Episode 21

          Zara’s Pov:
I walked into the room with the cup of coffee and as expected, I found him sitting and staring at her.
For a moment, I paused by the door and looked at him – Damon.

I don’t know what the hell happened. He just returned home last night with the Roxanne lady wounded and unconscious and since then, he hasn’t left her sight.

He’s just be sitting in front of the bed, staring into her face.

I gulped down nothing and walked fully into the room.

“Um…Sir, I’ve gotten your coffee ready” I said with a slight bow and he sighed.

“You can leave it there on the table” he said without looking at me and I bowed and reached for the table.

What is it about this lady, huh? Why does she want to ruin my plans?

I mean, Damon has been paying much attention to her. He never uses a lady more than once, but with this Roxanne, it’s different.

I had so many dreams;
I’ve been praying for the day he’d finally get to like me, but this Roxanne of a lady is trying to make all my efforts go down the drain.

I angrily kept the coffee on the table and turned around to have a look at them.
What happened to her, anyway? I wish it just brings an end to her life.

I sniffed and was about walking out of the room when Damon called me back.

“Zara” he called and I stopped to look at him – nervously.

He didn’t say anything for a while and slowly, he turned his chair and faced me.

“I want you to erase such thoughts from your mind, Zara; they’re pointless” he said and I flinched.
What’s he talking about?

“What you want – you and I – it’s never gonna happen. So, it’d be best if you stopped thinking so cheaply” he added and my heart skipped.


I looked at him in shock. Did he really say that to me?
He turned back to facing Roxanne and slowly, I left the room, trying not to shed a tear in front of him.

           Damon’s Pov:
I stared into Roxanne’s face as she slept. When will she ever wake up?

I had already gotten her wound treated and she’s supposed to be awake any moment from now.
But what’s delaying her?

I sighed and touched my hair.
I just needed answers. I wanted to confirm all what I heard.

Why would she risk her life for mine? Did she really do it?

I’m her greatest enemy – I had her mother locked up, forced myself on her – what reason would she have for saving my life?

I’m not feeling sympathy for her.
I mean, I’m not supposed to feel sympathy for people.

I just want to know the truth.
I stood up and went to the table where my coffee was kept.

I took it up and drank from it.

For the first time ever, I felt tired.

What happened to me when Roxanne was hit by the dagger? I mean, it’s normal for me to get that angry; but why did it happen because of her?

I placed my both hands on the table and tilted my head.

The thought tried hitting at me, but I didn’t give it a chance.

I really needed answers.

Suddenly, I felt her come awake.
Yes! I could feel her.

I quickly turned to look at her and there I found her eyes weakly opened on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

She’s awake!

         Zara’s Pov:
I entered into my car and took off immediately and as I did, hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

Damon’s words created a scar on my chest and at that moment, I just needed to be away.

*What you want – you and I – it’s never gonna happen. So, it’d be best if you stopped thinking so cheaply*.

I bent my head and wept. So, he’s trying to say there’s no hope for the both of us? But I really liked him a lot.

Is it because of that Roxanne witch? I thought she was someone he hated?
So, what happened?

The words kept replaying in my head and left me really hurt and heartbroken. Why would he say that to me?

I was still driving when suddenly, I saw something strange that made me screech to a stop.

No; not something strange. It was a car that was parked carelessly on the middle of the road and that way, mine couldn’t pass.

What the heck?

I wiped my face to have a proper look and saw a young boy leaning on the car blocking the road.

I hummed at him but he didn’t move. Instead, he just kept his hands crossed and stared at me.

Then, I opened the door of my car and came out.

“Hey! What’s the meaning of this? Have you lost it?” I asked angrily and he smiled.

“Good day, beautiful miss” he said and started walking towards me.

“You can store your greeting and get your car off the road first” I snapped.

“Come on, Zara. A little patience, okay?” He said and I flinched.
How did he know my name?
I became mute and just stared at him.

Then, he walked up to where I was and stop In front of me, putting on a charming smile.

“First” he said and inserted his hands into his trouser pockets.

“You can call me Nicklaus. And secondly…there’s something important you’re gonna do for me”.

Episode 22

        Roxanne’s Pov;

My head felt so heavy.

I slowly opened my eyes and the ceiling was the first sight I caught.

I stared blankly at it and tried recalling what had happened.

Wait; the dagger!

I gasped and touched the place I had been stabbed, but surprisingly, I couldn’t feel anymore pains.


I moved my eyes and caught him standing and staring at me.
Oh, my!

What happened?
What happened last night?

I struggled and sat up on the bed. I was so confused – and nervous.

Who was the lady that tried to kill Damon last night? And how come the dagger didn’t have any effect on me?

I looked at Damon and his silence got me stunned and more confused.

I gulped nervously and lowered my gaze.

“Um…good morning” I stuttered but didn’t hear anything from him.

Then, I lifted my eyes to look at him and still caught him staring at me.

Why’s he acting this way? Why isn’t he saying anything?

Oh, no! He must probably be wondering why I hook the dagger for him. Could that be the reason for his silence?

“How’re you feeling?” He finally asked in his usual calm voice.

I batted my lashes as I stared down at the bed.

“I’m…I’m fine” I replied.

Then, he turned around and backed me, his hands crossed behind his back.

He stayed that way for a long time and it kept me in so much suspense.
Oh, no! What if he’s actually reading my thoughts?

Oh, Roxanne.

He took in a deep breath before turning around to face me again.

“Go on and take your bath. I’ll have the maids get you something to eat” he spoke coldly and walked out of the room.

I watched blankly as he walked out of the room and shut the door. I was confused.

For the first time, I could notice something I never thought I could notice in Damon – fear.
What’s going on?

       Damon’s Pov:
I couldn’t stand her presence in the room.

I badly wanted to talk to her; ask her what was going on; but as I stared into her eyes…I just couldn’t stand it.


This is wrong;

No one has ever made me feel this way before. It’s not even right.
I can’t let this happen to me.

These feelings…I need an explanation for it. It’s got to be an illusion.

I stayed in the wine bar and drank some alcohol. I just needed to clear my head.

For the first time in my life, I felt confused.

My phone suddenly beeped with a message and I checked to see it was from one of my staff.

I was needed at the office.

        Roxanne’s Pov:
I was so hungry and decided to eat before bathing.

I rushed my meal and ate to my fill and when I was done, I went ahead to take my bath.

I spent a long time in the bathtub, thinking about the whole thing. I wish I could remember what happened after I was stabbed with the dagger.
How did Damon and I escape?

Gosh! I felt so troubled. What if Nicklaus returns?
Who’s he to Damon?
And why was he calling him Lucifer?

Does it mean he knows about his past?

After spending a long time in the bathroom, I finally came out, tying a towel round my body.
I went into the room and took out something simple from the wardrobe, putting it on.
It was just a short and pink top.

I was about sitting on the bed when the door to my room suddenly opened and surprisingly, it was Zara.
Well, not really surprisingly.

I stood and watched as she walked in, giving me a loathly look.

“G… Good morning” I bent my head and said and she scoffed.

“You can save your greeting. Come with me; Damon wants to see you” she said and turned around, about to head for the door.

“D…Damon?” I asked and she turned back to look at me.

“Do I really have to repeat myself? He wants me to bring you to his office. Now come with me before I change my mind” she replied rashly.

But…why would Damon want me to come over to his office? He just left home not long ago.

I watched as she got to the door and stopped by it.

“Do you really wanna disobey Damon? Haven’t you learnt anything from him? You should know better not to disobey him. And do you also want to get me into trouble? Now, come with me before you complicate things” she said and walked out the door and this time around, I was compelled to go with her.

But why would Damon want me to meet him at the office? What could he possibly want to tell me?

Oh, please;
I hope there isn’t any more trouble.

I followed Zara behind and she took me to the parking lot and got into a red car which I also entered with her, sitting at the front seat.

She didn’t say a word as she turned on the ignition and took off immediately.
I was really nervous. What was Damon up to? I really hoped there was no problem.

“You love him, don’t you?” Zara suddenly asked and I turned to look at her, surprised.

“Huh?” I possum.
Was she referring to Damon?

“Stop playing dumb with me, Roxanne; you love him, don’t you? And… you actually feel lucky to be close to him”.

I bent my head in silence. Why was she bringing up such issue?

“Well, I wouldn’t entirely blame you; I mean, he’s handsome, wealthy, charming – just everything a lady would ask for. But, not every lady deserves him” she said and suddenly, stopped the car.


