Love conquers all, the power of love


I woke up looking at my alarm, it was already 8 o’clock in the morning hurrying out of bed I took a cold shower despite the cold in the morning. It was a Monday morning, I am Tracy a 16year old, grade 12 student, I am from California but I and my family reside at New York. I attend New York central high school.
I hurried took out my car, it was a Volkswagen beetle car which I got from my dad on my sixteenth birthday, I drove down to Margret’s to pick her up, but when I went there her mom, Mrs. Emily  said she has already left for school so I had to drive all the way to school alone.
 It was few minutes after nine an I was already seated in the class then I noticed the presence of a new guy in the class he was blonde tall and handsome guy, he seem to a quite one, something seems to be different about this guy, I was still glancing at him when I didn’t know when miss Pedy asked me a question but I was lost in my thoughts.
And she said ‘look at how she’s staring at jimmy…. Tracy she called me out’ when I heard my name I turned and saw all faces laughing and staring at me I was ashamed and felt like a fool when jimmy the new boy shakes his head and laughed, thanks to God the bell rang and I left the class and went to the lavatory to wash my face staring at the mirror.
I thought the ground should swallow me up whenever I remember the incident that happened in class. I came out of the lavatory and was heading towards the dining room when I bumped into someone holding a tray luckily nothing fell off and I muttered a sorry, I froze I couldn’t say anything else just staring into his eyes.
He then muttered ‘no problem’ as he was about to leave he said Tracy right and I said yes just then he said I’m jimmy, and walked away I still stood there moping and gazing into the open space, something about this guy makes my heart to skip a beat. I went to the caterer and carried my food to a lonely table and sat down still thinking of the whole events that has happened today.
Just then Margret came with her boyfriend josh all laughing and playing came down sitting with their trays of food she came looking at me with that awkward smile of hers and was really not in the mood for any jokes now she saw my facial expression and told me how she saw me and the new boy and then I laughed or someone could be referred to as blushing immediately I heard his name come out her mouth.
I couldn’t hold back my smile when it was 3o’clock the closing bell rang and we all left to the purlieus of this mystical prison in disguise called school with its warden who goes by the name ‘teacher’, I can’t wait to be out of here after my years which I had been sentenced to is completed.
I came back home all tried and worn out on my weak toe which was caused by my pinky shoes by the time I got to my room I found out that there was a note on my bed and read it through, it was from my parents saying they won’t be back till a week time, happily I went to take a shower and as the cold water ran through my hair down to my body with my eyes closed.
All I could of is jimmy, I was thinking of his elocution his deep manly voice and crazy looking blue eyes, I was still in my thoughts when I heard my tone ringing, I took a towel and wore my pinky slippers I carried the phone up to see who it was but the number has no name I answered the call and the voice I heard struck me, it was from jimmy he said he had gotten my number from Margret and asked how I was and asked if we could see, at first I wanted to say yes but I remember I was a girl so I counted ten seconds in the name of I was checking my schedule then I gave him a maybe as an answer, he was kinda satisfied with it and I gave him my address and he said he was coming over the next night since I was expecting him.
After the call, I kept on shouting and singing and before I slept I read my bible and prayed to God as my usual custom, thanking him for life, for my parents and for one of the best days of my life.
The next morning I woke up so delighted and had my morning prayers, took a shower ran downstairs to get the mail. And as I was glancing through them, I saw a letter with the name ‘Tracy’  written in capital, I opened it and it was from my ex-boyfriend in California, for some reasons I wasn’t excited as was before even after we broke up. I read it through and he said I should forget about him for good that he has gotten a new girlfriend my closest friend back in California.
I just hissed as if I saw it coming….. I didn’t want to go to school today, I just wanted to stay clear from the mirage called life, so I sat up and carried my phone and saw a message when I checked it was from jimmy, he said he won’t be going to school that day and I was so happy as I was thinking of who would have kept me company.
And I hurriedly took some of my saucy but responsible cloths and took out a gown from them. I was already dressed up in about few minutes and I sat close to my window upstairs looking at the road for any car that would stop and lo and behold I saw a yellow tinted race sport car I really didn’t know the model but I knew it had to be expensive and it packed right in front of my house and he came out.
I hurriedly ran downstairs to the door and as he knocked I waited for his third role of knocking on the door then I opened he acknowledge my dressing and makeup which also I did the same and he took me into his car and we drove out to a restaurant where he order for a plate of French fries and some pineapple juice for both me and him.
I was shy and nervous and occasionally looked at his blonde hair when he wasn’t noticing, after the restaurant he took me in his car blindfolded and we got a stop, when I came out the car through his help, he then removed the blindfold from my eyes it wasn’t what I expected, I was expecting a beach a cinema house or someplace nice but the least of my expectation, it is the last place your mind will ever think of, let me let u guess no need you won’t be able to get it, it was an orphanage.
I was shocked and it reflected on my face and he noticed it, and he held my hands and told me that it was his home, he narrated to me how he was abandoned by his parents and was picked in a box by a merchant drug dealer who had a kind heart, ‘he took me to his home but his wife didn’t accept another child in as she had five children already.
So she couldn’t take me in, the next day she carried me down here’ as he talked I had this pity and compassion for him and I felt like crying and I held him close to me and I put my hand on his face and I said it was ok because I knew he was almost crying.
He then heaved a sigh of relieve and remembered something he told me to wait and he when to the car and brought out some grocery bags and gave me one to carry while he carried three, we went inside to the hall where they were a lot of children and immediately he entered the hall everyone screamed his name for joy.
