Chapter 7

                         Ryan’s P. O. V
   If there was thing that was pre–dominant in Amelia’s face, it was shock. She seemed surprised to see me here. I was surprised too but I was more curious than surprised.
   “ yo…! What are you doing here?” She asked in a strangled voice.
 “ what do you expect? This is my audition ” I replied.
   “ have you two met before?” The lady judge asked.
    “actually, yes” Amy replied, not taking her off me.
   “ well that’s a good thing, please submit your design ” she offered.
      I watched how she grudgingly came to my table and submitted the designs. She was really pretty I noticed, with that lovely blonde hair and sea blue eyes, although she looked a bit tired. I wondered why I didn’t see it before. Maybe because I was in a crazy mood when we first met. While placing it on the table I smiled at her, she just rolled her eyes and went to seat. I suppressed my chuckle.
    “ miss Amelia, may you tell us where you were born please? ” the other judges continued with their questions.
  “ uhmm, I was born here and brought up here too” I heard her reply. I was going through her profile. She’s twenty four, now that’s young, but they were other young contestants too.
 “ do you have a boutique? ” the lady judge asked. I glanced at her.
  “no I  don’t, but I work at one” she replied.
  “ why didn’t you come with a dress or something you did yourself to show us?” I asked, looking at her.
  “ oh… I would have loved to come with one of my creations but you see…. I got fired at my last job, so I didn’t get any money to buy any materials ” she answered glaring at me.
   She got fired!? Then I guess I took it way too serious then. And she obviously doesn’t look pleased about it.
  “ well… Never mind ” I said, trying to close the topic.
      I took a few of her designs and began checking it and I must admit she’s really good. Good? She’s the  only one who’s come up with the best design ever…. Except for the other Kurt however, I’m surprised they aren’t sisters. If it wasn’t due to the fact that we seem to have a disagreement, I would have commended her openly. I passed it over to the other judges who began checking it.
   “ wow… This designs are really good. Who taught you how to draw like this?” The lady asked.
    “ they are?…. Well no one actually. I just sort of… do it” she replied. I must admit, she has a pretty smile.
    “ they are really good.. I must say, I’m impressed ” the lady continued.
    “ thanks a lot ma.I really appreciate “
  “ we’ve seen your designs Amy, we’ll get back to you soon” the male judge said. I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want to say anything.
   “ OK thanks.”
“ you’re welcome Amy, good job”
   I watched her chuckle. “ thanks a lot again”
 She said as she began leaving.
   On an impulse, she turned and our gazes locked. I know this sounds weird but during that short moment, it felt like something from the movies. It was really strange and I didn’t WANT to look away. She did however, and walked out, closing the door behind her.
   I bent my head and sighed. I don’t know what to think anymore.
  “ she’s really good. We should give her chance” the lady judge said.
  “ I’m thinking about that too, she’s obviously the only one who’s come up with the best design ever” the other judge said.
 “ but it’s not our decision to make is it? Sir Ryan will make  the selection ” she went further to say.
  “Sir, what do you think of her designs” the lady judge proceeded to ask me.
   “ I don’t know, she seems pretty good. I’ll have to think about it ” I said.
 “ OK sir, we’ll leave now. Thanks for holding up the contest here. We are grateful ” the lady judge said as she stood up.
 I simply nodded, one by one they left the room leaving me alone in it. I took another look at all of  the forms placed in front of me and Amy own stood out. I’ll have to check it later.
      My phone buzzed in my pocket and this time when I checked it it was my mum calling. Probably to convince me to listen to my dad and come home. I silenced it and stood up.
Gathering the files, I stood up and began walking out of the room.
                  Amelia’s P. O. V
  Closing the door behind me, I heaved a huge sigh of relief. Taking a deep breath, I straightened up and began walking out.
  It really wasn’t as bad as I thought, for a second in there I thought he was going to kick me out or something but he just seemed pretty relaxed about it. That was weird I’ll have to admit. Already outside of the building, i look around. It was pretty late and the sky was already turning pink and purple. I guess i took longer than i thought. I took my phone out to call Mabel.
