Chapter 10
                             Ana’s P. O. V
       I arrived home pretty late due to the training class and met my parents discussing. My dad was the first one to notice me so he looked up.
       “ good evening Ana. How was training today?” He greeted.
        “ Hi dad, I’m fine, just tired. I’ll be in my room now” I announced.
        “ OK honey, once you’ve done refreshing, we’ll be having dinner” my mom told me.
       “ OK, see you at dinner” I said as I walked into my room.
       Dropping my bag on the floor, I laid on the bed and let out a sigh. I just want to sleep, I’m so tired.
                     Amelia’s P. O. V
         I looked up at the restaurant Terrance sent me the address of. It looked kind of Italian. I saw customers inside and people working. I took a deep breath and opened the door. The bell jingled as I walked in, alerting the workers. I stood there and just stared. My hands were cold and I kept shuffling my feet. A lady walked up to me dressed professionally, I’m guessing she’s a manager here.
       “ hello young lady, how may I help you?” she asked.
       “ good evening ma’am, actually a friend of mine helped me get a job here” I anxiously said
       “oh… What’s your name then?”
       “ Amelia Kurt ma’am, the name’s Amelia Kurt.”
        “ then your friend must be Terrance? ” she asked.
         “ yes ma’am “
        “ OK, my name is Mrs Smith but you can call me chef cause I work as a chef here, but mind you I am also the manager. We are quite short on workers as this a new restaurant and your friend was kind enough to help us.” she explained
         “ I guess he was looking out for me then”
         “ I guess he was. This is a new place so am sure you’ll like it here”
         “ I know I will. Thanks a lot ma’am ” I greeted.
         “ no need to thank me. Now come along young lady– I mean Amelia, so I can give you your uniform” she gestured.
         “ yes ma’am “
         I followed her all the store where she brought out a new uniform and handed it over to me.
         “ now go ahead and change into this. You will be a waitress, serving the customers food. OK?”
        “ yes ma’am. I’ll do just that”
        “ good. Be out in 10 minutes ” she said as she walked out.
         “ okay ma’am”. Time to get to work.
          Resuming fully, I began performing my duty of a waitress and so far it’s been good. Placing the last order I walked back to the counter to get more orders.
 I looked out the window and spotted the same car that brought Carl to the training school driving in. Oh God, let it be not what am thinking, I said to myself.
           Turns out I was wrong. It was indeed what I was thinking. Ryan coming out from the car alongside Carl. Come on! Can’t we just avoid each other in peace? Must I always meet you everywhere? They were getting closer and if i didn’t find anywhere to hide, they’ll spot me from where I stood. I turned to the chef in front of me
          “ excuse me, but I’d like to use the restroom now”
          “ Okay, just hurry”
          “ I’ll be fast”. Without looking back, I turned and scurried away till I got to the toilet. And closed the door behind me. Oh God, I hope they don’t see me.
                      Ryan’s P. O. V
        The bell jingled as Carl and I walked in. Surveying the place, I considered it was a good place to eat, it looked neat.
       “ Hey Ryan look it’s Italian” Carl pointed out.
       “ is it? Now that’s new, not had it for some time now” I answered
       “ me too”
       “ we had best find somewhere to seat, because I’m starving ” I stated.
        “ come on, let’s go sit at the VIP section ” Carl pointed out. We walked over to the area amidst stares which most of were focused on me.
        The moment we sat down, a waitress came over to us to ask for orders.
         “ whatever is on the special menu today ” Carl answered. I just nodded.
          “ I’ll do just that” the waitress said as she walked away.
           “ wow… This place is really cool “
          “ everywhere is always cool” I reminded.
         ” so what do we do now… We wait?”
          “ definitely “
                     Ana’s P. O. V
         “ Ana! Come have your dinner! ” my mum yelled from the kitchen. I woke up and lazily dragged myself to the dining area where I met my parents sitting, eating. I dropped myself on the chair and began dishing my food
         “ you didn’t tell us about your day honey” my mum asked me in between bites.
         “ oh that…. It was fine, except for one thing… I met another Kurt at the trainings. Her name’s Amy Kurt.”. My dad looked up from his meal.
         “ another Kurt you say?”
         “ yeah, and they kept mistaking us for sisters” I complained.
          “ I never knew we had someone else who had the same surname as us” my mum added, glancing at my dad.
          “ I didn’t know either” my dad said.
          “ then where did she come from?” I asked no one in particular.
          “ don’t get to serious about it Ana, for one thing she could be an imposter” my dad said.
         “ an imposter!? Do such people still exist? ” I asked.
         “ don’t be surprised honey, but if she’s really worrying you I’ll make sure I get to the bottom of it, so don’t worry your pretty self okay?”
          “okay” I drawled.
          “ Ana just listen to me… Just keep doing your thing, of she poses as a problem to you, let me know.”
        “okay dad” I said as I continued eating my meal. Dinner continued silently,as it always does. But on an occasion I looked up and saw my parents exchange glances but they saw me looking at them they faced their meal. I wonder why.
                  Amelia’s P. O. V
         I stayed in the toilet for what seemed like an eternity, I just hope by the time I’m out of here they would have gone away. On the other hand I have a job to do and hiding in this place will not make a good impression.