I looked through the window but there was no sign of an office anywhere. Rather, it looked more like an express way.

“Why…Why did you stop?” I asked her but she didn’t even look at me.

Immediately, I heard my door being opened from outside and I looked through the window and discovered it was…

Oh, mercies!



“Argh!” I screamed in trepidation as he opened the door and pulled me out of the car, slamming my back against the car.

Oh, my!
What’s going on?


“Hello pretty Rox” he said with a smirk as he pinned me to the car.

Please; tell me this is a dream.
This cannot happen.

I looked at him, gob smacked.
“Let me go” I winced, but couldn’t even move my arm.
He smiled.

“Really? I should let you go? Well, I’m sorry Roxanne, but I need to prove something to Shantel.” He paused and brought his lips close to my ear, giving it a little bite.

“Let’s see how much Damon really loves you” he whispered into my ear and before I could scream, he brought out a napkin from his pocket and covered it over my nose and I passed out immediately.

Episode 23

       Roxanne’s Pov:
It was so dark.

I forced my eyes open and felt so much discomfort.
Where am I?

I tried to move but discovered my hands and legs were tied.
What’s going on?


I gasped as I suddenly recalled what had happened.
Zara…she tricked me and made Nicklaus adopt me.

Where am I?
What happened?

I strained my eyes but couldn’t see a thing in the room. It was just too dark and i was tied to a chair.

“Hello?” I called fearfully, but my voice came back to me in an echo.

The ropes were hurting a lot.
What is this?
How do I get out of here?

Suddenly, I heard the door open and the lights went on immediately.


He was the one coming in.

“Hello sleeping beauty” he smirked as he walked towards me.

Then, someone else showed up at the door, but didn’t come in.


It was Shantel!
The maid!

I…I don’t understand. What’s going on?

I could feel my heart thumping.
Fear gripped me.
What could they possibly have in mind?

Zara; Shantel, Nicklaus…I can’t believe they’re working together.

Nicklaus kept smiling as he got to where I was and squatted in front of me.

“How’re you feeling, huh?” He asked, but I was too blenched to say a word.

He brushed the front part of my hair and tucked it behind my ear.
“You’re one pretty lady, you know?” He said.
“No wonder even Lucifer couldn’t resist you. Well, I guess it’s time to know how much he really loves you.”

I stared at him, confused.
What’s he talking about? What does he mean ‘know how much he really loves me?’

Damon doesn’t love me – not even a single bit. So, what’s he talking about?

           Damon’s Pov:
I relaxed on the couch with a glass of drink in my hand as I stared at the bloated guards in front of me.
They were all drenched in fear.

“So…you’re tryna tell me she just vanished?” I asked and took a sip from my glass.

“We…We really have no idea sir…”

“I do.” One of them suddenly cut in.
“I had seen her leaving with Zara. But I have no idea where they went. I swear”.

I stared at the drink in my hand.

He was telling the truth.

So, where was Roxanne? Where did Zara take her to?

I just returned from the office and surprisingly, I couldn’t find her at home. Zara was not at home either.

So, where’re they?

I scoffed and drank from my glass.
My guess had better been wrong.

My phone awakened with a ring and I checked to see it was a strange caller.

I hesitated a little before picking up.

“Hey Lu; how’re you chilling?” The caller said and I knew who it was at once.

I drank from my glass and didn’t say a word.

“”Come on, Lucifer; don’t keep me quiet. Aren’t you missing our Roxanne?” He asked and chuckled, but I still didn’t say a word.

I sensed it already.

“She asked me to say hi” he said and chuckled again.

“Where’s she?” I asked and drank from my glass.

“Awwn! You really wanna know? I’m sorry, but it’s gotta come with a price” he replied.

I stood up and walked levelly to face the window.

“Nicklaus; if a strand of hair on her head is hurt, I’ll cut off your fingers and make you eat them” I said and he laughed.

“That is…If you’d be alive to carry out that threat” he replied and paused.

“If you really want Roxanne to be safe and free, sacrifice your life for hers. I want you to cause your own death, Lucifer.
Do it and save Roxanne” he blurted.

My eyes dilated and I didn’t realise when I crushed the glass in my hand.

“You have until night fall to do so” he added and ended the call.

Episode 24

       Roxanne’s Pov;
I felt so weak and scared. I was tied to the chair the whole time and kept wondering what Nicklaus and the maid was up to.

After a long while, I heard the door open and the lights in the room went on and I tried to adjust my eyes in the darkness.

I looked and discovered it was Shantel coming in.

She walked in stylishly without saying a word and stood in front of me.

“Roxanne” she called and squatted in front of me.
“Gerald’s daughter”.

I bent my head and tried to ignore her.
Although, her presence made me really uncomfortable.

“Your father was very powerful, you know?” She continued.

“He came from the lineage of royalty and was actually more powerful than the Lucifer at that time.
But he was just too selfish and felt he was the rightful king of hell. So, he betrayed the King.

“You know, I’m really curious. How did Lucifer get to love someone like you? You should be his greatest enemy – considering what your father did to him. Unless…Nicklaus is actually wrong and Lucifer’s not in love with you. Well…I guess we’re about to find out pretty soon”.

I lifted my eyes to look at her.

“Wh…What do you mean?” I asked nervously and she smiled.

“You’ll find out pretty soon, honey” she replied and my fears increased.

Oh, mercies!
What are they up to?

Immediately, the door whacked open and we turned to see Nicklaus standing by the entrance, breathing heavily.
I was shocked.

“Nicklaus?” Shantel called and stood up, also surprised.

“Lucifer…he’s able to trace Roxanne’s footsteps” he said in deep breaths. My eyes beamed.

“Huh? What…What are you talking about?” Shantel inquired.

“He’s here! He found us!” He almost yelled and I gasped.


Oh, goodness!
He’s here?

Shantel flinched and looked at me, then back at Nicklaus.

“F**k! How the hell did it happen? Why didn’t you think about it?” She growled.

“Seriously? Are you trying to put the blame on me? Why didn’t you think about it either?” Nicklaus barked.

“Oh, Nicklaus! My plans will be ruined. Where’s he!” She asked and Nicklaus started walking towards me.

“He’s close. Come on; take Roxanne away. I’ll face him” he replied as he got to where I was.

“You…You want to face him?” Shantel asked aback, but he didn’t say a word as he got to where I was and loosed the ropes that bounded me.

“Nicklaus, you can’t face him. You…”

“I can, Shantel! It’s high time I stood up to him for once. it’s now or never!” He said angrily and looked at me.

“Take her away. We can’t let Lucifer have her. Do it now!” He rasped and hurried out of the room.

I remained on the chair and looked at Shantel in fear.
Oh, goodness!

What do I do?

“Come on” she said as she lifted me by the arm and started taking me out of the room.
Nicklaus’ Pov:
I went out to the balcony of the first floor and there he met Damon, about entering.

Damn! He actually came alone – without his guards.

He really got some nerves, huh?

He stopped when he saw me and we stood face to face with each other.

I should’ve know he’d be able to trace Roxanne’s footsteps. I just forgot his powers were up to that level.

“Decided to pay me a visit?” I asked as I stood in front of him but he didn’t even flinch.

His hands were crossed behind his back.

“You have 10 seconds to bring her out” he coldly said and I laughed.

Gosh! How I’ve always despised this guy. This time around, I’ll do everything possible to kill him.

“You’re trespassing, Lucifer; and you have the nerves to threaten me?” I asked, but he didn’t reply.

I smiled and tried to hit him. I threw a light at him, but he missed it.

“5 seconds left” he said and it angered me to the guts.

I threw another light at him from my palm, but he still missed.
What the f**k?

“3 more” he stated.
All the while, his hands remained crossed behind his back.

This time around, I went to him instead and tried punching him in the face, but he held my fist and twisted it in a way that made me groan.

“Time up” he said and pushed me backwards and I fell crashing to the floor.

He stretched his hand towards me and I felt my brains turning.

“No!!” I yelled angrily and in pains as I held my head, still on the floor.

Then, he got to where I was and that was when he stopped.

“Oh, Nicklaus’ he called and squatted in front of me.
“You’ve always been a weakling. No matter how hard you try, you’ll always be below my feet”.

I yelled in anger and tried hitting him again, but he threw the light back at me and I started bleeding immediately – from my nostrils.

“Just accept your fate, Nik; you’re nothing; Even the dust is better than you” he whispered into my ears as I laid on the floor; bleeding.

