The pain beneath the tears

                *THE SINGLE WIFE* 💍.

*Episode one*

“Do you Klaus Sandaval take Rebbeca Marshall as your lawfully wedded wife, the priest asked. “Yes I do,” replied the groom. Do you reb…”yes I do, the bride replied cutting the priest short. I hereby pronounce you husband and wife, the priest concluded as the congregation cheered on. After a few photos, they headed for the reception where they had a few drinks and received gifts, later the newly weds headed for their honeymoon. Klaus, “am so exicted, finally am your wife and  our little angel is going to grow up in a complete family.” said becca excitedly. Instead of yapping, “why don’t you take a bath and rest?” asked klaus irritated. Look, you only my wife in the eyes of the public but between us you are nobody absolutely nobody, he said and walked away leaving her in tears. The pain in beccas heart was too much, she cried herself till sleep overtook her thoughts…. The two weeks becca spent with klaus felt like hell. He barely touched her but frequently insulted and tortured her. Finally, the honey moon was over and they flew back to Newyork. They were greatly welcomed and becca was warmly ushered into the family. After refreshing, they joined the rest of the family at the dining table. So, little sisy did brother treat you well? asked terry. Oh yeah, i was more of a princess,  she replied trying hard not to cry. If he messes with you, just tell me and I will gladly deal with him, terry said and they burst out laughing. The dinner session went on well as they cracked jokes and enjoyed their meals. Later they retired to bed. As usual klaus hurled insults at his wife. He asked her to use the couch and she shouldn’t dare try to get close to his bed. She laid on the couch questioning herself why this had  to happen to her. Why klaus married her if he really hated her that much.
The next morning, klaus prepared himself and left for work without minding the condition of his wife. Becca refreshed and joined the rest at the dinning for breakfast. Did you two have a fight? Terry asked after she noticed becca was pale. Why did you make this happen? Why did you unite us? Becca questioned terry in tears. I thought you loved my brother, and again there was no way I was going to let my little nephew or niece grow without his family, she explained. This matrimonial shouldn’t have happened, becca said. Are you trying to say that marrying my brother was a mistake? Terry asked. Yes, it was the biggest mistake of my life……


*Episode Two*

Why would you say that, sisy?” asked terry. We both know what you did terry, “I know you and your family love me, but even once did you ever ask if klaus loved me?” asked becca. Well, he wouldn’t have paged you if he didn’t atleast like you, said terry. Well, you know nothing about klaus and I, she said and walked away. Later that evening, becca didn’t join the rest for dinner, she locked herself in her bedroom and refused to talk to anyone. Klaus, who didnt give a damn about her, just used the guest room but before that, he reminded her that his bed was off limits…
Few days later, it was klaus’ birthday and influential people were invited. The party was held at their mega mansion. Terry did some shopping for herself and becca. She headed towards beccas’ room and found her getting dressed. Hey sisy, “you aint going anywhere with that gown,” here use this, she said handing her over the dress. I will be waiting down stairs for you, terry said and left. Downstairs, the place was filled with riches. Soft jazz, was played to entertain the guests. Klaus’ parents also graced the event. Klaus was dressed in a black tuxedo making him look charming than ever. Terry was elegantly dressed herself. She was in a black pearled gown with marching heels. She approached her brother and the two engaged in a hug. So, tell me something, who is the cutest guy in the party tonight, she asked smiling at him. “Who else if not Klaus Sandaval,” a female replied.  They both turned and klaus was shocked. Right there infront of him,  dressed in a short red gown, with silver heels, she looked deep into his eyes and smiled. Sheila, klaus called. Hello love, its been quite a long time she said and hugged him. Klaus was shocked but at the same time happy. Happy birthday klaus, she said after disengaging from the hug. Thankyou Sheila. Please, meet my beautiful stubborn sister Terry Sandaval, sister, Sheila Alverys my sweet..I mean my friend, he introduced the two ladies. After exchanging greetings, terry excused the two of them. Klaus pulled Sheila away from the party and led her towards the balcony and without question he hungrily kissed her. You have no idea how much I missed you, he said and kissed her. I missed you too love, but for now let’s enjoy the party she said and walked towards the party as klaus followed. He joined his friends for some drinks. As the party went on, his parents called for him and questioned him about his wife’s whereabouts. You such a crook, you forgot about your own wife, his mother reprimanded him as he looked away. Don’t worry ma, i shall give her a grand entrance, terry said and headed towards the dj. She put off the music and demanded everyone’s attention. Well, thanks all for gracing my brothers event tonight, its his special day and I would love you to meet someone. Ladies and gents please, let’s welcome the lady of the night, Mrs Becca Sandaval, she said and faced the stairs. Everyone followed Terrys gaze, and they saw her. She walked down the stairs as everyone cheered on her. She’s my lovely sister in law, brother don’t be mean attend to your wife, terry said and everyone clapped. Becca was dressed in a silver gown, with a long slit leaving part of her right thigh exposed. She wore matching heels and her perfume filled the room. Klaus stared at her for quite sometime, and for the first time klaus saw the beauty in his wife. He walked towards her and stood infront of her. May I have this dance? he asked her as he let out his hand for her. She gladly took it and they danced as the song hero played. Happy birthday hubby, enjoy your party she said and smiled at him. The two stared at each other and when she tempted to leave he grabbed and kissed her while Sheila frowned as the rest cheered on them. She disengaged and walked towards terry leaving him perpelexed. Sheila walked towards him and handed him some champagne. So you got married? She asked with bitterness in her voice. I promise, I don’t love her, he said staring at Sheila. Then why? she asked. She’s carrying my child, that’s why, he replied…………..


