to the scene in the same car. But how
did the killer leave?
“What do you think happened here?” Kate
“I don’t know. I have to look inside that car
He looked at the policemen, who were
keeping a safe distance from the car. He
needed a lot of things. He motioned them
“Who would handle something like this
normally?” Adam asked.
“Er..I don’t know but we have called the office
and they said we should wait, they will
send somebody.” Tijani said.
“We don’t have too much time. I don’t want
that body getting stiff here.”
Adam put his hand on the car’s door handle,
steadied him and opened it. The body was
exactly the way it was earlier. He shone the
light around the car – there was nothing. He
looked through the clothes laid on the front
seat, they were all the victim’s. The scent on
the victim’s clothes filled the car. The killer
had done a good job of leaving none of
himself behind.
“How do you think she died?” Kate’s voice
came from behind him and he jumped.
“Kate, you shouldn’t be here.”
“Was she cut?”
“No, there are no cuts.” Adam said. “Nothing
looks out of place here.”
“Maybe she wasn’t murdered.” Kate said.
“Maybe it was an accident. Maybe she died
during sex and her lover ran because he was
Adam opened his mouth to respond then he
saw a car speeding towards them. The car
swerved and stopped just a few metres from
the crime scene. The occupant of the car
came out and started running towards him.
Adam hurried of the car and signaled the
cops to stop the man.
“Let me go!” The man shouted and
strugggled to break free from the cops. “You
stupid imbecile, that is my wife there.”
Adam looked at the man and back at the car.
Senator Halima was not married. Whoever
this crazy guy was, it was probably a good
idea to keep him away from the body.
“I’m sorry sir but what’s your name?” Adam
“My name is Hameed and Halima is my wife.”
“Senator Halima was not married.” Adam
“I want to see her! Let me go. Do you know
who I am?”
Adam shook his head. Everybody in Abuja
believed they were somebody or knew
somebody. It was not the first time he had
heard somebody asking that question. This
Hameed guy however was a nutcase. The
only way to keep him out was to arrest him.
Adam signalled to the cops and they dragged
him to their car.
Kate moved closer to him.
“I know that guy.” She said.
“Yeah? Should I be afraid?” Adam asked with
a smile.
“He is the son of a general. He is… well, he
was engaged to Senator Halima. Their
fathers are very close friends.”
“This is another reason why I won’t be on
this case; too much political interest.”
“Really? You won’t take the case? I was
hoping to work with you.”
“You didn’t learn from the last serial killer
you came close to, right? Well, I did.” He
looked at his watch and gasped. “It’s almost
eleven. Ese will kill me!”
“I’m sure Ese will be eager to get on this case
“Ese is heavily pregnant. The only thing she is
eager to do is give birth.” Adam looked at his
watch again. “I don’t think I want to do
anything here again. Where are the police?”
In the distance, sirens began to blare, they
got close very quickly.
“Well, looks like there is the calvary. I’ll hand
this over to whoever leads them here and
you can drop me where I can get a cab
Kate nodded and they both stood, waiting for
the approaching police cars. A few seconds
later, three police cars, all of them with
sirens blowing parked beside them. Two
men came out of the car in the middle. The
occupants of the other two cars remained
“That’s not the IG or the C.O.P. right?” Kate
leaned in and whispered to Adam. “Why
does he have escorts?”
Adam shrugged.
The two men got to them and Adam
stretched his hand.
“Hello, my name is Adam Ademola, Director,
CIB. This is Kate Adeshina…”
“His personal assistant.” Kate added. Adam
shot her a look but she ignored him.
“CIB huh? I hope you have not tampered with
anything here. This is my case now.” One of
the men said.
Adam and Kate looked at each other.
“Excuse me, who are you?” Adam asked.
“I’m Nnamdi Uba. This is Chuks Ezenwa, my
personal assistant. Will you tell me what
happened here please?” Nnamdi said and
walked off.
Adam stood where he was. Nnamdi looked
back and saw Adam did not move and he
came back.
“Do we have a problem here?” Nnamdi
“Do we?” Adam said.
“What do you mean?”
“You hope I did not tamper with anything?
You want me to give you a report on what
happened here?”
“Yes, and that is a problem because…?”
“Nnamdi, I don’t know who you are but if you
need anything from me, I will be in my office
by 9 am tomorrow. If you can’t wait, I
suggest you conduct your own investigation.”
Adam tapped Kate and they walked away.
Adam was not sure he had done the right
thing. He had no idea who the Nnamdi guy
was and he hoped he would not have to go
and apologise to him later.
“I just googled the guy.” Kate said. “He’s not
that important. Just an errand boy for the IG.
That’s the problem with Abuja, everybody
wants to take advantage of you.”
“Is that the idiot who will take this case?
There’s no way the killer will get caught.”
“Yes Uncle. They need someone who is not
deep into Abuja politics, someone who will
be objective.They need you.”
Adam looked behind, Nnamdi was on the
phone, probably calling his bosses to report
the disrespectful new boy. He kind of wanted
the case now. He needed to show Nnamdi
and people like him he did not have to know
everybody in Abuja to do well at his job.
They got to Kate’s car and entered.
“Please consider taking this case. You are
probably the only one who can find this
“Maybe but if this jerk is the IG’s lap dog like
you said…”
“I said errand boy, not lap dog.”
“Same thing. If he is the IG’s lap dog, then
he’ll find a way to get the case.”
“We’ll see then.”
Kate started her car and shifted te gear into
drive. Adam looked through the window and
saw Nnamdi running towards them.
“Hold on Kate, the lap dog is coming .”
Nnamdi arrived. “Got any more instructions
to bark at me Mister Nnamdi?”
“It’s detective Nnamdi, not Mister. And I was
just on the phone with the IG.”
“Of course you were.” Adam said with a
“I apologise for my earlier… Anyway, he said
to tell you that with the high status of this
murder and your experience, you will lead
the investigation.”
“Really?” Adam could not hide the grin that
spread over his face.
“You will of course coordinate with other law
enforcement agencies but you have the lead
on the case.”
“Okay detective Nnamdi, thank you for the
information.” Adam said and turned to Kate.
“We can go now.”
“Oh wait, there’s one more thing.” Nnamdi
said. “You report to me throughout the case.
You have the lead but you cannot do
anything except I approve it.”
Adam looked at him with his mouth open.
Report to him?
“Where is that smirk now?” Nnamdi said.
“Welcome to Abuja Detective Adam

Episode 2
Immediately Adam got home he knew he was in
trouble. The doors were unlocked. Ese never left the
door open when she was going to sleep. He opened
the door and entered. The door made a slight click
when he closed it. He looked at the huge clock
chiming away on the wall, it was almost one am. It
was bad enough that he got home late when he had
promised not to but having to tell Ese that he was on
the case was worse. He flicked a switch and light
flooded the living room. On one of the sofas was Ese,
she was asleep. Not even the light woke her. He felt
so guilty, she had actually tried to wait up for him.
He walked to her and knelt by the sofa. He brushed
some straying strands of hair from her face, she
looked so peaceful in her sleep. He placed his hands
on her protruded stomach and smiled. He was going
to be a father soon and he wanted to be there for his
wife and baby but his child would live in a better and
safer world if he could catch whoever killed the
“Adam,” He had not noticed her eyes open. “You said
you would not stay too long.”
“I’m sorry Ese. I had to take care of things before help
came.” Adam said, helping her up from the sofa.
“This is the last we’ll hear of the investigation, right?”
Ese asked.
Adam did not reply.
“The IG called and…”
“You took the case?”
“I wasn’t exactly given a choice.”
She placed a palm on her belly. “Our baby is due in
less than a month.”
Adam moved close to her and held her. “The case
won’t affect that.”
She walked out of his embrace and headed for the
“I’m going to sleep, make yourself comfortable on the
Adam made to go after her but stopped. She would
be calm by morning. He kicked off his shoes,
dropped on a couch and brought out his phone. Who
exactly was Senator Halima? He had a lot of reading
to do before morning.
Adam arrived at the office before 8 am the next day.
Ese still was not talking to him but he knew she would
come around, he had other things to worry about.
The story of the murder was all over the news
already, it was only a matter of time before the press
knew he was handling the case. Just as he expected
there was no one in the office. He himself had never
arrived earlier than 10 am so it was no surprise his
staff had taken to arriving late.
He entered his office and shut the door. He was not
sure where to start from. It was times like this he
wished he had Tola in Abuja with him. If what he
read about Senator Halima online was anything to go
by, finding her killer would not be easy. He removed
a file from his desk. How he wished Tola was here.
A knock sounded on his door. He looked up, was his
wish about to come true?
“Come in.” He said.
The door opened and Kate stepped in.
“I knew you’d be here.” She said.
“Oh, it’s you.”
“You sound disappointed. Have I dropped so low on
the list of people you want to see in the morning?”
“Sorry Kate, I was just hoping it would be… So, what
are you doing here so early?”
“I’m not here early enough. The PA is supposed to
resume before the boss.”
“PA? Kate?” Adam smiled and shook his head.
“You thought I was joking last night? I mean it, I want
to be your assistant.”
“You can’t be my assistant. Why do you think you can
help me catch a killer Kate?”
“I have been kidnapped by a serial killer who killed
several others and I escaped. How many of your
people can say that?”
Adam laughed. “First, you did not escape, you were
rescued. Secondly, being kidnapped makes you the
victim, not a detective. By the way, don’t you have a
“I’m on leave. And that job is just a monotonous
thing, I need some excitement.”
“Chasing a killer is not exactly excitement.”
“Uncle Adam, please leave this argument. I know
Abuja and the people here and I can help.”
She had a point. He already had a lot of questions,
maybe she could help answer some.
“Alright Kate.”
“Thank you.” She said, and brought out a notepad.
“Where do we start?”
“The crazy guy from last night, you said he was the
victim’s fiance?”
“Yes, Hameed Galadima.”
“Is he the son of…?”
“Exactly. Only the sons of the rich marry the
daughters of the rich here.”
“If she was engaged to a Galadima, how come she is
all over gossip blogs?”
“Well, she is a known rebel. Her parents arranged to
marry her off once, she left the groom on the
wedding day and traveled out of the country.”
“Refusing to get married is one thing, prostituting
yourself to half of Abuja, as one blog put it is another
Kate laughed. “That’s harsh. She has dated a few
bigwigs, some of them as old as her father but it
doesn’t make her a prostitute.”
“A few? How exactly few is ‘a few’?” Adam asked.
“Well, I don’t have a number but she’s been around a
few of guys.”
“So this fiancé and his family, they don’t mind that
she cheats?”
“That would make him our primary suspect, right?”
“Suspect? Yes. Primary suspect? It’s a little too early.
But it’s a good place to start.”
Adam looked at his watch, it was a few minutes to
nine. None of his staff had arrived.
“Let’s go talk to the fiancé.”
Kate picked her notepad and bag and headed for the
“I think I will fire my whole staff.” Adam said and
followed her.
They were about leaving the building when a lady met
them. She greeted Adam and walked past them.
Adam paused and looked at the lady.
“Hey you.” He called out.
The lady stopped and hurried back.
“Do you work for me? Do you work at the CIB?” Adam
“Yes sir, I do.”
“What time are you supposed to resume? No, don’t
answer that. Go to your office and type a termination
notice for yourself and every other person who
works in that office.”
Adam looked at her eyes widen in surprise.
“Sir please.”
“You know what, that’s too harsh. Type a query letter
for everyone and I want their replies on my desk
before I come back. Anyone who is not in by the time
I’m back should not bother to come in ever again.”
Adam walked off with the lady staring after him.
Kate looked at Adam and smiled. “That was
“Are you sure you still want to work for me?”
Adam was used to seeing big Abuja houses on his
daily routes now but he rarely saw the inside of one.
The Galadimas’ house looked impressive from the
outside but stepping inside the house blew his mind.
He thought Senator Adeshina’s house was awesome,
but even that house looked like a cottage compared
to this one. He looked at Kate, she wasn’t as taken by
the house.
“Don’t you think this place is amazing?” Adam asked.
“Oh, it is. I’m just more pre-occupied by what we are
about to do.”
“We – no, I am here to question a suspect, all you
have to do is listen and write.”
“A suspect?” She lowered her voice. “You want to
accuse the son of General Galadima of murder in his
own house?”
Adam looked at her for a few seconds, why was she
bothered about that? He heard approaching
footsteps and he looked up. The general walked into
the room, Adam and Kate sprung to their feet. The
general was accompanied by another old man. He
could swear the other man was a general too.
“Welcome detective.” General Galadima said,
stretching his hands to shake him.
“Good morning General.” Adam shook the hand. And
quickly added. “I’m sorry for your loss.”
The other man shook Adam and they both sat,
completely ignoring Kate. Adam sat and Kate joined
“This is my assistant, Kate Adeshina.”
They both grunted. If the name Adeshina meant
anything to them they did not show it.
“I understand you’re the one working this case?” It
was the other man who spoke first.
“Yes sir, I am.”
“Good. Forget about the IG or whoever your boss is.
If you need anything to help you catch the person
who killed my daughter, you must come to us.”
“Your daughter?” Adam said before he could catch
“You don’t know him?” General Galadima asked. He
obviously could not believe there was anybody in
Abuja who did not know his almighty friend.
“I’m sorry, I just did not recognize him.” Adam
wished he had studied the victim’s family more.
“As I was saying, if there’s anything you need, come
to us. You must understand that we want this
wrapped up on time.” General Abubakar continued.
“Yes sir.” Adam said.
“Thank you. We will be talking to you later.” General
Galadima said and they both stood.
