Chapter 13

Allison’s POV

      “Gosh! I feel so special. Tyler treats me like a princess”

   “He doesn’t allow me do anything at all, he’s now an expert in cooking”

   “First the first few months though, whenever he touches me, I revulse at his touch. The hurt that clouds his face after pierce through my very soul but there was nothing I could do about it. It had become an involuntary action for me.”

    “With time, I stopped revulsing at his touch and learnt to see past the rough hands that gripped me to feel the gentle hands begging to be forgiven.”

     I gently trailed my fingers on my big stomach.

   I am due to give birth next week.

   “Tyler has shown he’ll be a good father” I said to my baby girl

    She kicked in response.

  The day Tyler went for a scan to check the gender of our baby, he was so happy it was a baby girl.

   I’ve never seen a man being so happy he’s having a female child.

   He even made me eat ice cream to celebrate the baby.

   We always have a date every Fridays.

   We start the Fridays by going to an elite restaurant where it’ll just be both of us in the room for privacy.

  Then we go to a private beach where we spend the night in looking at the moon and stars. Most times, I catch him staring at me instead.

    At times we start the Friday with a long drive with no destination, just enjoying the blowing wind and the feelings of being free from the world and we’d spend the night in a five star hotel. We’d sleep in the same room but different beds.

     I haven’t heard anything about his sex escapades in a while.

    Guess he stopped or maybe because he’s busy with me, he hasn’t got the time.

   Now he works from home, he dedicated spending a year with me at home. He only goes to the company once in a while. He left things in care of Jerry, his personal assistant, and he’s doing a very good job.

    I think I made a good decision of giving him a second chance.

   The nod I gave in response means a lot to him.

    A nurse told me while I was in the hospital that he cries every time I’m asleep.

  She said she’s has never seen a guy cry that way especially a reputable.

 “Since I’m in a VIP ward, he would want to fake tears for something like this to happen” I replied

   ” Something like what? ” She had asked “me telling you he cries? I don’t think he fakes it because when he hears footsteps, he cleans his eyes instantly”

    I huffed and turned away from her.

    ” Mr Tyler loves you and a lot a women are dying to be in your shoes”

   ” Are you one?” I asked

   ” No” she laughed “I’m happily married” she replied “just telling you though” she added and left me thinking

    ” Is what she said true?”

   Then I saw the signs myself, his eyes was always red and puffy whenever I catch him staring at me through the upper part of the door which had glass.

   He was lean and his clothes didn’t seem to fit him anymore. He didn’t look his confident self.

    So when he knelt down and asked for a second chance, I decided to give it to him.

   Though it was a very hard decision, I spent days thinking if what I did was right or if I should have just disagreed and gone with the divorce after childbirth.

    But ever since, I haven’t regretted the decision.

   I got to see a sweet charming side of him, the gentle and listening side, the caring and generous side.

   He continued reaching out for me to helpless people and orphanage homes.

   He acts like my prince charming.

    I haven’t gotten time to meet my best friend, the dog, I do hear her whine.

  Tyler told me she stopped eating regularly because of me.

When he told her I was fine now, she started eating every day but not regularly.

  At times when she sees her food, she turns her back to it and sits down.

  She still barks angrily at Tyler though, she didn’t stop the habit.

    A month after the whore ran out of our house, I heard in the news that she killed herself because of the insults she was received from people both home and abroad.

   The media somehow got wind of some of the things that happened and said that she tried destroying my marriage and even gave herself cheaply to a married man.

  I think the insults got so much and vile that she had to kill herself.

    I kinda feel sorry for her.

  Every week, Tyler and I got to the market to buy food stuffs.

   That was the only thing he agreed me doing. He wouldn’t let me do anything.

    Even to go to the bathroom, he makes me use a wheelchair.

    I’m supposed to be exercising!!!

   During one of our trips to the market, the media caught sight of us.

    The following day, the headlines said “See Tyler and Allison shopping like any other normal couple in a market”

    Tyler had laughed when he was the story especially at a picture where he had shown me a raw meat, asking me to eat since it was once my favourite.

  I had hid my face in hair to keep him from seeing my smiling face.

   Every night also before sleeping, he kisses me goodnight on my forehead and kisses my stomach.

   Then every morning, he kisses my cheeks and bring breakfast for me.

I eat breakfast in bed.

    Every woman’s dream when she’s pregnant.

   We argue over names for the baby.

   I want to name her Emma while he wants to name her Mulan after a Disney movie.

    Why would my baby be named after a disney movie!!?

   But he wouldn’t hear any of it so I don’t bring up suggesting names for the child.

    Let me give birth first.

