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This is a work of a fiction. Names, characters, events are either of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.
I’m a christian, SAY NO TO DRUGS! Was our motto. It was boldly written on a note and pasted to my wall.
Say no to drugs, smoking, drinking, clubbing, stealing…etc. Were listed just like the Ten commandments which was close to it. My sisters, and I chanted it every morning even till we were a teen, but all now are memories. I can’t remember if it’s still on my wall as I’ve lost right returning home.
Mr and Mrs. Denis are my parents, I can still remember even with them in our family picture which I got before me, as I took a deep stare. They were given regards in our worship centre. Mr. Denis on his black suit looking strong and confident in his tall stature. The height wasn’t stolen by me rather it was mum’s average and robust appearance; like mum, like me even as I stood by her with an inch above her height, no matter her gele it was obvious.
The next two in the picture I haven’t mentioned, were my two sisters: Vera and Rosemary, I was giving them an age difference of about two and six.
Rosemary stood between my parents even as she showed her bright teeth to the camera, it was an old picture, two years ago. Rosemary was seen to have dad’s stature, because Vera’s was measured around dad’s cheek.
She was looking plump with no reason to smile not even after the photographer had positioned her for a perfect stay, she still was indifferent, maybe I was the cause even as I’d lost the grace to stand before her.
How did I lose it?
Vera saw me as the devil incarnate! She called me the house-devil. My dreadful action led to a mischief, before, even during the picture moment which the family had together, she never talked to me. If none observed I guessed mum did but I coy her that it’s nothing! Just another of her moody state.
Vera is known to be an introvert, she spends more of her time in her room, writing stories and poems; though she hasn’t mentioned of being a writer but dad won’t allow. Dad has listed out our profession: I was to be an engineer, Vera a surgeon, maybe he saw that from her look, when she’s on her glasses; an age of inner strength with little remembrance to chortle. Vera is always serious and sees life not to be comedy. Rosemary, dad mentioned of her being an accountant or related in the business field, especially for her joviality.
Engineering he said, but that isn’t what I’m doing, not even what I’m expecting for admission, dad I know should be upset with me. He is the assistant leader in our worship centre and wanted us to be an envy of the congregation even as mum got us the best of wears.
A collection of that won’t make Vera smile at me. The last I remembered knocking on her door.
“Go and knock no more!”
“Vera, it’s me!”
“Please go! For my blood still cries since the day it lost purity.”
I felt sorry as well, “I’m sorry, I never…”
“Brother, mum is calling you.” Rosemary interrupted.
I thought of Vera writing stories of it, painting several images of her tears. But what happened? It was still fresh in my memories, like a morning dew as I thought of it while in my hotel room 28, Banquet Hotel.
“Hello dear, I’ll call you when I’m coming.” That message was from Jane my new girlfriend.
“All were like drama! How can I end the play?” I thought.
We moved into Sangema street, no 7 precisely. It was new as the landlord just finished the painting like before my parents refused us from going out, we’ve no friends. Vera tried to adapt to the lifestyle but I couldn’t.
I envied the street guys, most of them were yahoo scam peeps; appearing on designer shorts and socks, using some trending phones and gadgets, cruising some expensive cars unlike dad still with his 2011 Toyota Camry SE. I wanted to be big like them even as I tried to associate.
When dad goes to work and mum is off to her business, Rosemary is off to school. Vera then will be in her room even as we were waiting for admission; I’ll join the host of the street guys mostly playing games, especially in our neighbour’s compound- Jesse. He was looking big even in his duplex, unlike our three-bedroom flat, he was driving some clean Kia and Hyundai cars.
It started from gaming as he had the latest Play station- PS4 console connected to his 45” television which is beyond comprehension.
“Guy, are you working?” I asked.
“No!” Jesse laughed. He was always looking cute, mostly he appears on his Fendi short and Philip Plein’s black t-shirt, then his coloured stocks.
“How come you stay alone in this duplex, you got all those cars.”
“Its hardworking! Something beyond comment.” He paused, “lest I forget, I saw a girl with you yesterday. You both seemed to be going to church.”
“Yea,” I interrupted, “she’s my sis!”
“Your sis!” he was astounded.
I was bewildered, “what’s it?”
“Can you introduce me to her, she’s really hot.”
“Ummm….” I tried to get words to take him off my sister.
“I’ll help you to get more than these I’ve acquired if you do so,” he winked, “it’s a business I’ll introduce you to.”
“Are you serious!” I was smiling with some astonishment.
That dare was the beginning of the issue between Vera and I. I tried to make Vera see that he’s a good guy even as I gave him Vera’s contact. It was going cool till his next mission was like a game to me. He visited, on a cool day we were together in the sitting room, not till Vera came out for breakfast did he noticed that she was around. He picked some friendly chit-chat with her as he tried to join her on the dining, then his phone rang; it was a guy telling him of his newest car arrival.
“Jeez! You got the Benz! Or are you kidding?” I said as he cut the call.
“No bro, it just came in, so I’ll go to get it later.” Jesse smiled.
Vera was nonchalant as she only said ‘wow!’
“Hey! Lemme go get it, I wanna be the first to give it a cruise.” I exclaimed.
After a pause he agreed as he gave me the contact of his client and how to get it. I was celebrating as I stormed out of the house, Vera laughed as Jesse chuckled.
The Benz was the sweetest I’d got even as I have wished for it, to have a pleasant ride. It was a nice cruise as I grinned widely like an honour being received; I’d got a good ride as I flaunted it around.
I stopped to confusion as I saw Vera whimpering on her bed.
“What happened?” I asked as I was suspicious of the atmosphere, the room was scattered and the bed untidy. Vera’s eyes were red and soaked as she paid no attention to me, she held her pillow so tight as it soaked her tears.
I took notice of Jesse’s coloured socks as I got the image of what happened. I looked for Jesse to confront him but to no avail, as he wasn’t around.
“Hey bro, it wasn’t intentional. I couldn’t stand staring at her hot laps, her cleavage; she never willed into it, but we can go over it, give the Benz to John at Moris close, he knows where I’m. Send your account details I can pay you off…” Jesse said in phone.
“Your father!” I exclaimed as I cut the call.
The next Sunday was dad’s bible school graduation, we all took studio pics which I got hold of one. But why then was I disowned from the house?
I never returned the Benz, I sold it off! Jesse was mad when someone told him, he looked for me but to no avail. He promised to rape my sister again if I don’t get him the Benz. I withheld Vera from telling my parents even though she cursed me for introducing Jesse to her.
I picked up some gang as we burnt down Jesse’s house and took his cars, though he was once my close friend; he taught me the logic about yahoo business as he promised. But he broke the hedge by his act with my sister.
Not only did my parents hear rumours but Jesse told them all I did and have been doing, by then, I’ve left the state as I knew Jesse is still after me. 
I lit a stick of my cigarette as I got myself back from memories. Now I smoke, drink and do all I grew up to be against doing, what caused it maybe my association with Jesse! I got all but no peace.

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