He had not even seen the person he came to see and
they were dismissing him?
“Sir, how is Hameed? I will like to talk to him.” Adam
“You don’t have to, we will pass your condolences to
him.” General Galadima said and turned away.
“Sir, I have some questions for him.” Adam said.
“Yes sir. We are just trying to cover our bases here
and Hameed was her fiancé so…”
“Wait a minute detective, are you accusing my son
of…?” The general looked at him like he had just
invoked Satan in a mosque.
“Well sir…”
Kate elbowed Adam and cut him off. “No sir, Hameed
is definitely not a suspect, we just believe he will
know people who might have wanted to harm
Senator Halima.”
The generals looked at Kate and back at Adam.
“Hameed will be at your office to talk to you.” General
Galadima said. “I hope you have some information
before the end of the day.”
“After the autopsy today we will have a cause of
death sir.” Adam said.
“Autopsy?” General Abubakar asked. “There will be
no autopsy. My daughter has been buried already.”
Adam opened his mouth and for a few seconds
considered letting out some anger at the general.
How did they bury the body without him knowing?
“Sir, without knowing the cause of death we won’t
have the best chance of finding her killer.”
“Well, you have to find your cause of death another
way. Nobody will desecrate my daughter’s body any
The men walked into the house with Adam looking
after them, mouth agape.
“What just happened?” Adam looked at Kate.
She picked her bag and stood from the chair. “You
just got owned Detective. Welcome to Abuja.”
Adam looked at the pile of responses on his table,
packed them and dumped them in the garbage bin.
He was not about to spend any time reading a bunch
of insincere apologies from his lazy staff. He had
bigger things to worry about. He could not find out
what killed the victim or talk to his first suspect
because a general decided that was the way he
wanted it. If Hameed did not come in by the end of
the day, he would d–n the consequences and have
him arrested.
A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.
“Come in.”
Kate pushed the door open and entered.
“One of the detectives is back.” She said.
“Send him in.”
He had sent his detectives out to find everyone who
had ever dated Senator Halima. Anyone who did not
have a solid alibi was to be booked as a suspect and
investigated. He was surprised that any of them was
back so early. Especially as he had given them an
earful on discipline and hard work.
The door opened and the detective entered. Adam
had been surprised to find out the man was a
detective. He looked like he could not slap a
mosquito much less shoot a gun.
“Detective Bawa.”
“Good afternoon sir.” The detective said and saluted.
“You’re back so soon.”
“Yes sir. I was supposed to investigate Adeolu
Bankole. He dated her when he was a footballer
playing here in the Nigerian league, about eight years
ago. He has since signed for a Dutch club and he was
on the field in Holland when the murder happened.”
“Easy day for you then, huh?”
“Yes sir.”
“What do you want then? Please don’t tell me you
want to go home now. You all came late for crying
out loud.”
“No sir, that’s not why I’m here.”
“So what is it Detective?”
“Sir, some years ago before I became a cop, I used to
live with my grandmother in Bida.”
Where was he going with this? “Go on please.”
There was a knock on the door. The door opened and
Kate entered.
“Hameed Galadima is here.”
“Tell him to wait, I’m in a meeting.” Adam said.
“I can come back sir.” Detective Bawa said.
“Weren’t you telling me an important story about
your childhood?”
“No sir… I mean, yes sir. It’s not really about my
childhood… I mean, I was a child but… I will come
back sir.”
The detective stood and scurried away. Adam shook
his head, he was a queer one.
“Send him in Kate.” Adam said.
Kate left the room. Adam was not sure how to
proceed with the questioning. Should he come out
and accuse him of murder straight forward?
Diplomacy was not his strong suit. Tola covered that
side of the partnership.
The door opened and two men walked in followed by
the scent of one of the strongest perfume ever made.
Kate followed them in. He recognised Hameed but he
did not know who the other man was. He was not
sure which of the men was the bee magnet.
“This is Hameed Abubakar and his friend or lawyer, I
suppose.” Kate said.
“I’m his Uncle. My name is Hassan Mohammed,
honourable member of the House of
“He’s my friend.” Hameed said.
“Yeah, his uncle and his friend. And part-time lawyer.
I’m here as a friend though.”
“Please sit.” Adam said.
“I will be outside if you need anything.” Kate said and
opened the door.
“No Kate, I want you to stay.” Adam dragged a chair
and placed it beside him. “Come and sit here.”
He knew it was not a mistake or a coincidence that
the friend or uncle had mentioned he was a lawyer.
He knew he had to tread carefully, he needed Kate for
“Mr Hameed, I’m terribly sorry for your loss. I know
you must feel terrible right now.” Adam said.
“You don’t know how I feel.” Hameed said. “Have you
ever lost the love of your life?”
“I’m sorry but no.” Adam said.
“Then you don’t know how I feel. Hassan here lost his
fiance too, but not even he can know how I feel.”
“I’m sorry for your loss.” Adam said to Hassan.
“It was a long time ago. And I understand what
Hameed is saying, my fiance had an accident, his was
“I lost my mother to a murderer once,” Kate talked
for the first time. “It will get better with time, I know
that from experience.”
“Thank you.” Hameed said. “Kate, right?”
“Yeah.” Kate said and smiled.
“Okay, it’s protocol that I ask this question. Where
were you at the time of the murder Mr Hameed?”
Adam asked.
Adam watched Hameed’s eyes dart around for a
“Can you remember Hameed?”
“I was with some friends at a club.”
“Okay.” Adam said. He already knew finding an alibi
won’t be too difficult for him. “Do you know if your
fiancée was seeing someone else?”
Hameed jumped from his seat and kicked the
garbage can, paper flying in all directions.
“Halima loved me! She did not cheat on me!” Hameed
“Calm down please, Mr Hameed.” Adam said.
“Hameed, sit down.” Honourable Hassan said.
“They’re only trying to help here.”
Hameed sat and crossed his arms.
“I will still like an answer to my question please.”
Adam said, holding Hameed’s stare.
“I won’t answer that question.”
“I’m sorry but if she was having an affair, whoever
she was having it with will be our number one
suspect right now. Apart from you, I mean.”
“Look detective,” Hassan said. “This is difficult for
Hameed. There have been rumours of Halima seeing
other people but she loved Hameed and those
rumours were never proven.”
“There are pictures online, or what sort of proof are
you talking about?”
“Pictures of what? Did you see her in bed with
anyone? Since when did online rumour mongers
become a reliable source of information?”
Adam stared at both men. They were obviously
aware that Halima had affairs but they were not
going to admit it. If Halima was seeing someone else,
he would have to find that information somewhere
“Do you know anyone who might have wanted to kill
Senator Halima?” Kate asked.
“When you’re a politician, there are several people
who want to kill you.” Hassan said. “Your
constituents, your opposition, your own family.”
“You’re telling me there are hundreds of people who
could have killed her?” Adam asked.
“Welcome to Abuja.” Hassan said.
“One more person tells me ‘welcome to Abuja’ and I
will shoot something.” Adam said under his breath.
“Can I go now?” Hameed asked.
Adam did not feel like letting him go but he knew
there was no point keeping him. He could not force
him to talk, except he arrested him. That could not
happen either, there was no evidence.
“You can go. If you have any information for us,
please be sure to contact us.” Adam said.
Kate handed a card to Hameed, but Hassan collected
“Thank you for your help. We wish you all the best
with your investigations.” Hassan said.
Adam watched them leave. He was not closer to
finding the killer than he was in the morning.
“I can’t believe today is almost over and I have made
no progress.” Adam said.
“Welcome to…”
“Don’t say it. I may live in Abuja but I am not of
Abuja. Where I’m from, we get things done.”
“Hmhmm.” Kate said. She was looking at her phone
Adam watched her for a while then asked. “What are
you looking at?”
“You need to see this, I may have just found our

Episode 3
Adam collected the phone from Kate and read
without saying a word. He finished reading and gave
the phone back to her. His investigation was about to
get tougher.
“Okay, now we have another suspect, it is time to put
up a board.”
Kate nodded and left the room. Adam knew that if he
started what he was about to do, there was no way
he was going to get home on time. Ese was angry
when he left the house, it will stupid to make it worse
by getting home late.
Kate entered the room with a whiteboard and some
“I want you to print out the pictures of our two
suspects.” Adam said.
“Way ahead of you.” She said waving two pictures in
the air and handing them to Adam.
Adam collected the pictures and pasted them on the
“So now we have two suspects. Suspect one; Hameed
Galadima. Son of wealthy general and fiance of
victim. Has unverified alibi, and has strong motive to
commit. Probably has means and opportunity too.”
“Suspect number two; Senator Sunday Bello. Senator
of the federal republic, opposition senator to victim
and open antagonist.”
The case of Senator Bello was curious. He was
opposed to a bill Senator Halima was co-sponsoring
but he was not just opposed to the bill, it looked like
he had an axe to grind with Halima. It was strange
that despite Halima’s death he was not relenting on
going after her.
“What is this man’s problem with Halima exactly?”
Adam asked.
“I’m trying to find out.” Kate said, scrolling through
pages on her phone. “I can’t seem to find why he
hates her so much.”
“We pay him a visit then.”
“You want to question him?” Kate asked.
“You need to calm down Kate. These guys are
humans and if I don’t question them, who will?”
“All I’m saying is…”
She was cut off by Adam’s ringing phone. Adam
looked at the phone, the number calling was not
“Hello, Detective Ademola here.”
“Detective, I heard you accused the fiance of the
victim of murdering her. Is that true?”
Adam looked at his phone, he had no idea who was
“Please who is this?”
“Detective Nnamdi Uba, we met at the crime scene.”
“Oh yeah. The lap dog.”
“Excuse me?”
“Detective Nnamdi, what can I do for you?”
“I already asked you a question. Did you accuse the
grieving fiance of the victim of murder?
Adam chuckled. “I don’t see how that is your
problem. I’m running an investigation and I can’t do
much if I’m always on the phone, can I? I’m going to
hang up now.”
“Do not hang up! I’m acting on orders of the
Inspector General.”
“Really? He told you to ask if I accused the victim’s
fiance of murder?”
“Look, I know you think you’re a star because you
solved that case in Kwara state but this is Abuja,
things work differently here.”
“Oh, so that is what this is all about Nnamdi?”
“It is Detective Nnamdi.”
“Look Nnamdi, let me catch the killer first, then you
can come to the press conference and take some
Adam ended the call and shook his head.
“These guys don’t know who they’re dealing with.” He
His phone rang again, it was the same number.
Adam smiled. “Nnamdi, I thought we were done.”
“It is Detective Nnamdi and we are not done. The IG
wants you at his office tomorrow by 8:00am
“Really Nnamdi, you had to bring the IG into this? Tell
him I’ll be in his office by 8 am.”
Adam ended the call and threw the phone on the
“You’re going to see the IG?” Kate asked.
“Yes I am. But before then, I need to find out why
Senator Bello hated Senator Halima so much.”
“I will leave that battle till tomorrow. I have another
battle to fight at home.”
“With Aunty Ese?”
“Forget the IG, the battle with Ese, that’s the one I
need to win.”
Adam walked into the house, treading carefully. He
knew walking quietly was not the solution to his
problem, quitting the case was. He loved his wife but
he did not want to quit the case, even if he could.
Catching the killer already meant something to him.
He entered the living room, it was empty. She rarely
went into the kitchen since she got pregnant, it made
her nauseated so she was probably in the bedroom.
He was not sure if the ban from the bedroom the
night before extended till today. He had to find out
one way or another.
He got to the bedroom door and knocked. He waited
for an answer but did not get one. She could be
asleep, or in the bathroom. Or the silence was a
subtle way of telling him to get lost. He let out breath
he had not realised he had been holding and pushed
the door open.
The room was empty.
“Ese?” He called out.
“Yes dear.” Her voice came from the bathroom.
Adam sighed, she was fine. Adam began unbuttoning
his shirt.
She came out of the bathroom and Adam turned
around to see her. Adam paused and smiled. She
was dressed in a beautiful flower-patterned flowing
gown. Her hair was fixed and she had makeup on.
Adam had not seen his wife glowing that much in a
“You look awemazing.”
“I know, right? I was just admiring myself.” She said,
her face lighting up with a smile.
“So, what’s the occasion? Where are you going?”
“Just a date with a handsome young man.”
“You had me at handsome then lost me at young.”
Adam said, walking towards her. “Who is this guy
you’re going out with?”
“Well, you might have heard of him actually. He is a
cop, runs the CIB here in Abuja.”
“Yeah, he currently took a case against the wish of his
“That was definitely a stupid thing to do. I’m sure he
wouldn’t have if his boss had not instructed him to
take the case. Is there any chance you would forgive
“Why do you think there is a big bowl of iyan and efo
riro on the dinning table waiting for him?”
Adam pulled her close and kissed her. “You know he
loves pounded yam.”
Ese smiled. “I know he does. Now let’s go before it
gets cold. I also know you don’t like cold food.”
“Oh come on, why did you drop the third person, I
was enjoying it.”
“Really? Then we can put that to good use later.” She
said and winked.
One hour later and the food was finished and they
were back in the bedroom. Adam could feel Ese
watching him and he knew what she was doing. She
wanted to know if he was going to bring the case
home with him. She was right to think so. He was
staring at the TV but the case kept creeping into his
mind. He could not let her know though, he had
promised as soon as he entered the house he would
be Adam the husband and potential father, not the
“How is the case coming?” Ese asked.
“Are you sure you want me to talk about the case at
“You’re itching to talk about it, so do.”
Adam smiled and told her all he knew. She was a
journalist, maybe there was something she could see
that he wasn’t seeing.