*Episode three*

“Thats not reason enough,” Sheila said. Look, am not in the mood of arguments just enjoy the party, he said and walked away. Sheila left the party and walked towards her vehicle. She walked towards her car and drove off. She got into her house and ran to her room crying. She cursed klaus a million times and swore to make his wife’s life a living hell. Back at klaus, he drank himself until he passed out. Terry helped becca take him to his room, they laid him on the bed and becca decided to help him. She took off his shoes and changed his shirt. He covered him with the duffe and retired to her usual sleeping spot. In the middle of the night, klaus woke up and went to the washroom. On his way back, he noticed her and stared at her. He lifted becca and laid her on the bed and he retired to bed. The next morning becca was shocked to find herself and on klaus’ bed. She knew she was in trouble so she quickly woke from the bed and rushed into the bathroom only to find klaus taking his bath. She let out a scream, and tried to run but her legs failed her. She stood there and stared at klaus. Need something becca, klaus asked. Yea, “I mean no, sorry I will go,” she stammered and turned to go but klaus pulled her and she landed on his chest. The look he gave her made her shiver in fear. Am sorry, i did mean to sleep on your bed, i don’t even know how I got there, she said staring deep into his eyes. Klaus just looked at her with no expression at all. You can sleep beside me every night, he said and she smiled. But that doesn’t mean anything, you still nothing to me, he said and let her go. Take your bath and join us for breakfast, he said and left. His words hurt becca, but she was already used it. She took her bath dressed up and joined the rest for breakfast. She was used into sitting beside terry but the seat was occupied. Only the seat beside klaus was empty. She dragged herself and sat beside him. They took their breakfast silently. Excuse me sir, You have a guest, anhela announced. Who is it?  Klaus asked. She says her name is Sheila sir, anhela said and excused herself. Klaus stood from his seat and walked towards the living room as the rest followed. Sheila, “what are you doing here?” Klaus asked smiling. I have a gift for you love, she replied. Who is she? becca asked terry in a whisper. She’s his friend, she replied. What gift, he asked. Just a moment, she said and snapped her fingers. A young lady walked in carrying a child and walked towards Sheila. Klaus, meet our beautiful daughter Stephanie, she is 6months old now, Sheila said handing the child over to klaus. The shock on beccas face was evident. In her thoughts, she already knew klaus would divorce her. Why didn’t you tell me, klaus’ voice brought becca back to reality. Honey, am sorry but I couldn’t get through you, thats why she explained. Brother, “do you mind explaining to us, what exactly is going on,” terry said folding her hands. Please, take a seat all of you he said handing the kid back to Sheila. This is Sheila Alverys, the love of my life. We used to date back in Paris when I was still in the university. klaus explained. I didn’t know she was pregnant by the time we parted ways, he added smiling at Sheila. So you guys didn’t actually breakup, “what about becca?” who is she then, terry asked. By the time I met becca we had broken up, but later reconciled with Sheila. And then, terry asked. “Sheila left Paris and I couldn’t trace her. For the remaining months, i got involved with becca and thats how becca ended up getting pregnant and becoming my wife,” he explained.  Hunny, now that am back, becca has no business here, said Sheila. What! “Are you mad?” yelled terry. Yes, “klaus doesnt love her, he loves me or didn’t you hear him well,” Sheila fired back. What are you suggesting? Terry asked. Klaus should divorce becca and marry me, she said smiling at terry. As they argued, becca couldn’t stop herself from crying. She just stared at terry and Sheila arguing. Stop it terry, becca yelled at terry in between sobs. Let your brother decide for himself, she said and walked away. “What’s your decision brother,” terry asked. Im his decision, Sheila replied. Am divorcing no one, klaus said leaving Sheila shocked……….