“You know” he continued.
“You wanted me to cause my own death. But now, you’re gonna have to do same.” He stood up and backed me.

 I’m too busy to kill you. So, I want you to do it yourself” he added and turned to look at me again.

His eyes turned red in a flash and I felt myself choking immediately.

No; no.
This can’t be.

It was unbearable pains.
I’d only keep choking and the only way to stop it was for me to die – for someone to kill me.

As long as it was done by him, there was no cure to it.

The only way was for someone to kill me; or I kill myself.
I just needed to die.

“” I struggled to call, but ended up choking more.
I wanted to plead for mercy.

His eyes had turned back to normal and he stared at me for a little more while before walking away.

          Roxanne’s Pov:
Shantel kept running with me and I felt so weak and tired.

My legs became heavy.

“Shantel please” I pleaded but she didn’t stop.
She continued running until we got to the balcony of the top building.
There was nowhere else to go.

“You!” She growled and itched her head.
She looked like some or who was about running mad.

“Why should I even keep you alive? Huh? I can’t let Lucifer have you. He doesn’t deserve your powers”.she said angrily and my heart leapt.

Mercies, no.

Then, she tried coming close to me and I managed to kick her on the legs.
But for someone like her, it didn’t have any effect on her and she pushed me back with her powers; making me fall on the floor.

“Aargh!” I shrieked as I crashed on the floor.

Goodness; no.

She came to me and pulled me up and shockingly, slammed my back against the irons, almost making me fall over.

“Shantel please” I cried in fear and she held me by the neck.

She looked into my eyes with so much anger, but suddenly, her eyes dimmed.

Her brows furrowed and slowly; she took her hand to my tummy.

All I could do was whimper in fear.

She touched my tummy and a different look crept into her face.

Suddenly, she was drawn back by a mighty force and she crashed to the floor, far from me.

I fell on the floor as well, coughing and felt someone hold me;


“Roxanne” he called as he lifted me from the floor.

Oh, mercies! He came for me!

“D…Damon?” I called in surprise and relive and he just stared into my face.

I was so scared and felt like hugging him tight.

And I did.

I clutched him tight, forgetting how scared I was of him.
Tears came strolling down my cheeks.

I looked at Shantel, but she was gone. She wasn’t there anymore.

I wavered and buried my face in Damon’s chest.

I couldn’t let go of him.

Episode 25

By: Faith Lucky.

        Roxanne’s Pov:
I laid in the bathtub, taking a warm bath.

I spent like forever there, thinking about the whole thing that’s happened.

Damon and I were able to get home safely, but I still had so many fears.

Where could Nicklaus be there? He had made mention of going to face Damon. Could he be dead.

And Shantel…where could she be as well? She had managed to escape.

And… why had she acted strangely when she touched my tummy? What happened to her?
I closed my eyes and kept thinking about the whole thing.
I felt so much pains – all over my body. And the place where I had been stabbed, it was beginning to hurt a bit.

I think it must have been a result of the stress Nicklaus and Shantel made me go through.

And Zara…where was she? She started all these by helping them abduct me. But where was she?

After a long time, I finally came out of the water.
I tied a white towel round my body and walked out, going into the bedroom.

Surprisingly, I found Damon there.
Oh, no!

He stood at a spot, facing the window with his hands crossed behind his back.

I gulped nervously and closed the door behind me, walking fully into the room.

I didn’t even know what to do as he stood backing me.
But suddenly, he turned around and faced me.

I felt my heart leap.

I swallowed hard and took my gaze to the floor.

Then, I quickly walked over to the wardrobe so I could get something to wear. I couldn’t remain in this state.

I opened the wardrobe and was about bringing out a cloth when I felt him hold me from behind.

He wrapped his hands around my waist and it sent shivers down my spine.

Mercies, please.
Don’t tell me.

He sent his hands into the towel and touched my tummy.
Then, he brought his lips to my neck and planted a kiss there.

“Roxanne” he called softly and touched the tip of the towel.

He was so close and I could feel his breath on my ear.

He got hold of the tip and untied it, making towel fall freely from my body.

Oh, goodness; no.

I released a light gasp as he now gained access to my body.
I was standing stark naked in front of him again.

He touched my boobs and gave them a light squeeze. I pressed my lips and tried not to moan.

“Can I ask you a question?” He asked as he played with my tilts.

I just stared blankly at the wardrobe, not able to control my anxiety.

He kissed my ear lobe and pressed my boobs real hard like he wanted them to produce something.

“When Nicklaus had given you an opportunity to kill me, why didn’t you do it?” He finally spilled the beans and I flinched.


For a moment; he stopped moving his hands around me and my nervousness Increased. How did he get to know about it?
Did Nicklaus tell him?

Oh, Roxanne!
What do I say? How do I explained the fact that I couldn’t kill him? I turned down a once in a life time opportunity for him?

Oh, my!

What if he’s reading my thoughts??

What if…


I shut my eyes and wavered. I couldn’t control it – the thoughts.

I’m pretty sure he must be reading them like a book.
The same thoughts of how I couldn’t kill him because I couldn’t bear to see him dead.

The same thoughts of how I sacrificed my freedom and happiness just for him – something Miss Margaret called ‘true love’.

He moved his hands down my tummy until they got to my thighs and my fears increased.

I felt him touch my v, rolling the clit but I tried not to moan.

Then, he inserted two fingers into my honeypot and for this time around, I couldn’t help it.
I had to moan.

He moved the fingers in and out, slowly, making me feel a little displeasure.
But the pains was nothing compared to what I had to feel the first time. It came with a little pleasure this time around.

I shut my eyes and moaned lightly as I felt his fingers moving inside me, forcing it’s way into my tight pussycat.

The feeling…It was unexplainable.
But suddenly, I couldn’t feel him anymore.
His touch – his presence – I couldn’t feel them anymore.

I opened my eyes immediately and turned around to notice I was now the only one in the room.

Damon was no longer there.

But how…?

He was here not long ago. How did he just vanish?
How possible?

I looked down at my body and discovered the mark on my tummy was no longer there. And the pains…They were gone as well.

Wait! All the pains were gone. I couldn’t feel a thing anymore.

My whole body was sound and strong; like I hadn’t been hurt before.

I felt relieved.
How did it happen?

Could it be Damon?

   Shantel’s Pov:
I trudged into the throne room and stood before the elders with my head bowed. I felt so much pains.

“Shantel” the first elder called strictly, but I still kept my head bowed.

“It’s obvious Lucifer’s too powerful for you to handle. It’s been weeks now. I’m afraid we might have to find someone else for the job”.

“I found her” I said coldly without looking at them.
“Gerlad’s daughter…she’s there on earth”.

“Gerlad’s daughter???” They all exclaimed at once.

“Yes. And Lucifer’s in possession of her. According to my source, he’s waiting for her powers to surface so he could steal them” I replied.

“She doesn’t have her powers yet?”

“Yes – for now.

“But there’s something more important you need to know about her” I said and lifted my eyes to look at them.
Curiosity was eating them up.

“Gerlad’s daughter…” I started.
“She’s pregnant”.

Episode 26

         Roxanne’s Pov:
I woke up the next morning with so much discomfort.

I sat up on the bed and buried my face In my palm. I was feeling a light head ache.

Just then, I had a strange urge to puke and I rushed into the toilet immediately, releasing all the contents in my mouth.

What the heck?

I washed my mouth and looked into the wall mirror in front of me.
Why did I have to puke this early? I can’t remember the last time I actually did this.

I washed my face and returned to the room and there I found Sally, dropping a tray of meal on the table.

“Hey Roxanne’ she called as she gave me a glance and took her eyes back to what she was doing.

I took in a deep breath and walked fully into the room, sitting on the bed.

“Good morning’ I said tiredly.

“Good morning, Roxanne. Are you…okay? You look kinda weak” she asked and I sighed.

“I’m…I’m fine. I just…don’t worry about it” I replied and she shrugged and sat beside me.

“By the way, you’re looking pretty this morning” she complimented with a smile.

“I thought I’ve always been pretty?”

“Yes. But, you just look really pretty. Your face is…” she paused and laughed.

“Anyway, here’s breakfast for you. Damon wants you to eat up immediately” she said and I looked at her.
“D…Damon? Have you seen him this morning?” I asked.

“Yes. When I had gone to clean up his room”.

I nodded and opened the meal.
It was bread and eggs.

Damon – I wonder what he must be thinking.

After he left strangely last night, I didn’t get to see him again.

I wonder what must be going through his mind. I couldn’t give an answer to his question. But I’m pretty sure he read my mind.

