Nymphomaniac girl at High school


We all like sex, that sweaty feeling of unguarded passion running through your brain, the way our heart beats faster, the unimaginable sensation we feel when we are about to feel when we cum, its like flashes of heaven and the addiction is what keeps us coming back for more.
My name is floxy, the word “nymph” never meant anything to me as a child, i grew up noticing i like the rush of water from the bathtub how it makes my vagina feel, i loved that feeling so much that i would wait for everyone in the house to bath so that i can spend real quality time in the bathroom and enjoy my “special time”.
My Inchoate nymphomaniac lifestyle really started when i was 11 years old, i would watch my elder brothers porn book, i would steal it from under his bedcovers and admire those huge dicks and loved the way the models would keep their moaning faces, the glossy magazine became my new addiction, i would stir at it most times and wonder away in thoughts, i knew i needed to experience that, i couldn’t find someone to help me and disvirgin me, every boy i knew then either sees me as a child or the guy himself is a child like me too, I scouted for so long but no willing dick was available until chris came my way…
Chris our family driver, a tall fair guy, he was the one saddled with the responsibilty of taking me to school and also taking me home when its school over, i imagine how the size of his dick was, i imagined and wished that his size was as huge those dick i saw on the glossy magazine, i would watch his dangle in his boxers anytime he pulls his trouser to wash dads car, so i decided to find a way to make him disvirgin me..
On this fateful day it was raining heavily after school hours as he came to pick me from school, we drove towards the major road and got stuck in traffic, the air condition from car was so strong that the air from the vent was blowing straight to my vagina because i sat in the front sit with him, and that cool air made my pant so cold and i couldn’t control myself, so i turned and watched him as his head was on the stirring while he slept off, i was afraid but i had this inner pressure that was compelling to do what my instincts was telling me, so i stretched my hand and reach for his trouser as i began to caress his loin region, hoping i would have a feel his dick, i couldn’t feel anything so i decided to press a little bit harder and that was when he jumped up from his slumber, turned towards me with his heavy eyes and said,
Chris: Floxy you don dey mad abi? see dis small girl oh! wetin you dey do? dis world don spoil finish.
I was clothed with shame, i kept my face down and hoped the long journey hope would come to an fast, but the way chris began to associate with me after that day began to give me hope that he might change his mind, he would always spank my bum-bum and smile and say.
Chris: Floxy you don dey grow up, before you know you go begin do yanga for men!
I would smile and shake my tiny waist as i walked past him, he decided to make my nympho circle complete on this day he picked me from school, i noticed he wasn’t taking the normal route home and i enquired to know why and he smiled as his right hand went straight to my thighs
Chris: i wan carry you go place you and me go relax, abi you no want am?
He knew i wanted it badly and couldn’t reject such offer, we swerved and parked under a mango tree in a ver lonely road, as he lowered my seat and it turned into a mini bed and i smiled as our eyes caught with each other, and he began to caress my thighs, this time his hands were firm and soft, he began to undress me as he caressed me, took off my pinafore and my pants as he began to fondle with my peanut sized boobs and play with my vagina, as his fingers wanted to enter my vagina, i screamed and pushed his hands away..
Chris: So this girl you be virgin sef, then fuck come dey hungry you like this, no be me go spoil you, dress make we deycomot from here.
I couldn’t believe i would not get to taste a feel of how being fucked feels like, so i begged chris and pleaded that he disvirgins me, but he remained adamant that he would not try such, out of anger, i opened my bag, brought out my pen and disvirgined myself, as the tip of the pen tore my hymen apart and ripples of blood began to flow. ..


He was gripped with fear as i used my handkerchief to wipe of the blood and turned to him
Me: Uncle come and do me na
Chris: Dis girl u get mind o, i don dey fear you
He opened the pigeon-hole and brought out vaseline, collected a little quantity as he pulled his trouser and revealed to me my first sight a dick before, he let me touched it before he rubbed the vaseline all over his cock, squeezed himself over as he moved to the other side of the sit i was sitting, spread my small legs apart and looked me in the eyes
Chris: Dis thing fit pain you but no shout o!
As he inserted his dick, i almost fainted for his huge cock almost tore my vagina apart, he would remove his dick and wait for a while before he will try the painful penetration again, then he began to fuck me, jerking his waist as he made me suck his nipples, he kept going for almost another 15minutes as i began to enjoy the session, when i was about to cum, i had this strange experience that i have not had before, that sensation threw me off balance as i used my hand to direct him to thrust harder and faster.
It was that day that the nympho in me was unleashed, i would see any guy on the road and imagine the good things he could do to my vagina, chris and i began to fuck virtually all day after school, we would drive to our normal spot and he would fuck me good, he thought me different position, made me give him fellatio and i was enjoying the experience.