“I have one challenge with your theory about Senator
Bello.” Ese said.
“What’s that?”
“There’s no way she slept with him and what you
described does not look like a rape. It looked like she
went into that car willingly.”
She had a point. He had always imagined that
whoever killed her was a lover; someone she willingly
had sex with. There was a smile on her dead face.
“You are right but maybe he hired someone to do it.”
“Hired someone who she was already sleeping with?
That’s a little farfetched.”
It was. Still he had to talk to the senator, there was
something about the man.
Ese adjusted the pillow and pulled the covers closer
to her chin. “Please close this case on time.”
Adam kissed her on the cheek. “I will, I promise.”
“And please don’t come home late anymore like you
did last night.”
“I promise I won’t.”
“Then you won’t sleep on the couch anymore.”
“Thank you ma’am, good night.”
In a couple of minutes Adam could hear her steady
breathing, she was asleep. He stared at the ceiling, he
wanted to sleep but he could not. He could not forget
the look on the victim. She had died happy or at least
thought she was happy. It was nothing like the church
street murders but it was murder all the same. The
church street killer was a serial killer who was
detached from his victims and murdered them
brutally. This killer knew and had sex with his victim.
Most crimes done by lovers were passionate; stab
wounds, strangulation or suffocation but this was not
like that. It was subtle, maybe premeditated too.
His phone rang and dove for it. He hit the ‘silent’
button as fast as he could. He looked at Ese, she did
not wake up. He got out of bed as quietly as he could
and left the room. He looked at the phone, it was
“Kate, it’s kind of late.”
“I just got a call from Hameed Galadima.”
“What did he want?”
“He said he knows who killed his fiancee – Senator
“How does he know that?”
“He didn’t tell me why but he is headed to the
Senator’s house as we speak to confront him.”
“Stupid boy.” Adam said under his breath. “Let him
go. He probably won’t get in anyway.”
“The problem is if the senator is the killer and
Hameed does something stupid, we may never be
able to investigate the senator anymore.”
“What do you want me to do? It is already late and
Ese is already asleep.”
“Okay, I hope nothing bad happens then.”
“Yeah.” Adam said and ended the call.
He shook his head and headed towards to the room.with out
He could not see Hameed as the killer. He was too
stupid to do something as subtle as killing without
leaving a visible trace.
Adam placed his hand on the door handle to open it
when his phone rang again. He looked at the phone,
he did not recognise the number.
He answered the call. “Hello.”
“Are you watching the TV right now?”
“No. Who is this?”
“This is Detective Nnamdi.”
“Nnamdi, two calls in a day? Are you obssessed with
me already?”
“Right now on TV, there is a live feed of Hameed and
a couple of thugs banging away and throwing things
at Senator Bello’s house. Did you know about this or
why this is happening?”
“No. Is this why you called me?”
“General Danjuma just called the IG and now the IG
wants you to sort it.”
“Do you know what time it is? Can you just send
someone else to sort it?”
“The IG wants it all sorted in two hours, I will call you
back in 120 minutes. Goodbye detective.”
He heard the dial tone and the call ended.
Adam looked at his watch, it was almost ten pm. He
considered not going but it was not smart to ignore
the Inspector General just because he detested his
errand boy. But then there was Ese. He entered the
bedroom, she was still asleep. She had already told
him to come in late, he wondered how she would feel
if he left the house this late.
He opened the wardrobe and picked out a shirt and a
pair of jeans. He closed the wardrobe and stole a
peek at Ese, she was still asleep. Maybe he could be
back before she woke up. He had to be, sleeping on
the couch for one night was something. Sleeping on
the couch for another consecutive night was
something else.
Husband and potential father Adam was going to
have to make sacrifices if Detective Adam was going
to be a success. He wore his clothes and ‘detective
Adam’ stepped out hoping ‘husband Adam’ would still
be safe when he returned.
Adam drove into Asokoro and immediately knew
things were not good. The press were having the time
of their lives as Senator Bello had come out of the
house. Adam could not figure out exactly what the
Senator was saying to Hameed but he was not saying
it calmly and Hameed was not loving what he was
Adam came down from his car and hurried towards
the scene. He would love to avoid the press but they
had all angle covered, there was nothing he could do
about it. He had a plan and it was to remove Hameed
from the scene – get in and get out. He knew it was
easier thought than done but it was his best chance.
He walked into the chaos and went straight to
“Hameed, I’m here now, let’s go.” Adam said.
“Go where?” Hameed shouted. “Are you not here to
arrest the man who killed my wife?”
Adam leaned closer to him. “Hameed, if you have any
evidence against him, we will investigate him.”
“Investigate? Which investigation? If you’re not going
to arrest him now please leave me.”
Adam looked at Hameed, he could not be reasoned
with. He could arrest him and remove him forcefully
but it would only cause more problems. The only
thing to do was for Senator to return into his house.
Why was he so shameless in joining issues with
Hameed? There was something about this man,
something he needed to find out.
“Senator, my name is Detective Ademola.”
“I know who you are.” The senator said. “Are you
here to arrest me like that lunatic wants?”
“I don’t know Senator. Did you kill Senator Halima?”
The man froze and stared at Adam. Adam held his
“You haven’t answered my question Senator.”
“I will not answer that question. You can arrest me if
you want but know today is your last day in Abuja.”
“Okay sir. I will not arrest you but can we go inside
and talk? If he – Hameed does not see you anymore,
he won’t have a choice but to leave.”
“I will go in but you’re not coming with me. I don’t like
“I’m glad one of us finally said it. You don’t like me
and I don’t like you either. But the only way to make
sure you don’t see me again is to talk to me now.”
The senator grunted and marched back into his
“Where are you going?” Hameed screamed. “Come
back you murderer!”
Adam walked to Hameed. “Go home and come to the
office tomorrow.”
“I’m not coming to your office. That man killed my
wife, arrest him now.”
“Go home Hameed.” Adam said and left him.
There was a certainty to the way he said the senator
killed his fiancee. Maybe he was not just a lunatic
ranting. Well, there was one way to find out.
Adam followed the senator into his house and into
his living room.
“Let’s get this overwith. What do you want?” Senator
Bello asked.
“Where were you on the night Senator Halima was
“I was here at home.”
“Can anybody collaborate that story?”
“The house staff can.”
Adam paused and observed the man. He looked
really drained from his escapade with Hameed,
almost pitiable.
“Senator, you are a respected member of the senate,
one of the strongest members of your party…”
“Where are you going with this?”
“Why did you have such a big problem with Senator
Halima? What was your beef with her exactly?”
“Beef with her? Do you know anything about politics
or how we run the senate?”
“Not really.” Adam said.
“Look, there’s a way the senate works. It has been
that way for years and it will continue to be that way.
Halima did not understand that. She thought she
could just come, open her legs for a few men and
challenge people like me.”
Open her legs? Did this have anything to do with her
“What did she do exactly? I don’t know much about
the bill she’s sponsoring but…”
“It’s not about the bill, it’s about the way she went
about it. Nobody in the senate supported her in the
“She is co-sponsoring so I’m assuming at least one
person supported her.”
Senator Bello scoffed. “Of course Dafe supported
her, they were lovers and everbody knew it.”
“Her co-sponsor is sleeping with her?” Adam asked.
“Everybody slept with that girl.”
“Everybody but you?”
The Senator jumped to his feet. “Don’t insult me in
my own house. I did not and will never sleep with a
shit like that.”
Adam sighed. There was still something about this
man he was yet to figure out.
“I’m sure you will not sleep with her as she is dead.”
Senator Bello returned to his seat.
“Senator, did you know Senator Halima before she
became a senator?”
The senator shifted in his seat. “Everybody knew her
because of her father. And she has been sleeping
around the senate chambers before she became a
senator herself.”
“So you knew her?”
“Not personally. Are we done here? I have things to
“I have just one last question sir…” Adam started
then his phone rang. “Excuse me please.”
It was a text from Kate. Adam read it, trying his best
not to reveal any thing on his face.
“Okay sir, my last question. Are you married sir?”
Adam asked.
“No, why?”
“Were you ever married?”
“No but what does that have to do with anything?”
“Why are you not married sir? Were you engaged at
any point?”
Senator Bello stood. “I think your time here is done.
You have asked your last question, it’s time to leave.”
“Okay sir.” Adam said and stood. “Can I just read the
text I just got to you?”
“I’ll read it anyway. It says ‘Sir, guess who Halima
jilted on the day of their wedding?…’ I’m sure you
know the answer to that question Senator. So you
didn’t know her personally sir?”
Senator Bello looked at Adam and sank back into his


“I do not care who he is.” Adam shouted into the
phone. “Listen up Nnamdi, I understand here in
Abuja you can get away with anything once you are a
politician but I don’t care about that. He is a suspect
and I am investigating him.”
Adam ended the call and threw the phone on the
“What was that?” Kate asked.
“That was Nnamdi the lap dog trying to bully me into
dropping the senator as a suspect.” Adam said.
“That guy is a joker.”
“You got that right. All we have to do now is find
evidence to confirm he killed Senator Halima.”
Adam’s phone rang and he looked at it.
“It’s Nnamdi calling again. I would have blocked his
line if I was sure he won’t one day have an important
information from the IG.”
“That day may be today, so answer it.”
Adam picked the call. “Nnamdi, what is… oh.”
After listening for almost a minute, he removed the
phone from his ear and dropped it on his table.
“You look…different.” Kate said.
“That was the Inspector General.”
“Really? And?”
“He just told me to drop Senator Bello. He said he
can vouch for him, he wants a list of other suspects
on his table by noon today.”
Adam knew perfectly what was going on. Everyone
was out to show him they ruled the city and he was
just a pawn who had no choice but to serve the
“What are you going to do?” Kate asked.
“Same thing we would have done if that call had not
come in; investigate.”
“Okay. And the list of suspects?”
“I’ll give them one when I have one.”
“I think we need one now. It’s bad enough that we’ll
keep investigating Senator Bello but refusing to give
them a list is just plain looking for trouble.”
Adam stayed quiet for a few seconds. Maybe she had
a point. He wanted top brass off his back, he had to
give them something to keep them busy.
“Kate, get all the top level detectives in here now.”
Kate nodded and left the room. Adam leaned back in
his chair and sighed. Senator Bello had laughed him
out of his house with such confidence it annoyed
him. Now he knew why he was so confident, not
many criminals had the number one cop behind
them. The case had just started and he already felt
like he was running into walls everywhere he turned.
And then there was Ese. He dialled her number and
put it on speaker. She answered the call almost
immediately it rang.
“Sweetheart, I’m sorry for…” Adam started to say.
“Adam, were you shot?”
Adam looked at the phone with a raised eyebrow.
“Were you stabbed?”
“No, I wasn’t.”
“Was your car blown up?”
“Ese, come on.”
“I told you not to call me except you were dying.
What part of that didn’t you get?”
“I’m sorry dear. I promise…” He was interrupted by
the door opening. The detectives he sent for had
arrived. “I’m sorry dear, I have to go. I’ll call you
“The case is calling you, right? You can’t even
complete an apology. Good bye.”
The call ended and Adam pushed the phone away.
“Gentlemen…” Adam started and saw a lady. “And
lady. The Senator’s case is dragging, I need suspects.
Usually I’m perfectly capable of getting my own
suspects but I’m on a deadline here. I need a list of
suspects on my table in one hour.”
“Sir,” One of the detectives raised his hand. “One
hour is short sir. Some of us are not caught up on the
“That’s great Detective.” Adam said. “I will come see
you in the office later to tell you all you need to know.
For now you can leave my office and go play with the
“I’m sorry sir.” The detective said.
“No, I mean it. Go and play with them and maybe I
can come explain the case to all of you when it is
convenient for you.”
“I’m sorry sir.”
“Get out of my office.” Adam shouted.
The detective walked out quietly out of the door.
Adam followed him to the door and held it.
“In fact, I want all of you out. Give me my list of
suspects in one hour or don’t bother coming back to
work here.”
They filed out and Adam slammed the door behind
them. Adam caught Kate looking at him but he
avoided her gaze.
Finally she said. “They didn’t deserve that.”
“Maybe they didn’t. I don’t deserve what Ese is doing
either. What does she want me to do? Quit my job
and become a newspaper vendor?”
“Newspaper vendors are busier than you think.”
“What is the point of being head of CIB when I can’t
head CIB?”
“You have to give her time, she’ll come around.”
“I don’t think so. She wants me to give her time and
then be the one to do the coming around also.”
“Maybe you should delegate more so you can spend
more time with her.”
Adam wanted to reply her but there was no point. He
was not going to delegate a case so important to his
survival in Abuja. If he screwed this one up he could
as well say goodbye to his chances of remaining head
of the CiB here.
“Let’s discuss something more relevant please.”
Adam said. “What are the chances that Senator Bello
didn’t do it?”
“He had motive.” Kate said.
“But why now? It’s been years since she humiliated
him. Why didn’t he do anything since?”
“Maybe he was planning it.”
“Does he look like someone who can plan something
like that? Even though we can’t be sure she had sex
with her murderer because we didn’t have an
autopsy, I strongly believe she was intimate with her
Kate scoffed. “It’s definitely not the Senator then.”
“I can’t believe we are actually trying to prove he is
“Well, he’s a jerk but that is not punishable by law. At
least not yet.”
“Hameed is the only suspect we have left.” Adam
A knock sounded on the door. It opened and the
detective Adam had sent out entered.
“I’m not taking an apology from you.” Adam said
immediately the detective entered.
“I’m not here to apologise, you already insulted me.”
Adam paused and stared at the detective. “So are you
here to get an apology from me?”