Oh, goodness!
I wonder what he must be thinking.

I took a slice of bread and fixed some eggs into it.
It used to be one of my favorites, but this morning, I suddenly felt petulant by it.

I tried to take in a bite and as soon as i did, I rushed into the toilet, throwing up immediately.

Oh, mercies!

“Roxanne!” Sally called, surprised as she stood behind me.

I breathed heavily and washed my mouth.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked.

“I…I just don’t feel like eating the meal” I replied carewornly, facing the washbasin.

I didn’t hear a word from her and I turned to see her staring keenly at me.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

“What’s…What’s wrong?” I asked, wondering why she was staring at me that way.

“Do you take pills each time you have an inter course with Damon?” She asked and I scoffed.

“What pills?” I asked.
“Obviously, you don’t. Roxanne!” She gasped.

“Don’t you think you might be…pregnant?”

I was stupefied and stuttered backwards.

What is she talking about?
What pregnant?

“Roxanne” she called and tried coming close to me, but I moved away.

“You…you’re obviously possessing the symptoms of pregnancy. I’ve been there before. So, I know what it looks like’ she enthused.

“You have a child?” I asked and she sighed and nodded.

“Yes. It was a mistake, though. But it happened.

“Hold on” she said and suddenly ran out of the room.

I went back to the bedroom and sat on the bed. What is she up to?
How can she even say such a thing? Who the hell’s pregnant?

I shook my head and looked at the food. Just staring at it was making me wanna puke again.

I sighed and took my eyes away.

The door opened after a little while and Sally came in, holding something that looked like a piece of paper.

I stood up immediately.

“Roxanne” she called as she stood in front of me.

“This is a called a test tube. You need to carry out an HPT”

“H what?” I asked with a crumpled face.

“It’s called Home Pregnancy Test. It’s a way of knowing if you’re pregnant or not” she replied and tried fixing it into my hand, but I rejected
“Sally, I don’t need it”

“You just have to be sure, Roxanne. It isn’t gonna do a thing to you. You need to be on the safer side” she said and forcefully fixed it into my hand.

“Here’s how to make use of it. Go into the toilet, wee in a bottle or something; then insert the tube into the urine and watch out for the red lines. If it shows just one line, then it’s negative. But if the line comes up two, then it’s positive. Come on; try it” she explained with so much enthusiasm.

I looked at her and shook my head.

“Sally, I…”

“Come on Roxanne; this is for your own good. Do it” she cut me off and gave me a prodding look.
It sounded insane.

I gave her a hard stare and finally walked into the toilet room.

Why would she want me to carry out a p test? I can’t be pregnant. It’s just isn’t possible.

I can’t be pregnant for…Damon???

Of course, not!

Maybe I just needed to do the test after all.

I wee into a small container and inserted the test tube like she said.

The first line came up immediately and at that moment, I suddenly became scared.

My hands wavered as I held the test tube. I could only see one line.
According to her, that means it was negative, right?

I started breathing heavily and nervously.

Yes! It was negative.

Of course.


I brought out the tube from the bottle and threw the urine away.

Oh, goodness! How could Sally try to make me this scared?
I should probably show the result to her.

I looked back at the test tube in my hand and saw something that almost made me scream.

The lines…

The second line.

It did came up.

There were two lines!


Episode 27

       Roxanne’s Pov:
I gasped and covered my mouth with my palm to prevent me from screaming.

Was this for real?
The lines…They were double.
And according to Sally, it was…positive?

No, no. This isn’t possible. There’s no way it can be positive. I mean, I can’t be pregnant.

Carrying a baby in me?
Damon’s baby?

The tube fell off from my hand and I leaned on the table for support. I was shocked beyond words.

But what if this was true? And I was really pregnant? For Damon?

I could remember…
Miss Margaret had said something about conception. And since Damon has been having s3x with me, isn’t it possible for me to get pregnant?



This isn’t possible.

“Roxanne” I heard Sally call from my outside and I shrugged out of my thoughts. That was when I realised the tear rolling down my cheek.

“I’m…I’m fine” I managed to say, hoping she doesn’t come in.

I sank my fingers into my hair, confused.

How did this happen? How did i get pregnant for Damon? How can I be pregnant for him? The king of hell;

Someone that doesn’t even love me.

What do I do?

“Roxanne! Damon’s on his way here!’ I heard Sally growl from outside and I gasped.


Oh, goodness.


I quickly bent and picked up the test tube from the floor. what do I do with this?

I looked around in confusion and finally threw it into the toilet, closing up the seater afterwards.

Then, I washed my face and left, returning to the bedroom.

Sally was no longer there and I got in the same time Damon was coming in.

I shook nervously and quickly took my eyes to the floor. My heart was racing so fast.

I couldn’t tell him about it.
I couldn’t.

What would his reaction be? Knowing I was pregnant for him. What if he tries to kill the baby?

But, do I even want this baby? How can I be a mother at this age?

I Don’t know anything about it. And Damon of all people! How can I have a child for him? I’m the daughter of his greatest enemy. He wants to kill me.
How can I possibly have a child for him?

I looked at him and noticed he was staring at me. Why has he been quiet?

He was putting on a long red jacket and looked as handsome as he’s always looked.

Oh, mercies!
I can’t be pregnant for him.

“Why haven’t you touched your meal?” He asked as he darted his eyes to the food on the table.

“I…I um…” I paused and took my gaze to the floor again.

“I was busy in the bathroom. But, I’ll eat right away” I replied and gulped nervously.

He didn’t say anything immediately as he started walking towards me and my anxiety increased.

I thought of moving backwards, but suddenly stopped myself. I didn’t want him to get suspicious.

Oh, my!
Please, don’t tell me he’s reading my thoughts.

No; no.
It’s not possible.

He stood in front of me with his hands crossed behind his back and stared quietly at me.

“I want you to get ready in time” he finally broke the brooding silence.

“We’ll be going out later in the evening” he said and I just nodded.
But where’s he taking me?

He turned around and headed for the door but stopped when he opened it.

“It’s what the humans call a date” he added and walked out and I lifted my eyes to look at the blank door.

Hold on;
Damon’s taking me out on a date?

Episode 28

          Roxanne’s Pov:
I say next to Damon in the black limo as we drove to the venue of the “date”.

I tried not to think about the pregnancy so he doesn’t get to read my thoughts.

I seriously don’t know what to do about it. How can I possibly tell him I’m pregnant? How do I go about it.

He was silent throughout the drive and kept staring through the window.

Then, finally, the limo came to a stop and I figured we had gotten to our destination.

The door was opened and we both came out from it.

I looked around and wow!
It was beautiful and breathtaking. It looked more like a garden.

I waited for Damon to get to where I was and we started walking into the garden together.

I felt so nervous. I couldn’t believe I was walking beside Damon in such manner. What’s his reason for taking me on a date in the first place?

We walked in and I found a table in the middle of the garden, filled with so many foods and drinks.

Oh, my!

The garden was dark, but beautiful colored were fixed all around the flowers and it gave it a bedazzling sight.

Damon took me to the table and made me sit while he also took his, opposite to mine.

“Do you need some wine?” He asked while looking down at the table and I gulped nervously.

“Um…no” I replied and he looked at me.

“Sorry, yes” I added quickly and he turned some wine from a bottle into a glass cup and handed It to me.

“Thanks” I said nervously as I collected the glass from him.

I took a sip and kept it back on the table.
It’s a good thing it didn’t slip from my hand because of how shaky it was.

I looked at the table and was amazed at the different types of food on it.
Why did Damon do all these?

“Go on. Start eating” he said calmly and I opened the covered plate in front of me and began eating slowly.
I didn’t want to do anything that’d upset him.

“I don’t really know anything about this” he said without looking at me.
“So, you’re gonna have to manage my treat”.

I just smiled and looked down at my food.

Isn’t this the same guy that’s tried to kill me?
The same guy that’s always brought me pains, not caring about my feelings?
How come he’s suddenly changed? What’s he up to?

The meal was so delectable but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was eating so nervously. I was curious to know what Damon had in mind.

He didn’t say any other throughout the dinner till I was done eating. The only thing he did was drink. He didn’t even touch any of the foods or fruits.

“um…I’m done” I said when I was done eating.
I just couldn’t take in anymore of it.

For a while, he remained still.
Then, he stood up and cane to me, taking my hand.

He helped me stand and walked me closer to the flowers.

As we stood facing the flowers, he picked out a pink color from it and faced me.

