In my room, it was looking new but still the way I left it. I laid on my bed after some light shower but sleep wasn’t coming, the ugly scene of the kidnappers zone appeared. I tried to force it out but it persisted.
“Darling, how about the contract?” She said as she laid the food on the table.
“It’s not really a contract but an interview, I’m hoping for their call so that we can pack out this place.”
I woke up from the short trance as I heard a car driving out of the compound- father’s car. I thought of the short trance, it was the early days of my parents when mother said it was the days of trial; the house was looking dirty with worn out furnitures. Father was jobless for months, that was of recent after their wedding and was searching with his first class certificate in petroleum engineering. Before my sixth birthday he applied for a job at Total E & P and successfully he got it. He joined like a recruit, every morning I remembered mother praying for him; give him a light kiss and comment on his appearance, he’ll give me a light kiss.
“Daddy!” I’ll feed him with a slice of bread with the creamy Blue-band spreading on it.
“Yummy!” He stressed, “I’ll get you another bread while coming.”
“Stop the excess spending on bread, butter, egg! She’s getting fat.” Mummy complained.
“Mummy…” I murmured.
“Don’t worry, you’re my little angel.” Father said.
Then, I remembered father returning with surprise packages, much of beverages and chocolates for me. He faithfully grew till he became the state branch manager, that night there was a great feast in our house; few weeks later we changed accommodation to a two bedroom apartment and then to a three bedroom apartment. Of recent I heard mother telling on call about her building project, father had once discussed of his estate project.
My thought turned to the abductors, “who gave them my address? How did they know me? Are they still after me…?” I thought much.
“Nne!” Mother said as she knocked, she loves calling me sometimes with her local tongue although I know not much of it.
“Mother!” I exclaimed as I rushed for the door, “mother, what’s my offence for my kidnap?”
Mother stared as she sat on my bed, “why asking me?”
“But what of your business?” I asked.
“…I just came around to pick some things!” Mother crossed her hand around my neck, “I need to loose your hair.”
 I thought of it before school resume, but that didn’t disturb me as my thought deviated to the scene of the kidnappers- gangster and his dream caressing of my breast. I thought of meeting my parish priest for sanctification.
“Juli, cut off from these your friends, a friend of mine said they’re behind your kidnap.” Mother started.
I thought of what mother said but digressed- I saw all my friends as peeps that can’t do such. By then mother was losing my hair;  I sat on a small stool as I rested my hands on her laps.
“Mother, how?”
“Bad communication corrupt the good-“
“Please mother don’t start! All my friends can’t think of that, not even in my dream.” I said.
“Meaning? Who’re these friends they don’t hate you, do you think all birds fly together?”
I turned to mother with a confused look, “you’re not serious right!”
“Juli, was that word for me?”
I kept mute. My eyes fixed to the television on my table with some crazy imaginations that the show was like the one Sir Thomas love watching, the one Gloria love acting. I blinked my eyes severally to get out of it, but I didn’t as the next scene has some erotic content.
“Juli what’s that?”
“What’s what?” I turned to mother.
“Are these what you now love watching?” Mother asked.
I stared at the television- “pornographic movies aren’t good for you all…”  That advice during our school assembly ringed in my ears.
“Oh Jesus! Juli, you do watch these?” Mother exclaimed as they showed went deeper, the pornographer making the images seducing.
“Mother, let’s talk better things!” I snapped as I wondered her forming to be holy but does it secretly.
“Like!” Mother paused, “only God know if you aren’t practicing it?” 
“Just like you!” I whispered.
“What did you say?”
I kept silent saying anything will add more trouble. Mother spent the remaining time silently on my hair.
“You can continue but the end will tell!” Mother said as she left.
“She’s gone!” I exclaimed as I sank on my bed, I turned on my phone as I went through some messages, suddenly Gloria called and invited me to her house…
“What’s up!” Gloria said as I entered.
I smiled as I saw her at the verandah, “are you alone?”
“No! Rex and George are in playing video game.” She said, “sorry for your abduction.”
“George told you.”
“Yea! So sorry…”
Gloria interrupted, “I rather submit myself than to be raped.”
“I trust you!” We both laughed.
“I’m coming!” I said as I went inside to meet George and Rex.
“Hy…!” I said with my thin voice.
“What’s up!” Rex hugged me.
“Hello bae!” George exclaimed as he paused to give me a light hug, “I missed you.” He said as I kissed him while I sat on his laps.
“Missed you more!”
“Guy, let’s continue nii!” Rex cut in.
