Episode 11

        Roxanne’s Pov:
I opened my eyes weakly and found myself lying on a bed.

The ceiling was the first thing I could see and I could tell it looked different from the previous night’s own.

“You’re awake” I heard someone say and I lifted my head to see a young lady in the room, dusting some items.

I shut my eyes and opened them again and groaned as I struggled to sit up.
Where was I?

I noticed terrible pains in my va**na and recalled the previous night incidence with Damon. Just thinking about it brought tears to my eyes.
“Good morning, miss” the young girl in the room said as she took a tray of food from a big table close to her and came up to me on the bed.

I looked around the room and noticed it was big and beautiful. But how did I get here?

“I’ve been waiting for you to come out of your pretty deep sleep. Here… You need to eat. Sir Damon wants you to” she said and I stared at her.

“Damon?” I repeated.
Suddenly; hearing his name just makes me scared.

“Yeah. This will be your room…For now” she replied and I bent my head, sadly.
I recalled the horrible experience he made me pass through the previous night. I had passed out during the process.
 I couldn’t believe I was no longer a v**gin. He took my dignity without a second thought.

“It hurts right?” The lady beside me asked and I lifted my eyes to see her wearing a pathetic look.

“H-huh?” I possum, wiping the tear that escaped my eye.

“Having s3x for the first time” she replied and I lowered my gaze again.

“Don’t worry, I understand. You’ll get used to it. Besides, you should be happy it’s someone like Damon. That’s most ladies dream – to be down there with him”.

I shut her a surprised stare. Is she for real?
I just lost my dignity forcefully and she’s trying to make me feel lucky about it?

“Anyway, you should start eating immediately – Damon’s orders” she added and I looked down at the food.

It was bagel and cream cheese together with a separate plate of beef and it looked really delectable.

Why’s he giving this to me? I thought he was going to starve me.

The lady looked at me and gave me a prodding look and slowly, I started eating.

“So…I’m Sally and I work as a maid here” she said with a broad smile and I just nodded.

“And…you’re Roxanne, right?” She further asked.
She seems to be a talkative.
Too bad I’m not in the mood right now.

“Yeah” I simply said.

“Well…Welcome to Damon’s estate. You’re the first lady he’s ever given this special treatment – I mean, still keeping you even when he’s s3xed you already. Normally, he just uses and dumps. Doesn’t f**k a lady twice. It seems he has a special plan for you” she said while smiling and I shook my head.
Special plan indeed.

I started rushing the meal and that was because I was terribly hungry.

“Um…If I must say; you’re very pretty” she complimented and I flushed.

“T…Thanks” I replied a little bashfully and continued eating.

Suddenly, the door opened and a lady walked in, standing by the door.

The Sally girl immediately sprang on her feet.

“You’re not being paid to gossip around, Sally” the lady said churlishly, placing one of her hands at akimbo.

“I’m sorry” Sally replied and scuttled out of the room.
Huh? Whys she scared of her?

Hold on; I know this lady.
Yes! She was the same lady that had scolded me when I was admiring Damon’s frame yesterday before he abducted me. She had been so rude to me.

She finally left the door and walked in and another lady followed her behind, holding something that looked like clothes.

“Didn’t you learn manners from your mum? You should know how to greet” she said with a derogatory stare as she stood in front of me.

What exactly is her problem?

“Good morning” I looked down at my food and said and she heaved.

The lady that followed her into the room kept the clothes on the bed and left.

“Hurry up with your meal. Take your bath and put these on. You’ll be going to school today” the rude lady said and I furrowed my brows at her.

Hold on; what did she just say?

“Don’t even think of asking me any dumb questions. It’s Damon’s idea. So, when you see him, feel free to ask” she said with an eye roll.

“Now hurry up and get your ass ready cause you wouldn’t wanna get Damon angry” she added and started towards the door , but suddenly stopped and turned back to me.
“If I were you, I’d just run away” she added and left.

I stared at the blank door for a while and didn’t know what to think.

*If I were you, I’d just run away*

I took my eyes to the clothes on the bed and couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

Am I really going to school? B…But how?
I mean, why?

I needed answers to my questions but decided to do as I was instructed.

I finished up my meal and went into the bathroom which was there in the room.

I had great difficulty walking and had to trudge along as a result of the pains I felt in between my legs.

I spent a long time in the bathroom because I needed enough warm water to touch my va**na as I laid in the bathtub.

After a long while, I came out, dried my body and wore the uniform I was asked to wear.

I was surprised to find a p*nt and bra beneath it and I wore them on as well.

I wore the purple stocking and sneakers and went to stand in front of the mirror, staring at my reflective somber image.

I let out a sad sigh. Where could mother be? What has Damon done to her? But…he told me if I followed his instructions, it’d guarantee her safety. That means she was still alive.

But where was she?

Oh, mother! I’m so sorry for putting you in trouble. If only you had explained things to me, I’d have stayed hidden with you.

But why did I have to be the daughter of such an evil man? According to mum’s story, she had no idea he was that evil before she got married to him.
If only she knew.

I bent my head and sighed again, wistfully.
Suddenly, the door opened and I looked through the mirror to see him coming in – Damon.

I gasped as unhelpful conniption gripped me. You wouldn’t blame me.

I couldn’t even turn to look at him but just kept staring through the mirror.

He was putting on a black trouser and red T-shirt that had the top buttons opened, exposing his chest.

His dark curly hair flopped across his left eye, giving him the perfect killing look. How could someone be this cute be so heartless?

The king of hell.

He walked levelly to where I was and stood behind me in front of the mirror.
I shivered as I felt his presence and wished he’d just vanish.

He held me from behind and rested his head on my shoulder.

“What do you have to say about your new uniforms?” He asked in his normal gentle tone but I couldn’t even think of replying.

He used his left hand to touch my tummy while he used the other to move my hair backwards.

“Don’t worry; you’re gonna like it there. My school’s the best in the country” he whispered into my ears and my eyes gleamed.

His school? I was going to his school?

He left my hair and planted a kiss on my neck.

“I want you to explore the world. Feel free to run” he said and that was when It dawned on me.

Hold on; is he doing this because he wants to tempt me? He wants me to feel tempted to run away…so he could have enough reasons to punish me?

But. Mum…

I stared at him in disarray as he batted his long pretty eye lashes at me.

He grabbed my b**bs and squeezed them tightly In his hands.
I shut my eyes and tried not to moan.
I opened them after a while and found him staring at me.

He stared down at my body and moved his hand down to my tummy again, giving me those uncanny feelings.

“Those it still hurt?” He asked in a whispered and our eyes got locked, staring into each other’s.

Slowly; he lifted my short flair skirt and I gasped and dilated my eyes in surprise.
What’s he doing?

I felt his hand on my bare buttocks as he reached for my pant and I flinched and tried to push him away, but noticed I couldn’t even turn around.

Oh, goodness! Not again; Please.

My hands were stuck to the table and I groaned as I tried to turn around, but to no avail. I couldn’t move.

I felt him pull my pant down and busted into tears.

“Please don’t” I winced and he paused.

Oh, mercies! Please.

I watched him from the mirror as he looked down at my butt then back at my face.

“I wasn’t gonna do it, but I told you; you don’t beg me” he said and pulled down the pant and I whimpered.

No, no.
This cannot happen; not again.
I won’t be able to bear the pains.

I could only see his face from the mirror as he stood directly behind me but felt him unhook his belt and pull down his trouser.

He made me bend over on the table and there I felt him come into me from behind.

I screamed as the terrible pains came back again.
He gripped my hair and thrust into me and more tears kept streaming down my cheeks.

I could tell he was staring at me through the mirror, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him as well.

I just bent my head and wept as he f**ked me from behind and after some time, I felt a liquid pour inside of me before he pulled out.

I gasped when he did and he wore back his trousers and fixed my pant for me, bringing down my skirt as well.
That was when I could finally move.

I turned immediately and looked at him but quickly took my eyes to the floor, releasing more tears.

I couldn’t believe he did it again.
For how long will I suffer this?

“Get that liquid off your face and come with me” he said and started walking out the door.

I slowly dried my face and followed him out, still sniffling.

The pains had become worst. But I was too shy and didn’t want it to be noticed by anyone. So, I tried all I could to walk properly.

I kept my head low as I followed him out of the house to the parking lot where numerous cars were parked.

“When you get there, head for the principal’s office and tell him who you are” he said coldly and one of the cars were opened for me by one of the boys there.

I didn’t say a word and just quietly walked into the car with my head bowed. I didn’t want him to see the tears forcing their ways down my face.

The door was locked as soon as I got in and the boy who had opened the door got into the driver’s seat and took off.