“I wouldn’t mind one but that’s not why I’m here.”
Adam looked at Kate, she shrugged and Adam looked
back at the detective.
“What’s your name detective?”
“Samson sir. Samson Adefila.”
“You are appropriately named Detective Samson. You
are right though, you shouldn’t be apologising to me.
I apologise to you, I shouldn’t have talked to you like
“I appreciate that sir.”
“Good. Except you are waiting for a hug I suggest you
state your business.”
“Something I read about Senator Halima’s murder
caught my attention.” Detective Samson said. “It was
familiar, I have seen this before.”
“You have seen this before? Seen what?”
“The report said Senator Halima was found naked in
her car.”
“Yes she was. You’re saying you know someone else
killed and left naked in their car?” Adam asked, his
heart thumping. Was this a serial killer?
“No sir.”
“Oh.” Adam said, somewhat disappointed. “Go
straight to the point detective.”
“The report said she was found with a smile on her
face. That’s what caught my attention.”
“The smile on her face? You know about that? I
thought you weren’t caught up.”
“What I meant by caught up was…”
“I don’t care Samson. Tell me where else you saw this
“I worked a case a little over a year ago. The victim
was a prostitute. She was found in a park in her
birthday suit and a smile on her face.”
“A smile on her face, huh?” Adam asked.
“Yes sir. I didn’t write this in my official report but I
can clearly remember that smile. It was the strangest
thing I had ever seen.”
“Are you saying we have a serial killer here?” Kate
“I doubt it because the killer from the last murder is
still in jail.” Detective Samson said.
“Jail? So it couldn’t have been the same killer then.”
Adam said. ”Thank you but…“Sir, we could have had the wrong guy then. I told the
prosecuting lawyers we didn’t have enough to convict
him but the guy did not have a good lawyer and he
was convicted without much evidence.”
Adam looked at the detective, he looked really
convinced about what he was saying. Was it possible
the two women were killed by the same person? Was
it possible the killing of the senator was not
“Don’t you think a serial killer will be stupid to target
a senator?” Adam asked.
“Yeah, it will only draw attention to him.” Kate said.
“Maybe the killer thought we will not find the
connection sir. It’s been over a year.”
Finding a killer was demanding. Finding a serial one
was going to take all of him.
Adam stood and headed for the door.
“Let’s go to your office Detective, I want to know all
about your smiling prostitute.”
Adam looked at the list his detectives had given him
and set it on the table. Some of the names on it were
completely stupid, some made sense but it was not
his concern. Nnamdi and his boss wanted a list, they
could have one.
“Thank you people. There is something else I want
from you though.” Adam said.
Kate passed a printed document around.
“I could have sent this to your mails, but I don’t want
any excuses so you have them in hard copy. It is a
case file, read it carefully and find any cases that
happened in the past ten years that looks similar.”
Adam said.
“Do you think Senator Halima’s murder could be part
of a series of murders?” One of the detectives asked.
“You are a very smart man.” Adam said. “Yes, we are
trying to make sure it is not.”
“We found another victim who died under the same
circumstances, we are trying to be sure we don’t have
others .” Detective Samson said.
“You heard the man, let’s get to work.” Adam said.
The detectives filed out of the room. A part of him
hoped the killer was not a serial one, that would
probably mean more deaths. But more deaths meant
a better chance of understanding him and maybe
catching him.
“Detective Samson, you have to speak to the man
convicted of your smiling prostitute’s murder. Listen
to him this time, find out if he did it. I don’t want to
take any chances here.” Adam said.
The detective nodded and left the room.
“Uncle, you should call Aunty Ese.” Kate said.
“I will but you know I haven’t exactly been playing
around here.”
“I know. The sooner you call her the better though.”
Adam picked the list of suspects and handed it to
Kate. “I want you to go drop this list at the IG’s office.”
“All of them? Even the bogus ones?”
“They wanted a list, this is a list. It’s nothing more
than a power play, they won’t use the list for
“Okay, I will.” Kate headed for the door, then turned
back. “Call your wife, as soon as you can.”
Adam nodded and she left the room. He leaned back
into his chair. He knew there was no way he could be
at home as much as Ese wanted. He always had
something to do. Wait, you have nothing doing now.
It was true, he had people handling his business
the moment, he could spend sometime with Ese.
He dialled her number and waited. She did not
answer the call. He dialled again. He knew Ese, if he
could get her to sit down and talk about how she felt
she would forgive more easily. She still did not
answer. Maybe he should just go home and hope she
is indoors and in a good mood.
He stood from his chair and started to pack his files.
He was almost done when his phone rang. Ese? He
looked at the phone, it was not Ese. He did not know
the number.
“Hello, Detective Ademola here.” Adam said.
“You’re the one on Senator Halima’s case, right?” The
man on the line asked.
“Are you a reporter?”
“I am Senator Dafe, you know me, right?”
Adam smiled. These politicians and their obsessive
need to be known by everyone. “No Senator, I don’t
know you.”
“I imagined I was one of your suspects, I guess I was
“Why will you be a…” Senator Dafe? Halima’s co-
sponsor? ”Oh my, Senator, good afternoon.”
“Sounds like you know who I am now. And you’re
sure I’m not one of your suspects?”
Adam paused. Maybe the man was right, maybe he
should be a suspect. But no real killer will call to
volunteer himself as a suspect.
“What can I do for you Senator?” Adam asked.
“I might be able to close your case for you, I know
who killed Halima.”
“You do?” Adam rolled his eyes.
“Yes I do.”
“Alright Senator, who killed Senator Halima?”
“I can’t tell you over the phone. If I tell you without
any evidence, will you believe me?”
“Not really.” Adam said.
“Good, so come over and I’ll tell you who.”
The senator sounded confident. “Are you sure about
this sir?”
“It’s all a matter of ‘I can’t get the girl, nobody gets the
“Text me your address and I’ll be there as soon as I
can.” Adam said.
“Don’t hurry, I’m in no hurry either. The killer doesn’t
even know I know it’s him.”
“I’ll be with you in twenty minutes.”
Adam looked at his gathered files. He was supposed
to be going home to Ese but if he could close the case
tonight she won’t mind the few hours of waiting. He
hurried out of the office, he could not wait to close
the case.
Adam came out of the car and slammed the door. He
banged the gate and gave the guard a snarl when he
asked who he was. He entered the house and went
up the stairs, he entered the living room and started
to pace. He looked around the room and saw all the
proudly displayed pictures. He thought of storming
out of the room but he knew he would be back before
the end of the day, there was no point.
“Detective, I am not happy with you.”
Adam turned around to face General Galadima. ‘I am
very angry with you’ he wanted to say but he just
stared at the general.
“I thought we had an agreement detective.” The
General continued.
“You said I should come to you if I need anything, I
don’t need anything yet.” Adam said. “And there was
nothing in the agreement that said you will send
soldiers to forcefully bring me to your house when
you wanted.”
“I’m sorry about that detective but I called you and
you were not answering your phone.”
“I didn’t answer because I was on my way to…” Adam
stopped. It was better if the General did not know
where he was going. “What do you want General?
Why am I here?”
“Do you have suspects you are looking at Detective?”
“Well, we do. No concrete suspects yet though.”
“So you don’t have a compiled list of suspects?”
“No, we don’t have…” Oh, this is about the bogus list
sent to the IG? “Sir, if you are talking about the list
sent to the IG, I promise you it’s not too important.”
“The IG? I’m talking about the list all over the news
that has Hameed’s name on it.”
What! “What?”
“Why will you send a list that has my son’s name on it
to the press without letting us know about it? Why
will you even send it to the press?”
“I don’t know because I didn’t send it.” D–n you
“It doesn’t matter if you did. There’s a list and it has
my son’s name on it.”
“I’m sorry about that General but like I said, I didn’t
do this. I have to go now though, I have so much to
“I understand Detective. But we have to do something
about the bad press this could bring to this family.”
“Bad press?” Adam asked. “We are talking about
finding the person who killed your son’s fiancee; your
friend’s daughter.”
“Yes and we will find the killer. Right now, I have set
up a press conference for you where you declare the
list as fake and clear my son’s name.”
Adam looked at the general and laughed. He had
heard a lot of ridiculous things in the past few days
but what the general was suggesting was fighting for
the most ridiculous of all.
“I’m sorry sir but…” He started to say but he was cut
off by his phone.
He removed the phone from his pocket, it was
Senator Dafe.
“Hello Senator, I’m sorry I’ll be with you very soon.’”
Adam said.
“Detective, hurry up. I think there’s someone in my
compound.” He sounded really apprehensive.
“Sir, you have a lot of security men…”
“Since when has that stopped killers.”
“Don’t worry sir, you will be fine.” 
“No no, I won’t be. I just heard a gunshot. Hurry up
Adam turned to the General, nodded and headed for
the door.
“Where do you think you’re going?” The general
“Detective, there’s someone in the room next to
mine. What do I do?” Senator Dafe asked over the
“Tell me who killed Senator Halima. I’ll be right over
but tell me who it is.”
There was no response. Adam looked at the phone,
the call was still on.
“Senator?” There was no answer. He shouted.
“Senator Dafe.”
There was a ruffle on the line, and a voice spoke.
“Senator Dafe, are you okay?” Adam asked.
The voice chuckled. “I’m sorry, Senator Dafe cannot
come to the phone right now, he has been upgraded.
He is now a senator of the intergalatic assembly.”
Adam swallowed. “Where is the senator?”
“Didn’t you get it? He is dead.”


Adam slammed the brake and pulled the car to a
stop. The engine was barely off when he jumped out
of the car and ran into the house. He had arrived fast
but still the press had beat him to the Senator’s
house. He ignored their silly questions and flashing
cameras, he needed to get into the house before
everything was ruined.
He burst through the door. There were a few people
in the room downstairs. More importantly, Kate was
already there waiting for him. He was not sure what
he would do without her.
“Talk to me Kate.” Adam said as soon as he sighted
“Come with me.” She said.
The walked through doors and rooms and up a flight
of stairs. There were no people here, he had told
Kate to make sure nobody came near the body. They
entered the room and Adam saw the it. The body lay
in a pool of blood. He had been shot thrice. Once in
the stomach and twice in the chest.
A wave of anger, guilt and sadness overcame him.
He should have been there with the Senator like he
said he would. He should have put the General in his
place and come to Senator Dafe immediately.
“Who entered the room first?” Adam asked, kneeing
beside the body.
“I did. They didn’t even know he had been killed.” Kate
Adam looked up at her. “They didn’t hear a gunshot?
They didn’t see anything?”
Kate shrugged. There was a story there, he would
check it later. Was this the work of a professional? It
did not look like it. It was safe to assume he was
killed by the same person who killed Senator Halima.
So maybe this was political after all.
“Kate, keep this house under lock down. Nobody
comes or leaves until I say so.”
“Okay boss.”
“And kick out every single journalist here. And I mean
that literally”
“Tell the first detective to arrive to go around the
house and look for the point of entry.”
Whoever had killed Senator Dafe had entered
somehow and he probably had help. He had to talk to
the staff in the house.
Adam left the room and headed downstairs, two
steps at a time. He was not leaving the house without
charging somebody with something. He got into the
room where most of the people were gathered. He
looked around but was not sure who was what.
He climbed a stool and called out. “Listen up. I need
to identify everyone in this room.” They all looked up
at him. “If you work here, move to my right and if you
don’t, move to the left.”
Everybody in the room moved to the right. He
nodded and came down from the stool.
“Look to your right and your left everybody. Who was
here in the morning and is no longer here? I want
names now.”
They all looked around, mumbling and whispering
among themselves.
“Names people, talk to me.” Adam said.
“Sir,” A man, probably in his sixties stepped forward.
“We are all here. There is a roster that I can show
“Good, I’ll see that roster later. In the meantime, I
have some bad news for everyone of you; your boss
is dead and one or more of you either did it or
helped the person who did.”
The mumbling and whispering was louder this time.
“The killer entered somehow and the Senator knew
something was wrong. He even said he heard a
gunshot. And none of you heard any of that?”
They looked at each other but nobody said anything.
Adam looked across the room, he could see it, they
were hiding something. Maybe they knew who the
killer was. Maybe he was one of them.
“I’m waiting.” Adam said. “And please remember that
while you waste my time here, the body of your boss
stiffens upstairs.”
The old man stepped forward again. “Sir, we don’t
know who killed Oga or how they entered.”
“Really? And you speak for everybody?”
“Yes sir.”
“Okay.” Adam said and turned around. “Call your
wives and husbands and tell them you won’t be
coming home tonight. Or the night after and the one
after… well, you get the gist.”
“Sir please.”
“In fact, I don’t think any of you will go home for a
week. No visitors, no bail. And I have to tell you, the
food in our cells are terrible.”
“Sir, okay. We’ll tell you what happened.”
“Oh really? Fantastic. Let’s hear it.”
“Every afternoon between the hours of three and five
whenever Oga is at home, he spends it alone in his
room. We are not allowed to talk to him or disturb
him for anything. He doesn’t disturb us either.” The
old man said.
“Okay, but I don’t hear the name of the killer
anywhere in that statement.”
“We don’t know who the killer is because we were all
in the boys quarters behind the house.” The man
“All of you?” Adam asked, puzzled.
“Yes sir. You see, we have been having some troubles
with Oga’s wife and she is coming back from America
“I don’t understand. What sort of trouble?”
“Oga, may God rest his soul comes to this house with
a lot of women. Madam expects us to stop them
from entering and she wants us to tell her about
everyone that comes in.”
Adam paused and thought about what he just heard.