*Episode four*

“I may not love becca, but there’s no way I will ruin her dignity as a woman. Sheila, am happy that you kept our child, and I will gladly take responsibility of our child,” explained klaus. Sheila argued with klaus that he deserved to be happy and the woman who should be beside him was the woman he truly loved. Sheila, “I’ve heard you, but I think it’s better if you leave, i ain’t leaving my wife,” he said, kissed her and left. Sheila feeling lost, left the house without a word. Becca called her best friend, Maureen and shared her emotions with her. Her friend advised her to take it easy and let things be for the time being. “When is the divorce?” asked becca after she hanged up. There is no divorce, klaus replied. But why? “You don’t love me, neither do you care, why don’t you just let me go,” she asked in anger. Is that what you want? Klaus asked her. Yes, set me free, there’s nothing between us anyway, becca replied avoiding his gaze. Well, “that’s not happening,” he said and walked away.
Klaus no longer spent the night at his house. He was always at work and during the night with Sheila and his daughter. He frequently went on vacations with Sheila and their daughter. Becca was already used to klaus  behaviour such that she stopped referring herself as Mrs Sandaval instead she used her name becca. Terry was always with her. She took her for her regular checkups and even took her for baby shopping. Elsewhere, Sheila was preparing dinner for klaus. It had been long since she and klaus made love. She wanted it special. She prepared his favorite dish and awaited for his arrival. He arrived some minutes past nine. She welcomed him with a kiss and led him to the bathroom. She let him refresh himself and awaited him. She put Stephanie to sleep as she didn’t want any disturbance. Klaus finished his bath and joined Sheila at the dining table. She served him his share and served herself as well. They ate silently. Sheila left the dining first and went to their bedroom. Klaus joined her later. Looking at her klaus knew what she wanted. He walked towards her, carresed her cheeks and kissed her as he undressed her. She was wearing nothing inside. He made her lie on the bed and they made love all night long.
The next morning, terry called her brother and Sheila answered the call. Terry told her to inform klaus that his wife was due and he should be there during delivery, luckily klaus heard what his sister said but didn’t look concerned. After she hang up, they took breakfast and klaus left for work. Becca and terry decided to take a walk in the park. They walked around as they discussed what they would name their lovely niece and nephew. Yeah, becca was expecting twins. As they talked an ambush happened and robbers raided the place. They were holding guns and a bullet hit terry at her right arm. The police came and managed to catch some of them. With the help of the police both becca and terry were rushed to the hospital. Terry was immeaditely attended to on arrival. Luckily, the wound wasnt deep. She was stitched and ready to go home. Suddenly becca felt this sharp pain that she couldn’t bear such that she let out a scream. The doctors rushed to her and helped her. They announced to terry that she was in labor and that she should call her husband. Terry tried to reach klaus but he wasn’t picking up. She left him a message and rushed towards the delivery room…….