“You can see I’m having some good time.” George said.
“You just wanna skip my victory!” Rex laughed.
George chuckled, “I’ve been winning.” 
“I’m coming!” I said as I stood up.
“She’s hot, really hot!” Rex whispered after they watched my leave.
“Heaven blessed my labour.”
They both laughed.
“I think we should go out since your girl is here.” Rex said as he paused the game.
“Girls let’s go strolling.” Rex said as we entered, “maybe Genesis!”
“Why not Domino?” Gloria cut in as we all accepted.
We got into George’s Avalon as we drove out of the compound.
Pizza with pet drinks were on our table as we sat together.
“This is a nice place!” George started.
“Yea and expensive! I would prefer my local joint.” Rex blabbed.
“Rex  don’t be local!” I exclaimed.
“Who no like better thing,” Gloria exclaimed, “the atmosphere has made us forget the hot weather.”
“But places like this should be economical and established everywhere-“
“Tell your governor!” George interrupted Rex.
“But what’s the plan of the government for the youths?”
Rex interrupted me, “ask Google!”
They all laughed.
“Google is the best search tool!” Gloria said laughingly.
“But I concur with my babe, what’s the future of the government for the youths?”
“It’s the change we are seeing.” Rex said.
Immediately some tapped me to behind, the touch took me aback as I turned to a slap so hard on cheek, so terrible.
It was of suspense as they all stared at the lady dumbfoundedly. George was surprised to see Doris…
“You’re still with her?” She said as George opposed her.
I got up angrily and walked towards her, my mind was fixed and bitter as I slapped her twice furiously. “Mind your business, you slapper!” I exclaimed.
“Who’s this?” She asked.
“Doris please…”
“Please what! Isn’t she the same Juli?”
I was surprised, “how did she know me?” I said in aside.
“I guess you should be the one that divorced George!”
“What!” She was astounded.
“Hey…! Let’s go outside,” Rex interrupted.
“You think you’re safe, you’re abductors are close to your feet…” She said as we enter outside.
“Doris, it’s okay!” George said as he dragged her aside.
I saw it as a chat against me, my eyes detested her obnoxious look, costly jewelries and trending hairstyle.
“How do you get to see us?” George asked.
“Oh! How did I know?” Doris asked, “you laid traceable footsteps unknowingly.”
“George, why do you want to reduce the integrity of your family? For Christ sake she’s not fit for you, she’s of low class and-“
“And what!” George exclaimed.
“How? I have all a lady… A full scale lady is expected to have, but you keep eying her, why?” Doris said.
“She is  modest, detest some immoral acts, sex…!” George whispered.
Doris chuckled crazily, she stared at me from my crown to sole. I was it like comparison.
“You must be joking?” Doris said, “she had sex with the kidnappers, she had some side boyfriends…”
George ponders on it to be lie.
“She is been refusing you sex.” Doris guffawed, “her parents are having external affairs so how will she not be addicted.”
“Can we talk later!” George interrupted…
He who has not love can’t hate and he who has not hate can’t love. It’s weeks now and George seemed to be open to Doris which I hate, I got rumours that he welcome her more. I thought of she using some charm or crazy look to get George.
I stared at George with sense of bitterness, he was having some funny chit chat with Buchi, every smile of his made me to detest him.
“I detest George!” I whispered to Clara my seatmate.
“Why? But you both are together-“
“We were! I don’t think like before, he no longer gives me attention, I heard he’s making up with his ex…”
“What! Who’s she?” Clara was surprised.
“Doris or so!”
I shrugged my shoulder, “I don’t know.”
“What’s up!” George said as he bumped at me close to my music class. I tried to move away but he stopped me, my spirit succumbed but I was hardened. I held my lips shut.
“Ah-ah! What’s wrong?”
“George, don’t interrupt!” I tried to walk out, “leave me!” I said as he persisted.
“Ohhh! To see him…” He chuckled.
I was astounded as his statement, who was he referring to?
“Who?” I asked.
“Don’t fancy, I know!”
“Ohhh! Even as I know of you and Doris.” I said.
“She is-“
“Your girlfriend! Sex doll…” I interrupted.
“Shhh…!” He held my mouth forcefully.
“What’s going on!” Sir Thomas said as he opened the door.
“Emm…! Nothing!” I said.
“We were just discussing!” George added.
“Juliana, aren’t you coming for music class again?” He asked.
“Sir, but you expelled me…”
“Noo…!” He said, “I didn’t!”
“Really!” I leaped to excitement, “so my name is among?”