📞  hi mabel
 📞  hey Mabel.
📞 did you get the auditions done?
📞  yeah I did. I’m coming home now. I’m so tired.
 📞 OK. I’ll be waiting for you
📞. Bye
📞 bye.
    I needed to get home early so I took a bus home. Sitting close to the window. I began reminiscing I really hope I get choosed.
       I was night when I arrived home. And as usual something nice was scenting out from the kitchen. I knocked and after hearing a response from Mabel walked in. I tiptoed and went over to give my best friend a back hug.
  “ oh.. Good evening Amy ” she greeted when she noticed I was the one.
  “ good evening Mabel. You’re making chicken soup, my favorite “
  “ I know right, thought I should do it since I’m pretty sure you got in and that sounds like a celebration ” she offered.
  “ huh?.. We haven’t been chosen yet” I said.
  “ oh come on Amy, I’m pretty sure you wowed them by your designs” she said facing me.
  “ I wouldn’t be that optimistic if I were you. I met Ryan today and he was part of the judges. And honestly I don’t know what went through his head when he saw me. He’s probably going to not let me in” I said. I somehow felt disappointed when saying the last bit.
  “ Amy, Ryan might be a lot of things but he’s definitely not impartial. I know that for a fact. If he thinks you’re good, he might let you in. But if you still think that way, who am I to oppose you. For one thing you could be right” she said.
  I smiled. “ come on, I really didn’t mean it that way… You know what? Let’s forget about that and focus on the celebration”
  Washing my hands, I went over to Mabel. “here, let me help you with that” I said stretching my hands.
  “ thanks Amy, you’re such a sweetheart”
I laughed. “ I’ve always been a sweetheart ” I said. She chuckled in return.
      We settled down for our dinner of chicken soup and stuffed bread. I said stuffed bread because I honestly do not know what Mabel put in the bread to make it smell so nice and taste so bland but it went well with the soup and my stomach wasn’t complaining so it was all group.
   “ By the way” I began in between bites, “ I forgot to tell you this earlier, but there is another Kurt in the contest” I said
  “ another Kurt? Now that’s new”
  “ maybe, but you know what’s strange about this Kurt? It’s the fact that all of people that I told my name kept asking if she was my sister… I mean the judges and a guy I bumped into earlier”
    “ Sister?, did you see her?” Mabel asked.
 I shook my head. “ Not for long, and during that time I didn’t even know she was the one”
  Squeezing my brows and simultaneously biting my lips, i thought aloud.“i don’t know…. But she seemed strange…. And felt strange too. Like I know her but don’t know how “
   Mabel noticed I seemed lost in thought about it and then proceeded to speak up.
  “ don’t worry about it too much Amy, you’re not the only Kurt in New York. Maybe she just bears your surname. You might not even be related”.
       “ you’re right. I shouldn’t think about it a lot. I should focus on getting into the contest and doing my best. Hopefully I’ll win”
    “ that’s my girl, go get them ” Mabel encouraged.
  I smiled and continued with meal. But I noticed something when I wanted to sleep that night, no matter how hard I try to put it at the back of my mind or even forget about it, her face and voice kept haunting me. It was as if my subconscious mind was telling me something and as a result it wouldn’t let me sleep.
   I said a quick prayer concerning my self and the contest and also for my mum and shut my eyes tight, praying and hoping it’ll block out the image of that lady.
To be continued…

  Amy’s feeling weird. Something about that lady isn’t right.
 And Ryan doesn’t look like a bad guy either. Although I wonder why he acted that way in the party. Do you think he’ll give Amy a chance.

                         Chapter 8
                           Ryan’s P. O. V
    I drove my car into the garage of the storey building where I lived. Picking up all of the files and my briefcase, I descended from my car and locked it before walking to the elevator. Pressing my floor button, I walked in and closed the door. Few moments later, I arrived and walked out. Getting to my door i opened it and walked in.
    It was then I noticed that someone was already in before me. The lights were on and I clearly remembered turning it off before leaving this morning. Who was it and how did the person get in? I wondered. Moving cautiously I looked around hoping I would catch a glimpse of the person.