*Episode five*

Doctor, “how is she?” terry asked after she saw the doctor leaving the delivery room. She’s fine, “she was strong, she’s now a mother of a boy and girl,” the doctor said. Waow, may I see her, terry asked excitedly. Yes, but only after she’s been transferred to her room, excuse me the doctor said and left. Thirty minutes later, terry was sitted beside becca as she held her niece while becca held her nephew. Sisy, “what are their names,” she asked excitedly. I wish your brother was here so that we would name our children together, she said staring at the ceiling. Its okay I shall call him, terry assuared her. Family members visited becca at the hospital regularly, they brought different gifts for their nephew and niece. On the third day, klaus showed up, becca was exicted but her excitement didn’t last long as Sheila had escorted klaus to the hospital. Klaus just held his children and smiled. “What are their names,” he asked. I was hoping we would name them together, becca replied smiling at him. Don’t tell me she called you to name her children, “aren’t they her children?” Sheila asked arrogantly. Hes my husband, and he equally…..yea your husband on paper, Sheila rudely interrupted her. Becca didn’t realize it when she started crying. Oh yeah, go ahead cry baby, Sheila mocked her while klaus played dump(such a looser). You can name them as you wish becca, “I will be seeing you at home, let’s go sheila,” klaus said and left with his mistress. A day later, becca was discharged. Terry and her mother in law picked her up as klaus was nowhere to be found. On arrival, becca was surprised. A party had been held to welcome the new mother home. Her friends and mother were there. She was overjoyed to see her best friend maureen, the two talked literally about everything. She breastfeeded ryan and Abigail and later put them to bed.Hi Gift on 09020348099 to be added for more interesting stories.  She refreshed and joined the rest at the party. Becky, “I’ve noticed your husband is not yet here, where is he?” her mother asked. Mamsi(filipino name of mum) dont worry klaus will be here she said and hugged her mother. Her mother congratulated her and assured her that she will always be there whenever she needs her. Klaus did show up but as usual Sheila escorted him. She flirted and even kissed klaus as becca watched. She walked around the party as if she was the legal wife of klaus. Maureen, who was aware of what was happening, approached her friend and questioned her for how long was she going to endure sheilas behavior. Becca just stared at her friend without uttering a word. Sisy, if you don’t do something then I will, terry said furiosly. I have heard enough of this woman, she’s disrespected me enough, “i don’t care if klaus loves her or not, im gonna show her where she belongs,” becca said and walked towards Sheila. She grabbed her away from klaus and pushed her towards the door. What is your problem? Sheila yelled at her. Your stay here is over, you may take your leave, becca replied equally yelling. And who gives you that right? ” klaus how dare your wife do this to me as you watch?” She asked furiosly. Waow, “You said that right, im his wife that gives me the right to throw you out,” becca replied smiling. Look becca, you are just his wife while am his…. “Mistress, yes, that’s what you are. You are just a mistress sheila.” becca said to her rudely. Sheila got mad and tempted to slap becca but she held her hand and slapped her instead. “Stay away from my home and husband!” becca yelled and pushed her outside and locked the door. If you wish, you can follow your mistress, becca said to klaus and headed towards her room………..


*Episode six*

Klaus dismissed or the guests and apologized for the little drama that had arised. He later went upto his room and found becca preparing herself for the night. Becca noticed him but completely ignored his presence. She closed the curtains and walked towards the bed. He blocked her way and when she tempted to divert her way he blocked it again. What! she asked. “How dare you embarrass my woman?” he asked furiously. Your woman?  she asked sarcastically and let out a laugh. Klaus, “you amaze me alot, your woman! yet you’ve turned her into your mistress and sex toy. Why don’t you give her rightfully place if she’s truly your woman? she deserves everything I did to her tonight, and I dont regret it,” she said and walked away from him. He grabbed her but she struggled to set herself free and they ended up falling on the bed. Klaus fell on top of becca and the two had an eyelock. Get off me, becca yelled at him. I will, but after I do this, he replied and kissed her. The kiss was deep and intense. She kissed him back but disengaged almost immeaditely. Go kiss your woman, she said pushed him away and ran towards the washroom. Klaus smiled to himself and left the room. He checked on his children and later left. He went straight to sheilas. He found her crying and he calmed her down. He promised to make becca pay for what she had done. After she had relaxed they lay beside each other.
Klaus later returned home to his wife. He helped her with the children whenever becca needed her. Klaus got a contract and he was relocated at mombasa in kenya. With much persuastion from his mother, he agreed to take becca and his children along.
*Few months later*
Klaus had bought a mansion, where he and his wife resided. Surprisingly, Sheila was also in mombasa, though becca was unaware of it. Beccas children were growing really fast, they would often crawl and at times try to stand while supporting themselves from items around the house. Klaus and becca didn’t argue about anything at all. He would leave work in the morning and return in the middle if the night, while becca was asleep. Today, been on a sartuday he returned earlier than usual. He took his bath and played with his kids. Later, they enjoyed dinner together. After the meal, becca put the children to sleep and joined her husband in their bedroom. Klaus, “i was thinking its been long since you touched me, is it okay if we made love tonight,” she asked and klaus laughed. Make love? “Becca, i dont love you, the only thing we can have its mere sex and nothing more,” he said. Becca stared at him expressionless and ran out of their bedroom crying. She never felt insulted as klaus had done. She left the house and went towards the beach. She sat near the shore and wept silently. “What’s bothering the young lady,” a male voice asked. Becca stared at the man smiling at her. She couldn’t see him clearly but she caught a glimpse of him. Here, you might need this, he said handing her over a handkerchief. Thankyou, stranger she said and managed to smile. She invited the stranger to sit with her. The two engaged into a conversation and by the name they were done, she already knew that his name was Daniel and was a movie director and producer. He escorted her towards her house and wished her goodnight. She got into the house and headed towards her children’s room and slept there. When she woke up, klaus was long gone. She refreshed fed her kids and left them with their nanny as she decided to take a walk around the beach. She spotted the ice cream vendor and approached him. She bought vanilla flavor and when she was living she spotted klaus with Sheila. They were together with their daughter Stephanie. Sheila saw becca staring at them she whispered something to klaus and they both kissed. Becca turned away but Daniel stood right infront of her. Is he the jerk? he asked and she smiled though she was pale. Let’s teach him a lesson, he said and put his arms around becca and urged her to walk towards them………….