“Not really, but can you see me later? But…” 
My excitement broke into tears as I walked out.
“Juli!” I heard George calling, I watched him rush after me.
“What!” I stopped, ” I’m of no value to you.”
“Why do you say so?”
“It’s obvious!” I squawked. The tears hiding in my eyes gushed out as he held me to his arms.
“What competition?” George asked.
“A music competition,” I said as he held my hand, “Sir Thomas omitted my name.”
“He’d been spotting eyes on me.” 
George stared at me, it was as if we had parted for long, I saw our conversation as him trying to reconcile.
“What of her?” I asked.
I chuckled, “Doris, how’s she?”
“Yea, your pride-“
“Uh-uh, she ain’t my pride.” He interrupted.
“Then who?” I said as we walked slowly towards the garden where bushes of roses and Bougainvillea had made fence.
I knee he will stutter, I knew he wished to mention my name but he had lose the right.
“Why did he remove your name?” George mentioned, “we all know that almost all single male teachers in our school has been making eye for our female students, some have slept…”
“George!” I interrupted, “what do you want to say?”
“It’s not lie, Sir Duke slept with Cassy, Sir Thomas had entertain bevy of girls in his house.”
I was surprised at what George was saying, all seemed to be news in my ears. I thought he wanted to start his game with me…
“I dunno, I need help! Really wanna join this competition.” I wept as we sat in the nook hidden by trees, I knew such place can be crime ground.
“How?” He asked.
“I don’t know…”
“I think there must be a solution…” He paused as he pulled off his sweater.
“Do you think I’m cheating on you?” George asked after a pause.
I was astounded at his comment as I thought it to be rhetoric.
“Why mute?”
“Silence is not stupidity!” I said.
“As in?” George asked.
“It’s obvious you love Doris!”
George stared at my eyes, it was like the first day we met. His look was charming; I wished to say I love you, to kiss him, I wished to end Doris but how? She returned all because of George.
“Can you say it before her?”
“Why?” He asked.
“Then you love her…” 
Buchi interrupted our discussion.
“What’s up!” He shook George, “Juli, sir Thomas dey find you.” 
My eyes was widened.
“Is it up to it?” George asked.
“What?” Buchi was confused.
“Sir Thomas wants to sleep with me.”
“I don’t know?” I said, “he removed my name from the music competition.”
“George!” Buchi took him aside. I tried to listen but couldn’t.
“Juli! Go and answer your call.”
I stared at them wondering what they are up to, I tried to ask but I kept mute as I stood up and went like a robot in action.
I walked straight to Sir Thomas’ office.
“Sir…!” I opened the door, he digressed swiftly, it looked suspicious but I never wonder as I waved it out.
“Have your seat.”
I sat down on the front roll pew, “sir, you said you didn’t remove my name or you was just scaring my nerve.” I said as I watched him walk towards me, it was going bad in thought for me as he sat near me.
“Is George your boyfriend?” He asked. 
It sounded silly to my ears.
“Sir, we’re friends.”
“Tell me the truth or the principal will get to know about your mysterious act…”
“What mysterious act? Is he threatening me?” I thought.
“Your boyfriend loves Doris.” He chuckled.
It was all like sarcasm to my ears, how did he get to know of Doris.
“You know Doris?” I asked slowly.
He cachinnated, “my cousin?” 
It wasn’t exciting especially his excessive laughter.
“I told you to accept my offer and get an easy pass into the competition, but you refused, you were adamant, you felt to be too holy not to commit… I called my cousin Doris and she contacted her notorious kingpin and they abducted you, I told them to rape you…”
I cried like a baby, my body caught cold as I quivered as my teeth couldn’t get to each other, “why, why…” I whimpered.
“You love George and so his girlfriend planned against you, not only did you lose your virginity but you are positive to Aids.” 
“Ahhhh…!” I cried, “I don’t know I need your help, I ran away and they are after me. I no longer stay in my house since my parents are away…”
“Where now?”
“Sir, it’s not important but will I be among?”
“Why? Why will you be when all the contesting girls paid…” He asked.
“With what? Their body…!” I stuttered.
“Yea.” He jabbered.
“So George is right?” I thought. Different thoughts came to my mind leaving me to succumb to any especially the odd ones.
Soon he started caressing my laps and his other hand across my arms with some light touches on it- freaking cool, but I succumbed like a trap. George earlier whispered I should do so.
“You have a good shape, nice curves, boobs and…” His touch reminded me of the kidnappers and when I was tied on a table in their midst. 