If Senator Dafe slept around it was possible he was
sleeping with Senator Halima. If he was supporting
Senator Halima’s bill because they were lovers it
would give Senator Bello a motive to come after him
But then how did the killer know to come at the time
he did? He had someone on the inside.
“Okay, let’s say I buy your story. That does not
explain how the killer knew when you were having
this meeting. One of you worked with the killer.”
“Sir, I swear we don’t have anything to do with it.” The
old man said.
“Wait, can’t others speak for themselves? This is not a
jury, you are not a foreman. Unfortunately, I can’t
speak to all of you one by one so you still have to go
to jail.” Adam said and headed for the door.
They followed him with pleads of ‘we don’t know
anything’. One of them knew something, it was just
unfortunate they would all have to suffer with that
person until he could be fished out.
“Wait.” He heard someone call out. He knew he had
found his collaborator.
Adam stopped and turned to face the people. A lady
stepped forward from among her surprised and
dazzled co-workers.
“You have something to say lady?”
“Yes sir.” She said, trembling.
“I’m listening.”
He listened to her ramble and stutter for ten minutes.
When she was done, she was sobbing hard.
“You’re sure you didn’t know the man before he
talked to you?” Adam asked.
“Yes, I swear I didn’t.” The woman mumbled.
Adam nodded and walked out of the room. He
paused at the door and went back in.
“None of you should leave the building until I say so.
If you do, I will have you arrested as accessory to this
murder. And lady, you’ll have to come with us.”
Adam met Kate in the living room, her eyes were
glued to the TV. Adam followed her eyes and saw
Senator Bello on the TV.
He was saying. “Senator Dafe was a fine legislator of
the Red Chambers until he joined affairs with a
newcomer, someone who caused trouble on the
house floor from day one.”
“Is he serious?” Adam looked at Kate puzzled, she
Senator Bello continued. “It is sad to hear of his
passing, he unlike recent departures from the senate
will be missed.”
Senator Bello left and the reporter moved to another
senator. Adam picked the remote and put off the TV.
“He did it.” Kate said. “I can bet my new Gucci bags
on it, he killed them both.”
“One of the staff here gave the killer information that
helped him get into the house. It doesn’t sound like
the Senator. She said a guy picked her when she
closed from work a few days ago. Young guy, nice
guy, got her drunk and she told him a lot about her
boss. His schedule, her schedule, the secret meeting
they were planning to discuss about their
philandering boss. Anything he asked, she blabbed.”
“Why would she do that? Wasn’t she suspicious?”
“She blames the alcohol. I just think she is stupid.”
“You think this mystery guy did it?”
“Maybe. Or he was just asking the questions for the
real killer.”
“Senator Bello?” Kate asked.
“Yeah or the wife who I just learned knew about her
husband’s cheating and was mad about it.”
“She’s not even in the country.” Kate said.
“The perfect Alibi.”
Kate sighed and said. “I liked this better when
Senator Bello was our only suspect.”
“You and me both.” Adam looked at his watch. “You
and me both.”

Adam arrived at the office before 7 am the next day.
The press did not let the case rest for a minute the
previous night, they were having a great time. He
wasn’t. Senator Bello looked good for it except there
was no evidence enough to arrest him. He had
motive, but so did the wife. Hard as he tried, he could
not ignore the way Senator Halima had been killed. It
was not random, it was not stupid, it was not Senator
With two Senators killed, he knew it was only a
matter of time before the IG would be calling for a
meeting. It won’t be a surprise if he had meetings
with people higher than the IG. When that time came,
he would need to have something concrete to
present. Right now, he had nothing.
But he would find something. He had people working
for him and they would find something. They had to.
“Good morning soldiers.” He said to his pool of
detectives. “I call you soldiers because I want you to
be my soldiers today.”
He looked upon his seven best detectives, they were
his hope to survive the day as head of the CIB.
He continued his speech. “We have had two senator
murdered in quick succession; both of them close,
sponsoring the same bill and possibly lovers. Keep
that last part discreet please. We have suspects –
three of them but we don’t have any strong evidence
on any of them. Your job today is to find all you can
on these three people.”
He rolled his whiteboard forward. It had the pictures
of Senator Bello and Hameed Galadima.
“Senator Bello is a suspect for obvious reasons. He
has relentlessly slandered Senator Halima, even in
death. We have also come to find out she jilted him
once. The only reason we haven’t arrested him is we
don’t have any physical evidence against him.”
He was not sure that was enough reason not to
arrest him anymore. But he knew how things worked.
You don’t arrest a man who is backed by the IG if you
don’t have a very good case against him.
“Our second suspect is of course Hameed Galadima.
Fiance of the first victim and popularly known
“What’s his motive for killing any of them sir?” One of
the detectives asked.
“Well, isn’t it obvious? Jealousy of course. Killed his
fiancee for sleeping around and Senator Dafe for
sleeping with her.” Adam said.
“But these are all rumours, right? There’s no proof
any of these sleeping around actually happened.”
“Men have killed over suspicions detective. Rumours
are enough to make a man boil with jealous rage.”
Adam attached a third picture to the board. “This is
Mrs Dafe, the late senator’s wife.”
“Her motive is jealousy too?” A detective with a
scrawny beard asked.
“Yeah, it is. Hell hath no fury, you know what they
“Hasn’t she been out of the country?” Another
detective asked.
“True. But you don’t have to be in the country to pay
an assassin.”
“An assassin?” Scrawny beards scoffed. “Isn’t that
reaching a little out there?”
“It’s a possibility, isn’t it?”
“And Senator Halima? That was an assassin too?”
“Detective, do you have a different theory? I will
actually like to hear it.” Adam said and walked away
from the board and took a seat.
Detective Thomas, the scrawny bearded detective
stepped forward with all eyes on him.
“Here’s my theory. Senator Halima was killed by a
lover, possibly one she had had for a while. Anything
could be his motive, after all they were lovers.”
“Okay detective. What’s your theory about Senator
“Well, He was close to her so maybe he found out
who the killer was and was killed for it.”
Adam jumped to his feet.
“Oh shoot! I forgot something so important. Sure
Senator Dafe knew the killer, or at least he thought he
did. He was going to tell me who it was. And then he
made a statement. He said it was a matter of ‘if I can’t
get the girl, nobody can.’ That sort of points to
Senator Bello. Or some other mystery lover we are
yet to know about.”
There are several reasons why it is not good to sleep
around. Adam just discovered another; it makes it
difficult to figure out who killed you.
“So what now?” Scrawny beard Thomas asked.
The door burst open before Adam had a chance to
answer. It was Kate, she had a concerned look on her
“You need to see this.” She walked past Adam, picked
up the TV remote and put it on.
Adam followed her and stopped stunned in front of
the TV.
“What the heck.”
Adam grabbed his phone and dialed Nnamdi. His
heart raced with anger. He had never been in such a
hurry for a call to connect.
Nnamdi answered the call.
“Hello Detective.” Nnamdi said so casually it
increased Adam’s anger.
“Nnamdi, what was that? What the fff…what did you
just do?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Don’t play games with me Nnamdi. First, you tell me
to back off and now you go behind my back to arrest
Senator Bello? In front of cameras?!”
“Oh that?”
“Whose stupid idea was this?”
“The idea was the IG’s actually. And I’m not sure he
will appreciate you calling his idea stupid.”
“You give the phone to him and I will tell him myself.”
Adam shouted, spittle flying off his mouth.
“Okay.” Nnamdi said.
Adam paused, he had not meant that literally. Was
Nnamdi actually going to give the phone to the IG?
Maybe it was not a bad idea, maybe it was time he
gave him a piece of his mind.
“Detective Ademola.” It was the Inspector General.
“Yes sir.” Adam said.
“I hear you are displeased we arrested the Senator.”
“Yes sir, I am displeased. And I’m sure you
understand why sir. You specifically told me not to go
after him but then you arrest him? You have
completely undermined my investigations.”
“Come off it Ademola. It’s not like you obeyed my
orders. I know you continued your investigations
inspite of my orders. Unlike you, I don’t disobey my
bosses. When my boss tells me to arrest a senator, I
arrest the senator.”
So this came from someone above the IG? Why
would the President give orders on who should be
arrested? General Abubakar!
“Sir, does this have anything to do with General
Abubakar? That will be grossly inappropriate. His son
is one of our suspects for Pete’s sake.”
“To be honest, you probably know more than I do
here. I wouldn’t be surprised if General Abubakar
had something to do with the order, I hear he plays
Squash with the President.”
Adam sighed. What was he supposed to do when he
was been undercut by people wielding their power
anytime and anywhere they wanted?
“So what now sir?” Adam asked.
“You wait for my next instructions. A lot will depend
on what the President says to do with Senator Bello.”
“Sir, you don’t even have enough evidence to convict
him.” Adam said, exasperated.
“You still don’t get it, do you? If the president says he
is guilty, then we have enough evidence.”
“Sir, but…” Adam was not letting it go.
But the IG had had enough. “Goodbye detective. Wait
for my call.”
He heard the dial tone. That was it. Now he was
supposed to go back home to Ese. Be the good
husband, forget about the case and wait till the IG
calls. Something about that did not sit right with him.
“Sir?” It was Detective Thomas. They had all been
waiting for him to tell them what to do.
“You know what detectives? You know the facts of the
case, if you are inclined to investigate, go ahead. If
you are not, go home to your families until I call for
“Sir, we can…”
Adam cut him off. “That’s it. Good day gentlemen.”
The detectives dragging their feet walked out of the
room and shut the door behind them.
“So that’s it?” Kate asked.
“Of course not.” Adam said. “But I need to think. If I’m
going to defy the IG’s orders, I need to be sure about
what I’m doing.”
“And what are you doing?”
Adam’s phone rang before he could reply. The
number was not familiar.
He answered the call. “Hello.”
“Detective, this is General Galadima.”
Adam looked on, unimpressed. “Yes sir?”
“My good friend told me the police have arrested the
man who killed my son’s fiancee. Is this true?”
Adam wanted to tell the general his mind but instead
he said. “An arrest was made.”
“I assume the case is going to be closed now.”
“We are still looking at…”
The general wasn’t interested. “I spoke to the
president and he assured me this was behind us. My
son and my family will not be troubled by this
Adam was not sure if he was supposed to respond to
that, so he stayed silent.
The general continued. “Thank you for your help. I’m
glad we were able to close the case very early. My
wife and I will like to have dinner with you and your
wife soon.”
“Hmhmm.” Adam mumbled.
“Thank you and goodbye.”
Adam ended the call and set his phone on the table.
“Who was that?” Kate asked.
“General Galadima.”
“What did he want?”
“Same thing the IG wanted; close the case.”
“So, what are we going to do?”
Adam sat in his chair. “Give me everything we have
on Hameed Galadima. He is our murderer.”

“Hameed is the killer?” Kate asked, worry painted on
her face.
Adam was not sure Hameed was the killer but he was
almost sure Senator Bello wasn’t. Hameed had tried
very hard to pin it on Senator Bello and with his very
connected father, he had eventually succeeded. He
could bet Hameed committed the murders.
“How are you going to prove that?” Kate continued.
“Going after Hameed is not only going to anger his
powerful father, it will also get you in trouble with the
He knew that already. “That’s why they will not know
we are doing anything until we are done investigating
and have real proof.”
“How are we going to get the proof?” Kate was
obviously not pleased with what he was doing.
Adam had no idea. He needed a miracle. He was
already about to have one when Senator Dafe called
claiming to know who killed Senator Halima but now
he needed a miracle to find out who killed his
“Senator Dafe knew the killer. How did he know? We
need to search his house properly.”
Kate shook her head. “We can’t do that. On what
grounds are we going to search the house? The case
is supposed to be closed or suspended at best.”
Adam nodded. It was frustrating; running an
investigation without calling the shots. There had to
be another way to enter the house.
There was another way to enter the house!
“Kate, the lady who worked for Senator Dafe, are we
still holding her here?” Adam asked.
“Yeah, you need her for…” Kate started then
understood where he was going. “You want her to
spy for you?”
“Spy? No, I don’t need a spy. I need somebody to get
me into the house without anybody knowing. She
already helped someone get in. She will have to help
me too.”
“Isn’t that a little risky?”
“Get the woman for me.”
“Uncle Adam…”
“Get her now.”
Kate left the room. Adam knew for sure he did not
want to cross the general or the president without
having something concrete to confront them with. He
was desperate. He would do anything to get
something to hold against Hameed, even if it meant
entering Senator Dafe’s house illegally.
There was a knock on his door. Adam looked up and
Detective Samson entered.
“Good day sir.”
“Found me something to charge Hameed Galadima
with?” Adam asked.
“No sir.”
“So why are you here?”
“Another body was found.”
Adam sat up. “Another senator?”
“No sir.”
“Another naked and smiling dead girl?”
“No sir.”
Adam hissed and relaxed in his chair. “So why bring
it to me? Why would I care about this murder?”
Detective Samson brought out a photograph and
handed it to Adam. “That’s the person who got
murdered. He had no gunshot wounds, no cuts or
stabs, no stranglation marks. Nothing.”
Adam looked at the face of the killer, it was not
familiar at all. “Maybe he was poisoned or
something. Handle the case yourself, I have a lot on
my plate right now.”
“Sir, this sort of fits the way Senator Halima died.”
“Are you saying our killer is bisexual now? Was he
naked when you found him?”
“No sir, he wasn’t.”
Adam sighed. “I know you want to help Detective but
I don’t see how this helps us right now.”
The detective nodded and left the office. Adam shook
his head and threw the photgraph on the table. He
paused and picked up the picture. Was this man
connected to the whole mess somehow?