Three days gone and chris didn’t take me to our spot as usual and give some wild sex oats, rather he would keep his face like has angry and drove home straight, i got too hungry for some ‘action’ and i wasn’t get it, in my room i have use the candle in my room to masturbate, neither was the cucumber mum bought to make salad good enough for me to wank and feel relieved, so on this particular day he came to pick me from school, i tried touching his thighs, he pushed my hand away
Chris: Floxy you no dey tire? we no dey anything jare, i no know say na so you like prick reach.
Me: Uncle chris please na, oya just come do me that thing for only today, i won’t ask you of it again
Chris: No oh! i say i no do
I knew he had made up his mind so if i don’t act fast i would sure go home hornier than ever
Me: Uncle chris i swear if you don’t take me to that place, if we reach house now i’ll tell my mum what you and i have been doing
Chris: Dis small girl! i talk am say you be ogbanje, say you go put me for trouble.
I began to cry as he said those words.
Chris: Why you dey cry? you want fuck abi? oya wait you go see fuck today run.
Chris reversed the car and drove to that spot, this time he walked and acted angry, he came down from the car, open my door, grabbed me by my pinafore as we walked into an uncomplete building
Chris: lie down here, comot your cloth keep make e no dirty, athink you want fuck, i go fuck you today you go know say na play idey place with you since.
He pulled his trouser and hung it on a nail, began to stroke his dick to gain erection as i pulled my pinafore, he used empty cartons littered around the building to create a makeshift bed, laid my back to the ground as he inserted his dick, the raw flesh to flesh contact bruised my vagina because i wasn’t even wet, then he began to f**k me like a bitch!, ramming my pussy so hard that i moaned but he was quick enough to use his to cover my mouth as he kept f**king me so hard that my eyes turned red and tears began to flow from the corner of my eyes, out of pain and finding a way to make him stop, i grabbed his singlet and squeezed to his neck to see if i can choke him and make him stop but rather ignited the devil in him more
Chris: Shey you say you wan fuck? you go tell your mummy abi?
He kept say those words as he was using his dick to beat my vagina hard, i grabbed his singlet this time and tore it, it was then he removed his hand from my mouth and began to skillfully whine his waist round as his dick met my vagina, my put of ecstacy was so ground breaking as i lifted my tiny legs and moved my waist up to meet his hard stroke and my cum gushed like a fountain and he kept going, ramming and moaning until i felt his cum shots deep inside my vagina
Chris: Dress up make we dey go
As we drove home that day i was far more happier than ever, i enjoyed the bitchy sex than the normal sex routine, he never knew my passion for sex was ignited more but no quenched like he imagined his rough sex would do to me…

I would sit in class and all i could think of is closing time so that i could get back under Chris and let him ravage my body, but as time went on, it was obvious he got tired of me, i complained about him to my mum and he was sacked, my excuse? i told mum he keeps coming late and he beats me alot, being the pet of the house i would get anything i want done.
bro. bayo my lesson home teacher was my next port of call, he just finished SS3 and instead of him to stay idle, my mum employed him to coach me in some science courses and i was happy, over time i have come to love the art of flirting, you see a man who barely cares about you but with the power of lust encoded in the male gene, a mere flash of a vagina, he is singing halleluyah and promising both heaven and earth, all in a bid to satisfy his insatiabl lust.
Bro bayo looked like the typical church boy, quiet and never smiles, his looks would make you handover your daughter under his care and when he gets the needed chance, he would corrupt your daughter to a point of no repentance, i never made the move to lure him rather he was the one that made the move, we would be in my room, door closed while its just the two of us at home.
Bayo: Floxy your a fine girl o, if only you were a correct girl i’ll like to have you as my girlfriend.
Me: {Smiling} brother! am not a small girl o, i have had a boyfriend before o
Bayo: Serious? does he touch you like that?
Me: Bro bayo, if i tell you now you will go and tell my mother
Bayo: look at this girl, am the one even scared if you will go and tell your mother
Me: No i won’t na
Bayo: Oya come close
He drew me close and gave me a deep kiss, and since I didn’t protest, he pulled my skirt up and we had sex.