He brought it close to my face and my heart skipped.
What’s he up to?

Surprisingly, he fixed it into my hair.

“Roxanne” he called as he tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Can I ask you a question?”

I twitched and stared at him.
What does he have in mind?

The last time he asked me a question, I couldn’t give him a reply.

“If you’ve been greatly offended by someone, what could possibly be done to gain your forgiveness?”  He asked and my eyes dilated in shock.

What…why’s he asking such question?


I looked at him like a bloated goat, not knowing what to say.
Who’s forgiveness is he trying to gain?

He stared into my eyes as I stared into his, perplexed.
At that moment, I could feel my blood running through my veins.

His eyes boring into mine left me gob smacked.

Suddenly, an arrow flew from nowhere and landed on Damon.

It pierced into his skin and he groaned and bowed.

What’s this??

I looked around and found Shantel standing and staring from a distance, holding a bow in her hand.

No. Please don’t tell me.

She shot him!!!

I looked at Damon with my eyes wide open and noticed the arrow was glowing. He was already bleeding.

Mercies! No!

“Damon!!!” I yelped in fear.

Episode 29

       Roxanne’s Pov:
“Damon!” I yelped in fear as I saw the blood gushing out of his body.

Oh, mercies!

What has she done?

I looked up at her in fear and she started walking towards us.

Immediately, Damon held my hand and I couldn’t feel myself anymore. We suddenly vanished.

I gasped in fear as we landed on a different place – a quiet strange place filled with trees and bushes.

I looked beside me and found Damon lying on the floor, his hand on the arrow.

“Damon!” I cried and knelt beside him.
Tears came dripping down my cheeks.

His eyes fluttered as he groaned in pains. Could it be possible the arrow was poisoned?

Of course; else, it wouldn’t have such impact on him.

“Damon” I whimpered.
“What should I do? Please tell me”.

He didn’t say anything and blood started flowing from his mouth.

It increased my fears.

I looked around, wondering if I could get some help. But the place was quiet and bushy. Where did he bring us to?

He probably just wanted to get away from Shantel and didn’t take notice.

I looked at the arrow and thought of pulling it out. Maybe it’d ease the pains.

I held the arrow and placed my other hand on his tummy.
I suddenly felt scared.
I shut my eyes and pulled out the arrow and he groaned wildly.

“I’m sorry; I’m sorry” I said amidst tears as I threw the arrow on the floor.

“Roxanne’ he finally called, faintly.

Pains could clearly be heard from his voice.

“I can’t make it” he said and my eyes dimmed.

I scoffed and looked directly into his face.

“D…Damon?” I floundered helplessly.
What was he saying?

He suddenly became still and relaxed. His eyes were now closed.

“Damon?” I called with my eyes wide open.
He didn’t move.

I shook my head and juddered him, but he still didn’t move.

What’s happening???

No; this isn’t possible. It can’t be.

“Damon!” I screamed and hit him.

Why isn’t he moving? I can’t let this happen.
What’s this supposed to mean?

He can’t just…die?

Tears dripped down my eyes like rainfall and poured on him.

“Damon” I cried and lifted his body to hug me.

“Damon, you can’t do this to me please. You can’t just leave me. I need you. My baby needs you. Damon please, I know you’ve been a terrible person to me, but I can’t do without you. I’m sorry I kept it away from you; but I’m pregnant, Damon; I’m pregnant.
“How do you expect me to survive this without you? Please, don’t do this to me. Open your eyes, Damon; please”. I cried bitterly.

I buried my face in his chest and wept.
I felt so much pains; so much fear.

 He can’t possibly do this to me. He can’t just die.

No; goodness, please. Don’t allow this to happen.

“He’s never coming back” I heard a familiar voice say and I turned in shock to see Shantel standing behind me.


I gasped in trepidation and moved away from Damon.
What’s she doing here?

How did she find us?
Did she follow us?

She smirked and started coming towards me with a dagger in her hand.

“So, Nicklaus was right after all” she said.
“You do love him. But now that I’ve succeeded in taking him away, I think it’s time I took that little thing of his right in your tummy”.

I stood on my feet immediately, my legs wobbling.

She increased her pace and came towards me with a full force and I tried to run but tripped and fell on the floor.

She laughed as she stood close to my feet.

“Poor Roxanne” she sniggered.
“Your life has always been a mess right from birth. Perhaps, I’m doing you a favor by trying to bring an end to it.”

I winced in fear and started crawling backwards.
“Please don’t” I whimpered as she pointed the knife at me.

I held my tummy tight and shut my eyes. I can’t afford to lose this baby now.
I can’t just go.

My eyes were still shut when I heard her scream and I quickly flung them open to see what was going on.

At first, I was blinded by the tears on my eyes, but I wiped them off and the view became clear to me.

A bright light was shining on her and looked properly and saw Damon standing behind her with his hand stretched towards her. The light was coming from him.

I opened my mouth in shock and bewilderment.
What was going on?
 Wasn’t he…lying lifeless a while ago?

Shantel screamed in pains and fell on the floor and the light stopped.

I watched in awe as Damon walked towards her, slowly, and stood in front of her.

“First, you tried to kill me” he started.
“And second, you tried to kill the mother of my unborn baby. What treason could be greater than that?

“you deserve the death penalty”.

He paused and formed a light with his hands.

Shantel was already shaking and tried crawling backwards.

“Therefore, with the powers vested in me as the King of hell, I hereby sentence you to death and an eternity in the flames of fire”

“Lucifer please…” she cried, but it was already too late as Damon threw the light at her and she vanished immediately, like nothing had been there before.

My eyes glistened.
My lips were shaking.
What just…
What just happened?

I remained stuck to the floor, unable move.
I’ve never been this stunned in my entire life.

He started coming towards me and I just watched helplessly.

He had a vacuous expression on.

He got to where I was and stretched out his hand to me, but I was too enfeebled to even take it.
I just kept staring, foxed.

Then, he dropped to a crouch In front of me and helped me up; his hands on my shoulders.

He stared into my eyes without saying a word and my anxiety multiplied.

“Were you hurt?” He asked but I still kept mute.

He took his hands from my shoulders and cupped my cheeks and for the first time, he kissed me.

Episode 30

       Roxanne’s Pov:
I stood in front of Damon and watched him as he sat on the bed and attended to his wound.

He was shirtless and it made it easy for him to stitch up the place.

He groaned as it finally stitched up.
“Pass me the drink” he said frailly and I went over to the table and took the glass of black drink on it.

I walked back to him and handed it to him and he collected it and gulped it down with a crumpled look.
It was obvious it tasted bitter.

He stood up and gave the cup to me and I went to return it to the table.

I kept the cup back on the table and when I turned around, I saw him standing behind me – very close.

How did he…
I thought he was just by the bed a while ago?

My eyes twitched as I stared at them – shirtless.
He kept staring quietly at him.

“Why did you keep it hidden from me?” He asked lowly and I gulped nervously.

I knew he was talking about the baby.

I couldn’t say a word and just lowered my gaze to the floor.

I felt so scared…and shy.

I was pregnant for the king of hell. What was going to happen?

Hold on;
Could it be the reason Shantel had acted strangely when she touched my tummy the other night?

Oh, my! Could it be possible she knows about the baby already?

I was still thinking when I felt Damon hold my cheek.

He cupped my cheeks with both hands and lifted my face to look at his.

My lids fluttered as I stared into his eyes. Why’s he holding me this way?

He drew his face close and kissed me.
Oh, goodness!
This is happening again.

He kissed me – again – for the second time but I couldn’t reciprocate because I had no idea how to kiss.

His hands left my cheeks and went to the back of my waist, brushing them upwards.
I closed my eyes and couldn’t help but enjoy the kiss. Perhaps, there was nothing I could do.

Surprisingly, within the twinkle of an eye, we were on the bed.
Like, he just super sped to it.
How does he do it?

He unlocked from the kiss as he laid on top of me. He hid his face in my neck as he sent his hand under my dress.

His cold hand moving on my bare skin made me shiver and I shut my eyes and tried not to make a sound.

But, if he does this, wouldn’t it affect the baby?

I felt him touch my p**t and my eyes beamed.

I thought he was going to pull it out, but he brought out his hand and came to my zipper instead.


He pulled the zipper down and pulled the gown off my body, and next, he went for my pant.
Finally, I was lying stark naked in front of him.

He came in between my legs and planted a soft kiss on my tummy.

He kept kissing downwards until he got to my public bone and I gasped and flung my eyes open immediately.

