I’ll wrestle a thousand men
to find you,
I’ll raid the walls of Rome
to gaze upon you,
I’ll tear open the heavens
in search of my emerald,
Have eyes ever beheld such beauty?
Have men ever beheld such graciousness?
Buttocks full but waist narrow
See, see men bend their necks.
See, as their gaze lingers.
You’re my Lottus  flower.
You’re my unbruised petals.
Aphrodite wouldn’t dare to rival
Apollo will play fine music.
Subligaria will fall upon arousal
And when I’ll shake the sheets
by night.
You’ll scream that
Jupiter and his gods may bear witness
From above the castles of men.

Oh! Men would worship our bedchamber by day
 the gods will adore by night.
We shall quake open the heavens
In warm embrace
until a seed takes hold.
Who’ll dare to defile our sacredness
No mortal!
Not even the gods
Else, Olympus might quake in my wake

‘Cause I’m beyond a god
In the shores of your beauty.

By penhouse

Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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