Bro bayo’s was the whole slept me all through my JSS3 until i moved into senior class, bro bayo was the one screwing me, i knew i need more hands to be able to quench this burning desire inside of me and SS1 was my “go card” i had been looking for.
walking down the veranda of the senior secondary section, i saw a classmate of mine crying, she had catarrh drooling out of her nose, as i walked up to her to enquire why she was crying, she bowed her head in tears and told me
Girl: Senior jude, the one they call barb wire
Me: Yes?
Girl: Him and his friends rape me, the dragged me into the bush and raped me.
I didn’t feel sorry for her, i wished i was been raped, how can someone have too many dicks and complain? i needed to be stuffed like her and i turned immediately and left the place, while she kept crying, all i could reason was where i could locate barb wire and his friends so that we can rape me as much as they want.
After over an hour of futile search, i had lost hope of seeing barb wire and his friends until i decided to go urinate in a nearby bush, it was then i saw him and two other of his friends as they sat down, smoking something that looked like marijuana and walked towards them, when i was closer to where they could see me clearly, i raised my skirt, pulled my pants off and made sure as i knelt down that my gaping vagina was staring them to the face.
Barb wire was the first to bend down to get a very clear view of it, i heard his other friend called Stone as he pushed barb wire and said
Stone: Barb wire you see fresh toto? omo if we no chop dis thing we don jonse
Barb wire: You dey craze ni? your oga never give order you dey talk anyhow.
My pant in my hands, and my skirt still up, i turned to all of them and touching my vagina as i said
Me: Stone i know guys like you, only mouth but no action
The shock in their eyes almost made me laugh.
Me: Yes na, even if i allow the three of unasef, you guys can’t do anything
Barb wire: if we no fuck dis girl today make i die, i go fuck until your toto bleed
And Barb wire gave them order to drag me deep into the bush, I never made move to run and walked with them into the bush until we got to our abandoned agric poultry farm, barb wire told me to pull my clothes of which I did gently and neatly, not wanting to dirty my school uniform.
I laid my back on the ground as barb wire told me to suck his dick, just then stone and his other friend brought out their dicks too, amongst all the other friend that barely says a word was the most endowed amongst all of them, as the trio of them surrounded me and I was sucking them and making sure they enjoyed it, Stone like I imagined was the first to moan like a fool as I sucked him and he shoot his cum straight into my mouth…


Barb wire made sure Stone and his other friend placed the raffia palm well for me so that I could lay my back on it well, I was not even given even any foreplay to turn me on, rather he wet his dick with his spit and inserted his dick forcefully into my pussy and forcefully began to fuck me, I felt his flesh rub against the inner wall of my pussy hard that I moaned out so loud that the lazy Stone turned toward me from where he sat holding barb wire’s shirt
Stone: You don dey shout now abi?
He wasn’t the one giving the inner walls of my pussy bruises but his mouth kept running like a loosed tap
Stone: Today you go hear am!
While barb wire was busy going in a back and forth motion so fast that I grabbed him by the shoulder, his other friend brought his very thick cock and knelt down close to my mouth as he gave me signal to suck his dick and Stone began to rant again
Stone: Yes suck am so that you no go dey shout too again
I hurried grabbed that masterpiece of God’s well crafted arts into my mouth, he gagged me with that I began to cough, while he squeezed my boobs and was playing with my clitoris, amongst the three of them, it was obvious that he was the one who know’s where and how to touch a woman’s body, because he expertly used the tip of his fingers to rub my clit so slow and soft and I kept groaning with his dick in my mouth.