*Episode seven*

Daniel literally wrapped his hands around beccas’ ass and stood beside klaus and Sheila. So hunny, “look at the street on the other side of the bridge, i plan on building our house over there, Daniel said to becca. Well hun,  I would prefer a beach house with a clear view of the ocean, replied becca equally exicted. The two discussed more about their lives and how they would make babies. All this time klaus was literally looking at them and he couldn’t believe it. He tried to approach becca, but Sheila held him down, and he had to watch Daniel occasionally caress becca. Daniel, “would you please kiss me?” becca romantically asked Daniel. With pleasure love, he replied. Klaus got mad such that he literally faced Daniel, grabbed him by the neck and gave him a blow making him stagger backwards. Stay away from my wife! he yelled. Daniel  retained his posture and stared at klaus. “Who is your wife?” he asked. Klaus pointed at becca and shook his head indicating she was his wife. Look mam, “you mistaken shes my girlfriend and will be marrying her soon,” Daniel explained. That’s right, “he’s saying the truth mister, am his girlfriend,” becca said while klaus frowned. Becca stared at Sheila and thought of a way to embarrass klaus. Mister, “look isn’t the lady beside you, your wife? then why are you claiming that am your wife?” becca asked trying hard not to laugh.  Shes not my wife! You are my wife, klaus yelled without thinking. Mister, you are crazy, Daniel said and walked away with becca leaving klaus boiling in anger. Daniel and becca laughed their lungs out as soon as they were far away from klaus. Becca mimcked his voice and couldn’t stop laughing out loudly. The two shared lunch, went out for some movies and later in the evening he escorted her back to her house. She went inside and found a boiling klaus waiting for her. “Who was that guy and how dare you disgrace me in public?”  klaus asked angrily. Wait! “I haven’t seen you today, what on earth are you talking about?” she asked acting surprised. Don’t play games with me becca, “who’s that jerk?” he asked yelling. Would you please lower your voice, she said. Just answer my damn question!  he yelled and threw away the glass he was holding. Fine, as I had said I haven’t seen you at all, so you can get mad all you want, excuse me, she said and walked away……..


*Episode eight*

The next morning, becca fed and prepared her children ready to take them out for a straw. She asked her nanny to get ready  as she was tagging along. On their way out, they spotted Sheila in the living room with her daughter Stephanie. Becca approached her and asked her what she wanted. Sheila just stared at her and ignored her. Getting no response, becca just turned and walked out of the mansion. They walked around the shore enjoying the beautiful scenery of the nyali beach. After a while, they got a ride and paid a visit at the fort Jesus. They took pictures and even interacted with some tourists and kenyans. Becca, was able to interact with some colombians and they eventually became friends. Surprisingly, they resided at newyork and they were on vacation. They exchanged contacts and promised to interact once they were back in newyork. In the afternoon, they settled in a hotel and thry were served with some biriani. It was so delicious such that they requested for some take aways. Back at the mansion, klaus was arguing with Sheila. She wanted to leave Stephanie with klaus as she wanted to travel to Paris but klaus could hear none of it. He didn’t want his daughter staying with becca but Sheila was adamant. Listen klaus, “I’m leaving you with our daughter, just employ a nanny if you ain’t comfortable with your wife taking care of our daughter,” she said. For how long? he asked. Hun, i will be back before you know it, she said. Sheila kissed her daughter goodbye and left. In the evening, becca returned she saw klaus but didn’t bother greeting him.She asked the nanny to prepare the children as she prepared dinner. She warmed the biriani she had bought earlier, fried some chicken and set the dinner table. Nanny came later with the children and put them beside klaus and went to help becca to set the table. Klaus played with his three children. For the first time in a long time he finally had his three children together. Becca called klaus but was surprised when she saw Stephanie. Where is her mother?  she asked smiling at Stephanie. On a business trip, klaus replied. Okay, “go take your dinner,” I will handle them. Klaus left the children with becca. She took them upstairs, fed them and put them to bed. Stephanie lay beside Abigail on her bed. Becca left the room after they all fell asleep. She met klaus almost done with his meal. She served herself some and concentrated on her eating. The door bell suddenly rang and becca asked the nanny to answer it. It was Daniel and he came carrying gifts. Becca saw him and smiled. She ran to him and hugged him tightly, her gesture angered klaus. She ushered Daniel in and asked the nanny to serve him some juice. You again! “what are you doing in my house at 9pm?” klaus asked rudely. Hes my guest klaus, “show some respect” becca fired at him making him more angry. He lifted Daniel away from the couch and pinned him on the wall. “Stay away from my wife!  if you really love your life,” klaus threatened. Becca tried to intervene but the look he gave her made her to remain silent. Klaus literally dragged him and threw him out of the house. I don’t want to see you around that guy again, klaus warned. “You have no right to ask me to stay away from the man I love,” becca fired back.  The man you what? klaus asked surprised. You heard me right, ” I will keep seeing Daniel either you like it or not,” she said. Klaus held her by the waist and pinned her on the wall. Don’t test my patience darling wife, “just stay away from that jerk,” he said sniffing her neck. And why should I?  “Are you jealous?” she asked………….


