Relationship and it’s crisis

                            Chapter 6

                         Allison’s POV

     I dropped the fork with a clang and looked at him.

    Did he really think I’ll eat it??

    I was expecting him to say stop.

      I looked at him squarely for a few minutes, neither of us blinking.

    “You know, my momma always tell me to be gentle and less troublesome. So today, I’ve decided to follow her advice” I pushed the plate back to him “I’m going to stop embarrassing you”

    “Yeah and start your wifely duties. I’m going to relieve the maid today, I’ll send her back home.”

      “Okay….. I’m now a changed wife” I replied “I want to know what fate has in store for us” I added inwardly.

    “We have to start a family too, the queen called me today”

   My heart skipped, I’m not ready for a family, we’ll break up after six months.

    “Oh…….. I’m not ready now”

   “You don’t have to be ready, it’s how it’s done”

   “Yeah and you have other ways to satisfy your sexual urges. I’m not ready and besides I don’t love you so making love with you won’t be special”

   “Yeah, I do….. Okay, when you’re ready let me know, I wonder what’s so special about it.”

    “I need a credit card too”

    “I got one for you, it’s in the dressing table in our room”

    “Really??” I shot up in excitement

    “Yeah” he looked at me weirdly “I’ve never seen you excited”

    “Oh” the excitement drained from my face instantly and I mentally created my day’s schedule.

                         Tyler’s POV

     Why’s she suddenly excited? Hasn’t she seen a debit card before?

    “I’ve never seen you excited”

   The excitement drained from her face instantly but not from her eyes.

     She stood and came over.

   “What’s she planning to do this time?”

    Because of her, I cancelled all function for five months and asked Jerry to go with his wife in my place.

   “Stand up, Stand up, get ready for work” she grinned.

    “Who’s this, where’s Allison the crazy girl?”

   “What?? It’s one of my duties”  she shooed me till I got to the bathroom.

    When I came back, my cloth was set on the bed along with a tie and a matching shoe.

   “Is this for real?” I asked myself.

   I wore the clothes, took my briefcase and went downstairs.

    As I got closer to the kitchen, I heard her humming as she worked.

  If she’s this happy because of a credit card, I think I should be giving her one every single day.

    She looked back and caught me staring.

    “Oh you’re here, have a seat let me dish out your food.”

   I sat down and prayed internally she doesn’t do another crazy thing.

    I closed my eyes in anticipation again, just like I did earlier.

  When I felt her go back to the kitchen, I opened my eyes gradually to see the meal from yesterday!

    I picked my fork and to little to my mouth cautiously.

    The taste was nothing like I ever imagined.

   Does that mean she prepared it yesterday?

    I laid a napkin on my laps and ate the food greedily.

    I’ve never eaten a delicious meal like this for a very long time.

  I heard her chuckle behind me before going to the room, skipping the stairs by twos happily.

    When I finished eating, I went out to meet Jerry and together we went to the office.

   “How’s your wife sire?” He asked “I saw the news”

   “I don’t understand her, one minute she’s crazy and the other she’s normal.”

   “I can relate with you too” he smiled fondly, maybe at a memory”

    “I need a girl for the night though”

   “Are you sure? It could create a scandal”

    “I’m sex starved besides she wouldn’t care” I huffed.

                            Allison’s POV

I tried to hide my excitement but it’s not working.

    I had my bath and wore a short fleyed skirt and an off shoulder top.

 I wore my black sandals, took the credit card and picked a black car this time
    I went to the supermarket and bought clothes of different sizes and went to a grocery store.

    I made sure I visited all the Orphanage home around.

   I’ll keep doing this till I reach out to everyone who needs help in the country.

   And since I’m using Tyler’s money, I mentioned his name at every charity home.

  It would help make his company more popular.

 Five Months Later

                             Tyler’s POV

   For the past five months, precisely the day I gave Allison a debit card, my business skyrocketed and my name keeps appearing on the headlines in every newspaper. I’m labelled a noble man, humble, selfless and a helper. I wonder got into them, I haven’t done anything for anyone to warrant this but being in the spot light has really helped my business.

   Today, I was given a contract, a very big one at that.

   I looked at the half naked girl I’d taken from the club, it took all of my will power not to stop the car and satisfy myself.

   I continued with my way of life, not that Allison was going to take it away from me anyway. It has become my addiction.

   I got home and parked the car.

    I rushed to the other side and opened the door for the girl and carried her in my arms in such a way that her legs are wrapped around my waist.

   I kicked the door open and began kissing her all the way to the room beside the master’s bedroom.

     I opened the room door and placed the girl on the bed, seconds later our clothes were lying strewn on the floor.

  As I thrust myself inside her, I looked at her face and all I could see is Allison’s.

    “Oh Allison” I moaned the girl beneath stiffed for a moment and her eyes flew open.