     Suddenly, someone jumped on me from behind and placed a firm grip on my mouth, startling me. We struggled for a few moments before I finally overpowered him and pushed him on the floor. He landed with a groan. I bent down and proceeded to punch the hell out of him but my hand froze halfway through when I realized who it was.
     Carl? Seriously now. I almost thought it was someone else. By now the idiot was already laughing hard.
 “scared you, didn’t I?” He asked between gulps. I scoffed and stood up smoothing my shirt ruffles. He stood up as well, watching my expression.
   “ you do not scare people like that Carl. I almost killed you ” I said going to the refrigerator to get a drink.
  “ I know. Wanted to surprise you ” he said settling on the couch.
  “ how did you even get in anyway?”
  “ every apartment house as a master key, you should know that by now”
   “ Seriously!? Well you shouldn’t try that next time, you might not be very lucky”
  “ Oh whatever…. With you it’s always work, work, work. I thought I’d lighten up the mood a bit”.
“ You did a good job then” I replied
       I took out the files and began working on them. Carl came to join me later.
 “ what are you doing? ” he asked seeing me buried in work.
“ sorting. Seeing who is eligible enough to get into the contest”
   “ I see, they have pretty good designs by the way. It’ll be hard to choose”
 “ yeah, but I’ll try”
  While Ryan was going through the forms, Amy own popped out. He picked up.
   “ Amelia Kurt!? She’s in the contest. I bumped into her this evening. She’s really nice”
   Ryan scoffed. “ Nice? I wouldn’t say that if I were you”
  “ what’s the matter? Did she do something wrong? “
   Ryan looked up at Carl. “ she’s the lady who spilled drinks on me”
       “ No way”
      “ Yes way”
   “ come on, she’s to pretty for that ” Carl countered.
     “ but she did”
       Leaning closer, Carl had a smirk playing on his lips. “ so what did you do. Huh? Say it’s alright and try flirting? “.
      “ don’t be stupid, I over reacted and it eventually got her fired”
      “ wait… What!? How could you? ” Carl shot back.
      “ hey, don’t put the blame on me okay? You should know by now that am not comfortable at parties, especially parties me. Besides she already hates me so there’s no need to worry “
      “ so you won’t do anything about it? “
      “ probably not. There’s no need to” I answered
       “ bad choice bro, bad choice”
       “ Thank you. Now can you please leave me? I’m trying to work here” I complained
       Carl shrugged. “ whatever, suit yourself ” he said as he stood up and proceeded to the couch to watch TV. I grimaced. Some people can never change.
                       Three days later

                       Amelia’s P. O. V
       “ it’s been three days Mabel… Three long days, and have not heard anything ” I groaned. On the chair.
       “ Calm down Amy. You’ll get it, what’s the rush anyway? “
      “ But it’s been three days, how can I possibly calm down knowing Ryan’s is in charge. What if he decides never to let me in. I’ll be ruined” I thought aloud. This all thing was freaking me out.
     “ I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. Ryan can never do something like that. He’ll let you in. If he thinks your designs are good”
    Nothing was convincing enough. I’m a nervous freak. I know I should take it easy but I can’t help but get over paranoid.
    “ I think you should take a break, go for a walk or something. Your staying here and mopping on things won’t help ” Mabel suggested.
    I nodded sadly.
    “ maybe you’re right. My brains kind of muffy anyway. Walking will help clear my thoughts “. I picked up my jacket and walked out. It was evening so the breeze was kind of chilling. I began walking to the park at the apartment where I stayed.
      It was quite long before I arrived. Already I can feel my thoughts clearing and I was feeling. Children don’t play in the park during this time so most of the people I saw were couples, most of them holding hands and it got me feeling wistful. They all seemed really happy and content, two emotions that were not in my reach for now. My parents never had a happy marriage not to talk of them holding hands, and it sort of affected my own relationship with other people. I’ve not even had my first kiss yet.