Immediately we set out on the road, I busted into tears, allowing the tears fall freely.
The driver kept staring at me from the car’s mirror, but I didn’t care. I just needed to let out the tears.

I hated what I was going through. I hated what my life had become. Why did such fate have to be fall me?

I bent my head and wept throughout the drive until the car came to a stop and I lifted my head to see myself in a breathtaking place with young boys and girls like me moving around.

Is this the school?

I sniffed and wiped my face to have a proper look around.
In front of the massive building was boldly written:

“We’re here ma’am” the driver said but I still remained in the car.
I felt scared and nervous going In.

There were lots of people, putting on the same uniform as mine.

How do I cope among them?

“Ma’am” the driver turned and looked at me and I sniffed and wiped my face properly.

Oh, goodness! There was no way out. But I don’t even have a single book; no bag.
Or is the principal expected to give them to me?

But how do I even locate his office? The place was so big.

I finally took in a deep breath and opened the door, coming out of the car.

I stood still and looked around; the entire place was so breathtaking. How could someone as young as Damon own such a place?
Is it as a result of his powers or what?

I looked left and right. Where do I go from here? How do I locate the principal’s office?

I folded my hands and taking in another deep breath, I started walking.

“Roxanne?” I heard someone call behind me and flinched.

Who could possibly know my name over here?

         Episode 12

       Roxanne’s Pov:
I turned to see who was calling me and surprisingly, it was…

“Naomi!” I gasped.

“Roxanne” she called again, sounding surprised and we ran into each other’s arms.

Oh, my! I couldn’t believe it. The same lady that had been kind to me the first day I ran away from mum.

I never expected to see her here.
Oh! I forgot. She had told me she schooled here.

“Look at you, Roxanne. I mean…” she paused and scoffed, staring at me from head to toe.

“First of all, what happened? I couldn’t find you when we were done offloading the…”

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I…I had to leave” I cut in immediately, not wanting to talk about it.

“O…kay. But what happened? What are you doing here? I mean, you told me you didn’t school here” she asked.

“Yeah. Um…when I returned home, I convinced mum about it and she had me enrolled” I lied, feeling guilty.
I couldn’t possibly tell her about Damon.

“Oh! Your mum; is she still giving you a hard time? How’s she?” She asked and I sighed

“She’s fine” I bent my head and replied, beginning to feel the acrimony again.

“Alright then. So…This is your first day, right?” She asked.
“Yes. I’m…can you direct me to the principal’s office please?”

“Sure. Of course. Come with me” she said with a smile and I nodded and walked along with her.

She kept bringing up little stories – mostly about the school – as she led me to the principal’s office and finally, we got there.

Luckily, she agreed to wait outside while I went into the face the principal who was a chubby looking man.

“Um…good morning sir” I said in obeisance as I stood in front of him.

 He seemed busy as he rummaged some files on the table.

“Yeah, good morning” he replied simply, without looking at me.

I cleared my throat slightly.

“Um…I’m Roxanne…”

“Roxanne Myers?” He suddenly interpolated, giving me a quick look.

I pondered and nodded.

“Oh! Forgive my manners. Sir Damon told me about you already”.
He paused and brought out a pink pretty bag.

“Everything you need is already in it – mathematical instruments, books, your writing materials…just go through it and if there’s any other thing you need, please feel free to let me know and don’t get me into trouble with Damon” he said and I scoffed.

Is that how scared people are of him?

“Uh…Thank you sir” I said as I took the bag from the table.

“You’re welcome, pretty. You’re in grade 4. Um…You can ask that lady over there to lead you to it” he said, referring to Naomi.

I smiled and left the office.

“Hey, how did it go?” Naomi asked as soon as I stepped out.
“Yeah. It was fine. He um…said I should ask you for directions to grade 4” I replied.

“Grade 4? Is that really your grade? Oh, my! Roxanne, we share the same grade.” She said excitedly.

“Come on; you’ll love it”.
She was so happy as she took me to my new classroom where I met lots of pretty and classic looking students.

“Good thing there’s a vacant seat next to mine” she said ecstatically as she showed me to a place I could sit.
It was next to hers.

“Welcome to Glamour High, Roxanne. I’m so happy you are” she said and I just smiled.

If only she knew the pains I was going through. It was taking me a lot of efforts to act normal.
The school wasn’t that boring with Naomi by my side. She really kept me busy, telling me a lot of stories as well as the do’s and don’ts in the school.

She also talked about Damon and how dreamy he was. She was crushing so hard on him and at some point, I thought to myself; was this the same guy that made me cry at home? Acting so heartless?

She insisted on showing me round the school, but as a result of my condition, I couldn’t walk that much so I had to decline.
She was kind of surprised and attested to the fact that I was acting strangely, but I just shrugged It off and told her I’d be fine.
I sat at the backseat as the driver drove into the estate. I bent my head as the fears returned again.

I was going back to Damon. Considering everything he’s done to me lately, I feel so scared being around him.

Although he’s undoubtedly charming and still bedazzled me each time I saw him, I couldn’t help but think about the dangerous side of him.
The driver parked in the lot and I opened the door and came out of the car.
I hung my school bag on one arm and walked towards the house at a slow pace.

I got to the door and pushed it open and just as I stepped in, I accidentally bumped into someone who was trying to walk out the door.

Oh, my!

She was holding a glass of drink and it spilled on the floor.

“Hah” she gasped.

“Oh, my! I’m so sorry. it wasn’t intentional. Please” I said immediately as she fixed her eyes on the content on the floor.

“Are you blind?” She asked blatantly, making me gob smacked.

“Why weren’t you careful?” She added.

“But I…just apologised”

“Well, your apology isn’t gonna clean this mess, will it?” She asked angrily and walked away.

Geez! What the heck is that? Who’s she?

“Were you hurt?” I heard someone ask and Sally showed up immediately.

“Uh…” I paused and looked at the broken piece of glass on the floor.

“Who’s she?” I asked instead and she sighed.

“Heard her name is Shantel. She’s a new maid” she replied.

“New maid?” I repeated.

“Yeah. Just came in this morning and is already being a pain in the ass. I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with her” Sally replied, looking at the direction she had taken.

“Anyway, how’s school today?” She turned back to me and asked.

“it was fine” I replied perfunctorily

“Okay. You should probably go in and freshen up. I’ll just take care of this and join you later” she said and I nodded and left.

I walked into *my* room and plonked myself on the bed with my bag beside me.

While I had been in school today, the idea of running away niggled at me. I was tempted to.

But I thought of mum.
I couldn’t leave her behind. Damon might kill her if I did.

And besides, he’s capable of tracing me easily. So, it was possible he might get me even if I ran away.

I sighed sadly. My life was a mess – right from day one.

I’ve been locked up for nineteen years and even when I finally had an opportunity to explore the world, I ran into the hands of the cruel King of hell.

Why does this have to happen to me?

I laid upwards on the bed and stared at the pretty ceiling and in a short while, I dozed off.
I was awoken by a hand tapping me and when I finally opened my eyes, I saw an unfamiliar lady standing in front of me.

“Sorry to disturb you, miss. But sir Damon wants you in his room immediately” the young lady said and left and my heart skipped.

Oh, mercies! Damon?

I weakly sat up and felt tears building up in my eyes but tried not to let it out.

Is this going to happen again?
What does he want with me this time around?

I slowly stood on my feet and ambled to the door, trepidation gripping me. I felt so scared.
I Wouldn’t be able to bear being f**ked right now. I might just give up.
I opened the door and walked out of the room, headed for his.

I walked really slowly, feeling scared to get to his room. His touch on me the previous night and this morning sent new shivers down my spine and I couldn’t help but act paranoid over it.

Suddenly, on my way there, I saw someone that gripped my attention. It was the new maid Shantel.

She was holding a tray containing a cup and suddenly, she stopped.

I stopped walking as I stood behind her. She was one pretty lady, but too rude for my liking.

She doesn’t even act like a maid.
I mean, she couldn’t clean off the drink when it spilled on the floor.

I kept watching her from behind and kind of wondered why she stopped walking.

Immediately, she brought out something from beneath her dress and sprinkled it into the cup she was holding.
What was that?

I quickly ran and stood behind a corner and just as if my stars had shun on me, she turned around to have a look but couldn’t see anyone since I was already hiding.

Then, she continued walking.

I came out from my hiding place and pondered over it. What could that be?

I started following her to know where she was headed and surprisingly, it was Damon’s room!

Yes, I saw her go into Damon’s room with it.

It’s obvious the drink was for him. But what did she put into it?
What’s going on?