He noticed the look in my eyes and released a light smirk.

Then, he left there and came to my lips, giving me a gentle smooch.

I was lost in the kiss and didn’t realise when he started fingering me. I gasped immediately but couldn’t yelp as a result of the kiss. He made sure I didn’t unlock from it
After a while, he stopped the kiss and fingering and went ahead to unhook his belt.

I tried not to look as he took off his trouser and came in between my legs again.

“Do you want me to stop?” He spoke softly into my ears and my heart skipped.

I looked into his face and he was staring into my eyes.

Was he really giving me an option?

I gulped hard as my throat became sore.

What did I really want? Was he to stop?

Did I really want him to?

He sighed and kissed my ear lobe, giving it a little bite.

Then, he tried leaving me, but surprisingly, I held him back.

Yes, I did. And I seriously don’t know how I was able to do that.

I didn’t want him to go.
I didn’t want him to…stop.

He stared at me as I held his arm.

Then, he returned to his position and this time around, he s**ked from my b**bs.

He s**ked so roughly from them like an infant and I found myself holding his hair.
What is wrong with me?

I thought I never liked this?

Next, he inserted his hard c**k into me and I couldn’t stop myself from screaming.
I opened my eyes and found myself lying comfortably on the bed.

I looked around and discovered I was in Damon’s room.
Oh, my! I slept in his room after the…

Gosh, Roxanne.

But…normally, he’d have taken me to my room when I slept off. How come he left me here?
And where was he? Did he sleep here as well? Beside me?

I sat up and sighed. I was naked and was covered with the duvet which I held to my chest.

I recalled last night’s incidence and it made me bashful, even if I was the only one in the room.

What happened to me last night? Why couldn’t I resist s3x with Damon? I mean, he had given me an option. Why couldn’t I resist him?

Geez! It seems my feelings for him were becoming something else.
But what if it gets me into trouble? I mean, I don’t even know how he feels about me.

Although he kissed me, but…a kiss doesn’t necessarily mean he loves me.

Oh, mercies! I wish I could get some answers to kill my curiosity – even if it were just a little bit.

I covered my face in my palm and just then, the door to the bathroom opened with Damon coming out of it.


Oh! He was in the bathroom.

Oh, Roxanne!
Fire works.

I couldn’t face him.

He paused by the door for a second and proceeded to meet me at the bed.

“You’re awake” he said calmly as he sat on the edge of the bed.

I could feel my stomach rumbling.

“Um…good morning” I greeted nervously, looking down at the bed.

He stood up without saying a word and surprisingly, came to carry me on the bed.

I was shocked, but he did.

He carried me in his arms like a baby, making the duvet fall freely from my body.

What’s he doing?

I thought of asking him but couldn’t and he carried me into the bathroom.


He took me in and laid me in the bathtub which had already been filled with warm soapy water.

Hold on, did Damon prepare bath water for me?

I laid In the bath tub, surprised and was happy the soapy water was able to cover my n**ed body from him.

He sighed and sat on the edge of the tub.

“Is it warm enough?” He asked, giving a soft look into my eyes.

All I could do was nod. I was speechless.

He brought his hand to my face and used his fingers to brush the front part of my hair.

“Hurry up with the bath. We’ll be going out soon. I’ve got a surprise for you” he said tenderly and left.

Episode 31

       Roxanne’s Pov:
After bathing, I had breakfast and set out on the “surprise trip” with Damon.

We sat together in the card for a long time and without saying a word as he just kept staring out the window.

I was so nervous and fiddled with the tip of my shirt. What could his surprise be? I was so curious to know.

After a long time, the car finally came to a stop and the doors were opened for us and we stepped out the same time.

I looked around and noticed we were in a different place with so many flowers around.
It looked more like a garden.

Damon came and stood beside me and I turned to look at him. Was this the surprise he was talking about?

“Roxanne” he called and crossed his hands behind his back.

“Are you okay carrying the baby?” He asked and my heart leapt.

What sort of question is that?

I was gob smacked and stared at him, confused.
Then, he turned to face me properly.

“I just want to make sure you’re not feeling like I’m making you carry a burden. But, if you ask me, I sure don’t have a problem with it. But what about you? Can you be a mother now?” He asked.

I batted my lashes and stared at the floor.

The thoughts niggled at me. I’ve also been scared of it.

Was I ready to become a mother at this age? And for the king of hell?

But, what would happen to the baby if I didn’t want to keep it? I seriously can’t hurt my baby.

So; If it means me keeping it, then I will.

I heard him sigh and I lifted my face to look at him. He was now staring into space.

“You can be rest assured I won’t let anyone harm the baby. You’re under my protection now. But one thing’s for sure; there’re gonna be enemies” he spoke calmly.

Immediately, I heard my name.

“Roxanne!” I heard a familiar voice call and I turned to see mum scuttling towards me.



I opened my mouth in shock as she ran towards me, happily.

It was my mum! It wasn’t a dream.

Oh, goodness!

She’s alive!

“Mum!!!” I called at the top of my voice and ran into her arms.

          Kaylan’s Pov:
The place was on fire. The entire council were angry.
For the first time, they couldn’t sit in the throne room but just kept pacing tho and fro.

“That Lucifer has beaten more than he can chew” the first elder said, anger resounding in her voice.

I was standing as well.

“He needs to be killed.’ She added.

“What?” I asked with a scoff.
 “Do you really want to try again? I mean, haven’t we learnt our lesson? He killed Nicklaus; he killed Shantel. He killed everyone who made an attempt to kill him. He’s just too powerful. There’s no way we can defeat him” I said.

“And that’s the more reason he needs to be killed. He killed my servants!” She yelled and stopped walking.

 “Release the 50 black angels. Send them to earth. I want them to make an open attack and kill Lucifer!”

My eyes dilated.


“You…You want to send the black angels after him?” I asked in shock.

“Yes! And this time around, if he’s able to defeat them, I promise never to make an attempt on his life again” she said with an evil smile.

Oh, no.
But the black angels are way too powerful!
Sending them all at once might make it difficult for Lucifer to defeat them.

“But wise one…” I tried to speak.

“Release them, Kaylan! I want Lucifer dead! Together with that unborn baby of his” she said angrily.

       Episode 32

       Roxanne’s POV:
“I’ve missed you mum” I said to mum as I hugged her one more time before we both took our separate seats.

“How’ve you been Roxanne? I’ve been so worried about you” she said anxiously.

We were sitting at a quiet place in the garden while Damon waited in the car.

“I’ve…I’ve been fine. But what about you? I was scared you were dead” I asked.

“I wasn’t dear. Damon had me released some days back. He gave me a place to Stay but warned me not to try coming close to his estate.

“But what’s going on? Why do you seem…so free around him? Has he been hurting you?” She asked and I sighed and stared downwards.

“Don’t worry mum; that was all in the past. I’m fine now” I said dolefully.

But what does Damon have in Mind now? Is he willing to let me go with mum? Or is he going to hold me back?

“I was so scared, Roxanne.” She said soberly.
“I thought I was never gonna see you again. I’m so sorry for lying to you in the past. I just didn’t know how you’d take the news…”

“Mom please” I cut her off.
“It’s okay. I understand. There’s no need for regrets.”

She sighed and placed her palm on mine and I lowered my gaze to the floor.

I was so worried.
How do I tell her about the pregnancy? How will she feel about it?

“Roxanne” she called lowly and I lifted my eyes to look at her.

“During your stay with Damon, did he…”She paused and looked down at my waist and my heart leapt as I understood what she meant.

I bent my head and didn’t say a word.

“Roxanne” she called but I still didn’t look at her.

Suddenly, the clouds went dark and I cowered in fear. Mum and I sprang on our feet immediately.

“Mum” I called and held her hand.

What was going on? Why did the clouds suddenly go dark?

I turned and saw Damon coming towards us.
He looked bewildered.
It was confusing.

To my greatest surprise, something strange happened – something indescribable.

It was like… something started falling from the sky…some creatures.

They seemed scary and looked almost like animals. They had big black wings fixed to their back.

And they were uncountable.
What was going on?

“Run” Damon said to me, his eyes fixed on the dark creatures which were still descending.


Immediately, mum gripped my hand and started running away with me, leaving Damon behind.

I can’t leave him all alone.
What was going to happen to him?
What if those people were there to hurt him?

“Mum” I called as she kept running with me.

I wanted to stop but couldn’t.

Oh goodness.

I didn’t want to leave him behind.