      I sat down in one of the park benches and began drawing whatever came into my head. I really wasn’t paying any serious attention to it. When I was done I checked it and what the hell!!…. It was a picture of Ryan!? I huffed frustrated, when will I stop thinking about him. I don’t even like him! I yelled in my mind.
     This is all so confusing. I try coming to clear my head but I just end up confusing myself. I squeezed the paper and threw it to the bin and began walking home, even more frustrated than before.
    Walking in, I met Mabel making. Always cooking, that girl. She noticed I was in and came to join me in the living room where I was already sat slumped in one of the chairs.
      “ you’re back. So how did the walk go?” She asked.
      “ terribly, right now I might probably kill myself if I don’t get any message” I stated.
      “ it hasn’t gotten to that point Amy. Give it time and I….”
      My phone buzzed interrupting Mabel. I checked it, it was a message.
      “ Mabel it’s a message ” I announced, somewhat excited and worried.
      “ go on, check it. It’s been what  you’ve been waiting for all day”
      “ OK ” I gulped as I clicked on the message.
      Dear Amelia Kurt. You have been accepted into the fashion contest 2019. Good luck.
                                       Yours sincerely
                                          The management
  Mabel was straining her eyes to see.
     “ What did it say?”
     “ I’ve been muttered ” too flustered to believe.
     “ you’ve been accepted? ” Mabel asked.
     “ Yes Mabel. I’ve been accepted. I’ve been accepted! ” I screamed when it finally sank in.
      When finally understood she screamed too.
     “ you’ve been accepted!! Oh my gawd! My baby has been accepted. I’m so proud of you”
  Mabel hugged me. Tightly.
    “ awwn thanks a lot Mabel. If it wasn’t for you I would never have done it” I confessed
      “ no need to thank me. I’m glad you got in” she replied.
       “ congratulations “
        “ thank you”
 We stayed in that position for moments until I smelt something burning. Actually we both smelt something burning. Mabel immediately gasped and pulled away from the hug, pure horror on her face.
      “ oh my gosh!… I forgot the pasta on fire! ” she exclaimed. I put on a shocked face, it was fake. I guess we were too caught up in our celebration Mabel forgot dinner on fire.
     “ oh my gosh. Go check it hurry! Dinner can’t burn, I just got accepted! ” I yelled as she ran to into the kitchen. After a while I called out.
     “ is everything okay in there?”
     “ yeah, I’ve got it under control “
    “ OK. Please hurry, I’m hungry.” I announced, rubbing my stomach even though she couldn’t see it.
    “ you’re out of your mind” Mabel yelled back. I chuckled, Mabel is crazy.
To be continued…

   Amy has been accepted into the contest. Yay! Am so happy!! But wait, who thinks this is just the beginning of Amy problems…..
You know what? Let’s not talk about that.

                       Chapter 9
                        Amelia’s P. O. V
                   ( Day 1, training day)
      I happily bounced along to the venue where the training will be taking place— more like a school actually. I was feeling all giddy and excited. I should be, it’s my first freaking contest! And I can not believe it. My best friend, Terrance decided to accompany me to the place, he said he wanted to use that as a congratulation gift since he couldn’t buy me anything even though he wanted to. Mabel got me a pair of scissors and lots of sewing materials, sometimes I don’t even understand her.
     “ oh Terrance… I’m so excited… And nervous too” I said as we got closer to the place.
     “ I perfectly understand the excitement part, but nervousness? The Amy I know faces her problem head on” he remarked.
     I grinned.
     “ awwn… Thanks. You’re so lovely”
     “ I know right?” He answered grinning. We both chuckled after that.
     “ But seriously Amy, you did a wonderful job in there. Good luck Amy, I keep hoping and praying you win” he said.
      I felt my eyes moisten. “ thanks a lot Terrance, I really appreciate “
     “ it’s no big deal. You just do your thing, okay?”
      “ okay”
      “ I’ll be going now, bye Amy” he said as he moved backwards
      “ bye Terrance, have a great day” I yelled from where I stood.
      “ you too Amy” he yelled back. I caught a glimpse of a car passing by him but I didn’t pay much attention to it as I had already turned.