Just like the porn movies I use to watch at home in my room, I was cumin and my legs were shaking so slow like it caught tremor, when Barb wire was about to cum, I noticed his face became so stern looking and the breeze from his breath was felt on my neck and Stone keep jeering him to victory
Stone: O boy fuck dis toto make dis girl believe you today
And he became to fuck so fast while it hung my leg in the and my pussy kept making sound “pkam! Kpam!” The lubrication was too much for Barb wire to cum as he withdrew his dick just few seconds to cum and his semen sprayed all over the raffia and some on his boxers and Stone started again
Stone: Choi! Oga Barb wire, you dey finish work!
As he stood to wipe the semen off his boxers, his other friend immediately switched places with him and slowly inserted his huge dick too, that was when I really felt that something huge enough has entered my body, the cool thing about this guy was that he didn’t need to fuck me hard because his long thick cock was going deep and hitting all corners of my pussy.
He would slowly whine his waist and then move his waist back and forth fast and then slow down a bit, I felt it right deep into the canal of my cunt, and then he would grab my boobs and then suck my nipples, flatten his tongue on it and lick it so sensual while his waist was whining like a makossa dancer, and he would bring out his dick, use the cap of his dick to flog the outer part of my cuntlips and clitoris before inserting deep again, I wished he never stopped because I was having multiple organsm and you could visibly see my cum drool out as it find its way down to my butt hole, my pussy was filled with whitish liquid as it also rubbed all over my thighs and that was all my cum.
Barb wire and Stone watched with total amazement as their friend tutored them on how to make a pussy feel good, he then began with heavy. and deep strokes, he would insert the full length of that cock into my pussy and only what is seen its the base of his groin region lapping to my pussy mound, then he would grab just my nipples, leaving my breast to juggle from his hard strokes, I covered my eyes and my hands on his ears as he then began to hit it like I have always dreamt of, I felt him deep inside me to a point I began to yell and begged him to keep on like that, he continued for almost another 3 minutes and I could my pussy wall gripping his dick tight, my clit fully erect as he kept pinching my nipples so hard, my cum was so voluminous this time that it sprayed out like it was a fountain, but this guy kept fucking me with the same precision and strength that my cum sprayed so large again and Stone went ranting again

Stone: I tell you say we dey fuck oh! You no dey see am? My guy drill dis toto for joor
And he let out a smile from the corner of his mouth as he kept driving me crazy and then he yelled
Guy: Omo I go release o! Yes I go soon release
And he withdrew his dick, I have never seen anyone in my life which such large volume of cum, those huge balls of his really poured out loads of semen that it poured like a mini pool of water right under my pussy, I laid there grasping for breath as I said
Me: Thank you for making enjoy you
And we had someone clapping and we all turned to see MrAdewale our agric teacher as he kept saying
ADEWALE: Correct! I say very correct
Still on the ground, I noticed the huge bulge on his trouser and wished I could tell him to shut up and come join the party but since he is my teacher we have to obey him
ADEWALE: All of you should dress up and follow me to the staff room, today I’ll show you pepper..

MrAdewale dragged us all to the staff room and knelt us down, he made Barb wire lie on the table as he flogged him with all his strength but Barb wire laid there looking up as the cane met his buttocks, he didn’t even shake an inch or rubbed his buttocks in pain.
ADEWALE: I will flog you 24 strokes and make sure you serve punishment after this.
He flogged Barb wire complete strokes he had apportioned to everyone, next to climb the table was the other guy who barely talks nor smile, he kept his fist clenched and the dust on his trousers would come out each time his strokes meets his buttock, by the time MrAdewale counted 20, Stone who was kneeling down beside me began to cry.
Stone: Sir please o! I did not do anything, sir please I am not feeling fine..