His hand went between my skirt as he found around my thighs so tight, I stiffed my legs together so that he won’t succeed, even as I gave him some light romance with plans of not going duck; not even to bend for a suck, he was about requesting for it as he was loosing his trousers…
“Sir Thomas!!” George and some student barged in, “so this is your work.”
I got up as I slapped him, “you wanted to have me to yourself, but I got everything recorded!” 
Buchi and others pushed him out with his trousers about loosing.
“Do you think I’m a whore?” I yelled.
“Juli, you will pay for this.” He said as they pushed him out of the class heading to the principal’s office. 
Many were shouting “Sir Thomas! Fuck Thomas!”
George held me as I fell to his arms. “Sorry, but I wanted to get real evidence before invading.”
Rex led the banter as they sang noisily causing riot even as they attracted the attention of our principal, Mr T.
“What’s happening here!” Mr T. asked. 
“Sir, he wanted to carry out his usual act with one of your student…” Buchi said.
“Sir, this man in charge of the music group had been found of sleeping with girls just to coy them a place in the music competition.” Rex added.
“Fuck Thomas!!!” Many exclaimed.
“Quiet…!” Me T. Shouted. “Explain what happened!”
“Sir, he wanted to sleep with Juliana but was caught.” Buchi said after the host kept quiet.
“Where’s she?” He asked.
“She’s here!” Rex exclaimed as I came out of the crowd.
“What happened?” Mr T. asked me.
“Sir, he…” I stuttered. “He organised for a meeting with me and then wanted to lure me to sleep with him to be among the music competition which he omitted my name…”
“Wonders shall never end.” Many murmured.
“Lies!” Sir Thomas tried to defend.
“We have the recorded clip.” Buchi cut in, “sir, he removed her name because he wanted to sleep with her.”
“It’s okay,” Mr T. said, “we’ll look into it, go into your classes. Thomas you and Juliana follow me.”
“What’s up!” George and others rushed as I entered the class.
“There was some questioning, but all the same.” I paused, “he will be arrested.”
George smiled.
“Guess what!” I grinned, “Mr T. said my name will be included.”
“Wow!” George and others celebrated as they hugged me.
That day was pleasing, George and I walked home together holding hands, exchanging smiles. It was the first we walked home together after having some argument.
“I feel glad, I’ve long to be among.” I said smiling.
“I couldn’t watch you remain depressed, seeing your dreams become nightmare.” George said, it was quite touching even as I fell to blushes.
“That’s good, friends got their back.”
“Just friends?” He asked.
I was perplexed, “what else!” I gave a pale look, “anyway Doris is his cousin.”
“Who?” George asked after a pause.
“Sir Thomas.” I snapped, “Doris father is a senator.”
“Yea, he told you people all that.” George asked.
“Yea!” I stressed, “I guess you love her because of her status.”
“I… I… It’s just all over!” He snapped after some stuttering.
“Never mind!”
“George, you’re making me feel scared around you…”
He was biased, “nothing, I said it’s all over, I just wanna be alone, to end all complicated relationships… I’m just pissed off.” He stopped.
I was dumbfounded, I reached for his hand we I stared at him.
“What have she done?” I asked.
“Nothing, she’d caused me hell ever since.”
“That ain’t news!”
“She loves you, fine! Get on with her.” I kissed him, so passionately but with tears, “goodbye! You got to be going.” I left him and continued my journey to my house, he’d opted to follow but I resisted mainly because I now stay with my aunt and she’s not friendly even with her recent trauma. It wasn’t a pleasant moment for me after I left George, I knew he had only lust towards me, just wanted to have me for pleasure.
I walked with tears streaming down my cheeks, I suppressed it a little with my towel even as I fought hard to turn to know if George lost me too as I did. 
The environment was warm and tranquil, it was looking suspicious unlike before where noise and traffick jumbled around. Street hawkers yelling for favour from people passing, crazy drivers jerking their cars to different corners some claiming speedy with their rickety taxi.
But today, only few people were seen. There was total quietness, I felt it stooped to my depression.
 Not for long till I heard some shocking rowdy noise, I quivered as I took my heel to a nearby boutique, the owner helped me in as she closed the iron barred door.
“Who are they?” I asked.
“It’s sounding like some riot! Earlier today some bad guys raid the area.” Mrs Blessing said.
“Yea, are you new here?”
“No!” I shrugged my shoulder but the sudden riot was obnoxious. “Why?”
“I don’t know!”
I was taken aback as I heard some gun shots outside, though locked in the boutique but it echoed in my ears.