      I had barely walked any where when someone ran into me. We both fell on the floor in the process. I looked up to find who ever the person was and it turns out it was the same lady I met earlier during auditions.
      “ You!”
      “You?” We both said, we both stood up and dusted our clothes.
       “ you should be more careful, I could have been seriously injured ” I said cleaning myself.
        “ I should be saying that to you, you obviously ran into me”
         “ Excuse me? I ran into you” I asked in disbelief.
         She scoffed.
         “ So now I’m lying? Aren’t you the clumsy one here?” She retorted.
        This lady or girl or whatever she calls herself is beginning to get on my nerves.
        “ watch your speech young lady, who do you think you’re talking to?”
        “ I’m talking to a super clumsy lady, who whatever with reason she seems necessary has decided to shift the blame of bumping into me” she answered glaring at me.
      That’s it. I don’t care if we’re in a public scene or whatever but this girl is going to get what’s coming for her. I moved closer to slap her but was interrupted by someone.
      “ Woah, Woah, Woah there. Take it easy will ya?” Someone said from behind. We both turned to check who. It was Carl, and he was moving towards us.
     “ Hey guys, whats going on here?” He asked stopping right in front of us.
     “ it’s her!” She spat pointing at me. “She bumped into me and will not apologize ” she accused.
     “ did she? Oh Ana, you should know by now not to take things too seriously. But if you’re still angry, Amy will apologize OK?” Carl said.
    Her name’s Ana? No wonder they kept asking if we were sisters. If she’s Ana and am Amy with the same surname they’ll naturally think we are sisters.
     I scoffed.  There’s no way I’m apologising to this girl. Carl must have noticed it because he winked at me to just let it slide.
      I sighed. “ fine. I’m sorry” I muttered.
      “ you had better be” she said before walking away. I glared after her.
      “ don’t take it too seriously Amy, especially on your first day” Carl said.
      I took a deep breath. “ maybe you’re right, it’s my first day anyway. Sorry I didn’t get to greet you properly. Good morning Carl” I said with a smile.
     “ Good morning Amy, and congratulations once again for being part of those who were picked. And welcome to the game”
    I laughed. “ thanks a lot. I really appreciate it”
   “ yeah you should “
   “ did you come here alone?” I asked after seeing him glance at a car.
   “ Actually I came here with Ryan ” he answered.
    “oh….” I trailed off. Ryan, the one person who has refused to leave my mind alone. I wanted to ask more questions about it but Carl was already speaking.
    “ Amy, I want to ask something “
    “ hmm.. What is it?” I asked snapping out of my thoughts.
     “ the guy you were with earlier, who is he?”
     “ huh? You saw me with a guy… Oh Terrance, he’s actually my…” Carl interrupted me.
     “ Talk of the devil, he’s already here”  he announced. I glanced over his shoulders to check who it was. It was Ryan!!? Wearing a pitch black tuxedo suit, he looked dangerously handsome with a hint of mystery. His eyes were unusually dark today,like the first time I met him. He definitely didn’t look like the cool guy I met at the auditions.
       I gulped as he stopped in front of me and stared at me. This guy sure knows how to intimidate someone when he feels like it and he’s doing it now.
      “ I’m guessing you’re done now, can we go?” He asked Carl, ignoring me completely.
       “ No am not,as you can see” Carl stated. I just stood there watching all the drama.
       “ I can’t wait anymore, we have to go… Now!”
           Carl glared at him before replying.  “ whatever, lets go ” Carl said and began walking out. He turned later on
       “ bye Amy, good luck ” Carl said. I waved in return smiling. My smile froze when I realized Ryan was still here…. And staring at me. Okay… This is freaking me out.
     “ good morning Amy ” I heard him say. I turned to look at me. Wait a second, I didn’t think I heard him properly. Did he just greet me!? I’m pretty sure he didn’t, but he said my name, HE KNOWS MY NAME!
       I mumbled in reply. His face was expressionless but I could see traces of a smirk as he began walking away. I stared at his retreating figure. Ryan sure was full of surprises, I reasoned. The bell went off signifying first class. Oh gosh, I had better hurry.