His door opened and he dropped the picture. Kate
entered with the lady who worked for Senator Dafe.
He pitied the woman. She had only been in custody
for a day and she was already worse for wear.
“Sit down please.” Adam said to her.
She sat without a word, her eyes glued to her thighs.
“What’s your name?”
“Lola.” Her voice was even more feeble than it was
the previous day. “Lola Abu.”
“Okay Lola. Are you ready to go back to work?” Adam
She did not lift her head and she did not respond.
“Can you look up at me please?” Adam said.
She lifted her eyes a little but it did not go past the
table. Adam shrugged and continued.
“I am going to let you go back to work today if you
are ready to help us catch the person who killed your
Is she crying? Tears were flowing freely from her face
now. Adam almost wished he had not brought her in.
She made him feel like he was a monster. Her only
offense was being emotional and gullible. But then
her emotional gullibility had led to the death of her
“Lola look, crying is not helping me and it’s not
helping you. We need to catch your boss’ killer, crying
won’t help us do that.”
“That is him.” She whispered through her tears.
Adam looked at her and followed her eyes to the
picture on the table. He grabbed it and held it up.
“This is the man who asked you about your boss?”
“Yes.” She said and nodded.
“Are you sure about this?”
“Yes sir.” She said. “Is he dead?”
Adam rose to his feet.
“Kate, let her go back to work or her house or
wherever she wants to go.” Adam said then turned to
Lola. “You are not in troulble but I’m trusting that you
won’t leave town. I might need your help again.”
She nodded and Adam hurried out of his office.
He walked through the building to where he assumed
he would find a top level detective like Samson. There
were several rooms though. He knocked on the first
one and entered.
A startled detective jumped to his feet.
“Hello sir.” The detective said.
He looked familiar. “Were you in my meeting earlier?”
“No sir. I was in your office some days ago to tell you
about a case. Detective Bawa sir.”
He remembered. “You were telling me a story about
your childhood. That’s you, right?”
“It wasn’t about my childhood. But I hear you have
caught Senator Halima’s killer so it doesn’t matter.”
“Okay detective. I need to find Detective Samson.”
“He’s next door sir.”
Adam left the detective and went next door. He
knocked the door and entered.
“Sir?” Detective Samson was just as shocked as his
“The picture you brought just now, where did you
find the body?” Adam asked.
Detective Samson stood. “Do you want to see?”
Adam looked the car over. It was a 2014 Toyota
Avensis, it was not a cheap car. Whoever this man
was, he was not some cheap assassin. If he was an
assassin at all.
“Do you know who he is yet?” Adam asked.
“Yes sir. We found his particulars and traced them
back to his house. We then…”
Adam raised a palm. “Detective, I’m sure you did a
fantastic investigative job but I just need to know who
he is.”
“Okay sir. He is an investor based in the US. He lives
alone not very far from here. No family or next of kin
listed anywhere. His name is Ade Smith.”
Adam smiled. “Smith eh?”
“Yes sir. That’s the name we saw.”
“This Smith guy killed Senator Dafe, I’m almost sureChat Heritage on zero eight one zero eight  seven five  one three six eight to be added to his WhatsApp group.
of it. Did he kill Senator Halima? It’s possible but I
doubt it. That was more personal.”
“So you think he is an assassin sent by the person
who killed Senator Halima?”
“He has no family or relatives, he has no business
that we know of. He is supposedly based in the US.
His name is Smith. He questions a lady about her
boss and then the boss ends up dead a few days later
– shot thrice in his house? Sounds like an assassin to
me.” Adam said.
“A dead assassin though.”
“Which brings the question; who killed Mister Smith?
We answer that question and we find the person who
killed Senator Halima.”
“Like I said earlier, Senator Bello didn’t do it.” Adam
said, his face as firm as he could make it look.
The Inspector General of Police looked at him with
concern. Adam hated that look. He would rather be
berated or insulted but not pitied. Why should he be
pitied, he was only doing his job.
“Sir, he was in custody when this assassin character
was killed. Halima’s killer killed the assassin.”
“Alleged assassin. Ademola, alleged assassin.” The IG
“Sir, this man questioned one of the ladies who
works for Senator Dafe. The Senator is killed a few
days from then. The man himself turns up dead
mysteriously in his car the next day. Those are not
“Ademola, I understand where you are coming from.
Here is the problem; like you probably already know,
it’s not just my call now. To release Senator Bello and
re-open this investigation, you have to have enough
physical evidence. Not just assumptions. No matter
how good the assumptions are.”
There was a knock on the door and Nnamdi entered.
He ignored Adam and went straight to the IG. He
whispered something into his ears and left the room.
“Detective, I have to attend to something important
“More important than releasing Senator Bello? He
was your friend.”
“Come on Ademola.”
Adam looked at the IG and knew there was no point
arguing. There was no way here. If he wanted to find
this killer, he would have to wield more power than
the IG.
He left the office. Kate who had been waiting at the
reception joined him.
“How did that go?”
“Crashed and burned.”
“So what now?”
“Hameed and his father are been protected by the
president. To beat them, we need to find somebody
more powerful than their protector.”
“More powerful than the president? You’re going to
Adam laughed. “God has better things to do.”
“So, who?”
“I’m going home. I need to talk to Ese.”
“I’m home babe.” Adam shouted as soon as he
entered the house.
“Welcome.” He heard the voice to his right from
behind the cushions.
He walked towards the voice. Ese was lying on the
chair. She looked the opposite of what she looked the
last time. Her hair was stuffed into an awful hairnet
and she was covered in a robe, just as terrible. Her
eyes were closed. It was obvious she was not in the
mood he needed her to be in.
Adam knelt beside her. “Are you okay dear?”
“I’m fine.” She said, her eyes still shut.
“Are you sure?”
“And the baby, how is it?”
Her eyes snapped open. “It?”
“Well, I didn’t know whether to say he or she so…”
She sat up. “You don’t know the baby’s gender?”
“How am I supposed to. Do you?”
“Of course you don’t. You missed the doctor’s
She stood from the chair and headed for the
“Am I allowed to come?” Adam called after her.
She did not answer, that was a good sign. Adam ran
ahead of her and opened the door for her. He helped
her unto the bed and lifted her leg for her.
“You’re overcompensating.” She said.
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. It’s cute.”
“Cute? I’m a battle hardened detective who eats serial
killers for breakfast. Don’t call me cute.”
“Really? How many serial killers did you have today?
If I can recall, you didn’t even have breakfast today.”
Adam thought about it, he did not have breakfast, or
lunch or anything else.
“Well, champions don’t need food to survive. We
survive on heroism; saving lives and catching bad
“You must be really starving then. When was the last
time you caught a bad guy?”
“I caught one today. He was dead though. Still counts.
So, I have been properly fed today.”
“Good for you. So you will be having none of the hot
Semo coming up in a few minutes.”
The talk of food suddenly made him hungry.
“Please my lady, can I please share in this earthly
food. Just as a sign of love though, because I am
definitely not hungry.”
Ese laughed. Adam joined her in laughing and got on
the bed beside her.
“How is your case going?” She asked.
“Not too good to be honest.”
“You said you caught a dead bad guy, I didn’t see it on
the news.”
“Not every murder gets on TV.”
“Tell me about this one.”
Adam told her who was killed, how they thought he
was related to the killing of Senator Halima and
Senator Dafe.
“And you think Hameed Galadima did it?” Ese asked.
“I believe he did. But I can’t go near him. He is
protected by his father who is protected by the
“You need somebody more powerful than the
president then?”
“Exactly what I told Kate and please don’t say God.”
“That’s what Kate suggested? I might be able to help
“I thought you might.”
Ese smiled. “There are people more powerful than
the president but they are people like General
Galadima too, you can’t exactly access them. You
have another option though – the press.”
“The press?”
“The press are hungry for information on this case.
Three Senators are already involved. This is the most
interesting thing to have come from the senate since
the maze was hidden in a shrine some years ago.”
“Talking to the press is not exactly a good idea. How
is that different from investigating?”
Ese shook her head. “That’s why I didn’t like you as a
detective, you don’t know how to use the press.”
Adam frowned. “You didn’t like me as a detective? But
you married me anyway?”
“Shut up silly. All you need to do is leak information
to the press, they will take it from there.”
Adam was not exactly pleased with this. Who was
sure what the press would find?
“So, I’ll just leave the investigations to the press?”
“Aargh Adam! No, the press won’t investigate for you,
they will build pressure that will help you resume
your investigation. They will question the arrest of
Senator Bello. They will question the IG about it any
chance they get. They will bring it up in interviews
with politicians and government officials even when
it’s not appropriate.”
Adam began to see what she was saying. It was not a
bad idea.
“By the time it builds up to the point where they
begin to say that an innocent man has been jailed,
the presidency will notice. Fortunately, this president
doesn’t like bad press much.”
Adam thought about it. It was a good plan. It was the
best plan he currently had.
Adam leaned over and kissed Ese. “I had forgotten
how brilliant you are.”
“Of course you have. Mister serial-killer eater.”
Adam jumped off the bed. “I’m talking to Kate
inmediately, we start this tonight.”
“Won’t you allow the girl sleep?”
“If she wanted to sleep, she shouldn’t have come to
work for me.”
Ese shook her head, picked up the remote and put
the TV on.
“Thank God she doesn’t have a boyfriend yet.” She
Adam rolled his eyes and dialed Kate’s number. It
rang for a few seconds but she did not answer. He
tried her number again. Still no answer.
“That’s weird, she’s not answering.” Adam said.
“She has a life. You would understand if you had
one.” Ese replied and laughed.
Adam shot her a dirty look. He was walking away
from his phone when it rang.
“She’s calling back already. So much for having a life.”
Adam said then answered the call. “Kate?”
“Detective?” It was a male voice.
“It is General Abubakar.”
“General, what can I do for you?” He wished he knew
who was at the other end of the line before he picked
the call.
“Have you caught the killer of my daughter?” He
“An arrest has been made sir.” Adam said, wondering
why the general was asking that question.
“That’s not the answer to my question.”
Adam was not sure what to say. “What do you want
“The truth will be fine. Do you think Senator Bello
killed my daughter?”
What was this? A test by these generals to see if he
would defy them?
“Sir, like I said; an arrest has been made. Senator
Bello will be prosecuted and we will all know if he is
guilty or innocent.”
“The man you found today, the one you believe killed
Senator Dafe…” How did he know that? “Have you
been able to link him to Bello at all?”
“No sir. And I don’t appreciate you spying on our
investigations sir.”
“My daughter was murdered, I can spy where I want
detective. If you can’t link him to Bello, that means
there is a chance my daughter’s killer is sitll out
there?” The man’s voice was laden with emotion.
“Sir, we don’t know for sure but I assure you that we
are not relently on catching the person who killed
your daughter.”
“So you don’t believe Bello did it too?”
Adam paused then said. “General sir, I will contact
you if we find anything.”
“I’m counting on you detective.”
“Good night sir.” Adam said and ended the call.
He was setting his phone down when a text came in.
It was from Kate.
Sorry Uncle, believe it or not I’m on a date. I will call
you as soon as I’m done. xoxo.
Adam smiled and shook his head.
“Ese, two weird things just happened. One; General
Abubakar is on my side. And Kate is on a date. On the
same night.”
She did not respond. Adam looked at her; her eyes
were fixed on the TV.
“Make that three weird things.” She said. “Come and
see this.”
Adam turned around and faced the TV. He saw what
she was looking at and he opened his mouth.
The headline read
Senator Bello commits suicide in jail.

Episode 7
Adam flashed his ID more than ten times before he
got to the cell where Senator Bello had been held. He
had wanted to go immediately he saw the news but
Ese had forbidden him from leaving the house. He
kind of wished he had defied her because now he
barely had anything. The body had been taken down
and he was sure he was already buried. But he had to
check, there was a chance he could find something
He entered the cell and looked around. It was not a
regular cell, it was way cleaner and more
comfortable than any cell he had ever entered.
Apparently, a senator still had some privileges even
in detention. There was a mattress but the bedsheet
was gone. He looked at the ceiling, there was a hook
where a fan used to hang. It was stupid to leave
something like that in a cell but then it was not very
often that VIP prisoners took their own lives.
Why did he do it? The question had eaten at him
since he heard about the suicide. If Senator Bello was
innocent as he believed he was, why would he take
his own life? Was there foul play? Did somebody kill
him and make it look like a suicide.
He looked outside the cell, a guard stood watching
“Hey.” Adam called him.
He looked at Adam but did not move.
“Were you here when they found the body?”
“Yes sir.” He said and looked away.
Adam came out of the cell and walked to the guard.
The guard shifted uneasily, he did not meet Adam’s
gaze. Adam was sure he would not have answered
any of his questions if he knew he could get away
with not answering.
“When did you start working here?” Adam asked.
“Two years ago sir.”
“How many people have used this cell?” Adam
pointed to the cell that had housed Senator Bello.
“I’m not sure. Maybe one or two.”
Adam nodded. “Tell me what happened yesterday
before the body was found.”
The guard shifted from foot to foot. He did not want
to talk, it made Adam want to hear what he had to
say even more. He considered how to get what he
wanted. He could threaten him like everybody in
Abuja did. Or he could try another method.
“What’s your name?” Adam asked.
“Lekan Sadiq.”
“Okay Sadiq, you know who I am. I can offer you a
job at the CIB and I assure you we pay better and you
won’t spend all your days in this depressing place.”
It did not look like Sadiq was completely convinced
but the offer had an effect on him.
“Just tell me what happened here yesterday Sadiq.”