Episode 13

       Roxanne’s Pov:
I was so confused. What could possibly be going on?

I remained standing for some time and finally went into Damon’s room.
He was facing the window when I entered and I saw the maid dropping the cup on a small glass table in front of the bed.

“Your drink is served, sir” she said with a bow.

Oh, my! Damon’s supposed to drink it. But what did she sprinkle into it? What if it’s poisoned?

“You can leave” Damon said without turning to look at her.

She bowed again and turned around to leave and as she did, our eyes ran into each other’s.

She paused and looked at me as we stood face to face and her eyes seemed to gleam.

Then, she stared away and left the room.

I looked at the drink and didn’t know what to do. Whatever it is, I have a bad feeling about the maid and the drink. Whatever she sprinkled into the drink couldn’t be safe.

Damon suddenly turned from the window and approached the bed.

He was putting on a long black jacket and walked with his hands crossed behind his back.

“G…Good evening” I greeted nervously with my gaze low.

 He didn’t say anything as he just sighed and sat on the bed.
He took up the cup and my heart skipped.

Oh, my! He’s going to drink it! What do I do? I can’t let him drink it.
But…I’m scared. If I tell him about it…

Oh, goodness!
What if he doesn’t believe me? Or something goes wrong? And I end up in more trouble?

I badly wanted to say to say something but felt so scared.

I watched anxiously as he brought the cup closer to his mouth and…Mercies!
He drank from it!

He did!

My eyes dilated in shock and angst as he gulped more of it and kept the cup back on the table.

My heart beat rapidly like a party drum.

“Come close” he said softly but I couldn’t move immediately.

He used his index finger and cleaned the lower part of his lip and I gulped nervously and went closer to him.

He still looked normal. Like…nothing was happening to him.
But…If the drink was poisoned, shouldn’t he be choking or something?

I got to where he was and he held me and made me sit on his legs.
That was when a different fear began in me.

Oh, Roxanne! I’m not ready for this right now. Not again.

I’m still feeling a lot of pains in between my legs and it’s not going to be funny if he f**ks me right now again.

He made me fall on the bed and he got on top of me afterwards. My heart was beating rapidly.

He placed a kiss on my neck and lifted his hand to my chest, pressing my b**bs.

He squeezed my right b**b and bit the tilt from my shirt.
I shut my eyes tight and tried not to make any sound, even if he clouded me with me so much ecstasy and feelings.

He brought his hand down from my chest and sent it beneath my dress, making me whimper. “Please don’t” I cried in my heart.
I was tempted to say it out, but couldn’t since he’s warned me never to beg him.

I was so scared. I wouldn’t be able to bear the pains if he uses me again at this moment.
I was yet to recover from the previous ones.

I felt his cold hand go slowly through my laps all the way to my pant and I shivered.
Oh, mercies. Why does he have to do this to me?

He moved my pant and rubbed my clit and I gasped and held him tight, almost piercing my fingers into his skin.

Oh! Please, please; don’t do it. Don’t.

I whimpered and a tear strolled down my cheek.

He rubbed my clit and made me feel the fear of fingering at that moment. I was so scared.

Suddenly, he brought his hand out of my dress and left me, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Return to your room” he said icily without looking at me but I was startled and couldn’t move immediately.

“Don’t make me repeat myself” he added and I swallowed hard and left the bed.

Hold on; what just happened? Is…is he really asking me to return to my room…without touching me?

I cleaned off the tear on my face and paused to look at him, but he wasn’t staring at me.
I couldn’t believe it. I was scared he was going to force himself on me again. But what happened?

Without further reluctance, I opened the door and walked out of the room.

I sniffed when I got out of the room and surprisingly, I found the maid over there – standing close to the room.

She was backing me at first, but when she sensed my presence, she turned and looked at me and her eyes flashed.
She looked angry and restless.

I stood, staring at her without saying a word. I mean, I didn’t even know what to say.
Why was she here? And why does she look this angry and restless?

I furrowed my brows in suspicion and she glowered her eyes at me and walked away.

          Shantel’s Pov:
I walked into the maid’s quarters and kicked the bed.

What the heck just happened? Why didn’t the poison have any effect on Lucifer? He should be dead by now!

I prepared it myself; I used my own blood in making it and with the other contents involved in it,,it’s capable of killing any supernatural being -no matter how powerful he or she is.

It seems Lucifer has grown more powerful than I thought. I can’t believe the poison didn’t work on him.

No! I must get him no matter what. I must fulfil my promise to the elders.
The reason he’s unable to suspect me is because I’m among the few lucky people he can’t detect and I’ll make sure I kill him no matter what.

I’ve always been looking for this opportunity – an opportunity where he’ll be killed so my brother can take over the throne. And now I’ve finally gotten one, I won’t lose it.

        Roxanne’s Pov:
I woke up the next morning, feeling more relaxed. For the first time since I got here, I slept so soundly.

I sat up and thought about Damon. Remembering he didn’t touch me last night still bemused me and I couldn’t get it off my mind.

Oh! How I badly wish he’d continue acting that way. I just wish he wouldn’t touch me again.
But who am I kidding?

I took in a deep breath and went into the bathroom. I had to get ready for school.

I brushed my teeth and took my bath and when I came out of the bathroom, breakfast was already on the bed and Sally was there as well.

“Hey” she called as she dusted some of the items in the room.

“Um…good morning” I replied and sat on the bed.

“You look…” she paused and smiled.

Look what? I thought.

“Anyway, forget it. So,, how was your night?”  She asked.

“Splendid…I guess”.

I started eating immediately, feeling really hungry.
Sally kept talking and entertaining me with lots of gist until I consumed the whole meal.

Then, she gave me some privacy to dress up and I wore my spiffy uniform and got ready to leave.

I paused and thought; Damon didn’t come to see me like he did the previous day.

Oh, please! I hope he continues this way.

I got out of the room, walked pass the sitting room and when I got outside, my ride was already waiting for me.

I got in and the driver took off immediately.
I walked quietly into the noisy classroom and went straight for my seat.
I wonder if I’d ever get to make any friends aside Naomi.

I got to my seat and surprisingly, I couldn’t find Naomi there. I mean, someone else was on her seat.

I paused and pondered over it.
It was a guy – a young and…If I might say, handsome guy.

He was scribbling down something in his book and didn’t pay attention to me until I took my seat next to him. But, where’s Naomi?

“Hi” he looked at me and said with a charming smile.

“Uh…hi” I replied, muzzy.

He nodded and went back to writing in his book.

“Sorry to ask” I called his attention after a short pause and he looked at me.

“Um…what happened to the lady on this seat?”

“Oh! I…have no idea about that. I’m actually a new student and when I got here, the seat was empty. So, I took it” he replied and I sighed and nodded.

Oh, my! Where could Naomi be? She didn’t tell me she’d be skipping classes today.

Not long after, the science teacher came in and the class became calm and settled.

I bought out my book from my bag and tried bringing out my pen as well, but couldn’t find it.

Oh, Roxanne! Don’t tell me I left it at home.
Oh, goodness! No.

What do I do now?

The science teacher commenced writing on the board and I became stuck.

“Here” the boy beside me said and I turned to see him proffering a pen to me.

“You can use this” he said.

I stared at him in shock. How…How did he know I was looking for a pen?

“Uh…Thanks” I replied and took the pen from him, looking down at my book.


I shook it off and concentrated on the lesson and thought out the first three periods, Naomi didn’t show up.

oh my! Today’s gonna be so boring for me.

The bell went off for lunch and the students started dispersing.
I also stood on my feet, not knowing exactly where to go.

The boy beside me stood up as well.
“Um…Roxanne, can…”

“How did you know my name?” I cut him off, surprised.

He twitched and itched his nape.

“Uh…its written on your book” he replied and I looked at my bag and back at him.

“O..Okay” I said with a nod, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“So,, as I was saying, you know, I’m a new student here. This is just my first day here in Glamour High and I was wondering if you could do me a favor by showing me round the school” he said with an appealing look.

Wow! He was handsome. But, Damon still beat him to it.

“Oh! I’m sorry, but I’m also a new student – just started yesterday. So…I’m not familiar with the school either” I replied.

“Perfect” he chuckled.
“We can work it out ourselves. Come on; let’s have a a look around together”.


I scoffed and batted my lashes. I don’t even know him.

“Come on; it’s gonna be fun” he said and I adjusted my bag.

“Um…what’s your name?” I asked.

He smiled uncannily.

“Well, you can just call me Nicklaus”.

Episode 14

        Roxanne’s Pov:
I returned home feeling really really tired.
Naomi didn’t show up in school throughout the day and it kind of got me worried. But the new guy Nicklaus – he seemed really friendly and had made my day fun.
He even bought lunch for me.

