…With this screaming, I accelerated to his room. Then I hear the scream coming from father’s room. But father’s room is locked, father and mum went for all night worker’s meeting in church. How Ray is screaming inside father’s room ponders my head. He screams louder banging and slamming the door thunderously. I could feel his pain. He struggles with the door knob trying to force open the door from inside. I could feel his frustration and agony, as he tries even harder screaming with a thousand cry. “Ray I’m trying to open the door form outside!” I said to reduce his fright but it wasn’t working, he is crying louder, his screaming is rising almost to extinguish his voice. Then I realize she is almost close to him. “No… No… NOoooooo!!!!” echoes louder until his voice fainted. I could hear something like a beast or some sort of a cannibal feasting on a fresh meat. This is the meat of Ray. My legs are wet and sticky. Gazing down, I saw my legs covered with blood, it is the blood of Ray. I couldn’t save my only brother, I let him down. Then I force the door open.  The door is still very strong, I tried with a Herculean strength to open the door. “Boom!!!” The door knob is my hands, the door is still lock. But this time, no more screams, yelling, shouting and door banging. I know I had lost Ray to her. Then I badge on the door with my strong shoulder as it breaks open. Everywhere is tidy, calm and neat as father’s room would always look. What really happened here, puzzled my mind. Where is the blood, the whole rancor was gone. The quietness is as calm as the night sea. Then, here is Ray shivering on the bed, clutching the pillow with great fear in his eyes.

        “Are you ok, Ray?” I asked in awe, while I get no response. He is still pinned to the bed, perhaps his little experience has beclouded his mind leaving it in a blank state like the popular philosophical tabula rasa. He could not still utter a word. Each time he tries, his words will fail to come out chocking inside his throat. “Calm down Ray, I know you’re terrified. I am too. I am also afraid and scared. This house is haunted and we need to inform dad immediately he returns but first we need to be strong together” I tried to give him courage but Ray remains transfixed, gazing at the king size wardrobe in father’s room. I turn to see the wardrobe door opening slowly, it means someone is in there. She is inside the wardrobe, probably she waited to kill us both. “Ray, what did you see, who is inside that wardrobe? Ray could not respond, just stirring at me like I am a ghost. His silence ignite this grilled unspoken tension in my soul. His eyes began to go wider, like he is seeing the invincible and the unimaginable, he begins to shiver more rapidly with hot burning tears dripping from his eyes. He struggles to point to the wardrobe again. Then it was really done on me that we are really dead.

         I took my last breathe as fast as I can before moving to the wardrobe. The same silent whisper I heard from the girl is coming from the wardrobe, this time with a sob in the voice of Ray. But Ray is on the bed and his sobbing voice is coming from the wardrobe. My mind must be crazy I guess, but no! This is real, I turned to Ray on the bed. He is still in his position, the door opens swiftly. I turned in fright with my eyes almost bulging out of its sockets. Then, there is another Ray, exactly in the appearance sitting in fear inside the wardrobe edge. Then suddenly, “Oh my God!!!” what was that sound?  A gothic and devilish laughter erupted from behind. “Then, I realized I have ever since been talking to the she devil, the terror of the night that has vowed to kill us. But why did she take the form of Ray? The thought that all along I’ve been talking to a witch in Ray’s form got my head swelling into bursting and tearing apart. I turned to behold this evil Ray on the bed, I saw Ray in the form of the witch I had seen earlier. He is now horrific, and dreadful and most terrifying. His eyes are mysterious, his right eye is dead white spilling blackish blood while his left eye is plucked out leaving an empty socket that just keeps gushing fresh blood sporadically. This is the height of my terror. Then his hands fell off from their shoulders creeping towards me. My eyes are almost running out of their sockets. Already I’m dead on the ground in fright. I crawl backward towards Ray in the Wardrobe as I still face the beast in front of me. This time, his legs are growing out from his body. Then, a snarling and growling voice begins to speak behind me, “Help me…Help me…!” Pleaded the voice. The voice remains Ray’s voice but the words of the witch. However, this fallen hands of Ray is still crawling to me. The voice behind turned my head towards the wardrobe. I saw Ray’s Head in his hand dripping fresh blood, his neck is still spilling blood like it was just cut off. In his right hand is the knife with which he used to cut his own head off. And now the head in his hand is looking at me, crying, laughing and pleading while he keeps moving towards me. The other legs and crawling hands of Ray from the bed are also close to me. Then I died with my head down.