*Episode nine*

After the outburst klaus and becca had last night, he decided to travel to Paris and meet Sheila. He didn’t understand why he got angry whenever he saw becca with another man. Before he left his house that morning, he had seen becca with Daniel and the two were hugging. He wanted to approach them but recalling what had transpired last night he stopped himself. He hired a nanny and left her in charge of Stephanie though he knew that she was safe with becca. He arrived in Paris three days later. He checked in a hotel closer to the one Sheila had booked. He took his bath, ordered for some food and decided to rest. Later in the evening, he set out to go and visit Sheila. He went towards mosqic hotel. Hey ms, “I would love to see Sheila alverys please,” he requested. The receptionist gave him her room number and he thanked her. He took the elevator and in a few minutes he was outside sheilas’ room. He checked if the door was locked but it wasn’t locked. He slowly opened the door and went inside. The hotel was well furnished. It had a lving room a kitchen, the bedroom and the washroom. Looking around, he realized she was in the bedroom and he walked towards that direction. He opened the door and he wished he hadn’t opened it. Sheila! he yelled out her name. Sheila looked at klaus and realized she was doomed. Klaus couldn’t believe what he just saw. This was the woman he loved most getting laid by two men in her hotel room. He stared at her and angrily left the room. Sheila tried to run after him but the two guys pinned her down and finished their business with her. Sheila refreshed herself, called her secretary and asked her to trace klaus. In thirty minutes, she already had his hotel room and the name. It was just a few meters from hers. She literally ran towards his hotel room. Luckily he hadn’t locked thus giving her easy access. She found him crying and when she tried to hold him he pushed her away. “Is this the business trip you came for?” he asked in a sad tone. I can explain, she begged. Explain what! “Explain how you getting laid, huh!  how many have you laid with for the past few days, he questioned her. Sheila fell on her knees tried to beg klaus but he couldn’t listen to her. He asked her to leave him and should forget about her daughter for she wasn’t fit to be a mother. He tried dragging her out but she proofed to be stubborn. He called the security on her and they led her outside. That evening he flew back to Kenya hoping to start a new life with his wife. Three days he arrived at the port of mombasa. He hailed a cub to take him home. On his way, he bought a necklace for becca. He arrived at 8pm and when he went inside the house it was quite. He switched on the lights called out for becca but no one responded. The nanny he had hired approached him. Nana, “where is everyone?” he questioned. Sir, the madam left with the children yesterday, “here she asked me to give you this envelope,” she said. The nanny explained to klaus that she wanted to leave. He paid her and called her a cab to take her home. Afterwards he opened the envelope and took out the documents. There was a letter and  a few documents. The letter read.. *dear klaus, i have loved you ever since we met in Paris, but you never saw that. Now, i have found a man who appreciates and loves me. I thankyou for everything you’ve done. Since, you’ve never offered me anything there’s something I would like you to give to me. Klaus Sandaval, please set me free. Yours becca*..
He didn’t realize it when he started crying. Klaus stared at the divorce papers and he tore them into pieces. “Not you becca, am coming for you, am gonna fix us becca Sandaval”………