I walked pass the sitting room and was about entering my room when a maid showed up.

Oh! The new maid.

My hand was already clasped around the hinge of the door but I paused to look at her as she approached me.

“Hi” she said with a smile and it struck me with surprise.

I scoffed and looked behind, then back at her.
Hold on; is she referring to me?

“Uh…hi” I said reluctantly, still feeling confused.

She stood in front of me and sighed.

“I’m Shantel and…I’m a new maid here. First, I want to apologise for what happened yesterday. I mean, the drink and all that. Sorry for speaking that way to you. I was just in a bad mood” she said but I couldn’t say a word.
Is she really apologising?
“So, can we be friends?” She asked and I dilated my eyes in shock.
Wow. Seriously?

“Hello?” She waved at me when I remained quiet.

“You sprinkled something into Damon’s drink yesterday. What was it?” I asked and noticed how she twitched.

“Huh? What…What are you talking about?” She asked and suddenly laughed.
“Oh, that? Please; are you trying to suspect me? It’s just a little ingredient to make it sweeter. It’s something I don’t like sharing with others, but on my way to his room, I suddenly thought about it and decided to add it to his drink. there’s no bad intentions attached.

“Hold on; do you really think I poisoned him?” She paused and laughed again. I just kept watching.

If really it were poisoned, why then is he still alive?”

I gave her a long hard stare aid sighed.

She has a point but,  I still don’t feel satiated about it.

“So…can we be friends?” She asked again with a smile.
Why does it seem important to her?

“Um…sure” I replied cursorily, just trying to make her leave.
The truth is, I don’t feel comfortable around her.

“Aww. Thanks a lot” she beamed

“You’re welcome” I replied with a smile as I opened the door and walked into the room.

I leaned my back on the door and thought for a while. Why am I having a bad feeling?

I took in a deep breath and went ahead to change. I needed a shower first.

I went into the bathroom and had a long cool shower and when I was done, I tied a towel around my chest and came out so I could look for something else to wear.

Damon had already stuck my wardrobe with new dresses and it seemed surprising to me.

I was about opening the wardrobe when the door opened and I turned to see him coming in.

Oh, my!

Not now.

I gulped nervously as it dawned on me that I was tying just a towel.
There’s no way he’s going to spare me this time around.
“Mmm… hi” I said with cracks in my voice as stared at the floor.

He was putting on a long red jacket that swept the floor – like he always does.

He walked into the room, levelly, but stopped at the bed, sitting on it.

“Come close” he said in his usual gentle tone and I took a step closer to him.

My feet wobbled as I did.

I walked slowly until I got to where he was, standing in front of him.

“Turn around” he said and I turned around, now backing him.
Fear was eating me up. But I’ve learnt never to go against him or make him repeat himself.

He left the bed and came to stand behind me – very close to me.

I closed my eyes as he pressed my both breasts and kissed my neck.

Then, he went for the tip of the towel and my heart gave a mighty leap.

Please, no.

I whimpered as he loose tip and the towel fell freely from my body, leaving me stark naked in front of him.

He sent his hands to my bare tummy, making me shiver a little.

I could feel his hard c**k press against my bare buttocks.

“You’re mine, Roxanne” he whispered into my ears.
“Always remember that”.

He pushed me to the bed immediately and I winced.

He took off his jacket and came on top of me on the bed, in between my legs.

He brought his face close to mine and acted like he wanted to kiss me, but didn’t.
I could feel my heart beating like a party drum.
He moved his lips from mine and went for my boobs instead, giving my nipples little bites.

I shut my eyes and tightened my hold around his shoulders, helplessly making little moans.

He squeezed my left breast roughly and s**ked from it like he wanted it to produce something.

He ended with a little bite on the tilt and next, he unbuttoned his belt and took off his trouser, even without leaving me.

I felt so much fear as I opened my eyes to look at him.

He took my right hand and placed it on his hard c**k and I gasped, making my eyes gleam more brightly than ever.

“Push it in” he said, staring directly into my eyes.

I opened my mouth in shock and trepidation, unable to comprehend it.

Oh, please. I can’t do it.

He gave me an uncanny stare and slowly, I tried pushing It in.

It was so hard and big and I felt my hand get wet as I got it close to my clit.
I can’t believe I’m doing this. He’s making me feel like I’m causing myself pains.

It was so tight and I forcefully pushed it in, making me gasp.

I took my hand away from it and he adjusted himself closer to me, making it go deeper into me.

“Hah” I gasped and moaned in ecstasy as the pain – sweetness drove me mad.
It didn’t really hurt like the first time – but it still did.

He thrusting in and out of me, making me tighten my grisp around him.
I couldn’t even open my eyes – probably because I was scared of staring at him in the face.

He held my hair with both hands and started going deeper into me, making me release more screams.

          Shantel’s Pov:
I stood outside the door and listened to the moans of the lady – Roxanne.

Who’s she to Lucifer? What does she mean to him?

I don’t know why, but there’s a strange feeling I get when I’m around her. A strong powerful feeling.

I feel there’s something else about her.

Who could she be?

Episode 15

         Roxanne’s Pov:
I alighted from my ride and walked blearily along the school, headed for my classroom.

I got to the not-too-noisy class and expectedly, Nicklaus was there already.

Gosh! What happened to Naomi? She hasn’t been in school for days now and unfortunately, I don’t even know where she lives.

Although; I’ve been to her house once, but that was when I was still new around the world. I can’t even recall a single trace of it.

“Hey” Nicklaus said in a sweet smile as I sighed and took my seat next to him.

“Good morning” I replied forlornly.

Well, at least, it’s a good thing he’s here with me.
For the past few days, he’s been really nice to me.

“Are you okay?” He asked shortly and I turned to look at him.

“It’s my friend, Naomi. She hasn’t shown up for days now and I’m worried” I replied and he chuckled.
“Is that the reason you’re all broody? You don’t have to worry about it. I’m sure she’ll come around and when she does, there’ll be an explanation for her absence” he said lucidly and I just nodded.

Gosh; I really hope he’s right.
I don’t know, but I just have a bad feeling. I have a feeling something isn’t right with her.
We had three classes that morning and when it was lunch time, Nicklaus proposed we had lunch together and I agreed.
It’s not strange anymore because we’ve been having lunch since he got here.

We got to the cafe and he went ahead to get foods for us while I sat back and waited.

He returned with two plates of French fries and canned drinks and served them on the table.
“Um…Roxanne” he called as we got ready to eat.

“Sorry if this is coming late but, I must say you’re one pretty lady” he said and my cheeks flushed immediately.


I bent my head and smiled lightly.

“Thanks” I muttered shyly.

Why does everybody keep saying I’m beautiful? Am I?

I opened my plate of French fries and took a spoon from it. I noticed Nicklaus hadn’t touch his.

Then, I lifted my eyes to look at him and surprisingly, I caught him staring at me. Huh?

“Can I…check something?” He asked and brought his hand close to my neck.

What…What is he doing?

He placed his hand on my neck – softly – but it got me muddled.

“What are you…” I tried to ask, but stopped myself.

Then, suddenly he smiled and brought down his hand.

“Sorry, I…I thought I saw a scar there or something” he said and with a little laughter.

“A scar?” I asked and touched my neck.
I don’t have a scar

I stared at him for a short time and decided to shrug it off.
It was probably nothing.

Now I why Lucifer’s yet to kill her.
It’s because her powers have been cloaked and can’t be accessed at the moment.

Damn it! I really needed those powers now! I can’t believe I’ll have to wait a little longer.

Anyway, she isn’t completely useless right now. She’s gonna be my revenge tool against Lucifer.
I’ll make her kill him and when that has been done, I’ll steal her powers.

That monster had me locked up for years. I’m not gonna spare him. I’ll make sure I bring him to his knees. And fortunately, Roxanne’s going to be my assistance.

Nicklaus and I ate silently for a while and it suddenly got me amused – his uncanny silence.
He looked like someone who was lost in thoughts.

“Tell me about yourself Roxanne” he said after the brood silence.

I paused to stare at him then resume eating slowly.

“I um…there’s nothing to say about myself” I replied dolefully, now picking at my meal.

“You miss her, don’t you?” He asked.
“Your mum”.

I quickly lifted my eyes to look at him and I caught him smiling.

How does he know about my mum?

“Do you need some hamburgers? Cause I was thinking of getting one for myself” he said, giving a digression to what he just said.

“How do you know my mum?” I asked curiously.
He smiled and stood up.
“I’ll be back” he said and left.

I turned and watched him as he walked over to the food desk, probably to get the hamburger.

