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This is a work of a fiction. Names, characters, events are either of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.
I lit a stick of Rothmans as I got myself back to memories. Now I smoke, drink and did all I grew up to be against doing! What caused it? Maybe my association with Jesse.
I got all but no peace even as I knew my dad won’t accept me not even after months of being away. I exhaled out some smoke from my mouth with my mind perplexed not even after making away with some millions from a foreign client. The money wasn’t anything but my family’s love.
“Hello dear, I’m at the entrance, what’s your room number?”
“Room 28!” I replied lowly.
It gonna be our last see before I leave the state, I got news that Jesse is around which made me to have some fear of him locating me at all costs. He hasn’t forgotten! Not for his Benz, cars or properties I destroyed just to revenge my sister.
What will she be doing? I thought of Vera with the latest that we were both offered admission and school is about to resume.
I took a pause as I welcomed Jane with a tight hug, our hands reached for each other even as I smooched every part of her lips, I’d longed for it at least to keep me from disturbing thoughts. I took hold of her as I took her to the bed and pulled off without hesitating, her cleavage made me feel erect as I lose no bit taking off her brassiere. I knew I should dress the moment as it gonna be our last even though she wasn’t aware.
“Hey Nuel!” I got some calls while resting.
“Mike what’s up! Any latest?” Mike was like a spy to Jesse, always there to keep me covered.
“Guy, no stay this night for Lekki!”
I stated at Jane if she was listening but was fast asleep.
“Jesse dey after you, him don arrange boys, he gave them your picture as they are after you…”
“Okay thanks, I go call you later.”
I didn’t wait for Jane to wake up as I prepared my leave, leaving her to the room with some cash and a written note.
Vera was fed up with Jesse’s threat as she told my parents his recent threat, and his search for me; my dad passed the information to the police as Jesse were on the search.
I know my dad won’t show consign about me, not even my schooling as he cleared Vera’s school expenses. 
My main focus was to meet her as I looked forward to it.
“Hello, can we meet in an eatery this evening?”
“I don’t entertain strangers!” Vera replied.
“It’s strange clothing your loved one among stranger.” I replied her, by then I was in the state, thinking of my family left me with desire to see her.
“Anonymous isn’t still a stranger, even a golden black is nothing, who’s this or I report you?”
I saw her now growing wild as I was left to get her through her roommate. I told her roommate to let Vera be there when I plan us to meet.
After much persuasion I saw Vera with her as they entered the eatery; I was in my car watching, writing she called that she’s in waiting for me.
Vera was dumbfounded to see me as I joined the table, smiling. She was about taking her leave when I interrupted, blocking her next action.  I knew she saw hates in me; the same she saw in me when I was young and beardless even on my low cut as I sold her virginity to Jesse.
I should’ve been there, but the game player made me his pawn; now the guy on brown sprayed afro and carefully lined beards was of no respect to her.
“Nuel, what do you want?” she asked.
“Can we talk! It’s been long, How’s home?”
“Home has been peaceful, not till you joined your gang, now mum is said to have laid some eggs.”
“When will poetry leave you with sense!” I exclaimed as we sat down.
“I love its foolishness, it’s better than your wealth accusation.”
“Damn!” I banged the table, “you’ve never seen good in me.”
“Good at losing your godly right? Going through some dubious path, where do you think the crooked path will lead you to?” she asked.
“At least the road got me some favour.”
“And trouble ensued! Jesse is after you, the devil is after his demon!” She chuckled.
“It’s okay, maybe I’ll curse him to the earth and take his place.” I paused, “how’re you doing? Where are you staying, can I visit?”
Vera glared at me, “forfeit the Ten commandments and lose the chance of seeing me after today.”
“Just end all this and go to Jah for forgiveness.”
“You’re still the holy Mary upon the fact that you’d lost your…”
“Nuel, let my anger not descend on you.”
“But it wasn’t my fault!”
“Oh! It wasn’t, Jesse told me later that he paid you just to get me, he brought you into his business just to get me; he brought you into his business just to get me, that I was the sacrifice you rendered to be who you are…!”
“Damn!” I felt like cursing myself, “I still can’t imagine that day.” I said as she sat down again, this chat was likely our final chat even as I tried to know what really happened between Jesse and my sister.
“…yea, you left for the Benz! Oh, Mr trendy!” she exaggerated. “It wasn’t comfortable for me as I told Jesse I wanna go in, I didn’t know that when he went to close the door after you left he locked to door and took the key; not till he tried romancing me and I exclaimed at him that it’s okay. I told him to leave, went to open the door for him but it was locked…”
I was dumbfounded as I listened carefully. By then her roommate had gone to get some things outside the eatery.
She whimpered, “… He laughed as he came towards me, I tried running as I ran towards my room with thought to fasten the door before he gets me, but he went faster than me as he got me while I was about entering my room, then he locked the door as he watched me shiver with fear on the bed. I tried to resist him, but the room was like a cage, even as he got hold of me and made me helpless. It was of no drama as I felt the pains… Because of Benz even as I wished you were there but none to protect me, I was forced like a sex slave with brutal pains in mind…”
“I… I…” I stuttered, not knowing what to say.