Immediately, two similar creatures flew on air and stood in front of mum and I.

We gasped in fear and stopped running.

Oh mercies. No.

They were so horrible and grinned in such a way that revealed their ugly dentition.
I could feel my heart thumping fast.

The two demons looked at each other and looked back at me.

“She’s the one” one of them said and pointed his bow and arrow at me.


Like a flash, he released at me but mum got in the way and took the arrow instead.


“Mum!!!” I shrieked and held her as she reached for the floor.

No, no.
Mercies no.

What’s going on?
Please no.

She fell on the floor with her head on my legs as blood gushed out from the spot.

“Mum!!” I cried and held her face.

“Baby” she winced in pain.


Tears dripped down my cheeks like rainfall. I couldn’t let this happen.
Why did they have to do this?
What have I done to them?

I wept on the floor as I stared into mums face. I couldn’t lose her.

The demons grinned and Came closer to me.

“Please stop it” I whimpered.

The second growled and pointed his bow and arrow at me and my eyes dilated in shock.

He targeted it at me and finally let it go.

“I said stop!!” I shut my eyes and yelled at the top of my voice and stretched out my hand, trying to use it as a coverage as the arrow came towards me.
I was in dilemma.

Surprisingly, I heard a strange sound from the creatures and I opened my eyes to see them struggling on the floor.

The arrow…it was broken to pieces on the floor.

I opened my eyes wide in shock and looked around. What just happened?

I looked at my palm which had been stretched out and noticed something strange – there was a light on it.

At that moment, I felt something different – a whole new feeling.
It was so strange and powerful – like I’ve never felt before.

What was going on with me?

Episode 33:  Semi _Final

      Roxanne’s POV:
I looked at mum and she was staring weakly at me. But she looked surprised.

Ryan. I had to get him.

“I’ll be back, mum; I promise” I told her as I laid her head properly on the floor and stood up.

I ran back to where Ryan was and I was shocked at what I saw. He was surrounded by the evil creatures and was trying to fight them off with his powers.

I looked into my both palms. I could feel it – the powers – that strange feeling; it was there.
My breath became still.

They were over whelming me.
It was just too much.

Some of the creatures saw me and charged at me and I stretched out my both hands to them. I didn’t even know how it worked. I just did it and a light came out from my palm and struck at the creatures, making the yelp and vanish.

It frightened me.

I was scared.

Noticing the light, Damon turned to look at me and surprise was large writ on his face.

He was lost staring at me and didn’t know he was being targeted by some of the creatures.

I saw it and stretched my hand towards them and they all growled and vanished.

The rest of the creatures looked at themselves in surprise.

Then, Damon came towards me and held my hands. My heart was racing so fast.

He stared into my eyes with our hands joined and suddenly, I felt a different feeling around me.

A heavy force started hitting at me – like it wanted to explode me.

I looked at our hands and noticed a white light coming from it.
What was he doing?

Immediately, the rest of the creatures started shrieking.

A fierce wind started howling in the dark, blowing everything around.
I could hardly see properly.

The demons were all growling and then I noticed something;

Damon was merging our powers so he could kill them.
The strong wind increased and so did the cries of the creatures.
It persisted for a long time and finally, it all stopped.

The wind, the darkness, the cries of the creatures.
They all stopped.
Everything went back to normal.

I looked around and confirmed it.
The place had really become so calm and quiet.
There was no trace of the creatures.

I looked at Damon and he was staring back at me, breathing heavily.

I felt so weak.

And immediately, I passed out.

I opened my eyes blearily and the first gaze I caught was the ceiling.

I groaned and sat up on the bed I was and looked around the room. It was Damon’s room.

Where am I?

I racked my head and tried recalling what had happened. The memories came flashing in.

Oh, my!

I was about leaving the bed when the door opened with Damon coming in.

I sprang on my feet immediately.

“Roxanne” he called, sounding surprised.

“My mum! Where’s she? I need to find her.” I said restlessly and tried rushing out of the room but he stopped me.

“She’s fine. You don’t need to worry about her” he said as he held me by the wrist.

“She…She was shot…”
“I know. She’s being taken Care of” he cut me off and I sighed, still feeling restless.

Oh goodness, please. I really hope she’s fine.

He brushed his fingers into my hair and made me sit on the bed.

“How’re you feeling?” He asked as he sat next to me.
I touched my tummy.

Oh, my baby. I hope its fine.

“I…I think I’m fine” I replied, batting my lashes.

That strange feeling – the powers – I could feel them.

Were my powers really back?

Wasn’t this what…he’s been waiting for?

I looked at him and he sighed and stared away.

“I’m sorry you almost got hurt yesterday” he started palely, staring into space.

“All these are happening because I’m yet to return to my kingdom. They will keep coming after me.

“I guess I was scared to leave…leave you behind. But now, I don’t think I have much of an option. I need to go back”.

I gasped and looked at him.

“You…You’re leaving?” I asked, bemused and he nodded.

Then, he held my cheeks and kissed me.

“I love you Roxanne” he said.
“And I wouldn’t want to be away from you…and my baby. But I have a kingdom to rule. Will you come with me?” He asked and my eyes dimmed.


I stared blankly at him, gob smacked.
He wants me to go to hell with him?

“You…want me to come with you?” I asked and he nodded.

“But…there are enemies there right? There are people who are trying to kill you” I said.

“They only wanted me back. But, I’m definitely gonna handle them when I return.”

I exhaled and stared at the floor.

Going to hell…
I never thought of it.

But…I heard it was a terrible place.

“You’re wrong” he said with a scoff.

“Hell isn’t as terrible as you all think”.

He paused and turned to look at me, holding my hand.

“Come with me” he said.
“Just for a short time. Let me show you a glimpse of hell. And when I’m done, you decide if you wanna stay or return here to earth.

“Whatever you decide on, I’ll be okay with it”.

I furrowed my brows in surprise and stared into his face.


“Do you wanna give it a try?” He asked with his palm stretched out.

I looked at the open palm and cogitated.

Then I heaved and placed mine on his.

“Yes” I replied and he almost smiled.

He stared directly into my eyes and immediately, his eyes turned pure red and within the twinkle of an eye, I couldn’t feel myself anymore.
Hm. A trip to hell.

Author’s POV:
Do you think Damon and Roxanne should return to hell or stay back on earth?

Episode 34: Grand finale

        Roxanne’s Pov:
I was finally able to feel myself again and when I looked around, I discovered I was in a strange place. A strange place with a different atmosphere.

Luckily, Damon was beside me, still holding my hand and that was the only thing that stopped me from panicking.

He started walking with me and we approached a tall huge building with a big black door.
They were some armed guards by the door and the moment they spotted us, shock crept into their faces.

I looked at each other in surprise and looked back at us.

“My Lord” they finally called and went on their knees immediately, keeping their heads bowed.

Damon maintained a straight face as we walked pass them and surprisingly, the big door in front of us opened on it’s own.


We entered the gigantic room and my jaws dropped.

It was a throne room.

Yes, obviously.

There were some people in it who seemed to be having some sort of discussion and immediately they saw us, they all gasped in fright.

       Author’s Pov:
The members of the council were all in a meeting when the door suddenly opened with Damon coming in with a lady.

“What?” The first elder exclaimed unconsciously.

Lucifer was back in hell?

They were aware he had been able to defeat the black Angels that were sent after him. But they never expected he’d return at that moment.

Kaylan was overwhelmed.

She left where she stood and walked to where he was.

“Lu…Lucifer?” She called with a little quiver in her voice.
She had been so scared he wouldn’t be able to survive the black angels.

For the first time, she hugged him.
Although it wasn’t something she was supposed to do, but she had to. She felt so relieved seeing him there. She had never been in support of the elders trying to kill him.

Roxanne stared at the floor and they disentangled from the hug.

Then Damon left her and walked closer to the elders.
He left Roxanne behind as well.

“My…My Lord” the elders greeted immediately with their heads bowed.

Damon stood in front of them and crossed his hands behind his back.

“You shouldn’t be sitting when talking to me” he said and clicked his fingers and it forced them to their knees immediately.

“You’re surprised to see me, huh?” He asked.
“You thought I was dead”.

Then, the first elder stood up.

“You wouldn’t blame us, Lucifer. What did you expect? You left the kingdom hanging for years” she facile.

“And that was enough reason to want to kill me and the mother of my unborn baby?”  He asked and all eyes darted to Roxanne who felt her feet wobble at the spot.

“Since you were meant to be dead, we didn’t want any offspring of yours alive” the first elder replied.