Hold on; who’s this guy? And how come he knows mum?

I shook my head and turned back to my plate of French fries. I hope he gets back soon. I really can’t wait for him to explain all these to me.

“Arggh” A lady suddenly screamed in the canteen and I turned in fright to see her on the floor.
She passed out.

“Oh, my God!”

“Look at him!”

The rest of the students in the cafe – the female students – all started acting strangely, like they wanted to pass out as well.

Some of them brought out their phones and pointed it at the entrance, like they were taking pictures or something.
What’s going on?

 Oh, my God!

 Am I dreaming?

 It’s Damon!

 He’s in school today!

Hold on; what?

Just like a flash, I turned my eyes to the direction they were facing and there I found Damon standing by the entrance, with four guards behind him.

He was staring at me.

Oh, no!

  Episode 16

       Roxanne’s Pov:
I sprang on my feet immediately, astonished.

What’s he doing here?
Oh, my! Nicklaus!

The students in the hall were still acting like they wanted to slump.

Damon finally walked in, his both hands crossed behind his back, taking slow and steady steps.

He looked extremely handsome as he walked towards my table, fixing his eyes on me the whole time.

Goodness please. I haven’t done anything wrong. I hope he’s not here to hurt me.

I looked back at the food desk where Nicklaus had gone to, but surprisingly, he wasn’t there anymore.

Where was he? I couldn’t see him anymore.

I turned back to look at Damon and noticed he was already standing in front of me.

I stuttered in fear and lowered my gaze to the floor.


“Sit” he cut me off icily and I gulped nervously and took my seat.
He also took a seat in front of me, replacing Nicklaus.

 Oh, my God! Damon’s sitting next to her!

 Are you kidding me?

 Oh, gee! Who’s she?

My head was almost spinning from all the comments and I wondered if Damon could hear them as well. Of course he could.

Then, he looked at his guards by the door and clicked his finger and immediately, one of the guard came up to the middle of the canteen and passed an announcement.

“All students should evacuate the hall immediately” he said strictly and all the students gasped.

Wait; what?
Oh, my! Why’s he sending everyone out? What does he have in mind?

I was flummoxed and watched as the students started dispersing from the room, all grumbling.

 Why does he have to send us out?

 I’ve been praying for this day when he’d show up in school.

They all kept mumbling but had no other choice but to leave and soon, the cafe was empty, leaving just Damon and I with two guards by the door.

Oh, mercies! I felt my heart pounding fast.

Why does he want us to be alone? There’s no way he can have s3x with me in school, right? It’s just not possible.

Surprisingly, I heard him scoff.

“It’s my school and I can do whatever I want to” he said with rancor in his voice and I flinched.

How…How did he hear me?

Is he really a mind reader?

He breathed out heavily and fetched a spoon of Nicklaus French fries, but didn’t eat it.

“Who was here with you?” He asked, staring at the full spoon.

“Um…It was my friend. He…He was here a while ago, but…I mean, he probably left when you asked…”

“A he?” He scoffed and asked.

“You’ve been keeping male friends?”

I stared at him, confused.
He doesn’t want me to keep friends?

“Male friends” he said, reading my mind again.

He touched his forehead and looked back at me, leaning closer.

“Do you realise I’m doing you a favor by letting you stay alive? You should be dead by now. But luckily, I’m sparing you. And for that, you’re to live by my will. Don’t push me Roxanne”

I sought for what to say but couldn’t find any.

What exactly is he driving at? Is he really angry because I have a male friend?

He sighed and leaned back on his chair.

“Get on your feet” he said and my heart gave a mighty leap.
No. Please.

I forcefully stood up, fiddling with the tip of my shirt.

“Come close” he added and I felt my feet shaking.

Is he really going to do this here?

Oh, please.

I walked slowly and nervously to where he was and stood in front of him and he pulled me to sit on his legs.

“Ever heard of blowjob?” He whispered into my ears and I stared blankly at him.
What’s he talking about?

“I…I. don’t…” 
“You really know nothing, do you?” He asked with a huff.

But…I don’t know what he’s talking about.
Never heard of blow job.

Immediately, one of his guards came up and whispered something into his ear and he rolled his white sparkling eyes, looking tired.

“Your lucky day. Got something important to do” he said as he pulled me away from his legs and stood up as well.

He left me and started walking away with his guards.

“And stay away from that *friend of yours*” he stopped and said emphatically and finally walked out.

I stepped down from my ride and adjusted my school bag before proceeding for my classroom.

As I walked along, I noticed all the students around kept stealing glances at me and it was obvious they were talking about me.

 Yes she’s the one.

 Damon had lunch with her yesterday

 He sent everyone out of the cafe just because of her

 She’s so pretty

Different voices kept visiting my ears and I all I could do was try to ignore them.

I successfully walked pass them and was about entering into the classroom when I suddenly heard someone call my name.
I swiftly turned and of course! It was Nicklaus!

“Hey” he called with a smile as he stood in front of me.

What the heck?
He’s got a lot of explaining to do.

“Wat’s up Roxanne?” He went ahead to ask.

“You…what the hell happened? I mean, you just…vanished yesterday. You told me you were going to get the hamburgers, but I didn’t even see your shadow throughout the day.” I rushed my words, being curious.

“I know, Roxanne, I’m sorry” he said and sighed, like he was being bothered.

“Listen, when I went to get the burgers, I had received an urgent call that needed me to leave. I wanted to tell you about it, but, that Damon of a guy showed up and ordered everyone out. So, I couldn’t” he expounded.

I looked at him and didn’t feel entirely satisfied.
It just didn’t seem right.

And my mum….
How did he know about her?

“Are you doubting me?” He asked and I lowered my gaze to the floor.

“Sorry Nicklaus, but yes. I…I don’t know, but…”

“Roxanne” he interpolated and sighed.
“Okay; fine, I’ll tell you the truth”.

I rose my eyes immediately to look at him.

The truth?

“Yesterday, I left because I was running away from Damon” he finally spilled the beans and my eyes dilated.

I sensed it.
“What?” Was all I could say.

“I’m scared of him; the same way you’re scared of him.” He further said.

“He’s a beast, Roxanne. He’s hurt me dearly, just the same way he’s hurting you. I’m aware he has your mother locked up. And he’s turned you into his s3x slave, f**king you mercilessly day and night, not giving a damn about your feelings.

“The only reason you’re still alive is because he’s yet to access your powers. And once he does, he’ll kill you immediately”.
He paused and held my hands.

My eyes were almost bulging out.


“Listen to me, Roxanne; you and I still have a chance to stop Damon. We still have a chance to bring his wicked reign to an end and save further people from his terror.

“You can stop him and be free from him; we’ll all be free; me, you, your mother- we’ll all have a peaceful life. All you have to do, Is do as I say. And luckily, I’ve found a solution”.

He paused again and dipped his hand into his trouser pocket, bringing out a little bottle.
I was just dumbfounded.

“This is our solution, Roxanne.” He said eagerly.

“This is our way out. All you have to do is take this portion right before he comes to have s3x with you and that’ll be the end of him”.

I gasped and freed my hands from his.


Episode 17

      Roxanne’s Pov:
I gasped and freed my hands from his.

What’s he talking about?

“Roxanne” he called tenderly and tried holding my hands again, but I resisted.

“Listen to me, you have to do this. This is our only chance, Roxanne. Don’t you understand?”

I shook my head and moved backwards a bit.

Does he really expect me to just…kill Damon? To kill someone?

But, my mum…she’ll finally be free. We’re all going to be free.

What if this is really my only chance?

I stood in front of the mirror, staring down at the little bottle on the table in front of me.

Damon just sent for me in his room and it was obvious what he was bound to do.

Nicklaus words replayed in my head:

*You can stop him and be free from him. We’ll all be free; me, you, your mother – we’ll all have a peaceful life*

I bent my head, stupefied with fear.

I have to do this. Damon has brought me nothing but pains.
And I don’t know what he’s bound to do to me in the future.

I took up the bottle and opened it. The content was black and had a foul smell.

I shivered as I brought it close to my lips, staring at myself in the mirror.

It came close to my lips and was about pouring in, when suddenly, I paused.

I paused with the bottle still close to my lips and at that moment, I got to realise something- I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t kill Damon.

Despite the pains he’s made me go through, I still couldn’t bring myself to get rid of him.

I don’t know; I can’t explain it. But, I just didn’t want him dead.

I kept the bottle back on the table and wept. What is wrong with me?

I was throwing my only chance of survival away – all for a guy who doesn’t care about my feelings.

What am I doing?

Tears dripped down my cheeks to the table.