“I love my job here,” He leaned closer to Adam. “If I
lose it somehow, I’m holding you to that offer. But I’m
not telling you this because of the job.”
“Sure, just help me understand what happened
“The Senator was quite cheerful from the day he was
brought here, he kept telling us he would be out in a
matter of hours. He was innocent, he kept saying.”
“Did he talk to anybody? A lawyer? Family?”
“Not while I was here. Not even a lawyer, that was
surprising. I don’t think he had any visitor. Well, until
Adam’s heart beat faster. Was he about to find the
killer he had been looking for?
“Who came yesterday?” Adam asked.
“General Galadima.”
That damned General! Was he the killer? He had
always imagined he was protecting his son, maybe he
was wrong and he was protecting himself.
“Do you know if he entered the cell?”
Sadiq paused and looked at Adam then he
understood what Adam was insunuating. He shook
his head.
“No no, the General did not kill Senator Bello.”
“That’s not my question.”
“No sir, he did not enter the cell. They met at the
visitor’s lounge.”
Adam nodded, disappointed. But there had to be
something. “Did you notice anything? Anything could
be important.”
Sadiq hesistated. “When Senator Bello returned from
the meeting, he was not in his usual cheerful mood.
Something was wrong with him.”
Adam nodded. He needed to hear what the Senator
had said to him. “Can I see the footage of that visit.”
“I’m sorry you can’t. The General had us turn off the
Adam smiled and shook his head. General Galadima
had just made himself the number one suspect. He
could not imagine Senator Halima sleeping with him
though. But from what he had learnt about the
senator in the past few days, it wasn’t impossible. The
thought made him want to puke.
“Is there any other thing you want to tell me?”
“You cannot tell anybody I told you all of these. I
hope you know how powerful General Galadima is.”
“Believe me Sadiq, I know.”
General Galadima, let’s see how much power you can
weild once you are behind bars.
“General Galadima?”Kate asked.
“Yes.” Adam replied.
She looked at him like he was going insane. Maybe he
was. They stood for a few minutes and watched
people go in and out of Senator Bello’s house. It was
weird that these people did not seem to care when
he was in jail, but they all wore their best sad faces
after he died.
“Why are we here?” Adam asked.
She ignored his question. “First, it was Senator Bello,
then you were sure it was Hameed. Now it’s his
“I know it sounds crazy but you can’t blame me after
all he has been doing.”
“I thought he’s been doing it for his son. That makes
much more sense.”
“Why can’t he have done it?”
“Because he is old and gross and Senator Halima
would not have slept with him.”
Adam had no response to that. “Why are we here?”
“You’ll see in a few minutes.” She said.
Adam watched the people who entered. Three seats
were suddenly available in the Senate, some of them
were secretly celebrating the misfortune that was
hitting the Senate. Was this completely political? It
could be, but he still could not get past the way
Senator Halima was killed.
“See who’s here.” Kate nudged Adam.
Adam looked in the direction of her gaze. About
entering Senator Bello’s gate were General Abubakar
and Galadima.
“What?” Adam couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
“Are they crazy?”
“I know, right?”
“The man was accused of killing his daughter. Why is
he here?”
As the generals walked past, General Abubakar
looked at Adam and nodded at him.
“Did you see that?”
“The nod? I saw it.” Adam said. “I think he doesn’t
believe Bello killed his daughter. But still what is heChat Heritage on zero eight one zero eight  seven five  one three six eight to be added to his WhatsApp group.
doing here? The press will have a field day today.”
“I kind of pity Senator Bello, especially if he didn’t do
it. Suicide?”
“That’s if it’s a suicide.”
“You don’t think it’s a suicide?” A voice said behind
Adam spun around immediately. He did not know the
man who asked the question.
“Who are you?” Adam asked, moving closer to the
The man dug his hand in his pocket and flashed his
“I’m a journalist. So Detective Ademola, you don’t
think it was a suicide?”
“I don’t know what you think you heard but you have
to go now.” Kate said, pushing Adam away from the
Adam took two steps away then stopped. He
remembered the discussion he had with Ese. Maybe
he should talk to the journalist.
“I can’t give you the answer to that question but I can
tell you something else.” Adam said.
Kate leaned closer to him and whispered “What are
you doing?”
“Everything I say is off the record of course and you
can’t quote me.” Adam said.
“Sure.” The journalist could not believe his luck.
“Senator Bello was quite confident he was innocent
and would be found so.” Adam said.
“Really? Why kill himself then?” The journalist asked.
“Oh wait, he was murdered?”
Adam continued like he didn’t hear him. “He had a
visitor and a few minutes later he committed
‘”Who was the visitor?”
“What are you going to do with this information?”
Adam asked.
“I’m a journalist, I’m going to press with it
“So who was it?”
Kate nudged him. She could not believe he was
talking to the press.
“General Galadima.” Adam said.
The journalist opened his mouth. “Isn’t he the father
“Yeah, you figure out the rest.”
“Can we go now?” Kate asked, she could not wait to
be away from the journalist.
“If you quote me on this…” Adam started.
“I don’t need to. Thank you Detective, you just made
my day.”
The journalist scurried away.
“Why did you do that?”
“You wanted somebody more powerful than the
president? That little guy is.”
“That guy?”
“Wait and see what happens now. You’ll see even
powerful generals hate bad publicity.”
Adam was approaching the CIB building when his
phone rang. He looked at the phone, it was Nnamdi,
probably with the IG. That was not the first call he
was expecting.
He answered the call. “Nnamdi, what do you want?”
“It’s Detective Nnamdi!”
“Do you want something Nnamdi?”
He paused. “I just saw on TV that General Galadima
visited Senator Bello before he killed himself.”
“I don’t need or want to know what you watch on TV
Nnamdi. Is this a trend that will continue?”
“I know what you’re doing Detective. You are trying to
instigate the press against General Galadima.”
Adam laughed. “Instigate? Isn’t that word too big for
you Nnamdi? Unfortunately I don’t know what you’re
talking about, neither do you.”
“What you did is a direct violation of an order from
the IG. You will regret this.”
“Wow Nnamdi, we are threatening each other now?
Look, I’m trying to catch a killer. The question you
should ask yourself is; what are you doing?”
Adam ended the call before Nnamdi could respond.
“Mumu.” Adam said.
He looked to his right, at Kate who was staring at
“What is it young lady? You realize I am married, you
can’t just stare at me for free.” Adam said.
“I’m not laughing. What you did is dangerous. What if
the General takes it personal?”
“I might not be a soldier but I’m pretty sure I can still
beat that old man.”
“If he’s a killer like you said, then he can…”
“Kill me?” Adam laughed. “I don’t think so Kate, I can
handle myself.”
“What of Aunty Ese?”
Adam’s smile vanished. He did not like the way that
had sounded. Nobody could touch Ese, nobody will
touch Ese.
His phone rang. It was General Galadima. He stared
at the phone for a few seconds. Suddenly he was not
as sure about what he did. But he could not give in to
fear like these people wanted him to.
“Hello General.” Adam said.
“I just saw the news.”
“Okay sir.” Adam said and waited for whatever was
“That was you, wasn’t it?”
“Was what me? Is there a problem General?”
“So you won’t accept what you did? Okay then. You
did what you had to do, I’ll just do what I have to do
Adam’s heart skipped. What did that mean?
“General…” Adam started but he heard the dial tone.
Adam slammed the break and pulled to the side of
the road. He looked in his side mirror, the road was
clear. He pulled back into the road and did a u-turn.
“What’s the problem?” Kate asked.
“I’m going home.”
“Why? What did the General say?”
“I just need to…” He started to say but his phone cut
him off.
He looked at his phone, it was Ese. Oh my God! What
have I done? He clicked the answer button.
“Where are you?” Her voice was low. Was she
“Ese? Are you okay? What’s the problem?” His voice
trembled and his palm was getting sweaty.
“Adam,” Ese’s weak voice came over the phone.
“Ese, stay with me.” He shouted into the phone.
He noticed he had closed in on a car in front of him.
He swerved to avoid it and his phone slid off his
“Get that phone for me.” He shouted at Kate.
He kept one eye on the road and the other on Kate as
she picked up the phone. She looked at the screen.
“The call has ended.” She said.
“Redial her now!”
Kate made the call and waited.
“What is it?” Adam asked.
“It has not connected yet.”
“Hurry up.”
“I’m not the one…. oh, the number is switched off.”
She said.
Adam felt a shiver go down his body. “Dial again. It
cannot be switched off.”
Kate dialed again. “Same thing, still switched off.”
Adam shook off the sweat flowing down to his eyes.
Ese is okay. Ese is fine. Ese is okay.
“Dial the office. I want every single detective with a
gun headed to my house now!”
“Every one? Don’t you…”
“Do it now!” Adam shouted and slammed the
dashboard with his palm.
God please keep my wife safe. God please.
Adam slammed the break in front of his gate and slid
the gear into park. He jumped out of the car and
rammed his body into the gate. He ran through the
compound and into the house. He stopped when he
entered. Maybe someone was inside with Ese. Maybe
he should wait for backup.
He heard a groan come from the bedroom and he
dashed for the stairs, taking them two at a time. He
got to the bedroom and rushed in.
Ese was on the floor, her hands on her stomach.
Adam swallowed. What had happened to her?
“Ese, are you the only one in the room?” He asked,
rushing to her.
She did not answer, she just groaned.
“What happened Ese? Did they touch you? Did they
do anything to you?”
“The baby… the baby” Ese mumbled.
“What did they do to the baby Ese? Oh God please.
Ese what is wrong with the baby.” He noticed his
vision had gotten blurred. He blinked the tears away.
The bedroom door opened and he drew his gun. He
pointed the gun at the door, it was just Kate.
“Is she okay?” Kate asked. “Aunty, are you okay?”
“The baby.” Ese mumbled again.
“What did they do?” Adam asked again.
Kate looked at Adam and pushed him aside. She
leaned closer to Ese and whispered something into
her ears. Adam watched them wondering what was
“Kate, what is going on?”
“Aunty is in labour.” Kate said.
“Labour? I thought…”
“She is in labour!”
Adam looked around, what was he supposed to do?
Labour? He was not ready.
“She can’t be in labour. She’s not due yet.”
“We need to get her downstairs now.” Kate said.
“How are we supposed to do that?”
“You’ll carry her of course.” Kate said and collected
his gun. “You won’t need that.”
“Okay.” Adam said.
Adam felt stupid, he had no idea what he was doing.
It would have been better if he had found armed men
in the room. He would have shot them, that was easy.
What was he supposed to do with a woman in
“Uncle Adam?” Kate called.
“Do you want you wife to have her baby safely?”
“Yes of course.” Adam said.
“Okay, do exactly what I say and she will have a
“Okay ma.” Adam said.
Adam mopped his brow with his sleeve. He had
never been more scared in his life.
Adam paced up and down the corridors of the
hospital wondering how he got there. He had never
felt more stupid or useless in his life. Everything Kate
asked him to do was simple but he could barely do
any of them without fidgetting. No one could blame
him, his wife was having his baby. His wife. His baby.
His. A smile stole across his face. He was finally going
to be a father. Another Adam was about to be born.
Or maybe it was another Ese. He realised he still did
not know the gender of the baby. It did not matter.
An Ademola was entering the world.
His phone rang. It was Detective Samson. He rejected
the call, he was not ready to talk to anybody in the
office at the moment.
What would he call his child? Those were the things
Ese would have wanted to discuss with him. But he
was too busy chasing a killer and making enemies.
He had to take some time off. His son or daughter
would need him.
Detective Samson called again. He rejected it.
Whatever he wanted to tell him could wait. The only
person that deserved his undivided attention was
here in the hospital with him.
“Uncle.” He heard Kate’s voice and ran towards it.
“Kate, what’s going on? Is she fine?”
“Yes, she is. The doctor wants to see you.”
Adam frowned. “Why? Is everything okay?”
“Yes, everything is okay.”
“Is she having the baby? Do they need to operate? Is
the baby fine?”
Kate stopped in front of the doctor’s office and held
his hands. “Calm down. Everything is okay.”
Adam let out the breath he was holding and pushed
the door open.
“Hello Doctor.” Adam said, his face burning with
“Welcome Detective. It’s nice to meet you. I am a fan
of the church street killer case, you did a great job.”
“Yeah yeah. My wife, how is she?”
“Your wife, of course. She went into false labour,
that’s all. So she’s fine.”
Adam felt a mixture of relief and disappointment.
“Thank you Doctor.”
“She will need somebody to be with her regularly
though. We can’t have a repeat of what happened
“Of course doctor. I will be taking some time off work
to be with her till she puts to bed.” Adam said.
Kate shot him a look but he ignored her. He was not
sure if what he was doing was right but he could not
let his wife stay at home alone anymore. She needed
him and he would be there for her.
“Can I see her please?” Adam asked.
“Of course, come this way.”
Adam followed the doctor. Ese’s due date was barely
a week away, he could take that much time away
from the case. It wasn’t like any of his suspects were
going anywhere.
His phone rang. He had a text. It was Detective
Samson again. What was so urgent he could not wait
for him to call back.
He opened the text.
We found another body. A ‘smiling naked’girl. Call
“Here’s your wife.” The doctor said, holding a door
open for him.
Adam looked at the doctor and back at his phone. HIs
life just got a whole lot more complicated.


Adam knew trouble when he saw one. Unfortunately
he was not only seeing this one, he was living He
should have seen it coming. He tried again to untie
his hands, it was not working. Hassan had tied him
very tightly to the chair. If he was going to escape or
survive this, he would need a miracle. He looked at
Hameed’s body on the floor, he should have known.