    I haven’t seen my baby’s face well except in the scan and I love her so much already.

      I drop the book I was trying to read and laid down to sleep.

                Tyler’s POV

    These pasts months have been hectic and at the same time exciting.

    As an expectant father, I’m so excited to see my baby.

    I already decorated my baby’s room,  the colour of the room is pink.

   It has different toys, she has her dressing mirror, her closet is filled with clothes.

   I go to the boutique almost everytime to buy clothes as I am in one now.

 I have five shopping bags filled already.

    Allison is always fighting over the name I chose for the baby.

I don’t know why she’s so against the name.

  I mean what’s wrong with Mulan.

   Mulan is a courageous girl and I want my baby to be like her too.

   Why can’t she see Mulan is a suitable name.

     I finished my shopping and got in my car to drive home.

   I had relieved my driver from his work since the incident.

   I want to do the driving myself and every other thing

   I had taken cooking lesson so that I can give Allison and my girl the best.

   She’s due to give birth next week more of a reason I don’t allow her to come down from lunch and dinner anymore.

   She needs to save all of her strength.

   After the childbirth, I have a surprise for her.

  I can’t imagine the expression that can would be on her face when she sees it.

   I got home and came down from the car with the shopping bags.

  I dropped them in Mulan’s room before going to Allison’s.

   I found her sleeping.

   She stirred and woke up, maybe she felt my presence.

   I kissed her cheeks”I’m home”

    She narrowed her eyes at me, “who are you?”

    I was taken aback by the question “what do you mean?”

   She sat up, suddenly alert and covered her stomach protectively “who are you?”


