At first glance, I know you are enough. You are complete and uniquely adequate. And of course, you are a perfectly created being. Yet, even at your best self, there are a thousand things you can’t achieve alone.

And this is because we were never constructed to exist alone. Because to do so, one must first kill oneself.

For humanity is like a tree, and we are all connected like branches. Each branch uniquely assembled to support another.

So, I still cannot understand how an individual would allow oneself to be clouded by an exaggerated idea that one does not need anyone.

And in all of my existence, I am yet to find something more limiting, more dwarfing, more self-destructive, and more catastrophic as PRIDE.

Pride is the poison to the soul. 

For when it captures your mind, you would be deceived that you are ascending into a grand, glorious zenith whereas you are descending, every second, into an endless valley.

With love…


By penhouse

Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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