       I groaned at my bad luck, just when I thought this day was going to end well Ryan had to show up. I walked out of the stall I was in and went to wash my hands. Staring at the mirror I spoke to myself
       “ you can do this Amy, don’t be scared besides Ryan might not even notice you”. Wonderful, I’m such a terrible liar. How can Ryan not notice me? I walked out of the room and met the manager already looking for me. I quickly hurried over to where she was.
        “ there you are. I was already coming over to look for you there, hurry…we have customers coming in, remember it’s dinner”. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group. Yeah right, customers like Ryan. I followed her to the kitchen were she placed a tray on my hands and a piece of paper.
        “ Go deliver this food to the table written in the paper at the VIP section ” Mrs Smith said.
        “ ma’am… The VIP section? ” I asked again. That’s where Ryan is!?
        “ I’m sure you heard me, now hurry ” she admonished. I hesitated a bit before walking. 
       Damn it! I’m really going to see him again,I just hope this isn’t at his table. I walked to the VIP section and quickly surveyed the area searching for Ryan’s table. I found it and discovered it wasn’t the one on the paper. I let out the breath I was holding, for second I thought it would be. I quickly went over to the table and dropped their order. It was a family of three, and they were really nice too. They gave me their cards and thanked me for delivering their food. For a second or two I completely forgot I was there with Ryan behind me.
         And then it happened. I turned to walk away and caught Ryan….STARING AT ME! He was more like studying me. Although he looked surprised that I was here, his facial expression held nothing of that sort. I felt my heart pounding at its cage as I returned his gaze. Suddenly my hands felt really cold and I was sweating beneath my clothes. I felt my breath seize and it felt like only two of us existed in the room. You know the worst part? He DIDN’T LOOK AWAY!! He just kept on staring.
        I turned away even though the rest of my body begged to stay, was this how attraction felt like? The moment I was sure I was sure I was out of sight, I ran all the way to the kitchen and closed the door behind me, taking deep breaths. The manager noticed me and came over.
         “ Is everything okay, Amy? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost. ” she asked. I did see a ghost, he was even worse than a ghost.
          “ I’m fine ma’am, I’m just a little bit tired ” I lied.
          “ okay, don’t worry we’ll close soon”. We had better cause I can’t stand to stay here a  second more knowing that Ryan is at the other room.
                         Ryan’s P. O. V
        I watched as Amy ran from the VIP section all the way to the kitchen. I guess she was uncomfortable at the way I stared at her. Funny girl. I faced my meal and began eating. I’m not even sure if Carl even noticed she was here,he was way too concentrated on his meal.
       “ wow… This tastes really good. The chef sure is talented” Carl said between mouthfuls.
But I wasn’t listening.
       “ Amy’s here” I announced.
     “ Huh, Amy’s here? What’s she doing here?”
      “ I don’t know about that. But I saw moments ago”
     “ that’s too bad. She didn’t even say hi to us” Carl muttered.
       “ why would she? It’s obvious she’s still angry with me”
      “ wait…. She didn’t come to see is because of you?” Carl asked
       “ that’s was what I said”
        “ then I think you should apologize to her”
       “maybe” I replied eating my meal. Carl gave me a sidelong glance before proceeding with his food. The rest of the time we we ate in silence, the only sound was the slow song that played in the restaurant.
        I stopped eating abruptly and stood up.
       “ where are you going? ” Carl asked.
       “ somewhere, I’ll be back” I replied and walked to the kitchen area.
       “ good luck to whatever it is then” Carl said. The stares followed as usual. The moment I walked in,a woman came over to meet me. I’m guessing she’s the manager.
      “ How may I help you sir?” She asked when she got close to me.
      “ Actually I’m looking for a worker here” I said raising my brows.
      “ what’s her name?”
      “ Amelia Kurt.”
      “ I don’t know where she is at the moment but I could help you look for her” she offered.
      “ no need to. I’ll find her myself “
       “ okay sir”
                 Amelia’s P. O. V
        I went out using the back door to get some fresh air. I know running isn’t the ideal thing to do right now until I get a hold of myself. Sagging against the wall, I bent down and bent my head, taking deep breaths. I don’t know I feel this weird when Ryan is very close to me. I wish I could end it but I don’t know her. Hopefully by the time I get in, hell be gone I thought to myself.
        “ Running from someone? ” I heard a deep voice ask. I looked up to the direction where the voice was coming from. And this isn’t good.
       My breathing kicked up and my heart started its funny tingling. Ryan was coming closer to me now and there was no where to run. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. He didn’t stop till he was directly in front of me and my back against the wall. I could feel my breath seize.
        “ wha..wha.. What are you doing here” I stammered.
       “ I came to see you” he answered, staring right back at me. Oh God… Those dangerously dark eyes again, were staring right back at me and I can’t look away. Raising a hand and placing it beside the wall where I stood, locking me into position, he closed his eyes and shifted even closer.
      When he opened them, they were strangely calm. Not scary, not dangerous, just calm.
       “ Amy, we need to talk” I heard him say.
To be continued…

  Ryan is a very confusing human being. One moment he’s cool, the next his dangerous. And Amy seems to be under that spell.

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Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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