   She relaxed her body later, maybe because she understands I’m drunk.

   I can’t wait to have Allison all to myself.

                          Allison’s POV

     I woke up to the sound of loud moans coming from the room next to mine.

   I looked at the time on my phone 12:15 am.

    “Can that be Tyler?”

 I stood up and went in search of the source of the sound.

   These past months, I’ve been reaching out to people and no one needs to tell me how more popular Tyler is now including his company.

    That way,he wouldn’t worry about the amount I spend everyday.

   I’ve never felt this fulfilled in my life.

    Tyler and I have been facing our business and we’ve gotten a little closer.

   Closer enough that I now trust him and I’m thinking of confiding in him.

    He doesn’t disturb me for sex and I’m grateful for that. I’m still scared at even the thought.

  Even his dog, I’m thinking of a name for it.

   It should just be patient for me.

   It hasn’t shown any sign of being wild to me.

   It’s always gentle when I give it food and I feed it four times a day.

   When I go in the morning after giving it food, I come back in the afternoon then go back to continue from where I stopped.

   In the evening and night, I give it food too.

   Now it’s fatter and more beautiful.

   I got closer to the sound, I said it!

   Tyler brought a whore home, well I understand he needs to satisfy his urges but bringing her here is in called for.

  I opened the door a little and quietly.

    They look so busy, better for me not to disturb.

   I remove the key and locked them inside.

    I left the key in the keyhole in case he has a spare and wants to open the door, it wouldn’t be possible.

   I went to the kitchen and opened a very cold milkshake to drink.

  “To be continued….”

                         Chapter 7

                       Allison’s POV

   My stomach kept churning as I sat in the dark kitchen drinking the milkshake.

  “How dare he bring a whore to our home if even he doesn’t respect me, he should respect our home!”

   Thank God it’s just a week to six months, I’ll soon leave him.

    The thought of leaving makes my heart ache.

   I’m beginning to like this place and the people here.

   Gosh….. what do I do??

  He told yesterday we have a function to attend today in the afternoon but I don’t think he’ll be able to go as he is very busy now.

    “They must be enjoying themselves” I looked towards the room wistfully.

     I’m getting myself pathetic.

   I finished the milkshake and went to the living room to curl myself on a sofa.

    I woke up late in the morning feeling happy but the banging on the door spoilt my mood instantly as I remembered who I looked in the room.

  I climbed the stairs, stood in between the room and debated on what to do.

    Open the door and ask for explanation or leave till later.

    I went to our room instead and prepared for the day.

   I went back to the kitchen and stared at the room, shaking my head.

    They’ve stopped hitting the door, they’re probably tired.

   Well they should continue having sex, morning sex isn’t bad.

    I made coffee in a plastic cup and took it along with me and took a red car out this time but not before leaving the dog a food.

                         Tyler’s POV

    Allison has started being crazy back??!!

   I thought she was done with this.

 I hit the door few more times and got no response

    What did she expect me to do??

 Become a celibate while waiting for her? I’m a man, it’s not possible.

   I left my phone in the car and the girl beside me too left her bag in the car.

    I have a function to attend this evening, how do I get out of here??

   “You didn’t tell me you have a crazy wife, is her name by chance Allison?”

   I looked at her quickly and squinted my eyes “how do you know? Her name isn’t on the news”

    “You kept murmuring her name yesterday” the girl smirked

   “Oh gawd!” I groaned.

    “Get away for her to get me out of this place, I have an appointment”

   “I also have to be at a place today”

    “Well what do we do?”

   “We’ll wait” I replied


   “I don’t know, but it seems she’s soft at heart”

    “Isn’t this just great? Tyler Stones doesn’t know his wife I doubt she’ll know anything about you too. I’m willing to bet on my life you are just acting like friends and you haven’t even made love to her”

    I kept silent, glaring at her

   “I wonder what kind of man you are, you can’t control your wife nor bend her to your will now you sleep with other girls outside instead of your wife. You’re not man enough, just a coward”

  My ears rang at her words

    “I doubt your wife is pure too, she’s just probably a pretender. I wonder how many men would have slept with her in your matrimonial room and you wouldn’t even know because you’re working your ass of to satisfy her. I heard a lot of stories about her”

    “What do you know?” I charged at her

   “I know now that you’re a coward, not a man and a fool”

    “Who do you think you are?!” I screamed at her.

    The door opened at the precise time.

    “Get out of my house right now” I snarled at her.

   She smirked and stood up, her eyes not leaving mine as she put on her clothes.

   After she left, I went to the living room to have a word with Allison.

    I was just ridiculed by a whore.

  “When are we starting our family?” I asked her, staring at her back.

    “The event begins less than an hour. I’ll meet you there” she replied coolly

    I swallowed back what I wanted to say and stormed off to our room still fuming.