*Episode ten*

Becca arrived at her mothers’ house with the children. She was welcomed by her grandma, who was shocked upon seeing her. She helped her granddaughter bath the kids, feed them and later put them to bed. Becky, “why are you here?” the old lady asked as they took coffee. Alot mammita(grandmother), she replied. Am listening dear, mammita assured her. Becca narrated to her how life her life with klaus was. She admitted to her grandmother that she was sad leaving and giving up on her family but there was nothing she would as klaus loved another woman. Mammita hugged her and becca cried her soul out. Mammita promised her to help her no matter what decision she made.
“Where is your brother?” Sheila questioned terry. I don’t know, and even if I knew why would I tell you, terry replied rudely. Fine then I will wait for him here, she said and pushed terry away and let herself in. Klaus’ mother found Sheila sitted, she greeted her and sat beside her. Miss, “I understand my son loves you, but there’s something I would love to ask you, ” Are you happy being a mistress?” she asked and Sheila faced down. She remained silent as she was ashamed. I was with my daughter in law, a while ago and she explained everything to me, “becca is leaving klaus and all thanks to you, i hope you are very happy, but remember this, *I will never acknowledge you as my daughter in law* she said and stood from the couch. You can use the guest room together with Stephanie, becca already returned her, but as soon as the sun rises, better get lost, she said more of commanding and left. The news delighted Sheila. She walked into the guest room, refreshed and joined Stephanie in the bed. The next day, Sheila prepared Stephanie and was set to leave. As they were leaving, klaus burged into the house calling out beccas’ name. Everyone gathered in the room but becca didn’t show up. Where is becca? he asked particularly no one. The last time we checked, you left with her, “so why are you asking us?  shouldn’t you be with her, simply meaning its us who should be asking you, where she is,” terry stated. Terry! he yelled her name. Hunny, am here, “why are you looking for becca?” Sheila asked him smiling. Klaus looked at her angrily and went towards his room calling out becca. He looked all over the house but couldn’t find becca. So, “did you find her?” his mother asked him. Mom, “becca left coast and am sure she came here, please ma, i need to find her,” he literally begged his mother. Where were you when she left?  terry asked. Son, “becca did fly back here and she told me all that happened. How could you leave your wife and go after your mistress?” his mother asked getting irritated. Maa, i need to apologize to her, “just tell me where she is,” he begged. Klaus, “stop it, forget her let’s start our family, Sheila said holding klaus but he pushed her away. I don’t want to see you nor listen to your rubbish, please just get lost! Klaus yelled at her. He ordered his guests to throw Sheila out and not to let her in. He remained with Stephanie. After convincing his mother, she finally told him where becca was. He immediately left for beccas’ house. In an hours’ time he was at their house. He was welcomed by the gateman as the gateman recognized him. He parked his car and went towards the house. Becca was playing with the kids when she saw klaus. She called out the nanny and asked her to stay with the kids as she went to speak to klaus. Yes, “may I help you?”  becca asked. I’m here to talk and take my wife with me, klaus replied. If that’s the case you in the wrong compound, you may take your leave, becca replied. Klaus tried to talk to her but becca had him thrown out.
Klaus didn’t stop visiting becca. He did it almost everyday but every time becca refused to talk to him. Most times he would bump into Daniel. This made him furious but he remained calm………
Sheila decided to confront klaus and apologize to him. Truly, she did love klaus and she wanted him back. She drove towards klaus’ house and as she arrived she saw him leaving and decided to follow him. Klaus was heading towards beccas’ but spotted her at the park. He parked his car and ran towards becca. He called her and when he was about to hug her, daniel stopped him. He asked klaus to stay away from becca. He said to him if at all becca wanted to speak to him she would personally call him. He held becca and walked away from klaus.
Klaus, sheila called him. He looked at him but she blocked his way. Is this how you are?  “yes I admit I made a mistake, but klaus I apologized and explained what really happened, Sheila said crying. Sheila not now, he said. So I commit a mistake and all of a sudden you fall in love with becca? “klaus am the one you love not becca, why can’t you see that?” she asked in a broken voice. Did you honestly love me! She yelled. I don’t know sheila! “all I know is that all this while I was deceiving myself,” klaus replied. What do you mean? Sheila asked. The reason I couldn’t divorce becca even after you returned I came to understand it now, “Sheila I love becca, i have always loved her, she’s the one I’m in love with and not you,” klaus said and wiped away his tears. You what! she asked. Im in love with my wife, becca………