MrAdewale turned towards him, pointing the cane at him and said
ADEWALE: You a rolling stone that gathers no moist, your mouth keeps running loose, I will flog you today until you bleed..
And Stone cried like a baby when it was his turn to climb the table, MrAdewale flogged him with so much anger that his strokes came with fast velocity and almost tore his trousers, by the time he was counting 20, the cane was almost shattered as pieces of the cane flew at different angles and MrAdewale was breathing heavily and sweating, he couldn’t complete his 24 strokes as he stopped, looked at us and said
ADEWALE: Now all of you run to your classes
I stood up, used my handkerchief to wipe the dust off my feet and turned to follow the rest back to our classroom and MrAdewale sat on his table and looked at us as we left his office
ADEWALE: Come Floxy, where do you think your going? Have I punished you yet? Will you come back here before I get angry with you
I turned back and walked back into his office as Barb wire and co left his office, he paused for a while, looked me in the face and said
ADEWALE: Who taught you how to do all I saw you display today?
I didn’t say a word as I stood still with my head down and he continued..
ADEWALE: I know you must be very tired now but immediately after school I want to see you in my office, you can go for now
In class all I could think and wish for was that MrAdewale takes off my bra and use that huge bulge I saw in his trousers to ram me crazy! The moment the school bell rang for school over, I ran straight to his office only for me to realise that his office was locked inside, so I stood at the door waiting for him to open and attend to me, I heard moans from inside his office, I peeped through the window binds and saw our deputy senior prefect Dorida, as she laid on the table, her long skirt thrown wide open as she used her jaw to hold the tip of the skirt, MrAdewale knelt down and was sucking her pussy, his dick out of his trousers, he used one hand to stroke it while he was sucking SnrDorida so well that she was shaking her head from left to right, wriggling her waist and moaning and she kept touching MrAdewale’s hair.
Sex can humble even the strongest of them villains, MrAdewale was just so humble as SnrDorida kept moaning and was saying
Dorida: That’s ma boy! O yes! Teacher your good
My cum was dripping of so hard, didn’t even know when my hand unbuttoned the first two buttons of my shirt and I was squeezing my nipples as I watched them, I kept squeezing my nipples and peeping through the window, I saw Mr. Adewale standing up, rubbing the cap of his dick with his left hand while the other hand was playing with Snr. Dorida’s clit, She almost fell out of the table as she jerked her waist faster and was shaking her head like she was convulsing.
I couldn’t believe that Snr. Dorida who reads the bible everyday at morning devotion at the assembly could get down and naughty like this, I got carried away until I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see Uncle Martins our chemistry appear before me…