“Where do you stay?” She asked after a pause.
“Does this happen always, I mean the shooting?” I digressed.
“Not always! But this area is just rough.”
“Really!” I paused, “I don’t know, I stay at the next close, the first flat in the fourth compound…”
“Mine is next!” She exclaimed.
“Are you Richy’s mum?” I asked.
“Yea,” she smiled.
“Sorry I don’t know but she’s my good friend since I came around.”
Mrs Blessing was surprised, “you don’t stay here before?” She asked.
“Yea, I’m actually staying with my aunt…”
“Ohh! Kiki is your aunt?”
“Yea,” I nodded with smiles like an achievement. Although I hate aunt Kiki’s lifestyle but I got to adapt since I’m forced to stay with her. She’s a whore, not hiding but a big time whore with men coming to the house for her service; some set their eyes on me but I give them cold shoulder.
“Really! You look totally different from her.”
“She isn’t my mum!” I smiled, even though I heard my mum is now hatching whores. “I think I’ll be going now!” I said as I sensed the area to be calm.
“Okay, but be careful!” 
I got out to the tranquil street, this time it was looking frightening with few people passing, some discussing. I saw crowd gathered at some distance, I walked nonchalantly to the scene to see for my self what happened. 
Like a dream it was blood stains around, on the floor. The crowd were so pressing as I couldn’t see the victim, some shook their helpless face to tears with hands folded wondering what’s life with no assurance. The crowd was persisting even as I tried to see clearly. 
“E be like say the people wey do am get mission! Because I being see when they stop am and e be like say him no cooperate, then they con shoot am as him wan run.” One exclaimed.
I turned to the person as I listened, “the poor boy no see night, only God go help him mama!”
“Make we carry am go hospital!” Someone exclaimed as a car packed nearby.
I saw it as an opportunity to see the victim, to see someone that has lost much blood… I forced my way to see in the car.
“Go back! Go back!” A man said pushing me back.
“No! It’s a lie!” I exclaimed as I pushed the man fiercely to gain full sight of the person. His tucked white shirt was soaked with blood. He look of depression was shown with pale eyes of non existence. 
The victim was my ally not till we lost interest and now he’s no more! I couldn’t hold the look as I exclaimed “George…!!” Then I got to know that it wasn’t a trance, I wasn’t dreaming when I saw the car about moving. I hurried and joined them.
I cried helplessly as many took compassion.
“Are you both related?” The doctor asked.
“School mate!” I cut in.
“First we need blood, it’s either a donor or they pay to get blood.”
“I can volunteer! I’ll donate!” I stressed.
“Can you?”
“Yes!” I said, though I’ve not done it before but I can’t stand losing George.
I was confirmed a universal plus donor as the were set to carry out the transfusion.
“Lord keep him alive!” I prayed earnestly. “Should it be the kidnappers? Maybe they were after me- Doris.” Her name caused my heart to flip to pains. I felt as though I was pierced with pins, sharp and deep. God let it not be so! I prayed so passionately. More than I have ever done during morning mass or our morning assembly, Hail Mary and the Apostle Creed was continuously hummed in my mind. I brought out my rosary bead and sang my prayer. Although I haven’t attended the parish for long, since I left my house to stay with aunt Kiki. In an area that has more of clubs, gambling halls and bars rather than churches. Rather than church meeting posters around it was more or night shows! And aunt Kiki was always among the night gang, mostly on her raunchy dresses.
My parents were the cause even though I haven’t left my faith, my mother don’t bother about my survival, after my release it was like all over between my parents as I haven’t seen father since then. Someone that was close to me though we had issues is down, time was going and yet no report.
“God please….” I was out of words as I wished he never followed me, though I told him but he resisted, not till the last moment did he turned without saying goodbye! Why did they get someone innocent and left the victim to tears.
“Doctor! How’s he?” I rushed as the doctor came out.
“Still in process, we hope him to recover sooner.” He said as he patted my shoulder.
“Can I see him?”
“Sure, but get his parents at least tomorrow.”
I went into the ward to see George lying helpless as blood was dripping into his vain.
“I hope to see you get out of this…” I whispered as I stroke his hand lightly.
“How will I meet his parents?” I thought as I haven’t seen them. “Oh! God help me.”
Suddenly he coughed roughly, like someone gasping for breath.
“George!” I exclaimed widely.
“Juli…” He stuttered. His voice was going dead.
“Lemme call the doctor!” I said with tears pouring from my eyes.