*Episode eleven*

Letting becca was the last thing on klaus’ mind but no matter what he did becca wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted her freedom back and didn’t want anything to do with klaus.
Klaus sat on his bed and recalled all his memories with becca. He realized that in their married life, he did nothing that made happy. He caused her pain and never once realized her her love for him. She never even once complained but always yearned for his love. Klaus wrote down a letter for becca but later tore it into pieces and decided to talk to her in person. He took his phone and wrote a text message to becca. After sending it he switched off his phone and slept.
Becca was putting her children to sleep when the message popped in her phone. She took her phone and read the message. *Becca, im ready to grant your request _but before that I would love to speak to you in person, please_ let’s meet at valentines’ garden at *10;00am, i will be waiting for you, goodnight.* the message read. Becca smiled* and switched off her *phone.
The next morning klaus wrapped the necklace he had bought for becca at coast. Afterwards, he asked terry to *drive him at valentines’. They took breakfast together and left after becca arrived. Terry had a chit chat* with becca before she left. Becca took her seat and faced klaus.*
Here are the documents, “i hope you were serious,” becca said smiling. Yeah I am.he replied. Talk to me, here I am, she said smiling. You know, “I just realized that I did love you, i fell in love with you a long time but I didn’t realize it,” he said smiling and becca laughed. You funny klaus, “are you saying that because Sheila is gone or is it because she cheated on you?” becca asked trying hard not to laugh. You know, “terry asked me the same question so did Sheila, at first I thought that was the reason but I had already realized it even before I found her cheating.” That day I saw you with Daniel, “i felt jealous and mad, i wanted to hold you and kiss you and claim to him but you were mine, also during my birthday when I saw you as I danced with you, i felt complete and I realized that I held a deeper connection with you,” but I let my ego overtake me, klaus said and becca smiled. Waow, what a confession! “but don’t you think its a little to late for that?” becca asked sipping her coffee. Its because of it, i wanna set you free.Klaus said. He smiled at her took his pen and signed the divorce papers. Here, you are finally free, Miss Rebecca Marshall, he said handing her the papers. Thankyou, am free from been a single wife to a complete single lady, she said smiling. I have a gift for you.he said and handed her the box. I bought it at mombasa, hope it will remind you of me. “I wish you the very best, becca. He said smiling at her. I will hold unto this, she said and walked away from him. Be happy my becca, klaus whispered to himself as he watched her walk away….
Days later, klaus decided to restart his life with his daughter Stephanie. He made up his mind and chose to fully relocate at mombasa kenya. Terry was to join him as she had decided to start a business in Kenya.

Becca, after separating from klaus cleared things with Daniel. To her, she saw him as a friend and had no intimate feelings towards him.Hi Gift on 09020348099 to be added for more interesting stories.Daniel did understand her and wished her the very best. She had also decided to relocate back in Paris, where she would bring her children up. Maureen, was to accompany her. As they packed, becca noticed the envelope klaus had handed her. Maur, pass me that envelope, she said. Becca took the envelope and opened it.
To becca Sandaval.
*I don’t understand why klaus had to choose you over me, yet he loved me most. But with the time we were together, i noticed he wasn’t happy and contented. He always seemed and looked to be in deep thoughts. Becca, i have stayed with your husband and believe me when I say that I know him better. *Klaus loves you. Even if he didn’t show it, he always did.*
*Becca, i may not survive this but I will just ask you for a favour. *Please forgive and give klaus a second chance. *I know he did hurt you and as a woman I get your pain, but everyone deserves a second chance. *Take care of my Stephanie for me, bring her up and teach her to be a lady. *I xam deeply sorry for causing havoc in your marriage.  *Sorry I made you single even when you were married, yours Sheila*.
Maureen also read the letter and looked at her best friend. Becca wanted to grant her, sheilas wish but she and klaus had already separated. Maureen told her that she could always remarry but becca wasn’t convinced.

Time for klaus to finally leave his home was here, a farewell party was thrown for him. At the party becca, graced the event. Dressed in a red short gown she stood in front of klaus and smiled at him. Hi, “may I know your name, and if possible may I know your name? ” she asked smiling. Excuse me, “are you okay?” Klaus asked and they both laughed leaving the rest in a shocked state. Incase you all wondering, that’s how I first approached klaus, becca said and they all laughed. The rest excused themselves and left the two alone. “Let’s start all over again,” becca said holding klaus’ hands. Klaus smiled at her and didn’t utter a word. He called for the rest and announced he had something important to say. After they had gathered, he went on his knees and faced becca. *I may not be the best man on earth, but if there’s something I would want its for you, Ms Becca Marshall to allow me to make you Mrs Sandaval again, becca will you re- marry me?* klaus asked and let out his hand. Becca smiled and handed her hand to klaus. Yes I will, she replied and everyone cheered. Let’s start all over again, but I would like us to do it in kenya, klaus replied. I would prefer Paris, where it all began, becca argued. Paris it is, klaus said and kissed her. The party lasted for the night.
Three days later, they were all set to leave for Paris together with their children. Klaus set his things together with Stephanies’ belongings. He asked the driver to take the things into the vehicle as he followed behind. Love, “what’s that?” becca asked. Sheilas’ letter to her daughter, he replied. Oh, okay, let’s go we getting late, becca said and they went towards the vehicle. Klaus placed the envelope inside stephanies’ belongings hoping that one day she shall read her mothers letter…………

*THE END*…..

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