“You’ve nothing to say, I never told dad, but he knows all you’re doing; you know he won’t accept you back…” she interrupted.
“It’s been hard surviving, I’ll end it after I’ve paid my dept to Jesse.”
“Now you can’t boost of the profit you’ve gained but trouble realised.” She stood up and walked out of the eatery. I only watched as she left, still beholding her pretty look and perfect shape even on her glasses. 
I remembered when we were young returning from primary school and I held her hand like her protector, making sure she’s safe as we walked home, I remembered when I attacked some students for pouring her sand during break; all through even in the secondary school I got her back- brotherly love.
But what happened? Rather than to protect her, I exposed her to assault.
“Damn it!” I banged the table as I stood up walking away.
Joy came to my heart when I met someone who introduced me to a deal- hard drugs smuggling.
“Gee! This gonna roll more bucks, just meet the cool guys!” Sam said during our hidden conversation. 
He was looking big even on his Swiss Polo and blue jean as he kept fiddling the key to his Toyota Venza.
“Yea!” I alluded, “I’ve got many testimonies, especially from around Lag and Benin.” I said as I picked the deal with much interest to get some cool cash and settle Jesse.
Moving to the west was my next mission even as I sold out my Toyota Avalon and duplex; I kept the money hoping to add up and pay Jesse who was on the latest threat to get my sister if I don’t comply.
Deals were rolling through as it was looking good in the smuggling business. My favourite deals was coming up with a white man who promises to pay large.
“Your money is with my agent, deliver it to him at Houston Creek by the eve tomorrow…”
I was happy as I got the mail, twenty thousand bucks was enough to pay Jesse and get my life back. 
It was like joy counting in me as I drove to Houston Creek, an area secluded for bad gangs, the area I was driving to was like a dungeon. I was loaded behind suit as I eyed trouble around.
“Go around the subway!” the agent said while communicating, “and don’t try funny.”
I took the package off my car as I moved towards the subway, glaring to see who may come from either side. I noticed someone clicking fingers, steadily. Even as I sensed crowd coming around.
“Freeze!” someone exclaimed.
I took my hands up as I paused, “I’m here to deliver a package.” I said as they tied my hands behind and forced me to kneel.
Then the agent appeared from the dark as lights shown around the scene. I took a deep breath as I saw Jesse smiling, I stared around to see barrels pointed towards me.
“You think you’re wise, you got twenty thousand bucks deal.” Jesse chuckled.
“I would now not be surprised if you’re behind it.” I said.
“Oh! You never thought of it, but to get your twenty thousand bucks and run away, leaving me frustrated.” 
His fist landed forcefully on my cheek leaving me in pains as I bend to ease the pressure even to my face getting swollen.
“I gave you a canoe, you tried to turn the river against me.” He exclaimed.
“When my little fish was used for sacrifice, won’t the river cry for her blood?” I said.
“Then I think I’ll take down you and the fish.” He paused, “where’s my Benz, my cars, where are my properties you destroyed?”
I was mute.
“You felt that’s your way of revenging your bitch?” he giggled, “ohh! I so much enjoyed her even as you enjoyed my Benz… You tried to payback and now it’s your turn.” he was looking like a comedian even with his display.
Most of his comments were with some forceful punches as I felt blood around my gum.
I stared at Jesse with pains of revenge in my eyes, with wish of getting my hands loosed but it wasn’t easy, the pains were ever before me.
“Give me time, I’ll pay!” I said finally.
“Time!” he roared, “you mention of time! So, you’ll keep running?” he hit my back forcefully with the log in his hand. “Taking you down gonna be my glory.” He said as he got his gun.
“Jesse, there are still better options.” I said.
“Like what?” He said as he moved closer towards me, still I couldn’t loose the rope tied around my hand.
We were shocked when gun shots were blasting different corners, like an ambush even as some of Jesse’s gang were gunned down.
“Freeze! Your hand on your hand.” Jesse heard a shocking voice behind even as he felt a gun behind his head, he dropped his gun and followed command.
We were all arrested, Jesse especially- the hitman. 
“What glory do you get being the devil’s incarnate? Now pleasure which is a blossoming tree but with pains and trouble as its fruit…” Vera said as she visited. She was the only that took pity, even to my nonchalant attitude of reconciliation because I felt I’ve lost all. 
“No hope in hell!” I exclaimed.
“Even the devil was once an angel, so don’t feel it’s over, you’re alive may be for warning… Don’t be indifferent.”
Vera’s words were only burning the tears in me.
“I thought of success, but it destroyed me; I thought I was right, but fully wrong. I missed my path the day I met Jesse, now I’m ending up where I never wished to.” I wept.
“Though I saw you as the devil’s incarnate, but you can be the Lord’s animate, though it’s past, but it’s not late; you can mend your ways before you approach the gate.” She concluded.
I was once the Lord’s creature but now the devil’s figure! I then beholds the Ten commandments with value, but now I’ve lost its virtue. Life really is not fair, but will it give me a second chance as my life was dice with death.
The END.


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