Hameed was erratic, emotional, crazy but he was not
as calculated to pull off all the murders without
getting caught. He should have known.
He could not die. Not yet. If he died, it would most
likely mean Kate would die too.
Ese! He could not die without seeing his child.
“Hey!” He screamed.
Hassan strode into the room, a smile on his face.
“What do you want?”
“Look, I don’t beg criminals, I’d rather die but…”
Hassan laughed. “I knew there was a but coming.”
Adam shook his head, he hated that he had to do
this. “My wife is in the hospital right now having a
“Aww, congratulations. It’s sad your wife has to raise
that child alone.”
“What’s your plan here?” Adam asked. “Kill us and
return to your life? All my detectives are out looking
for you. They know you are the killer. You won’t last a
day out there.”
Hassan leaned on the wall, the smile still plastered
on his face. Looking at him now Adam could not
believe he had not suspected him. It was obvious the
devil himself lived inside of him.
“Here’s my plan Detective. I will kill you, that’s a given.
Then I will travel to Niger Republic where I have
friends. I will take Kate with me of course, I have
become quite fond of her. I will marry her and we
will travel the world together.”
“You delusional fool!” Adam said and spat to the side.
“You actually believe you will leave this country? And
you think Kate will marry you? Travel around the
world with you?”
“Why won’t she? You saw Halima naked, right?
Gorgeous woman. I have a way with women. Not
even Kate can resist me. And don’t worry, I will get
out of this country just fine. Okay, so you asked for
my plans and I told you my plans.”
Hassan started to leave the room. Adam knew he had
to do something, he could not just let this happen. He
had no idea what to do. His hands were tied –
literally, and feet too. If he shouted there was no
chance anyone would hear him.   *kindly  Hy Heritage  on +2348108751368 to be added to  story room to enjoy reading from there.*   
Except someone noticed the open gate and came in!
He had to buy time.
Hassan stopped. “You called me Honourable? How
honourable of you.”
“Why did you do it? Senator Halima? Senator Dafe?
Senator Bello? Those poor girls? Why did you kille
Hassan smiled. “This is the point where I tell you my
story just so you can buy enough time for help to
come to you, right? I read your church street killer
story, I know what happened. I will tell you my story
but nobody will find you here.”
Adam stared at him with cold eyes. “Just tell the
d–n story.”
“I’m telling this more for my own entertainment than
for your information. I’ll start with Bello, I didn’t kill
him, he killed himself. Dafe, I didn’t kill him too.”
“Yeah, not with you hands. Coward, you only kill
women. You couldn’t handle a real man so you had
someone else do your dirty job for you.”
Hassan’s eyes grew dark. “I am not a coward. Keep
saying that and you will die, very slowly.”
“Senator Halima, what was her offense? She told you
how weak you were in bed, right?”
Hassan rushed at Adam and landed a punch on his
Adam felt his nose and lips grew ten times heavier;
he could taste the blood already but he continued all
the same, he knew he needed to push Hassan further
“If your sex is as good as your punch then I can
imagine why no woman would want to be with you.”
“Shut up!” Hassan shouted. “You are wrong! They
loved me, Halima said I was the best she ever had.
That was what she thought as she died – she died
happy. I made her happy. They all died happy.”
Adam knew he had hit a nerve by talking about his
sex life. He had put emphasis on the women dying
happy. There was something else here. He watched
Hassan. His initial burst of anger had subsided but he
still had a dark dangerous look on his face. He leaned
against the wall but Adam knew it would not take
much to get him on the receiving end of another
“They all died happy huh? All of them?”
Hassan looked up and Adam could see he was not
looking as fierce as before. He was on to something.
“Was it your fiancee? Was she the one who didn’t die
“She didn’t die happy but it wasn’t my fault, I owe her
So it wasn’t the fiancee. Mrs Galadima?
“Was it Mrs Galadima? You killed her too but she
didn’t die happy.”
His face became dark again. “I did not kill her!”
He didn’t? “But she did not die happy, did she?”
“ I was never able to satisfy her. She always told me I
could never do what her husband did to her.” He
squeezed his fist, his eyes blazing. “She called me
“So you killed her?”
“No! I tried harder but then she died before…” His
voice trailed off.
“So now, all these women…”
“Died happy.” Hassan said. “I’m done talking! Let’s get
this over with.”
Adam knew the end was fast approaching, he was
desperate. He was lost but maybe he could save Kate.
“Please let Kate go, she’s already been through this
once. You will escape faster alone.”
Hassan smiled. “She will cooperate with me or she will
die. And I can’t guarantee it being a happy one.”
Adam watched Hassan leave the room. He was sure
the next time he came into the room, it would be to
kill him. He thought about his child, he did not even
know if it was a boy or a girl. He should have spent
more time with Ese. He closed his eyes and pictured
her face – it was the most beautiful thing he had ever
seen. He could not believe he would not see it again.
He had escaped death once with Collins, he could not
see a way out of death this time around.
“Are you praying?”
He opened his eyes and saw Hassan standing in front
of him. His eyes went to the knife in his right hand. It
was still stained with blood. Hameed’s? That was it.
His moment had come.
“Before you do this,” Adam said. “Can I speak to my
“No.” Hassan said.
“Okay, can you release Kate so she can take a
message to her?”
“Alright, could you…”
“Just shut up.” Hassan said and walked past Adam, to
his back.
Adam could feel the hair on his neck rise. He never
imagined things would go this way. He was not
surprised he was going to be murdered but not at the
hands of this cowardly woman-killer.
Hassan grabbed his head and pulled it backwards. At
least the killing was going to be swift. He closed his
eyes and waited for the knife.
“What are you doing?”
That was not Hassan’s voice!
His eyes snapped open. General Galadima was
standing in front of them. His head almost exploded
with relief. He was not going to die, not today.
“General! I’ve never been more happy to see you.”
Adam said.
Hassan was not moving though, he still had the knife
to his neck. Surely the General could talk to his boy.
“Hassan, haven’t you done enough harm? First you
sleep with my beloved wife and then you kill my son’s
fiancee and now you have killed him! Haven’t you
done enough already?”
“Beloved wife? You never loved her!” Hassan shouted.
“If you loved her, why would you…”
“Shut up Hassan! Drop that knife now!”
“Or what? Report me to the police? Kill me too?”
Adam grunted, the knife was starting to break flesh.
“We had a deal.”
“Yes and I fulfilled my end by raising you and getting
you where you are right now. Honourable member of
the House of Representatives.”
“This ends now!” Hassan said.
Adam felt the knife press against his flesh. His head
felt light, he was dead! God keep Ese and my baby.
He heard a loud bang and something fell on his laps.
The knife had stopped. He opened his eyes and saw
the knife on his lap. He looked up – General Galadima
was holding a gun in his hand. Hassan was crumpled
behind him.
He sighed, he was not dead. He was going to see his
baby. He looked up at the general; all the time he was
convinced he was a murderer not knowing he was
going to be his saviour.
“He was like a son to me.” The general said. “I
thought I would be able to reason with him.”
Adam did not care, he was alive, it was all that
The general untied his hands and walked to his son’s
body. He had never loved his free hands more. He
bent and began to untie his legs.
“How did you find us here?” Adam asked.
“I came for Hameed, I didn’t expect to meet Hassan
or you here.”
“You knew where Hameed was hiding?”
“He called me.”
Adam paused untying his leg. Hameed didn’t sound
like he trusted his father when he talked to him
earlier, he did not even want to go home. Why would
he call him?
“Is there a problem?” General Galadima had noticed
his hesitation.
“No sir.” Adam said and resumed untying his leg.
“So you knew Hassan slept with your wife?” Adam
“I didn’t. I would have sent him out of my house.”
He had mentioned it earlier when he talked to
Hassan. How did he know about the affair if he had
not known before? What was the deal Hassan
mentioned? What was Hassan’s end of the deal? Was
he missing something?
“Hassan mentioned a deal, what was that about?”
“It was nothing, just a promise I made to him to
protect him and help him become somebody in life.”
“Looks like you held your side of the promise.”
“A promise is a promise. Even after I found out he
was sleeping with my wife, I still did my best for him.
Then he goes ahead to kill my son.”
Adam paused and looked up. He claimed not to have
known about the affair. What is happening?
“Why didn’t you tell anybody where you were coming
to? If I hadn’t come you would have died.”
“I came in a hurry.” Adam was not sure what it was
but he could feel it, something was still wrong.
General Galadima went into one of the rooms. Kate!
Was she okay? Adam released the rope and stood.
The general was hiding something, he could tell. At
least now he could defend himself now if things got
ugly again.
The general returned to the room.
“So I was going to ask, you said…” Adam started.
“I slipped the other time and mentioned that I knew
about Hassan’s affair with my wife, didn’t I?”
Adam looked at the gun hanging loosely in the
general’s hand and he left a lump form in his throat.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Adam said.
“Oh yeah you do. I wasn’t sure if it was smart to let
you go before anyway knowing you could figure it all
out later. Now you have helped me make up my
“Make up your mind?”
“Yeah, you’re not leaving this place alive.”
Adam could not believe what he was hearing. “Come
on, you saved me. Now you are going to kill me?”
“No I won’t. Hassan killed you then killed himself. I
arrived too late to save any of you.”
“Nobody will believe that.”
“I am General Galadima, they will believe anything I
“I don’t even know what you think I know about that
makes me a…” Adam started then paused. The
general knew about the affair, Hassan insisted he did
not kill Mrs Galadima, maybe the general did.
“You just figured something out, didn’t you?”
“You killed your wife?”
“That’s why I can’t let you go. You’re smarter than you
‘”She was your wife!”
“Who was sleeping with a boy, under my own roof!”
“Why didn’t you kill Hassan instead?” It sounded like a
cruel thing to say but it made sense. A lot more
people would be alive.
“He was a boy, stupid. My wife should have known
better. But when he started killing those girls I
wished I had killed him. ”
“You knew?”
“I protected him the best I could. Implicated other
people, let him off the hook, I believed I owed him
that much.”
“Senator Bello? Senator Dafe?”
“The assasin too, collateral damage.”
“You were going to let Hameed go away for the
murders.” Adam was livid. He could not imagine
doing that to his child. The child he was never going
to see.
“I have to go before anyone notices I’ve been gone
for too long.” The general said.
“You are a soldier General.” He could not think of any
other thing to say. “You can’t do this.”
“What do you suggest I do then? Let you go? Let the
girl in the room go?”
He knew about Kate too.
“My wife is currently having a baby, please don’t do
“I will take care of your wife and your child, I promise
you. And you know I keep my promises.”
Adam could not stand the thought of this vile man
coming close to his family. They would probably think
him as a good Samaritan too.
He was not going down like this. He looked at the
gun, it still hung loosely in the general’s hand. He
could make a go for it. The general seemed to notice
where his eyes were and he held the gun tighter.
He looked over the General’s shoulder. “Kate?”
The general turned to look back and Adam charged
towards him. He heard a bang and he stopped. His
ears rang and his head buzzed. He felt some wetness
around his stomach and looked down, his shirt had
gotten red; he was bleeding. He had been shot! He
dropped to his knees and fell on his side.
He looked on as the general came closer to him.
“I’m sorry detective but you know I have to do this.”
Adam shut his eyes and for the second time that day,
prayed. God keep Ese and my baby.
He waited for the shot and it came; not once but
twice. The sound echoed through the room. Why had
he heard the sound? Why wasn’t he dead? He opened
his eyes, the General was not standing over him. He
turned his neck slightly and there he was – his head
was a bloody mess.
“Are you dead?”
Adam looked in the direction of the voice.
“So you’re not dead.” Nnamdi said with a grin.
“How did you find me?”
“I told you I was more powerful than you thought.”
Adam tried to stand, pain shot through his body. His
head felt light, his sight blurred. Was he dying? He
struggled to keep his eyes open but a dark mist
enveloped him and with each second he sank deeper
into the darkness. There was no point struggling, he
closed his eyes and let go.
The nurse wheeled Adam into the room. His body
was stiff and his eyes still blurred from time to time
but he could no longer wait. He saw them first and
for a few seconds he watched. Ese was feeding the
baby completely oblivious to the man watching them.
The nurse pushed him to the foot of the bed before
Ese looked up.
“Hey.” Adam said.
She saw the bandages wrapped around his stomach
and gasped.
“I’m fine, very fine. Can I see the baby?”
She opened her mouth to say something then
stopped. She moved closer to him and held the baby
out. He looked at the baby and his eyes blurred. This
time it was not because of his wound. He could not
believe he would have missed this.
A phone rang close to the bed. Ese leaned over and
answered the phone.
“It’s for you.” She said and handed the phone to
“Hello.” Adam said.
“Where are you? The IG is holding a press conference
right now taking all the glory for the case. He didn’t
even mention my name.”
Adam shook his head. “Nnamdi, let him take the
credit. That’s what he’s paid to do.”
“It’s annoying, that’s all. How’s the baby?”
“The baby is beautiful.”
“Okay detective. So, we’ll meet for drinks on
Adam laughed. “You saved my life doesn’t make us
“So 4pm?”
“See you on Saturday.”
Adam handed the phone back to Ese.
“How did your case go? Is it over now?” Ese asked.
“Yeah, it is. Bad guys are dead.”
“Saw on the news this morning that General
Galadima died in his sleep. Coincidence?”
“In his sleep?” Adam laughed. Even in death General
Galadima was still pulling his weight.
That wasn’t his problem anymore. He had a family to
“So is the baby a boy or a girl?” Adam asked.
Ese smiled. “Take a guess.”


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