                            Allison’s POV

     “I think Tyler’s is getting crazy, I can’t believe he came out and wants to start a fight with me after what he just did”

   I glared at his back.

   His whore just called me a whore before going.

   It took every ounce of my will power not to retaliate.

   I took the car key I dropped on table and drove out to the hotel I had earlier booked.

   I sat on the bed as I waited for the delivery of the cloth I ordered.

   I ordered a complete dress purposely for this occasion.

    And I also hired a driver.

  💬  “Wait for me at the entrance, I’ll be there very soon”

   I texted him just as I heard a knock on the door.

   I got down from the car in all glory.

    I wore a very long gown which swept the floor behind me.

   The gown is tight fitted from my waist upwards and sleeveless.

   The back left my skin bare halfway to my waist.

  I wore a matching high heels and a matching purse.

     I caught sight of Tyler and waved at him from the foot of the stairs.

   All Cameras was on me. I’m sure the headline tomorrow would be “Transformation of the Business Tycoon and Prince’s wife”

   The expression on Tyler’s was priceless.

  It went from shock to wonder to lust to admiration and it finally settled on a mixture of lust and wonder.

    I gave a small smile, that got his feets moving and he came to hook my hands in his.

    “Didn’t know you’re a fashionista?” He said sarcastically

   I ignored him and put on a smiling front to the Cameras.

    As soon as we entered the hall, the murmurs began.

     Women began to talk in hushed tones, even men.

    Someone finally shouted “Why isn’t a whore with him, we’ve heard all about his sex escapades in your marriage and from the looks of it, you don’t even look bothered”

     I stopped walking for a few seconds and collected my thoughts.

    ” You don’t even come out to the press to as the Prince’s wife” Another said

Tyler dropped my arms and left the room quickly.

    I smiled and looked at them “I love living a simple life. I’m not used to glamorous life like most of you are. I don’t like being the attention of people that’s why I live a low life and use my money instead for better things. What’s my profit if I appear in all headlines? It’s not like I would get paid. I see dressing to please camera or dress a puerile behavior. Matured women don’t act that way and as to my marriage, I don’t see how my marriage affects you guys. My marriage is mine and mine alone. The time you used in poking around into my marriage affair you should have used it to take care of your home and give attention to your husband. He would appreciate it. I trust my husband, he wouldn’t cheat on me just the same way I wouldn’t. We have our vows to keep” I concluded and picked a glass of wine from a passing waiter.

   The room was very silent as the all looked at me in shock.

  Tyler came back and look at me and the crowd with a questioning look.

  “Does he think I embarrassed him again?? I already promised not to!!

*To be continued……”

  Who’s surprised at Allison’s attitude?

                       Chapter 8

                       Tyler’s POV

    “What did you do?” I asked her in a hushed whisper, my eyes flickering around to the people looking at us.

    She raised up her head proudly “Something to keep them shut” she smiled and took a sip of her wine.

    “And what’s that?” I asked

    “Let’s take this home, it’ll also come out in the headlines tomorrow. I’m sure” she winked.

   “What has come over this girl, it’s a good thing I ran out in time. Now she’s making it look to people like we’re flirting.”

     “Most times, bad things come out as headlines”

   She stood on her toes and whispered in my ears with a smile “Yes, like your scandal”

    “Oh there’s Mr Francisco” she said coolly but I can see she’s dying with excitement.

   “Is she that happy to see him?”

   “Let’s go say hi” she said and left without waiting for me.

   “Is she probably having an affair with him?”

   The room came back to live as she made her way to Mr Francisco.

  A business partner came over but I didn’t concentrate on what he was saying. I kept zoning out.

    I looked at her talk to Mr Francisco, I’ve never seen her smile like that.

    Seems she has a special smile for Mr Francisco.

    She just twirled!!!

 I’m sure he just complimented her dress.

  I must admit, she looked so different and is dazzling in that dress.

 The dress is a seducing dress! How can she wear it.

    She’s getting a lot of attention with that dress.

   She should have worn her jeans, hoodie and sneakers, it would have been better. At least she won’t get the attention she’s getting now.

   I stood to a side and watched her.

I took a cup of whiskey from a waiter and downed it in a go.

  I dropped the cup and took another one.

     She’s the centre of attention for everyone.

    Both men and women surrounded her.

   She’s interacting with them well than I imagined.

   I caught sight of some men looking at her body with a greedy look and lust.

   I downed the second cup and waved over another waiter.

   I dropped the cup in his tray and took another cup.

   “Wait” I stopped him when he was about to go, I looked at the 12 glasses of whiskey sitting on the tray “I’m going to need all of that”

   Those men are molesting my wife with their eyes.

   There are some women here who are almost naked but they aren’t getting the attention Allison is getting.