The rest of the people in the room were surprised at how boldly she could speak to him.

Despite the fact they were all older than him, they dare not speak to him in that manner.

“You’ve grown so much wings huh?” He asked.
“Maybe you don’t need your tongue anymore”.

And immediately, she lost her tongue.
It just left her mouth and she couldn’t speak anymore.

“MNM” was all she could mumble when she tried to speak.

“Have a nice time in Oblivion” he added and stretched his hand towards her and a light struck her from his palm.

She cried out and got lost immediately – vanished like she’s never been there before.

The rest of the elders were drenched in fear and conniption as they kept their heads bowed.

“Please Lucifer, we’re sorry. We were only acting on her orders” the third elder said.

Damon took in a deep breath and kept his hands crossed behind his back again.

“What do you call a set of people that tries to kill me when I’m away?” He asked but no reply came from them.

“You’re not worthy to be called my subjects. Leave” he said and without a second thought, they sprang on their feet and ran out of the room.
All they needed was their life.

Now, the throne room was empty, leaving just Damon, Kaylan and Roxanne.

Well, it’d be very easy having them all replaced.

“Hey” Kaylan called as she stood to face Roxanne.

“You’re Gerald’s daughter right?” She asked and Roxanne nodded with a light smile.
She kind of felt nervous.

Then Kaylan hugged her.


“I thought you’d be dead the moment Lucifer sets his eyes on you. Funny to know you’re actually pregnant for him” she said and Roxanne just chuckled.

Yeah, funny indeed.

“Nice to meet you anyway” she added.

“Thanks” Roxanne replied and looked at Damon.
He was staring at both of them.

“Kaylan” he called when they were done.

“My Lord” she replied immediately with a bow.

“I want you to call for a meeting with all the members of the cabinet. I want everyone present and I want that done as soon as possible. I’ll be back” he said and took Roxanne’s hand.

“Come on” he stated and they left the throne room together.

Roxanne was stunned at the appearance of *hell*
She had expected to see flames of fire everywhere, but it turned out to be something different.

There were houses there – just that they looked different from the ones on earth. Even the atmosphere was different, looked foggy.

So many people were around, busy with activities and it amazed Roxanne that they were behaving just like humans.

All the people bowed in obeisance as Damon walked pass them.
That was actually the first time the King of hell was taking such a walk and they couldn’t help but be nonplussed.

A little kid ran up to Roxanne with a tiny flower.
The mother of the kid was scared to the teeth and tried calling her back, but the kid ignored.

“This is for you, pretty miss” she said with a smile as she held out the flower to Roxanne.

Roxanne looked at Damon and back at the kid.

“Thanks” she replied and took the flower from the kid who went scuttling Back to her mother.

“What do you think?” She asked as she showed the flower to Damon.

“That’s what happens when people like you. You can open with your powers” he said and she furrowed her brows.

“Huh? How?” She inquired.

“Just use your heart. Imagine it opening in your heart and it will be done in reality” he replied and she chuckled and looked at the flower.
It sounded interesting to her.

She stared at it and just like he said, pictured it opening in her heart. And it did.

She gasped and giggled. It was magic. She did it?

She giggled and looked at Damon with happiness.
He just smiled and took the flower from her, fixing it into her hair.

He smiled!

That was the like the first time he ever smiled.

Roxanne was gob smacked as she stared into his face. But she couldn’t ask him about it as he quickened his steps, probably trying to avoid the question.

They kept walking and finally got to a tall dazzling house.

“What’s this place?” Roxanne thought as Damon took her into the house.

Right there at entrance, they met some kids playing.

“Hah!” The children gasped the moment they saw them.

“It’s Lucifer!” They Exclaimed and ran to embrace him.

Roxanne was surprised. So, people got to embrace him? She thought they were all scared of him.

He received their hug and dropped to a crouch in front of them.

“How’ve you been?” He asked in that unruffled voice of his as he brushed his hands on their heads.
They were four of them.

“Mother! Lucifer’s back” one of them said while running into the house.

Who could there be to him?

Immediately, two women rushed out of the house and were started at the sight they beheld.
They placed their hands on their chest and stared in bewilderment.

Damon stood up and took Roxanne’s hand, going closer to meet them.

“Hi aunt” he said breezily as he stood in front of them.

“Lu…Lucifer?” His aunt called, shock resounding in her voice.

Oh! So, she was his aunt? Roxanne thought.

“You’re back?” The second woman asked and he gave a slight nod.

His aunt sighed and embraced him, clutching him tight.

She’d missed him. She never thought she could see him again – the only son of her late sister.

“Good day ma’am” Roxanne had to greet when they disentangled from the hug.

His aunt sniffed and looked at her.

“Who’s she?” She asked and Damon sighed.

“So, Gerald’s daughter wasn’t dead after all?” Damon’s aunt asked as they all sat and ate together in the dining.

“Well, it’s good to have you back, Roxanne.” The second woman said. “Although, your father did a lot of despicable things, but with the story so far, it’s obvious you’re different from him”.

“Thanks” Roxanne simply said with a smile.
It still pained her to be reminded of her father.

“What is earth like, Aunt Roxanne?” One of the children asked and she smiled and looked at Damon.

“Uh…it’s beautiful and just a slight difference with this place” she replied.

“Really? So, you mean its fun staying there?” Another asked.


The children looked at each other and stood up.

“Come with us, aunt. We have a surprise for you” they said and took her hand, trying to make her stand.

“Hey! What are you doing? Let her be” their mother tried to stop them but they giggled and succeeded in lifting her up.

Damon just smiled and looked down at his food as they took her out of the house.

They spent quite sometime over there and finally, Damon decided to leave.

The children who had been playing with Roxanne in the garden grumbled and begged her to return soon.

She hugged them tight before leaving.
So, this was what hell was like?

“I have one more place to take you” Damon said and held her both hands.

It was just like a flash and they found themselves in an entirely different place.

Roxanne looked around and noticed this place looked strangely different from the previous place they’ve been. It looked…ugly.

Damon held her hand and walked further into it.

“Your friend Naomi” he suddenly said as they walked along.
Roxanne snapped her head to look at him immediately.

Naomi, “She was threatened by Nicklaus to quit coming to school” he said without looking at her and she gasped.

No wonder she strangely stopped coming to school. So, it was Nicklaus all along?
He probably did it to get close to her.

But how did Damon get to know about it?

Suddenly, they got to a place which felt very hot. It was so hot that they had to stop walking.

What was that place? Roxanne thought.

“We can’t go any further” Damon said.

“Beyond here is the flames of fire; the horrible place of anguish and torment”.

Roxanne looked at him confused.
What was he talking about?
Flames of fire?

“Its a place created by Zeus to punish his followers who fail to keep his commandments” he further said.

“Zeus?” Roxanne repeated.

“Yes. He’s the immortal the humans refer to as God. He lives above – far up in the paradise – a place called Heaven” he enthused and Roxanne batted her lashes with a nod.

Oh! So, that was how it was? She’s never heard of it before.

Damon held her hands and within the twinkle of an eye, they were no longer there.

They appeared in the middle of a dazzling garden, filled with sparkling flowers. It was so beautiful like something Roxanne’s never seen before.

“So, Roxanne” Damon Called and stood to face her.

“What do you think?”

She bent her head and bit her lips.

The choices niggled at her.

Was she to stay or return to earth?

But if Damon leaves earth, what about his wealth and properties?

“I can leave them to your mum” he said, reading her thoughts.

She sighed and looked at him. But she was going to miss earth.

“You can always visit at anytime” he said, reading her thoughts again.

“Can you stop reading my mind?” She asked with an eye roll and he laughed.

He laughed!

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. It’s not something I can control” he replied and she sighed again.

Well, with the few moments she’s spent there with him, it didn’t seem bad – not at all.

Perhaps, staying there with him would be fun.

Besides, she couldn’t think of staying away from him. There’s no way she’d be able to cope.
She needed the father of her baby around.

“Then, be my Queen” he said as he placed his hand on her tummy.

She smiled and looked at it – his hand on her tummy.
How could she give up such a moment?

“I will, Damon. I will be your queen” she said with a beaming smile and he cracked.

He took his hand from her tummy and cupped her cheeks.

“I never thought this could happen to me” he spoke softly.

“What you’ve made me feel for you; I never thought I could feel it for anyone. Thank you Roxanne”.

She felt her melting. She didn’t even know what to say. All she could do was smile.

And slowly, he kissed her.

      The End

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