“No!” I was shocked as he tapped me, “I feel glad to meet someone like you, I love…” 
“No doctor!” I rushed out as I can’t hold to listen his low voice with fear in my heart. Sounds like his last words!
“George!” I yelled as I rushed in with the doctor. “He was saying some things…” I said as I saw him mute.
I was fastidious with thought as I stared at the doctor practicing science on him. My thought was of him swimming in a dead ocean. I felt him holding my hand and whispering that we should leave the scene.
“George…!!!” I screamed with the strength of mine as some nurses took me back.
“Cover him!” The doctor whispered to the nearest nurse. I understood it as I slumped to the ceramic floor, like his spirit taking me for the moment.
“Doctor! She’s gasping for breath…” Nurse Tai exclaimed as the doctor rushed to my aid, to get me to survival. It was at the still of the night, the hospital was going to be my home that night. Nurse Tai, Success and others comforted me as they kept me under their watch.
“George you can’t go… No…!” I cried as I was deranged mentally with some crazy actions.
“Juli! It’s okay,” nurse Tai held me.
“I can’t close my eyes, he’s everywhere.” I tried to clean my tears even as I’m still seeing him smiling like nothing happened to him.
“Find a way to end the fantasy! He’s gone!”
“But still with me.” I wept.

George spirit became my counselor, although the weight was more than my scale. I thought of when his mother visited the next day, as early as she got the news.
“Are you Juli, the one reported to be crazy over my son.” 
How did she got to hear that of me, who told her?
“Ma, we are just friends.” I said with some look on her, she was like a chair lady like the queen of some local movies I do watch; so fleshy and chubby with her expensive gele.
I knew Doris must have told her lies but trying to justify myself was only what I could do even as I has compassion for her deceased son, the tears in her eyes charmed mine out of her gland.
It was looking all over but it wasn’t even as I sat on the sofa in aunt Kiki’s sitting room. I thought of writing a letter! My experience but to who? I was looking confused, the pills was taking over me as I was devastated. Aunt Kiki has gone out, she looked worried as well and ill with some fear of survival. Although I’ve asked but she hollered at me, I felt sat because I saw it like her end, she no longer goes for men as she’s now consulting for help and to all was she tested positive. She hid the report with some supportive pills but I saw them. Boldly the plus was written as it shown in my eyes.
I thought of mother, only on social media do I see her. I wondered if she’s still managing her mall, but no! Father took it from her and leased it out. That added to their quarrel and led to divorce, my mother gazed at me like a suspect! As if I was but a victim even in this single world. I thought of father but all the same as I don’t know about his faring.
Ever since their divorce I was forced to stay with aunt Kiki, I wished Grandpa was around but he’s gone and with his ancestors as he do say.
Aunt Kiki taught me about her activities but I refused joining her, that alone made her to detest me as she never care about my faring.
I’m in a single world; world of my own, ruled by my thought and conscience.
Uncle Roland was the most terrible encounter of my life. He’d planned with Doris and Sir Thomas to kidnap me, successful they did. I never knew uncle Roland was the leader of the group- Gangster! Was his nick. 
Doris who had fed George’s mother with lies went on exile as the truth was exposed.
“…Juli, don’t let this happen. I’m your uncle…” He said when I got to know the real gangster in detention. I cried as I remembered what he did to me; he kidnapped me because of some millions and also attempted to rape me- his cousin! My conscience detested him even as I denied him on trial. He cried as he was sentenced to death by firing. Sir Thomas was charged with sexual assault and was  given a fair share of about twenty years in prison with hard labour… I watched as Justice Faircliff sealed it with his gavel.
“… you seemed to be wise, smart and gorgeous! You pursued Justice but boredom is left in your bedroom… It’s not over, I’ll get your life ruined…” I found out that it was Doris. Will she use her father’s veto power to ruin me? I cried.
“You can’t morn forever!” Gloria sympathized as they visited. That word triggered tears. Buchi, Rex and others were my companion but it wasn’t okay as I was now in a single world of lost.
“I still can’t believe it.” Buchi said depressingly.
I found George in my dream exchanging words with me, like he was still alive even as my tears were before me. The news was viral about the impeachment of a corrupt senator- senator Adebayo. I cachinnated widely when I got to know he’s Doris’ father and not only but the EFCC held him for arraignment. Not only but Mr Ray! One of the director of Total E & P. I was astounded as I saw father on the television accused of some stolen fund in his ministry. Are they after fund embezzlers?
My excitement was that of the forth coming music competition which is some days ahead, that alone made my single world to be full of hope.

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