Why was I making such sacrifice for him? Isn’t this what Miss Margaret had called *True Love?*

Yes; true love that involved huge sacrifice.

What sacrifice could be greater than this?

Sacrificing my happiness, my mum’s safety, everything – just for him – to save his life.
What greater sacrifice could there be?

But how? Why?

Could I possibly be in love with him?

I mean, all those times he was around me, touched me…I can’t explain it, but they felt divine and somehow, I just didn’t want him dead.

At least, not by my own hand.

I took the bottle and rushed into the toilet.

My heart beat rapidly as I opened it and made it face the toilet seat.

I was really throwing this opportunity away. Was I ready for it?

I cogitated for a while and finally flushed it down the toilet.

Oh, Roxanne! I really did it. I couldn’t kill Damon.
But why? What does he mean to me?

How could I make such sacrifice for him?

If truly what Miss Margaret had said existed, then, how did I fall in love with Damon?

I heard the door of my room open and my heart pounded.

I gasped and quickly wiped my face.

Oh, my! It must be Damon.

No, no.

I hid the empty bottle and making doubly sure there were no more tears on my face, I took in a deep breath and left the toilet, returning to the bedroom.

I got in and found him leaning on the door.

My whole systems were shaking; but I needed to control my anxiety. I couldn’t let him suspect a thing.

So, I decided to think about something else so he doesn’t read my thoughts.

“What were you doing?” He asked calmly, touching the lower part of his lips with his thumb.

“Sorry I was…making use of the toilet” I replied, trying as much as possible not to think about the incidence.

He left the door and started ambling towards me but tried not to flinch.
He stood in front of me and brushed my hair behind my ear.
His sparkling eyes were staring into mine.

How did I fall in love with this guy? I couldn’t believe it.

“Why were you crying?” He asked and my heart skipped.

Oh, no! Was it that obvious?
I thought I dried it all completely.

I looked at him and lowered my gaze to the floor.

“I’m…I” I paused and sniffed.

“I’m sorry” I finally added, even if it made no sense.
“I just miss my mum”.

He didn’t say a word for a while and slowly, he brought his hand down from my hair and backed me.

He stayed that way for a while and it made me wonder what he could probably be thinking.

“Why’re you blocking your thoughts?” He suddenly asked, still backing me.

I heard a loud bang in my head as conniption gripped me.

Oh, mercies! How did he know?

He turned and faced me again, looking directly into my eyes.

“What are you trying to hide from me?” He asked and my lips shook helplessly, but couldn’t say a word.

I still tried all I could not to think about it so he doesn’t get to read it.

Mercies please, help me.

If he finds out I tried to poison him, I’d be dead.

He stared at me for a long while and I don’t know what happened, but he just turned around and walked away.

I sat soberly at the back seat as the car drove me to school.

I felt so scared and unsecured.

I didn’t get to see Damon again after he left my room in that manner.

And Nicklaus…how’s he gonna take the news?

I still can’t believe I couldn’t kill Damon. And when he had stared into my eyes for that long last night, the whole thing seemed to become clear to me.
The feelings.

But could there be real?

How can I love someone who doesn’t feel the same way towards me?
Someone that cold hearted?
How did it happen? *
The driver pulled over in front of the school building and I blearily came out of the car.

So many thoughts kept running through my mind that I couldn’t even notice the students who were talking about me.

I approached the classroom and just as if he was waiting for me, I met Nicklaus by the entrance.

But he kind of looked different – angry.

“H-hi” I said with a little crack in my voice – so unusual.
He was always the first to greet me each time we met.

“What happened, Roxanne? You didn’t do it” he growled, trying not to sound loud.

Hold on; how did he get to know under such short notice?

“Talk to me, Roxanne.”

“I’m sorry. I…I couldn’t do it” I replied nervously.

He scoffed and sank his fingers into his hair.

“And where’s the portion? Where’s it?” He looked at me and asked and I bent my head.

“I flushed it down the toilet”

Immediately, I saw a spark in his eyes and he grabbed me with both arms and slammed me hard against the wall.


“Nicklaus!” I gasped.

The few students around also shrieked.

“What the f*ck did you just say?” He yelled into my face, still pinning me to the wall.

His fingers were boring into my skin and hurt as hell.

“Nicklaus stop it…”

“Do you know what it took me to make that portion? Do you know what I had to go through in producing it? It was a rare chance Roxanne. How dare you waste it like a piece of trash?”

I was shocked beyond imagination as tears started forming up in my eyes.

“He means nothing to you! All he’s ever caused you is pains; yet, you couldn’t kill him! Are you that stupid! Tell me, Roxanne!” He snarled.

His fingers were badly hurting me and I could feel blood already rushing out from my arm.

I looked at him in fear, now seeing a monster in him.

What has gotten into him?

Episode 18

        Roxanne’s Pov:
“Nicklaus” I called tearfully.
“You’re hurting me”.

He grinned his teeth and finally let go of my arms.

“You’ll regret this” he said angrily and left.

I breathed heavily as I watched in bewilderment. Tears came running down my cheeks and I quickly wiped them off.

What just happened to Nicklaus? I never knew this side of him existed.
Why’s he so eager to kill Damon?

           Shantel’s Pov:
I stood before the elders in the throne room, feeling so ashamed that I couldn’t even look at them in the face.

“Shantel” the first elder called coldly, but I still kept my head bowed.

“It’s been days now since you left for earth with the mission to kill Lucifer. But, we haven’t heard from you since then”

“Yeah. I thought you were bragging with the fact that you could kill him” Kaylan said with a streak of sadism in her voice and I lifted my eyes to glare at her.

“Well, I can!” I snapped.
“I just need more time” I added calmly and bent my head again.

“And how much time do you need, Shantel? We don’t have ages!” The second elder said

“I know, wise one and I’m sorry. The truth is, Lucifer has become more powerful than I thought he’d be. My first plan failed. But not to worry, I have…”

“I made mention of it, didn’t I?” Kaylan cut me off.

“I told you he was very powerful, but you didn’t listen. What do you expect from the King of Hell?”

“Right. Maybe, I should just kill you instead” I growled and she laughed and stood up.

“Really, Shantel? You’re no match for me”.

“Shut up! Both of you!” The first elder snapped in and I fisted my hand.
“Sit down, Kaylan. Now!” She added and Kaylan scoffed and returned to her seat.

I swear, I’ll kill this bitch.

“Wise ones” I bent my head and said.

“I’m sorry my first plan failed. But I’ve been working on something else for the past few days, something more important and trustworthy. I’ve been able to form the phalanx dagger in Lucifer’s name.” I said and one of them gasped.

“You have?” She asked in surprise and I smiled.

“Yes wise one. And with that dagger, you can be sure it’s never gonna fail.

“He’ll be attending a party tonight downtown and there, I’ll stab him with it. Of course, he’ll be dead within the twinkle of an eye”. I replied and looked at Kaylan who was fuming.

“Wow! Nice one Shantel. That’s impressive” the third elder said.

“And this time around, make sure nothing stops it”.

“Of course” I replied with a smirk.

          Roxanne’s Pov:
I returned home from school, feeling very tired and broken. So many confused thoughts kept running through my mind.

I didn’t get to see Nicklaus throughout the rest of the day in school and it really got me puzzled.

Who was that guy?
And the way he had acted angry…I never expected that from him. Why is he so desperate to kill Damon?

I walked carewornly pass the sitting room and went straight for my room and surprisingly, when I got there, I found about four people in my room, sitting on the long couch.

They all sprang on their feet the moment they saw me.

“Good day, ma’am” they greeted with a bow.
They were three young girls and one woman.

I paused by the door and looked at them, being confused.

“Who…are you?” I asked, wondering why they were in my room.

“We’re from P-glam makeover, ma’am and we’ve been ordered by Sir Damon to primp you up” the woman among them said and I couldn’t help but be more surprised.

“Primp…me up?” I asked.

“Yes ma’am. And we’re running out of time. So, if you wouldn’t mind, we’d love to get started at once. We’ve already prepared your bath water please” the woman said again.

I scoffed and looked around, this wasn’t a joke, was it? Why would Damon want them to dress me up? What does he have in mind?

“Ma’am Roxanne, please. Sir Damon gave us a fixed time” the woman said and slowly, I walked into the room and dropped my bag on the bed.

“Um…okay” I replied and she smiled and took me to the bathroom.

The water in the bathtub wasn’t what I had expected as I saw something different from the normal water I use.

According to the woman, she said it was treated and that was the reason it was having a different color together with some fruits in it.

I took off my clothes and was about entering into the bathtub when the woman flinched at the marks on my hand.

