The next day was a Saturday, and I did not have to wake up early. Soon after I got up from the bed, I went straight to the kitchen after dressing my bed and cleaned my room. I did the dishes and clean the house. Mum and dad had already left very early in the morning to see a family friend for whatever I don’t care about. I got to know because Mum text me, she said she did not want to wake me up from my sleep. When I finish all I needed to do, I went out and sat right in front of my house facing Greg’s house. Some minutes later he came out of the house with his mum and dad, they looked so lovely together. They played and got along well, I don’t know what happened but there’s really this cold out of my eyes. I begin to remember my parents, I never loved them and I always have in mind that one day I’ll have to kill them but here is someone freely associating with his parents. “Why does he not have the same mindset, what is so special about them” I started crying silently, I felt something sharp was piercing straight into my heart. My spirit was just so weak I felt bad terrified and horrible. Soon enough Greg parents went inside and afterwards he came to sit with me.
I tried to clean my eyes but he already noticed that I was crying, “What’s the matter, what’s wrong with you? He asked. “Nothing. I’m fine. I am perfectly fine” I immediately replied but deep down I knew I needed someone to talk to. After much persuasion I opened up and told him everything; my hatred for my parents my mission to kill them and my weird lifestyle. After everything he just smiled and said to me, “Maya you can format memory card and flash out every useless programs from your device” he said. I was confused. I imagine the world as a cruel world and that was why I thought cruelly. He also said, “You can think of the World as something nice, as a Place full of love then only can your life be better” he advised me a lot and after our discussion I felt as if a big lump had been pushed down my throat, as if the spare that was piercing my heart has been removed and my wound healed but then I could not phantom why I was listening to him and why I hated my parents so much. Soon after I went into my room a change person entirely and my dad and mum come back I went to hug them. I made dinner for them and when I was about to go to sleep for the first time in my life I told them “I love you mum, and I love you too dad” this almost gave dad a heart attack as tears roll down his chick. I quickly went to my room and when I wanted to sleep, I tried something new as I knelt down beside my bed to pray and what came out of my mouth was, “Dear God, teach me love. I don’t know why I act the way I do, why I behave this way to my parents and others. I don’t even know why I want to kill my parents and everybody around me. Help me dear Lord. Format my memory card and let your will be done. Make me a new person”. Before I slept I cried, I believe it was tears of joy.
 On Monday 21st of August was a day I will never forget. I was in school when a teacher walked into my class and called me out and dropped a bomb on me. I was told that my parents were involved in a ghastly motor accident. I felt this sharp shock and shrilled pain within. “Now that I’m beginning to enjoy my parents and love them, this can’t be happening to me” I hurriedly stepped out of my class not knowing that Greg was following me. Immediately I cross the road, “B…O…O…M” I heard this sound right behind me. This sound was great, it was an accident, Greg down and I ran away. I could not behold the sight for it was cruelty. I saw Greg lying lifeless in his pool of blood. My screaming and calling for help attracted the neighbors around. Thank God we still have well-meaning citizens. They carried him while I joined them, I cried and held him greatly begging him to stand up. I cried till we got to the hospital, immediately I went straight to a doctor to alert him of the situation, the doctor and his team carried Greg into the emergency ward. I was still grieving over my parents and getting ready to leave the hospital when I bump into my aunt, she told me that  she was with my parents. I was shocked that they were in the same hospital and I was a bit relieved because it reduces stress.