Uncle Martins frowned as he asked me what I was looking at and what my hand was doing inside my bra, he peeped and saw Mr. Adewale in hot action as he smiled and said
Martins: You seem to like what they are doing inside there, you this small girl
He immediately knocked hard on the as he said
MARTINS: Padi, open na your guy
Mr. Adewale opened the door, strutting his huge dick before Uncle Martins and he drew me inside and Snr. Dorida was shocked as she closed her legs and brought her skirt down
ADEWALE: Martin seriously how did you discover this girl? You know say she dey finish work? Na today I fear you
MARTINS: Wetin you dey talk? Na in front of your office I see her as she peep you through window..
ADEWALE: Shun my man, fire down, this girl would put you on that side and dis-orientate you waist for you
MARTINS: {smiling and pointing at me} dis small girl? You no know wetin you dey talk.
ADEWALE: {Turning towards me} come floxy, you know your punishment?
I shook my head saying no and Mr. Adewale continued
ADEWALE: You will do the same thing I caught doing with your classmates in the bush earlier today.
I kept a sad face but inside my heart I was having a party already, I didn’t waste anytime, I hurriedly took of my clothes not to give Uncle Martins the chance to change his mind about that, he drew me close and told me to sit on his bosom, began to fondle my breast as he asked me
MARTINS: So you were caught in the bush today having sex right?
And just in time Mr. Adewale cuts in and said
ADEWALE: This girl your calling small girl handled three of her classmates and made sure all of them were satisfied
He spread my legs apart and began to finger me with his index finger, fucking me slowly as he kept asking me questions
MARTINS: How old are you ?
In my shaky voice I answered him…
FLOXY: I Am 14yrs sir
And Mr. Adewale who was about to resume his rendezvous as he turned to Uncle Martins
ADEWALE: I tell you say she don ripe! 14yrs pikin dis day dey handle big man like us, knack am till him sweat for bed…
And it seems like my age was the driving force that geared Uncle Martins to continue with his plan, he slides two fingers into my pussy, pushed my back to rest on the cushion and placed the other hand on the lower region of my abdomen as he began to finger fuck me fast and would look at my facial reaction while using his thumb to rub my clit, he would fuck me fast and ask me
MARTINS: Are you enjoying it?
And I’ll moan out and say ‘YES’ and he would continue again, meanwhile Snr. Dorida was sucking Mr. Adewale’s flaccid dick and was trying to make him gain erection and he looked disturbed as he removed his dick from her mouth and said
ADEWALE: This is why you fail in class, I have told you if you want to suck a guys dick, don’t use your teeth! Its a turn off
And Snr. Dorida apologised as she turned and looked at Uncle Martins as he was pleasuring me
DORIDA: Sorry Uncle, let me do it well now please
ADEWALE: {looking angry} If you don’t get it well this time, just consider that you have failed agric this second term
She carefully took his dick into his mouth, she was getting it because the angry Mr. Adewale seemed relaxed as he began to moan…
ADEWALE: Ehn! Its now your getting it, so you can suck like this and your biting me with your teeth since
Uncle Martins finger fucked so well that I threw shyness to the wind, emboldened by the high state of ecstacy that his fingering and caressing had driven me to, I jumped out of his body, hurriedly began to pull his belt out and spoke fast in his self-styled warri accent
MARTINS: Shooo! Dis girl want dis prick now now oh!
I didn’t even cared to listen to his complains, his dick though very thin and curved like a banana, had enough flesh to fill my mouth as I began to suck him, he bent his head backwards and place both hands on my head and directed my mouth how he wanted to be sucked.
MARTINS: Yes Floxy, trutru you dey finish work
I sucked him dick so fast, licking his balls and stroking his cock that was made sloppy from my spit and gave him a fast hand-job and carefully suck one ball after the other, making sure I gave him the best I could offer, he began to jerk fast! I knew he was about to cum but that didn’t deter me, as I sucked harder and he tried to push my mouth off when he was about to cum, I grabbed him from his buttocks and swallowed his dick deeper into my mouth and his cum ran straight into my throat and I swallowed it.
In frantic efforts to get that dick inside me, acting like I was possessed by the goddess of karma sutra, I pushed Uncle Martin to the cushion, turned my back facing him, I used my hand to hold his dick as I inserted it into my pussy and began to whine my waist in circles as Uncle Martins grabbed my breast from behind and was kissing my back and neck, I notice Mr. Adewale and Snr. Dorida automatically stopped and was watching me show Uncle Martins my prowess, I stood up with his cock still inside me, I began to pound his dick in slow hard strokes, I would go up slowly and come down with all the full force my hips could muster and it will collide and his balls was seen bouncing up and down, as he kept jerking from under to meet my hard strokes when am coming down heavy on his dick…
Next thing I knew, Mr. Adewale left Snr. Dorida, walked up to me, grabbed my boobs and began to press it hard as he directed my hand to his dick, I lifted it up and placed his dick in my mouth and began to suck him, grabbing him from the buttocks and was spank my Teachers ass as I sucked him. Uncle Martins began to jerk fast and he kept squeezing one of my boobs while Mr. Adewale was squeezing the other one as I kept sucking him, it seem both of them have same sex clock as the two of them began to moan endlessly, and BOOM! Uncle martins was the first to cum deep inside me, and Mr. Adewale followed suit as he shot his cum in my mouth…