                            Chapter 14
 Tyler’s POV 
    I furrowed my eyebrows and kept silent looking at her in shock.
    “Who the fuck are you? I’m gonna scream for help if you don’t identify yourself” she slitted her eyes 
   “I’m Tyler for goodness Allison, I’m Tyler what happened to you?”
  “Who’s are you to me? How do I know you?”
    My heart started beating fast. I took hold of her shoulders and shook her.
    “Allison, I don’t know what happened to you but you need to remember me. Do you know you’re carrying a baby?”
    “Yes I do know, I’m a woman and I can feel the baby inside me but the only thing I don’t understand is how it got there. I clearly remember being a virgin.”
   ” What else do you remember?” I looked into her eyes intently, willing her to remember anything, anything that involves me.
    What could I’ve happened while I was away
   “I remember being in my home town and mum forced me to attend a ceremony because of some silly prince. I remember giving the worst description of myself to the prince and……” She gasped “you’re that prince! What are you doing here?”
   “Pls go, my husband will come very soon”  she looked at me and tried shrugging my hands off
   “How do you know you have a husband and he’s going to come home very soon?” I asked
    “I couldn’t have possibly kept a baby in my stomach all by myself, I’m not a hermaphrodite. And since you are in my room, that can only mean my husband is not home or did you sneak in?? Are you by chance my husband’s friend?”
    “Allison, I’m Tyler, Tyler!”
   “I know who you are my prince”
   I shook her shoulder harder “you’ve got to remember something Allison, something that involves us pls” I pleaded
   She suddenly burst out laughing, don’t make my baby come out with the way you are shaking me “my prince” she added and continued laughed.
     “I got you, you should have seen the look on your face” she laughed even harder.
   I hugged her in relief.
  The laughter died in her mouth instantly, this is the first time I’m hugging her in months and the first time I’m really hugging her. “You scared me” I breathed into her ears.
     “That’s the only thing?” She asked with a smile
    “I was so scared” I released her from the hug and put her hands on my chest “see my heart is still beating fast, that showed how scared I was”
   Her smile wavered a little “you’re not irritated or angry?”
   “Gosh how could I be? My crazy girl is back and that gives me a lot of hope” I pinched her nose and she did a shocking thing.
   Something I wouldn’t have dared dreamed of not in this lifetime.
   She kissed me lightly on the lips and fell back on the bed using a pillow to cover her face.  
   My crazy girl is still very naive.
   I laughed and tickled her causing her to laugh too
    “Why did you do that?” I asked
     “What?” She feigned anger “I want my kiss back”
    “You see, even the baby wants to collect our kiss”
    “You really want it back?” My eyes glittered in amusement.
   “Yes” she nodded.
    I brought my head closer to her in order to return her kiss
   When my lips were only half inch away from her, she put a finger on my lips and gently pushed my head back to the bed.
    “I don’t want to corrupt my baby” she said and put her head on my chest.
    We stayed that away in silence for a few heart beats “I’m scared for out baby, I’m scared for myself. I feel like I won’t have the strength to push her out”
   I felt her body shaking slightly.
   “Don’t be scared, I’ll be there with you to give all the support you need. I promise” 
   I kissed her hair.
   I heard snore gently and I closed my eyes to sleep also.
Allison’s POV 
    I had been trying to sleep but was uncomfortable because of my bulging stomach.
   Then he came in from one of his various trips to the boutique.
   And since I was bored and missed my crazy self, I decided to play a prank on him.
   The look on this face when I asked ‘who are you’ isn’t one I’ll forget for a very long time.
   It’s going to be stucked in my memory and it’s something I look forward to teasing with.
   “When he started shaking my shoulders hard, it became hard for me to continue with my prank. Does he think shaking my shoulders would restore my memory if I had truly lost it. He looked helpless.”
    Laughter took hold of me and I burst out laughing.
  “He looked confused like a five year old who doesn’t know what to do”
  He caught on it was a prank and instead of him scoffing or feigning annoyance, he hugged me instead.
  The laughter died in my mouth as I realized this is my first heartfelt hug from him.
   “I was so scared” he breathed into my ears
    “Oh, my poor big baby” I said in my mind and smiled.
  He placed my hands on his chest to feel his beating heart. My smile wavered a little.
    All I wanted to do that time is kiss him and tell him everything is going to be alright.
   And kiss him I did, but I didn’t tell him everything is going to be alright instead I fell back on the bed and covered my face with a pillow.
    “Why did you do it?” He asked when my laughter after he tickled me.
    What do I say in response to a question like this.
   “What? Return my kiss back then” I feigned annoyance and my baby kicked in agreement.
   I have a feeling my baby is going to take a lot after me.
   He brought his lips closer to kiss me and I became scared because I know once his lips touches mine, it’ll be hard for me to stop.
  I put a finger on his lips and gently pushed his head on the bed.
   “I don’t want to corrupt my baby” I told him and placed my head on his chest.
   It’s one of the things I dreamed to do with my husband.
    I expression my fears “I’m scared for out baby, I’m scared for myself. I feel like I won’t have the strength to push her out” I said to him
   “Don’t be scared, I’ll be there with you to give all the support you need. I promise” He replied. It’s just the perfect response I needed to hear.
   I closed my eyes to sleep. Halfway into dreamland, I remembered something and opened my eyes.
    “This past months, have you been having sex outside?” I asked
    “No I haven’t, I promised not to hurt you and I won’t” he murmured sleepingly
    My heart leapt with joy and I slept peacefully with a smile on my face.
   His words kept echoing in my head
   “No I haven’t, I promised not to hurt you and I won’t”
    “He hasn’t and he promised not to hurt me”
   I see my future bright with him
              Chapter 15   ~Final chapter~
 Allison’s POV 
 *Three days later*
  Tyler went out to only God knows where.
   I used the opportunity to visit the dog.
    It barked happily and wagged its tail when it caught sight of me.
     I giggled and let it out of it’s cage.
  It jumped on me and barked.
   She was so happy she didn’t stay still for a while.
    I sat in the tiled floor as it circled me.
   “Come on girl, stay still. Missed me that much?”