I immediately called Greg parents and rushed to see my parents. On the site of my parents I almost fainted, my heart was almost in my mouth because of the gruesome state they were. It was terrifying and horrible, they seem like life has already gone out of them. I ran out of the ward only to bump into the doctor as he was telling the man that bought Greg to the hospital that Greg’s case is very critical and if he would survive, it will be a miracle. These words sounded in my head breaking every bone and marrow. I ran to a quiet place, I sat down with a heavy heart. I said so many things, once again I felt like there was no God. I began to sink back into my cruel world “God! You just couldn’t spare me few days of happiness. The parents I never loved, now that I am beginning to show them affection and also receive their undying love for me, you want to take them away from me. The friend I never had in life, now Greg is here and you want to take him away. I should have never shown any atom of affection! God I prayed on Saturday and this is how you answer me? Please is this your loves for me? I asked for your will to be done and this is what you will do for me? God I love those people in there, I love them so much I may not know how to pray but I know how to beg please these are my people and I love them from the depth of my heart. Please take me instead and leave these innocent people that have wholeheartedly serve you. Take a wicked and cruel person like me please…”
These words ensued fluently from my mouth as I cried bitterly. With that I headed straight to Greg’s ward. When I got there, strangely I slowly knelt down besides Greg’s bed and held his bed and cheerfully sorted out so many things. “Greg you’re one of the people I value most in this world, you taught me to think of the world as a lovely place but you are the one trying to make it a cruel place. Greg you must stay alive to watch me change for good. You are one of the reasons I smile today, you taught me to relate with people and the world at large. Greg fight!!! You have to fight for your parents, for your friends, for God and also for me. Greg you have to help me!!!” immediately he began to move furiously I got scared and ran to call for help. When the doctor came in, he asked me to go out I ran out meet my mum in her ward, she was lying down calmly. I was really scared, I went close to her and knelt down as I began to say so many things “Mum I know you can hear me, but you won’t talk to me. I came to tell you that I am sorry for my recklessness. I’ve been more than cruel to you and Dad and I regret my actions. Ok Mum I promise that if you get well for me I will always smile, I will go to church regularly, I will make friends and I will change for good. Please mum get up for me” Mum was still lifeless then I prayed an unsure prayer, “Dear God, can you see my mum on this sick bed? The once strong and vibrant mum now lie here like a worthless log of wood and what do you have to say about this? Okay wait a minute; she prays regularly, she goes to church, she serves you wholeheartedly and you let all this happened to her? 
I dashed out to see Greg, when I got to his ward what I saw was not the Greg I knew. Neither was he the Greg I left few minutes ago. He was ice cold and wasn’t moving at all. “Greg!!!” I screamed and shouted but there was no response. I shook him while crying intensely but he still remains lifeless, my heart sank I felt blank like the whole earth was on pause mode. My head is spinning I felt cold but inside me was burning, hot tears stream down my cheek. Greg was dead, it was more like a dream. I was waiting for someone to wake me up. I thought it was just a joke but no! This is reality, my Greg is dead, and I never had time to spend with him. I cried bitterly as I spoke to myself “So this is how life is? I had always wanted to kill people, I was never cautious of the pain that comes with it”. Greg was simply an angel that came to change my life and now is mission on earth is fulfilled and he has gone back to his master. “Why me? Why Greg? I don’t deserve to live. God is this your bill for my life, is this what I get for changing my ways? Please do well to take me along, take me also God” I said as I shouted and the nurses came to carry me out of the hospital. I saw Greg’s mother was weeping bitterly, I went over and she hugged me tightly and told me that Greg said he will be watching me and I should not let him down. I broke down immediately and cried my eyes out, then she consoled me and said that I was letting Greg down. Immediately I wiped my eyes and smile.
 Two weeks later my parents were discharged and it was Greg’s funeral. My mum cried a lot but she was consoled and taking away by my dad. Soon after everyone left the burial ground leaving only me by the grave. I stood there saying nothing, I just cried silently for a long time before I dropped my flowers on the Grave. Then I heard a voice saying “you can format your memory card and flash out every useless programs from your device” I smiled inwardly knowing it was Greg and I looked up, it was as if the sun was smiling down at me then I knew that Greg was really watching me and I promise never to let him down. I went home that day, as a different person and I changed my perspective of being stubborn, being wicked, being a nerd and I worked hard to make sure everyone was proud of me and most especially so that I won’t let Greg down since he was watching me. And most times I would sit out look at the sun and smile, because I knew Greg was there for me and that gives me strength in life.
The end.

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Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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