Senior Dorida turned and said
DORIDA: Floxy I’ll like to see you later in my class tomorrow
Barb wire were waiting for me in the designated location because for the first time in my life, I had gotten more than enough dick in a day, so I went home to go wash off cuz my pussy was sore and hurts.
The next day which was a friday, the heavy sex routine of the previous day had made me so tired that I slept and woke up late the next day to school, as I rushed to school, on getting to the gate, I saw SnrDorida standing their holding a long cane as she was flogging a student that was late to school and fear gripped because I couldn’t tell if she was angry with display yesterday, so when I got close to her, I joined the other two students that were kneeling down and waiting to be flogged by her, she saw me and her face brightened up
DORIDA: Hey floxy, stand up from their and come stand here
As she pointed her left side, I stood up and obeyed her command, when she was done flogging others that defaulted, she walked towards the classroom area as I followed her
DORIDA: Prepare yourself, I’ll be taking to meet some correct chairmen tomorrow, just tell me your address.
I gave her the address to my house and she told me prepare by 12pm that was when she was going to come pick, I had this inner joy that I was now friends with the dreaded Snr. Dorida.
Uncle Martins walked into our class and we all stood up and greeted him, he Began to teach us, writing the new topic for the week, I noticed from that from the moment his eyes met with mine, he became confused, he would stutter for 2 minutes and shake his head to bring himself to consciousness, he turned to the class
MARTINS: You guys should go home and create you own note and submit it to the class prefect
He wore his glasses and turned to the class as he looked at a direction that wasn’t where I was…
MARTINS: Floxy come out and follow me to the office now, you have to help to mark some result of your classmates
He patiently waited right in front of all me classmates as he handed his note over to me and walked before me while I followed him, on getting to his office, as he opened the door, he seem to be very horny as he grabbed me by the throat and all the books in my hand fell to the floor, he turned me and I rested my arms of the table, he lifted my skirt and inserted his dick and kept moaning as he said..
MARTINS: How can your pussy be this sweet? This small girl you made me not to sleep last night
He slapped my ass hard that I got scared that someone don’t hear these slaps and inquire to know who was been beating, he fucked fast and so furious and he would grab my tiny waist with both hands and pound my pussy fast, putting his finger into my butt hole and fucked slowly..
MARTINS: Which kinda girl is this ? Your not a small girl oh!
We fucked for only 15minutes and Uncle Martins began to shake like someone bitten by rattle snake and I pulled myself from him, turned and watched as he jerked, holding his throat as he pointed towards his trousers, In fear I grabbed his trousers on to put my hand in his pocket and discovered his inhaler, he opened his mouth and puffed some shots into his mouth and he became relieved, I didn’t say a word, I just wore my clothes and with a vow of never going back to that office again, I was scared to death that I had killed someone with my pussy
Saturdays comes with its own share of troubles, I hated saturdays for too many reasons, its a day have to clean, wash and cook, and my short supply of dicks to grind me was what I hated most about saturday.
Its 12:25pm and I was all dressed up, waiting for Snr. Dorida and I almost died in anxiety, looking at the clock as it ticked away, I heard the blaring sound of a car horn at my gate as I ran out to check who was that, hoping that it was Snr. Dorida, a black jeep with tinted glasses parked right beside my gate, as I came out the car honed at me and the glasses of the passengers side of the front door opened and Snr. Dorida popped her head out
DORIDA: Come here my dear and get into the car let’s go
The air condition from the car was so chilling that as it met my skin, I felt relaxed, turned to see who was at the drivers seat, it was an elderly man with gray hairs and heavy moustache and he looked at me and smiled as Snr. Dorida introduced him to me
DORIDA: Floxy meet my very good friend Mr. Bright
Bright: {stretching his hand towards me} pretty girl how are you?
I answered in the affirmative and we drove off towards town, we parked inside a compound and we all came down, then Snr. Dorida walked up to me and said
DORIDA: I trust you sha, but behave yourself
Already I was hearing loud moans as we approached the door, I became curious to see the door thrown open and when I got in, nobody turned towards our as they were all busy fucking! It was an orgy party, I almost leapt for just, this was the peak of all my years of smouldering dicks, some people who didn’t want their identity revealed wore mask and it was mainly the fat and pot-bellied men that wore mask, a short dark guy walked up to me and said
SHORT MAN: Follow me!
That was the only word he uttered as I and Snr. Dorida followed him, we walked into something that looked like a mini lab, and the short man pointed at a lab technician inside the lab
SHORT MAN: He will tell you what to do
Those where his exact words as he turned and left us in the lab! The lab technician didn’t say a word to us as he took our blood samples from us, few minutes later he turned to us and said
TECHNICIAN: You guys don’t have HIV, your free to go join the rest
But he turned to me and said
TECHNICIAN: You hope you know your pregnant?
Those words hit me like a machine gun faced to my head and the trigger was pulled, not that I couldn’t believe it but it immediately dawned on me that I didn’t know who the father was, I turned to the technician and said
FLOXY: sir can you help me remove it?
He turned towards a pile of drugs and then acted like he found gold as he smiled and handed me a drug
TECHNICIAN: Take these tablets after today
As we turned to leave, now naked and ready for the show, I saw different types of mask hung by the door, I grabbed one and wore it on my face, Snr. Dorida teased me
DORIDA: Oh floxy you’re so funny!
The moment I got back into the living room where everybody was busy fucking, a stout dark guy on mask rushed me, carried me to a corner, made me bend facing the door as he put his condom on and began to fuck me slowly and grabbing my boobs while he kept fucking me lazily.
The door to the orgy party opened and my dad walked right inside, I almost fainted in Shock! He must really be a fun person to this group of men because the moment he entered the room, I could hear people cheering him “THE BOSS” even the fat guy banging me from behind, turned towards him and greeted him “ALPHA”
He sat down exactly opposite me as he dragged Snr. Dorida to suck his dick while he kept spanking the ass of another girl that was riding the dick of a much younger guy, my dad was really a freak as he kept saying
DAD: Yes people fuck and enjoy your life jare.
He would spray dollars from his wallet into the air and girls would scramble for it and still continue to fuck their various partners, this was a man I ask for two thousand naira this morning and he explained to me how the situation of the economy was bad for his business, I thought to myself, the best way to revenge his evil action earlier today was to remove the mask and let know that I have seen all he is worth..