  I began to feel tipsy on the seventh cup and wavered on my feet a little.

   I heard her scream a little and hugged a man.

   ” Can’t she see her breasts are pressing against the man’s chest”

    She then kissed him in both cheeks, she looked at him fondly.

   “Maybe he’s one of her man lovers”

    The waiter beside me smile admiringly.

   “Why are you smiling?” I asked

  “I love that woman and would love her as wife. She’s the perfect one. I heard she’s married. Her husband is a very lucky one”

   “How lucky?” I took the eight cup

   “Lucky enough that if I have my way, I might just snatch her from him”
  I emptied the content of the cup on his body. “I’m her husband stupid”

   I saw her exchange numbers with the man she hugged.

   “Why am I jealous?”

   “Because she’s my wife, it’s my duty to be jealous”

    The function finally ended with her receiving lots of gifts from people.

   “I had so much fun today” she sighed happily as we made our way to the car.

   She held me gently to keep me from falling.

   Her touch sent electrifying sensation up my arms.

   I almost retract my arms, she probably sensed it and held my arms.

    “If you fall down, I’ll leave you here till daybreak”

     I ignored her looked straight ahead.

    “The night was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” she smiled even wider

    “In short, you meant it was fantastic so why go through the stressful word?”

    She shrugged and kept smiling.

    I suddenly got angrier, the night was fantastic for her when her man lovers were around to see her dress while I got myself drunk.

    She opened the door for me and gently placed me in the car.

    I imagined those hands gently caressing my chest.

    She got in through the other side and sat beside me.

   All the gifts she received filled the backseat.

  The drive home was silent as we were both lost in our world.

    I remembered the girl’s words from the morning,

    “I wonder what kind of man you are, you can’t control your wife nor bend her to your will now you sleep with other girls outside instead of your wife. You’re not man enough, just a coward”

My ears kept ringing at that the words words

“I doubt your wife is pure too, she’s just probably a pretender. I wonder how many men would have slept with her in your matrimonial room and you wouldn’t even know because you’re working your ass of to satisfy her. I heard a lot of stories about her”

   “Is what she said true? I know Allison goes out a lot, does she cheat? There must have been something she heard for her to say my wife cheats too”

 I looked at Allison, my lips were silently opened as she stared out the window and I imagined kissing those lips. Are the soft, cold, plumpy?”

 My mind kept wandering to the word especially “I wonder how many men would have slept with her in your matrimonial room and you wouldn’t even know because you’re working your ass of to satisfy her. I heard a lot of stories about her”

  “How many men has slept with her? She doesn’t look like she can do things like that but people you least expect to do something are the ones that betray”

  When we got home, I got down quickly and head to our room.

 I had removed my shirt and trousers when she entered the room. I was only in my briefs

   “We have a lot to talk about?” She said when she entered.

   She removed her earrings and necklace and put them on the dressing room.

   She had removed her shoes before entering the room.

  She swept her hair to the side and turned her back to me.

  “Pls help with the zip”

   I got close to her  and zipped it down. It stopped in her waist bone and I could make out how slim her waist is.

    I began to caress her back instead.

  Her spine stiffened and she took a step forward immediately.

 I drew her back to me.

   “Is this how you begin” I trailed my fingers on her bare back.

   “I don’t understand you” she tried to move out but I held her in place.

   “You ask them to help with your zip first before having sex”

    “What!!” She screamed and trashed in my eyes

   “I wonder how the must have felt with this perfect body of yours”

   “Stop saying nonsense and please release me. You’re drunk”

   I gripped her arms tightly and trailed kisses on her neck.

   Her body shook “Tyler please don’t this, at least not when you’re drunk. I’ve always wanted my first time to be memorable and with someone I love pls. I haven’t even confirmed my feelings for you pls. I’m begging” her voice shook and she sobbed.

   “You’re lying. Is that what you tell those men so they can handle you roughly?” I whispered harshly.

   “Please believe me”

   I tore her clothes and threw her on bed.

   I did away with my underwear quickly and held her in place before she could escape.

  She screamed and covered her hands with her hands when she saw me naked.

   “Tyler please don’t do this, pls”

   I ignored her cries and held her hands firmly with one hand and used the other to tear my pants away.

    My eyes fed on her naked body and felt her hard on.

    I put myself in her and thrust hard, giving my body to her.

     She kept screaming and crying, then all of a sudden she stopped and stared at me.

   No matter how hard I thrust in her and trail kisses on her breasts and flat stomach, she wouldn’t budge she just looked at me flatly.

   Moments later, I rolled off her and slept beside her.

    “Now, this is what I call a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious night”

 With that, I slept off.

“To be Continued…..”


  See what that whore made Tyler do.

    Who’s angry he listened to her words??

    Gosh Allison!!!!

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