“Ma’am, what happened to you?” She asked, trying to touch the arm, but I drew backwards.

“Um… its… it’s just a scratch. I’m fine. Please, I don’t want Damon to know about this” I said pitifully and she nodded after a little reluctance.

Gosh! I really hope Damon doesn’t get to see these marks.

She covered my hair with a shower cap and I entered the bathtub afterwards.
After a while, I came out of it and the woman dried my body and gave me a white towel.

Then, we returned to the bedroom where the main work began.
They made me sit in front of the big mirror and started applying different things on my face which I had no idea of.

They worked on my brows, my eyes, lips and even nose and it took them a long time before they were done.

I looked into the mirror and couldn’t believe my own image.

Wow! I looked stunning and different – more beautiful than I’ve ever thought I’d be.

What did they do to my face?

“Now, you need to put on your dress, ma’am” the woman said and I stood up and collected the long red gown they gave to me.

They looked away while I put it on and when I was done, wow! The gown was breathtaking.

It was very long and swept the floor and oops! It exposed my chest all round. It was an off shoulder gown.

Then, I was given a set of classic red heels which were beautiful, but I feared if I’d be able to walk with them.

“You’re looking beautiful, ma’am” one of the ladies said and my cheeks flushed immediately.

I smiled and looked into the mirror.
Indeed, they made my appearance extraordinary.

“Thanks” I said, still looking into the mirror.

But, why do I have to appear this way?

Immediately, the door opened and I turned to see it was Damon.

Oh, damn!
That feeling I always get when he’s around me…

The make-up artistes quickly bent their heads.
 “Good evening sir” they greeted in obeisance.
 He didn’t speak up immediately as he just leaned by the door.
 “You can leave” he finally said icily and they all left the room, making sure they didn’t touch him while passing through the door.
 I bent my head nervously, not knowing what to say.
It’s a good thing the gown was able to cover the marks on my arm.
I really hope he doesn’t find out.
 I didn’t hear anything from him for a long time and it got me curious.

Then, slowly, I decided to look at him and my eyes met with his icy gaze.
He was staring directly into my face.

I quickly took my eyes back to the floor; I could feel my heart beating like a party drum.
Why’s he staring at me that way?

“Let’s go” he finally said and I lifted my eyes again to see him already walking out the door.

I took in a deep breath and clasping my palms together, I slowly followed him behind.

I trialed behind him and that was when I could have time to admire him.

He was dressed in all black – from head to toe.
Wow! But he looked extremely handsome.

We got to the parking lot and he entered a black jeep which I also did, sitting next to him at the back seat.

I felt so nervous – sitting this close to him. That cold aura surrounded him.

The driver got in and started the car and one other car followed behind.

But, where exactly are we going? What’s going on?

“We’re going for a party” Damon suddenly said, reading my thoughts and I turned to look at him.

A party? I thought.

Episode 19

        Roxanne’s Pov:
The drive was kind of long and finally, we got to our destination as the car drove through a gate and pulled over in front of a tall building.

One of the guards from the second car came out and rushed over, opening the door for Damon.

Mine was also opened and I stepped down the same time with him.

Wow! What kind of a building is this? It was so beautiful – ineffable.

It was tall and lights kept flashing all around it, making It to sparkle.

I opened my mouth agape, bedazzled at the beauty of the place.

“Let’s go” Damon said as he inserted his hands into his trouser pockets and started walking towards the building.

I took in a deep breath and followed him.

Walking side by side with him, we entered the main hall on the first floor and that was when I confirmed we were really at a party.

Oh, my goodness!

They were so many people!
So many…how do I describe it? The hall was filled with lots of boys, men and young ladies.

“Look who we have here!” A man exclaimed as Damon and I walked through the entrance. “Hey” he simply said and exchanged a side hug with him.

“Damon! I feared you wouldn’t be able to attend; you know, since you’ve never liked associating with people” the man said and laughed while Damon just maintained a straight face.

Hold on; does this guy ever smile?

“And who’s this…damsel with you?” The man asked, looking at me with a smile.

Damon shot me a stare and sighed.

“She’s someone that shouldn’t concern you” he replied blatantly and the man laughed – nervously
–  .

“Please come in. A lot of people are waiting” he further said and Damon and I followed him.

I felt so shy and nervous and considering the fact I was with someone like Damon…I couldn’t help it.
I mean, he acts like a god. And it makes me pretty nervous.

I kept feeding my eyes as we walked behind the man.
Gosh! A lot of incredible things were going on.

A party song was being played and a stripper was at the front of the stage, displaying.

Some boys around were smoking deeply while some of the girls giggled and tried to pleasure the boys.

Oh mercies!
What kind of a place is this? Where did Damon bring me to?

We finally got to a round big table and the man stopped walking and so did we.

“Damon!” A boy at the table called excitedly.

“Draco” Damon also called as he took a seat.
He signaled me to sit and I did, next to him.
What is this place?

About three boys were on the table with different ladies sitting in between them.

“Oh, my! The hot tie is here” one of the ladies said dreamily, leering at Damon.

“So, you’re real? I thought you only existed on TV’s and magazines” another lady said and the third chuckled.

“I don’t mind having a stand with you for free” the first lady said, biting her lips.

Damon just remained silent, staring at them.

“Are you blind, Natalie? Can’t you see he’s with his girlfriend?” One of the boys asked He was smoking a tobacco pipe.

“Oh, miss; can I borrow him please?” She asked and the two other ladies laughed.

Oh, goodness! I could feel my heart leaving my chest. I can’t stay here; I really can’t.
I can’t flow with the conversation and they’re making me feel ridiculed.
Then suddenly, Damon spoke up.
“You really expect me to f**k that bucket of yours?” He asked.
“You had a dirty threesome yesterday and no matter how big my d**k is right now, it just won’t fit in”.

“Woah!!!” The boys exclaimed.

“Oh, my God, Natalie. Don’t tell me you’ve been cheating on my best friend” one of the boys said.

The Natalie was already looking like a ghost.
The rest of the girls laughed.

“Sorry Natalie” one of them sniggered and she stood up.

“F**k you” she blurted to Damon and left the table in tears.
She had barely gone far when she suddenly tripped and fell on the floor and all eyes turned on her.

“What the…” someone said while some giggled.

She stood on her feet and looked at us shamefully.
Then, she ran out in tears.

All I could do was watch helplessly. What if the name of mercy!

It was definitely Damon’s doing.
I looked at him as he just kept a vacuous look and took a glass of wine from the table.

“So, how has the business been, Damon?” One of the boys asked.

“Such questions are not necessary for me, Marcus. You should know that by now” he replied calmly, looking down at his glass.

“Ohhh yeah. I forgot your stars’ always shining” the boy said and made a little laughter.

Damon took a bottle of wine and decanted some of it into a glass cup.

“Here… Have it” he said, holding the glass out to me.

What? Does he expect me to drink it? But, I don’t drink.

“Roxanne” he called without looking at me and I gulped hard and collected it from him.

Wow! Roxanne; nice name” one of the boys said with a smile, staring at me.

“If you don’t take your eyes off her, I’ll make sure she’s the last person you see” Damon said and the rest of the boys laughed.

“Woah! Chill Damon. I’ve got no plans of entering into a fight with you. So, you can stop being jealous”.

Hold on; jealous?
Why on earth will Damon be jealous? That’s ridiculous.

He just doesn’t want me to associate with people. He can’t be jealous.

They went on talking about other things and shortly, a lady showed up.

She was putting on a very short gown that would easily expose her underwear.
She looked damn hot.

“Marcus” she called in an enticing tone and went to sit on his legs.

“Hey baby” the Marcus guy replied and kissed her.

She sat so carelessly that her entire hips including her underwear was exposed. But she didn’t seem to care.

As they kissed, he sent his hand beneath her dress and it got me puzzled.
How can they do this in public?

“Oops” one of the girls said with an eye roll.

So, these are the kinds of friends Damon keeps?
No wonder he’s able to do all those terrible things to me.

“Really?” I heard him ask and scoff.

Hold on; Oh, my!
Don’t tell me he’s been reading my thoughts.

Immediately, the man that had led us to the table showed up again.

“Hey boys; the meeting’s about to start” he said and Damon and the rest of the boys stood up.

What meeting?

“Don’t move an inch” he said to me before walking out with the boys and the man.

“Hey pretty” one of the ladies on the table called.
“So…you the lucky girl, huh?” She asked and I scoffed.

Lucky girl? Indeed.

“Are you really Damon’s girlfriend?” Another asked.

“Of course, Sally. What does it look like to you? Have you ever seen Damon with attending a party with a lady before?”  The first girl asked

“Hold on; don’t you talk?”