I became shy as I watched my dad straddled Snr. Dorida on his bosom and was fucking her and spanking her ass, the lazy stout man that was fucking me doggy style kept on fooling himself while I watched my dad, he noticed I wasn’t responding to any of his lazy ways, and the next guy that swapped places with him, made sure I bent down with my pussy facing him, he wasn’t wearing any mask as he inserted his long rod inside me, grabbed my waist and was fucking me slow and firm.
Not too long he hit the right spot and my sex crazed nature began to manifest, I dragged him from the cushion and placed his back on the ground, hurriedly rushed and sat on his face, opened my pussy as he sucked me while I whined my waist on his face, my hand kept caressing his thighs and stroking his dick, I turned toward the 69 position and began to give him my blowjob special, sucking from the tip of his cock to the basement and gently let his pre-cum drool from my mouth down to his balls and he went into an ecstacy frenzy as he kept moaning and screaming! I took his balls and was caressing it as I spanked the tip of his cock, making him jerk in pain as he kept sucking my pussy…

I got so turned on from his sucking and I stood up, walked to his dick, squat and used my hand to direct his fully erect dick into my pussy as I placed my hand on the ground and began to pound him hard, I would do that for a while before I began to whine my waist in circular motion with his full lengthy cock inside me, by the time I turned and faced him, sucking his nipples and biting it as my waist kept going up and down his long pleasure rod, by the time he was hitting my hard from under, I just bent down and was collecting his hard strokes without moving and inch, the crowd in the room paused and all attention was directed towards us, I closed my thighs, widened the guys legs like a lady and began to fuck him like man, I raised his legs to his shoulders as I climbed him and was fucking him like my bitch! He kept yelling for mercy, “my prick go break” but that geared me to perform hard, as I fucked his bent dick more and kept moaning
Floxy: Who is the man?
MAN: Chei! Your the man ehhh! Your too sweet!
I felt his cum deep inside me but his dick was still erect as I kept fucking him and used my hand to gag his throat and he begged for air while my waist was feeding his dick well, the moment he pushed me away and was trying to get a hold of himself again, my dad rush towards me as his dick dangled about but he was not fast enough, by the time he could move his hefty body, the guy closer to me had already inserted his dick inside me and began to fuck me, my dad pushed him away from me as he shouted in anger
DAD: Am the one organising this thing, at least accord me some respect, let me fuck this one and you can have others..
I stood up and followed the new guy that was about to screw me hard that my dad pushed away, my dad drew me by the hand and pushed his hands off me and walked to another section of the house and followed at the back saying
DAD: I must fuck this girl, I be chairman for mouth?
The other guy got angry and pushed my dad and he fell by the dinning table and they both began to fight, in a bid to get out fast, I rushed into the mini lab, wore my clothes but the mask was still on, I passed them as they were fight, heading to the door with Snr. Dorida following in quick steps and as I was about to open the door, my dad turned to the two security aids positioned at the door
DAD: Don’t let that little imp go, hold that bitch I must screw her
As the security details positioned at the door tried to hold, I turned towards my dad and unmasked myself, he looked at me with his eyes popping out, he held his chest so tight as he fell to the floor instantly, everybody rushed to save him while I and Snr. Dorida left the venue fast..

On getting home, I met my mum crying, throwing herself on the ground as she drew me close and said
MUM: Your dad is dead! he died of heart attack.
How would I tell my mum or explain to her that it was an orgy I attended that took my dads life away


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