We need to stand against rape and sexual molestation especially for the safety of the girl child.
While she got some feelings of joy for having me as her lover I wasn’t, “I feel so exciting having such a romantic guy!” she exclaimed. My urge that tickles her fancy wasn’t satisfied, I still have to put more wood till I get the fire I wanted.
I didn’t fall in love with the Rose that’s sitting opposite me at the eatery though she did otherwise! The day I asked her out she was timid to respond but has been smiling ever since. She’s now in love with me; in love with my sugar coated mouth with flattery as words of delight, she’s in love with my cupid appearance, tall height with six packs abdominal muscles, brown skin with some charming eyes like the old Greek god Apollo.
I giggled because I still wished to have a hot romance, to lay my palm around her breast with a massage pleasure on mind, it was looking voluptuous behind her clothes even as I could see the cleavage. That was so exceptional like her smiles while she ate her cupcake with curiosity. Her breast wasn’t all I could say but her good shape behind, such butt that can give me gratification when she gives a lap dance. Although she never missed me her embrace or her sweet lips which I can’t stop kissing its delight but all those were just cover; I wanted to go through her brown skin, to go between her thighs, to rub my tongue around her nipples, all those she still has fear about.
She is one year older than me, but she has no doubt to age. It has been like two weeks we started dating after we met as internet friends. I held her hand as I exclaimed some sweet words at her, the words weren’t my motive but to get her attention as I scratched between her palm, but it looked obvious she was blur to understand.
She sat at my front between my laps as we watched movie together, I turned her on with the movie because it’s her hubby but that wasn’t my intention as I sat behind her on the bed. “The sun is also a star” was her favorite.
My hands were around her stomach stroking through, my mind was detecting when she’s lost by the movie as my hand began to caress her body till it got towards her breast, I paused waiting for her response, but she neither did as I continued.
“Stephen!” she squirmed as I got her attention.
“Tell me why? Why have you been always avoiding me, you promised me your all but here you are avoiding me your…” 
“I know,” Rose cried, “is love all about sex?”
“Can’t we enjoy the moment without some abstract feelings?”
“I know, but let me please even to this moment.”
“Stephen, I wish I could but I can’t. I feel just shy to.”
“Why“why.”” I asked.
“I dunno, can we have another topic of discussion?”
“We can’t continue to digress, it’ll still be brought up someday.” I explained as I caressed her arms lightly.
“You just wish to lure me on, I wish so, to gratify your pleasure, but… I’m not just in the mood.” She cried as she rested her back on my chest. I put my hand behind her cloth as I wished to make her breast my reach, to grab it with my full fist, my four inches dick was standing erect but she paid no attention.
“Stephen!” she removed my hand from around her breast.
“Gosh! What’ll I do?” I thought, my old bag of tricks seems to be empty as I’ve employed all but to no avail.
“I just have this fear.” She exclaimed.
“What fear?” 
“The fear of losing my virginity, the fear of insecurity…”
I interrupted, “won’t you one day lose your virginity?”
“I’ll but after marriage.”
“What if a situation make you lose it…”
She interrupted, “I pray that never happens.”
I digressed my attention as we continued watching the movie but I’ve her on mind. Soon I went out to get some snacks, there I was by the hallway fighting with my thoughts even as it gonna be our last discussion together as we were to embark on a lockdown break, “I can’t just let it be another day like usual.”
“Guy what’s up!” Dave my neighbour saw me bothered.
“…my girl is finding it difficult in having sex with me, she’s just afraid.”
He chuckled, “why not stir the tempo, turn her in and when she tries to resist don’t allow till she succumbs… keep condom beside oh before she go refuse.”
I smiled in concur as we shook hands. This time I was fed up as I entered my room, I gave her the snacks she requested for while I sat beside her.
The little chit-chat wasn’t what I was up to. Soon I rolled my tongue around my lips as I started caressing her body.
She looked at me as she whispered, “what do you want?” 
“It’s obvious!” I said as I gave her a kiss, soon we started smooching, the foreplay was tensed as I stripped her cloth off leaving her brassiere which I rushed to get the hooks off.
“Stephen!” she exclaimed as I loosed her brassiere and was about sucking pleasure from her virgin breast. She pushed me off lightly.
“What!” I asked.
“I can’t…” she cried.
This time I wasn’t remorse d as I dragged her close and started sucking her breast, she tried to resist but couldn’t. 
She cried as she couldn’t stand being stripped off fully exposing her nudity to someone forcing for pleasure to have it, making her go doggy for my erect stuff to dig in. This time the pleasure was on me as her butt pounded on my laps like the pestle with its pum-pum sound on the mortal, soon I pulled off and forced her to go down as she took my dick to her mouth, something so mouthful, but I pressured on her to grant my pleasure on it. I moaned softly as I felt to cum.
Getting into her again was like me in the dream world, such dream they I took hold fast without missing any part.
Her pussy was tight and stiffed at first to penetrate but I squashed it in slowly.
“Stephen…” she exclaimed with some moaning tears, it was sweet for me going between her thighs as I gave no respect to her tears.
The pleasure was so tensed that before I could pull out I’ve released inside her.
She cried when she noticed, when she felt that fate has come over her, she cried for the pains, her lost of virginity, the trauma she gonna experience but I want remorse, my feelings have been secured even as I watched her battle with sad pains.
“You gonna be fine,” I exclaimed. But then I said to myself. “Do you really love this girl or was just having lust over her and her physical appearance…”
Sexual molestation and rape has been one major issue surrounding the girl child, can we keep an end to this for her right is to be protected. She’s human and not to be abused with cruelty.
Relationship is not all about sex but love, togetherness, mutual feelings and interest. Still, we know that nobody is right, but everybody can live right.

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