“Jenni, see lemme tell you. It’s either you use your head or men will use it.” Favour exclaimed as she was having a close chit chat with Jennifer who was surprised at favour and her new IPhone 11 just unboxed.
“How did you do it? How much is the phone, who got it for you?” Jenifer was excited.
“The phone is over three hundred thousand!”
Jennifer interrupted with her mouth opened, “who bought it for you?” She knew that her regular five thousand short time fee can’t accumulate to three hundred thousand in weeks.
“It’s one chief I met.” Favour smiled, “he promised to spoil me with money if I continue to satisfy him.”
Jennifer smiled, “you’re lucky oh, yesterday was bad as no customer.”
Favour laughed, “get a daddy and leave this low class struggle. He also gave me one hundred and twenty thousand naira.”
Jennifer smiled, “it’s better than following all those small boys.”
“Try to get a sugar daddy!” Favour said.
Jennifer thought of Favour and how they started working for madam Rita.
Madam Rita, the owner of Rita’s kitchen and relaxation, a big time kitchen and guest house at an expensive government residential area, she has so many girls working for her. A short get fair lady who can be seen to be a product of bleaching even as she consumes much alcohol especially Budweiser her favourite.
Jennifer thought of when madam Rita came to their area.
“Babes, as una dey here, una dey make money?” Madam Rita asked as she visited one day, that was two weeks ago. Then school was on break and the both girls were idle of what to do.
“Madam, na money dey tiya person oh! If I see money now I for no dey here.” Favour replied.
“Make I employ una for my business na.”
“Which kind business?” Jennifer asked.
“This one na girls code business, you go dey make money daily…” Madam Rita explained all.
Favour concurred with the business but Jennifer wasn’t. Favour tried to convince Jennifer that it’s an opportunity to make more from the rich guys.
“…remember she said her business is at GRA, so na big men dey full there…” Favour explained.
After being convinced of their benefits Favour and Jennifer started working for madam Rita as one of the girls, it was going smoothly for them until two weeks later Favour appeared with IPhone 11, one of the latest expensive phone. This time Jennifer was moved to get a rich man, if not for anything but the IPhone.
That evening like usual, she was on her tight bum jeans and a raunchy top that exposed her nipples from behind, she was looking hot even on her feet butt and an apparel of nice deodorant with roses on cheek even as she appeared at the bar munching gum in her mouth, noisily. Dancing in allusion to the music streaming from the loader.
Few minutes later:
“Hot cake!” One guy exclaimed as he walked up to Jennifer.
“This one no be the one I dey find.” Jennifer grumbled within her, “how far Na?” She smiled.
“I dey oh, how far this hot look…” He teased.
“You go fit ride am?” Jennifer shook her waist at the guy.
“Om-oh…! Backa be like Dubai road…” The guy exclaimed.
“Hope say your 5k set make we enter house.”
The guy was like regular customer, she has seen him around though first time meeting her but that wasn’t who she wanted.
After the guy paid her she gave his erect dick some stroke for a while then wore it a condom, the guy tried touching her boobs but she resisted;
“Add money for that one.”
“Like how much for this hot boobs?” He asked.
“2k!” She smiled.
She knew the guy don’t have the extra 2k so no need to pull off her top even as she got on the bed and opened her legs for him to slide in his dick inside her pussy. All she was thinking was let the guy release fast even as the guy was pushing with much pressure.
She came out few minutes after the guy’s short time was over, then she watched a man with some robust look in his white agbada as he entered the bar.
“Madam Rita! Serve me my usual!” He giggled as he ordered for a bowl of cat fish pepper soup and Hero his usual beer.
Jennifer was set to attract his attention even as she walked pass shaking her hot butt.
“Hello lady!” He called with a loud voice, “are you just passing?” He said as Jennifer turned.
“Sorry, I never wanted to disturb you.”
“Disturb keh!” He guffawed, “I need your disturbance.”
Jennifer smiled as she sat near him, romancing his bald head.
“Oh…! She’s taking over me.” He exclaimed, “infact I owe this beauty an offer, I’ll spoil you this night…”
Jennifer grinned widely as she felt fulfilled.
She watched as he finished his pepper soup then she followed him into his Range Rover sport 2016 model as they drove to an exclusive hotel.
“Chief, there’s something I wanna ask you for?” Jennifer said as they were together on the bed after their first round of sex.
“What’s it? Speak for I’m all ears.” He exaggerated.
“Can you get me an IPhone…”
“Ah! IPhone 11, if that’s your problem then count it done.”
Jennifer was excited at his comment.
“Later I’ll sign you a cheque of five hundred thousand naira, you can get your IPhone 11 and keep the rest for logistics…”
“Oh! That’s why I love you.” She said as she rubbed her hand on his chest.

To join the IPhone babes was Jennifer’s dream and there she got it after a night with chief Bola, but she didn’t only get the IPhone but lost hope of survival even as she was tested positive to Aids. It wasn’t looking good as her immune system wasn’t strong in fighting it.
“Will I ever love again?” Jennifer cried.
“Babe, no fear! We go settle things out, no dey lose hope…” Favour said as they were together. She cried when she discovered Jennifer to be a sickle cell anaemia patient.
“I shouldn’t have followed you, I shouldn’t have tried stupid to get an IPhone…” Jennifer cried.
“Babe, I no like the way you dey talk, I tell you say no worry say I go see watin I go do but you dey talk negative.” Favour went out. She was bothered but not to the length of Jennifer who almost gave up to life, her actions were tragic but she was stopped before further repercussions.

The end.

By penhouse

Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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