I sighed and tucked my hair behind my ear.

“I…I just don’t feel like talking much” I said dizzily.

“O…kay. it’s boring here. Come on; let’s dance” the lady said, standing on her feet.

“Um…sorry, I can’t dance” I replied shyly.
“Really?” The other asked and laughed.

“Okay then. See you later” she said and left with the other and I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Perfect! I really wanted to be alone.

I took in a deep breath and placed my hand on my chin.
What a life. I really don’t wanna be here.

I stayed alone for a long time, not having anyone to talk to.

The rest of the people in the club just went on having fun in their own ridiculous way.
Damon finally arrived, looking a bit angry.

“Come with me” he said and I stood up and followed him.

Please, just tell me we’re going home already.

He took me out of the building and kept walking until we got to the swimming pool and that was where he stopped. The place was dark and quiet.

“Let me see your arm” he said, backing me and my heart skipped.


I gasped and tottered backwards.
What’s he talking about? Why does he want to see my arm?

Immediately, he came to me with a mighty force and forced the arm of my shirt down and that way, the marks were revealed.

No; no.

I gasped in fear and looked at him in the face.
His face was fuming.

“Who did this to you in school?” He asked, still holding the both arms and I shrieked a little because of the pains it made me feel.  My legs were shaking; my breath wavering.

How did he find out?
Oh, my!
How did it happen?

“Hello, Damon” a voice suddenly said from behind me and I took a look and discovered it was…



It can’t be+


What’s he…
Why’s he here?

Damon’s eyes glinted as he let go of my arms.

What’s Nicklaus doing here?
No, pleas.

This cannot happen.

“Long time, no see, Damon; or, do you prefer… Lucifer?” He asked with a smile as Damon stared at him.

“Nicklaus” he called, almost inaudibly.

“Since I heard you were on earth, I was beginning to wonder if some rats had eaten you up” he said and Nicklaus laughed dryly.

“You thought wrongly, Lucifer. I can never be dead as long as you’re still alive”.

Tears were beginning to build up in my eyes as fear ate me up.

Who’s Nicklaus to Damon?
What does he want with him?

Strength was leaving me. I felt something terrible was about to happen.

I looked at Damon and noticed someone behind him – a lady.

But I couldn’t see her face properly. It was just too dark and she was standing a little distance away.

What’s she doing?

Surprisingly, I saw her with a knife – a dagger. And she pointed it at Damon.

What’s going on?

Suddenly, she threw the knife at him.

“Damon!” I shrieked in fear and pulled him away.

I didn’t even realise by so doing, I had gotten in front of him.

The dagger flew in the air towards our direction and immediately, I felt a sharp pain by the side my tummy.

I gasped and held it and my hand landed on something else – a knife.
It was stuck to my tummy.

I left my mouth open in shock as I realised I had been stabbed with the dagger.

My eyes dilated in fear.

“Damon” I called weakly, not releasing I did so.

I tried reaching for the floor, but felt something stop me and realised Damon was the one holding me.
I fell into his arms.

I released a light gasp as my whole body began to waver.

I could feel my strength leaving me.
Blood was oozing out.
What just happened?

The dagger landed on me?

For the first time ever, I looked at Damon in the eyes as he stared directly into mine, still holding me.

The expression on his face, it was something I’ve never seen.

And suddenly, his eyes turned pure red.

Episode 20

Damon’s eyes turned pure red as he held Roxanne in his hand, watching her bleed.

He could feel the anger building up in him, like one he’s never felt in a long time.

Roxanne kept staring into his eyes until her lids became too heavy for her to open and they finally shut down.

Like a flash, he pulled out the knife from her tummy and turned swiftly, throwing it in the direction of the strange lady.

It happened too fast; the lady didn’t expect it and it and it pierced directly into her tummy; making her groan and fall on the floor.

It was Shantel; the house help.

Damon’s irascibility was much that he didn’t realise when he let Roxanne fall from his hands.

His eyes were still glooming red and he Super-sped to where she was on the floor and held her by the neck.

“Lucifer!” Nicklaus called from behind.
“Don’t…call…my name” Damon said in between his teeth and fisted his hand and that alone was able to affect Nicklaus.

“Argh!” Nicklaus screamed and fell on his knees, holding his head.

Damon’s anger alone was frying his brain.

“…” Shantel tried to call, choking.

No matter how powerful she was, she knew she couldn’t face him at that moment.

“Stop it!!!” Nicklaus yelled from behind and Damon lifted Shantel up by the neck and turned to look at him, his eyes still burning red.

“If there’s one thing that should stop here, it’s your heartbeat” he said raucously and stretched out his hand towards him, still holding Shantel by the neck.
Her legs weren’t touching the floor.

She was already choking.

“Are you doing these all because of her?” Nicklaus asked just before Damon would reach for his heart.

“What? I thought she was the daughter of your enemy? What does she even see in you, huh? I should’ve killed her long before now – the very moment she refused to aid me kill you”

Damon paused as the words nibbled at him.
What was he talking about?

He looked through his heart and was able to read through his thoughts – how It all happened.

He had produced the steamed portion which was one of the most powerful portions that could be used in killing a god – indirectly.

He had given it to Roxanne to drink right before s3x but she had refused – refused killing him – for no reason.

His hold on Shantel grew weak and she fell from his hand to the floor.

He scanned through Nicklaus’ mind and read the dirty thoughts and as he did, his eyes suddenly changed to normal – from red to the pretty sparkling white.

The rage in him died off; he suddenly became weak.

Shantel was coughing on the floor and immediately, Nicklaus ran to her and carried her up in his arms and he Super-sped away with her at once.

          Damon’s Pov:
My head became muzzy. Nicklaus and the maid didn’t mean a thing to me at that moment. The only thing I could think about was Roxanne.

I ambled to where she was on the floor and stared into her face as she slept.
I remained standing.

What just happened?
Nicklaus thoughts…
Did she really turn down a once in a lifetime opportunity for me?

She risked her chances of escaping because she couldn’t kill me?

And now…she also risked her life for mine?


I scoffed and dropped to a crouch in front of her.

I needed answers; there were things I needed to know about.
There had to be an explanation.

I lifted her from the floor, carrying her in my arms.
She was still bleeding.

The dagger wasn’t meant for her and it definitely wouldn’t kill her. It’d be easy getting her healed.

I looked into her face as she slept in my arms.
Why would she refuse to kill me?

What were her reasons?

What could’ve possibly happened?

             Shantel’s Pov:
“Arghh” I yelped in pain as I pulled the dagger out of my skin.
It was hurting like hell.

“Hey” Nicklaus called and squatted in front of me.

“Are you okay?” He asked and I glared at him.

I was trying to recover from the pains. It was so terrible.

It’s a good thing it wasn’t meant for me. I should be able to heal from it.

I groaned and tried standing on my feet, but couldn’t and I fell back on the floor.

“Stop it, Shantel. You need to rest” Nicklaus said and I stared at him.

“Why the f**k did you bring me here?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Really? I saved you and this is what I get in return?” He asked.

“Cut the crap Nicklaus. You’re a wanted traitor in hell…”

“Yeah. Traitor to the same man you’re trying to kill” he cut me off with a scoff.

I shook my head and placed my palm on my wounded tummy.

“Well, thank you. But just so you know, I don’t wanna have anything to do with you” I blurted.

“Come on, Shantel. We’re after the same thing – killing Lucifer. Can’t you see how difficult it was getting to kill him out there? We can’t face him individually. But perhaps…If we work together as a team, it just might work out” he enthused and I scoffed.

“Really, Nicklaus? You expect me to trust you?”

“I don’t expect you to trust me; I only expect you to use a helping hand”.

I looked at him, daze. It sounded inane, but tempting.

“First, we need to get a hold of Gerald’s daughter” he said and my eyes beamed.

I quickly lifted them to look at him in shock.
“Gerald’s daughter??” I asked in bewilderment and he smiled.

“You didn’t have any idea, did you? The lady you threw the dagger at, she’s Gerald’s daughter”.
He replied.

What the f**k???

“Roxanne? She’s Gerald’s daughter???” I asked and he nodded.

“And as it seems, he’s already in love with her”. He added.


“Of course. Didn’t you see what happened out there when you threw the dagger at her? If not for the little distraction I was able to bring up, we’d both been dead by now”.

I shook my head, confused.

“No; it’s not possible. Lucifer can’t fall in love” I muttered, trying to fix the puzzle.

“He can’t, but he did. Don’t worry, Shantel; I’m gonna prove it to you. But first, we need to get a hold of her. She’s going to be our weapon against Lucifer.”

“To be Continued…”

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