    It barked in response and stood still infront of me, panting.
   “Sit, let me tell you all that happened”
   She obeyed instantly and sat down very close to me so I can reach out and play with her fur, waiting patiently for me to start talking.
   ” Tyler was a big bad boy. He hurt me, raped me and the result of that sex is the baby I’m carrying. Then I trusted him with everything in me and was beginning to fall in love but after the incident, I came out of the love I was falling into and my trust for him shattered instantly.”
  ” Now he’s charming, gentle, caring and I’ve forgiven him.”
    “My heart skips a beat whenever he enters the room, butterflies flutter around in my stomach and I try not to get lost in his eyes.”
   “I’ve got two fears though, I feel he changed because of the baby and secondly I’m scared for my baby. I’ve been having this feelings for a while now. I pray nothing happens to my baby”
   “If even she’s the result of the rape, I still love her so much her because she’s my baby, my first”
   The dog whined in response.
   “It’s not to get worried about, let’s think of a name for you instead” I suggested
   She barked twice and licked my face in response.
   “I can’t believe Tyler has had you for two years and he didn’t bother to name you”
   She barked one and looked at me expectantly.
   “Since you’re a bitch” my eyes had a mischievous gleam ” I’ll call you Mulan!”
    She barked happily and wagged her tail 
    “That way, Tyler won’t name my girl Mulan”
  I stood up “come let’s go inside but promise not to litter the ground and if Tyler calls Mulan, answer him. That’s your new name”
     Mulan barked, ran a few feet and came back.
   I giggled and began walking to the house when a sharp pain pierce my abdomen.
   I felt my heart race in panic.
    I  took a deep breath and tried to even my breathing, it was coming short.
    A more sharper pain pierce my abdomen and I felt water trickled down my leg.
    I screamed as the pain became unbearable.
    I saw Tyler by my side in an instant.
    I screamed again, the pain was excruciating.
  I gripped his clothes tighter as he led me to the car.
    “When did the car reach here?”
I screamed again, ” mama never told me childbirth is this excruciating.”
    “Take it easy dear” Tyler said as he drove recklessly.
 Tyler’s POV 
    When I came in, I saw Allison going to the dog and decided to let her go though I followed as discreetly as possible.
   When dog saw her, she wagged her tail endlessly and barked happily.
   The dog has never given me this kind of treatment since I bought her.
   She’s always either silent or barking angrily at me.
   It’s a surprise she took to Allison easily and they became friends.
    I heard all she said to the dog and my heart broke. I almost thought she still hates me.
   But when I heard her say she has forgiven me and her heart skips when she sees me.
  I immediately melted at her words.
   Then she named the dog Mulan!!!
   My most treasured name!!!
  She stood up and invited the dog inside.
  I wanted to run back inside when I saw her stop and squeezed her face in pain.
    I ran back to the car and reversed so it’s closer to her.
     When she let out a scream, I was by her side in a instant and guide her gently to the car.
    Thank God the gate is motor sensored.
  It opened automatically when my car got closer and closed when I was out.
   I drove recklessly to the hospital.
  “Take it easy dear” I said to her when I heard her breathing heavily.
   I was getting scared myself. “What if I don’t get to the hospital on time?” 
   I got more panicked.
   The car tyres screeched loudly as I parked in front of the hospital.
   “My wife is in labour” I screamed to the nearest nurse.
   Upon recognizing my face, the nurses scrambled around.
  They brought out a stretcher and and wheeled Allison to the labour room.
   I held her hands tightly, not letting go.
   I can’t imagine the pain she’s going through now.
  “I’m here for you” I hair off her face as she was wheeled into the labour room.
   She was sweating vigorously.
It’s over five hours and Allison is still labouring.
     She looks weak and exhausted
   “Tyler, I’m tired and I’m scared” she confessed to me.
    I kissed her forehead.
    “I trust you, I know you can do this.”
   That was the motivation she needed.
  I prayed silently for her not to die during labour.
   She tried pushing again but the baby wouldn’t come out.
   Two hours later, Allison was still labouring.
  She was too weak and almost fell asleep.
  The nurses slapped her awake.
   “Can you let her go through surgery to bring the baby out?” I asked the doctor.
    “Sure, let her give one more try” the doctor replied
    “Allison can you try for the sake of our baby. You get to give her any name you want” 
  She nod tiredly and gave one final push.
  The baby came out and Allison fainted.
 The doctor gave the baby to the nearest nurse and attended to Allison.
  Amongst the chaos, I noticed something though, the baby wasn’t crying.
   In movies, the baby cries after childbirth.
  I expressed my worries to the nurse.
   We went out to call another doctor.
   That day is a red lettered day for me, I almost lost Allison and I lost my baby.
    Her heart stopped beating. She was tired and weak.
   My Mulan was courageous, she came out of the womb but she didn’t survive.
   Allison was unconscious for two days.
    When she woke up, the first thing she asked was “where’s my baby?”
  The tears that fell on response was answer for her.
  She turned away from me and turned to the other side.
   “I’m sure you must be angry with me” she said softly
   “You changed completely because of the baby and now I’ve lost our only chance at building a family”
   “What?” I was shocked beyond words.
   I took hold of her hands yet she refused to look at me.
   “I didn’t change because of the baby, I changed because I realized I don’t want to lose the treasure with me, I changed because I love you and even with our baby gone, I still love you. God has a reason for everything. I’ll always love and cherish you all my life.”
    I missed her hands.
   She finally turned to me with tear brimmed eyes.
    “I killed our baby” the tears fell and kept flowing
    “If I had pushed harder and wasn’t scared, she would have survived” she sobbed.
     “I don’t blame you and don’t yourself” I laid beside her on the bed and buried her face in my chest as she cried.
    I thought of something, “perhaps, God doesn’t want our first child to be my Mulan because she might always remind Allison of the incident and her mind and heart may never heal. God I ask only for one thing, soothe my wife’s mind.” I sent a word of prayer up.  
   She’s my crazy girl and I am her Prince..
    The End.
   The epilogue is loading 

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