                         Carl’s P. O. V
       I waited for Ryan to get into the car. When he did I immediately started asking him questions.
       “ ok… What the hell was that for?” Ryan glanced at me.
       “ you were taking a lot of time and we needed to get to somewhere fast. Did you expect me to just sit down and watch you socialise till forever comes?” He asked.
       “ it would have been easier if you just came down with me the first time I asked you to” I stated.
       “ I have no business with them” Ryan answered as he started up the car.
        “ Oh really, earlier you were asking if Amy had a boyfriend”
        “ that was because I saw her with someone else and mind you I already saw her with the same person the first time she spilled drinks on me” he replied.
        I asked that question because we had earlier seen Amy with a guy earlier. He had muttered something about him being her boyfriend. I wanted to confirm it that so I went over to her. Luck shone on me when I found her arguing. But of course, Ryan had to ruin it.
        I’ve known Ryan for a long time and I know when he’s interested in something or someone even though he does a good job of hiding it and looking calm.
       “ what is it ?” Ryan asked, not sparing me a glance. I studied him for quite a while before answering.
      “ this Amy, do you like her” I questioned
      Ryan smirked.
       “ I really don’t know what you’re getting at Carl but if you must know, well I don’t” he answered. He turned. “ can I focus on my driving now?” He asked.
        “ I don’t believe you”
         “ whatever, suit yourself “
     I settled on my chair and looked out the window. We’ll see how everything goes, I thought within myself.
                    Amelia’s P. O. V
     The pink and purple skies signified it was evening. Today in training was stressful and annoying. Surprisingly that Ana of a girl won’t leave me alone. She kept glaring at me all through class. I tried ignoring but it was impossible. With us bearing the same surname they kept mistaking us for sisters. I wish I could go home and soak myself in a hot tub for hours, but that’s never happening.
      I sighed as ambled along the walk way. I should probably get a job soon. The people my dad owe are beginning to call. I don’t get it, did they think automatically getting into the contest makes me a millionaire? My phone rang in my pocket so I picked it up. As usual it was Terrance calling.
📞 hi Terrance, what’s popping
📞 good evening Amy, how was training.
📞 it was okay. Why did you call?
📞 oh I found something for you. It was supposed to be a surprise but I figured out I better tell you so you can get ready.
📞 what is it?
📞 I found a job for you. It’s at a restaurant. A new one basically. They just opened and are looking for workers. Not too far from where you train.
📞 really!? Thank you!
📞 anything for you. So since you’re through now, you could go begin.
📞 awwn… Thanks a lot Terrance. I don’t know what I’d do without you
📞 don’t start with the flattery. Just go get the job. I’ll send you the address.
📞 OK thanks will do. Bye Terrance
📞 bye Amy.
      I hung up. I’m so excited. I was just thinking about getting a job and now there’s one. I’m so lucky to have such a good friend. I received the text message and quickly boarded a bus to the place. Today is my lucky day.
                         Ryan’s P. O. V
      Closing my system, I rubbed my sore neck. I’ve been here for hours and have not even had lunch. I checked the time and realised it was already evening. I had better get something to eat. I called up Carl who was playing games on his phone. I don’t understand, doesn’t he have work to do?
       “ hey Carl, why don’t we go have dinner”
        “ I thought you wouldn’t ask.”
       “ well I did. And am starving. Do you know any place in mind?”
       “ I don’t know, but there’s a new restaurant that just opened. Maybe we should go check it out” Carl suggested.
        “ then the restaurant it is then. I’m sure you know the directions?”
         “ill use Google map”
         “ whatever… Oh and by the way, and sorry for the I acted this morning. I wasn’t in a good mood “
         “ I know right, and no need to apologize anyway, I’m already used to your fluctuating moods”. I chuckled softly
         “now let’s go eat”
To be continued
    When the destiny of two people are tied together, They’ll keep meeting everywhere. Ryan’s going to the same restaurant Amy starting a new job. I pray she doesn’t spill food this time.

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