             “Hey, it’s ok. Where is Ray” said the feminine voice from the hand that gripped me. “Mum!!! This house is haunted by a witch. I saw her, she is terrifying mum” I screamed, trying to explain to mum as I hugged her firmly to reduce my sorrow. Already I’m crying uncontrollably. “It’s ok. Mum is here now. Let’s go get Ray” She orders. Immediately we raced to Ray’s room. The door was wide open. This is unusual of Ray. Ray always locks his door for fear of waking up early by mum or dad. And now he sleeps with his door opened. There is no level of tiredness or forgetfulness that can make Ray leave his door open. I rushed to the bed. “Ray!” calling to wake him up. He is not waking. I continue to shake him harder but he wasn’t responding to stimuli still. “Ray!!” I yelled. “Mum, he is not waking up, mum…?” Mum is nowhere to be found. Then I realized that it wasn’t mum. Mum doesn’t come alone to check on us, she must come with dad and so it has been all my life. But this time, she came alone and now she is not in the room she brought me in. Ray’s phone displays an image of Ray sleeping in the same position I met him. He can’t take a picture of himself sleeping. It means someone took the photo while he is still sleeping. But then, Ray doesn’t have a phone, Ray slept on my bed last time. “Wait a minute! Did I just get deceived again for the third time by that witch?” because Ray does not have a room yet, we stay together in the same room and the last time my brain can remember we were on the same bed in my room seeing a movie before we said goodnight. So it means mum never came back, and this is not Ray’s room. It means Ray is not the one lying on the bed now and it means this place is not anywhere related to our house. “Then, where am I?”

         As the thoughts perused my head, a strong wind ensued as the boy rises up with the speed of light. He is hanging and daggling in the air and he laughs at me hysterically. I run to the door that slams against me, shutting me inside immediately I approached it. Then, I was on the floor, this dangling figure is now four in number; the bleeding and terrifying girl, the horrific Ray, mum and the boy. They sing in a harmonious manner like the witches of east end, “Today we take what is ours! Your soul is ours! We will rip your soul!” this is the sounding chorus from the evil voices. Their voices increased even louder as they come to me with a great speed and a mighty wind, all starching their hands to harvest me.

       “Hey! Peter, what are you still doing on the dinning by this time?” this voice in my head startles me. It is the voice of mum. “Oh gosh I’ve been dreaming on the dining table.” “You better park up those plates to the kitchen, tidy everything before you guys go to bed” she instructed. “Yeah mum, I will. I’m just feeling a light headache.” I complain to reduce further instructions. “Less I forget, please stay safe with your brother, I and you father will be going for an all-night workers meeting in church and we’re already running late.” She exits to the room calling out to father so they could start leaving. Something very striking happened, the wall clock in the dining is 12:47am. I know what always happen during this period. Am I in another dimension of a nightmare or my nightmare came to my reality? Then mum comes out with dad, they are set to leave. “But it’s late! This is past mid night! You can’t go!” I explained trying to persuade them not to live, maybe because I was afraid. “Hey Peter, are you ok? This is just few minutes to 9pm and we’re going to be driving” said dad. I feel lost and confused. The time is 8:47. Though I am a bit relaxed, but the idea of 47 repeating itself aroused my fancy. Then comes this bold imprint on the wall, “I WILL BE COMING FOR YOU. DON’T BE AWAKE BY 12:47”.

      The imprint on the wall gradually moves out through the window. Then I saw her going to another apartment, she turns back to look at me with her demonic smile. She is going to the window of another apartment. Someone is inside the room alone or in the living room or toilet. She doesn’t have restrictions, she can manipulates her way into any building. She visits people that reads about her stories and that was how she came to me and now she is coming to you. Look at your window, she might be outside, on your bedside, beside you or even killing someone you love. I saw her going to the apartment with great speed for massive destruction. All of a sudden, I could not see her again. She is now inside the room with her victim, for fear of what her victim would go through this night, I screamed out my voice. Then, I woke up from my bed, with sweat dripping all over me. The clock is ticking, “TICK! TOCK! TICK! TOCK!” then I looked at the clock, it is ……… 12:47. Is this another  dream or my catahauling nightmare invading my reality? “Wake me uuuupppp!!!” I screamed but my voice produced no sound. I realized that this is a reality I must accept. I’m going to die in this dream before I wake. But dying in my dream means dying in my reality because these dreams won’t stop until I finally wear out to death.

              “Help me…!” Came that same still sobbing voice. The room is windy and stormy. “Help me!” Came the voice again. But this time, not from my window, it is within. The voice is calling directly and above slightly above my head, the voice is sounding besides me, even more so it sounds louder from my behind…

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Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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