It was as if it was all planned he smiled and greeted everyone, giving the grocery bags to a lady in a black long outfit with a white collar and a head tie and he begged to take his leave but before we left he introduced me as his friend and we left, he later told me on our way that the woman he gave was the lady that gave him the name ‘jimmy’ ….
We got to the car and he turned the radio on, and I looked at my wristwatch it was some few minutes past 2 and I was surprise as we laughed and a song was being played on the radio it was ‘perfect’ I really didn’t know the name of the artist but it was a romantic song though and he knew almost all the lyrics of the song if not all.
And we were both singing and we held hands and smiled we were just so happy and all, and I was happy I was having a good time and he drove for the next five hours. I asked him where we were going to this time and why he hasn’t blindfolded me anymore but he laughed and said there was no need for a blindfold.
Though it was a surprise and it was late already sleepy and just then he touched me on my shoulders it is about time you woke up he said, I replied in my defense that I wasn’t asleep but down I was feeling a lit bit sleepy and we came out and it was a cliff and we sat on the roof of his car and looked at the beautiful state called new York.
With the statue of liberty flanging high and we looked at all the buildings and the lighted city, I wasn’t in a hurry because my parents had travelled so I told him and we were chatting and talking then we lay down on the roof of his car our backs on the load hard metallic roof and we interlocked our arms and fingers forming a X greater than and a less than interlocking signs in arithmetic and looking at the stars I said ‘‘ I wish all days of my life are of these beautiful moments like the one I had today’’  He smiled at me and said ‘‘ me too but I wish I would find true love and as he was talking we saw a shooting star, How happy we were and he had this assurance that he would get a girl who would truly love him.
We drove and it was already midnight by the time we got to my house ‘‘what a wonderful day it was thank you so much I replied that I should be thanking him that I didn’t go to that prison yard today with those outrageous and strict wardens called teachers and we laughed and he looked at me for some seconds and unlocked the doors from his driver control buttons and I told him good night and open the door and went into the house. I was so happy, I sang and shouted in the house and felt butterflies in my stomach, I was so happy that I brought a bottle of champagne and poured it open and just then I called Margret and told her everything I was indeed happy and it downed on me that I was in love with jimmy, just then I ended the call because my cell phone battery was low and as I ended the call a message on my phone typing my message password it was from jimmy the message read thus Hey Tracy how are you doing I hope you’re fine I just call to checked up on you and to tell you a big thank you for giving me a chance to be happy I haven’t had so much fun in my life, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and I hope we could have this much fun some other time good night my dear Jimmy grey
As I read the message I was happy and as I was about to reply my phone switched off, I was so angry at myself and I went upstairs opened my pinky drawer and got another battery took out the back of my phone and changed the batteries as I switched the phone on I saw another message oh I was surprised and thought to myself what could he say again and when I opened my message and inserted my password it was from my mum.
She said she would be arriving with dad the next day that the trip they went for didn’t work out as planned so they would be coming back, mum and dad didn’t come home early so I waited for them and grey as I fondly called jimmy came over and we were just in the living room.
When I heard the creaking of the door and it swung open it was mum she was happy at first to see me but when she opened the door fully she saw jimmy and was shocked or surprised I couldn’t tell I introduced jimmy over to her and dad when he came, he whispered to me in my eyes that he was feeling uncomfortable and he wanted to leave.
I was reluctant at first but I agreed and he hugged me and left, I didn’t go to school that day either I prepared breakfast for mum and dad and arranged the food on the dining with the help of mum, she stroke a conversation when we had already seated she asked how was school yesterday and I lied saying it was okay.
She then told me that my teacher miss Pedy called her saying I was absent in school and the last time I was distracted by a boy, of this boy jimmy that I saw in my house and wanted to find out if everything was alright, I bend my head down wards staring at a spot on the floor then she started talking and told that It wasn’t bad to like somebody at this age but it’s not healthy and safe, that most boys just want to have sex with girls and go like that, that is all they are after she described boys as demons in angels clothing.   
She further warned that any love that could warrant lies in it is not an ideal love, but I knew well that what she meant was what we refer to as ‘true love’.
She rounded all by saying that true love was patient love, a love that entails much responsibilities and persons in love could do anything for the other and I listened patiently and quietly and when she was done I stood up carried my plate to the kitchen sink and mum brought hers and dads and I washed them.
I went upstairs to my room and I thought for like five seconds and concluded that jimmy was not that type of a boy….. The next day at school which I left for early started unusually dull I got a flat tire on my way to school, so I had to change them.
When I entered the hallway a student in grade 9, poured me some sought of chemicals so I was angry and went to the lavatory to wash it off and lo and behold to my greatest surprise I saw jimmy and Trisha the most famous sexy cheerleader kissing and his hands were all over the parts of her body, caressing her skin I was already in tears as I couldn’t watch anymore I walked out quietly and then I summoned courage and walked back in this time.
In a loud way to announce my presence and I walked straight to him slapped him and kicking him in the groin and cried out, I sat down in the class just quiet and he passed a piece of paper which was open and kept on my desk which read ‘am sorry’, I squeezed it and threw it at him and when the closing bell rang I stood up went into my car immediately and drove off, I cried on my way home and little did I know the bolts on my tires were not adequately tight and had already pulled off.
I drove at 70mph and was just angry at myself and everyone I could think of starting from jimmy, my mum, miss Pedy, Margret down to Trisha and then it happened all I could remember saying was Jesus!!!!! I woke up in a white painted room hearing a beeping sound I turned left and saw my mum and dad, they were praying I could guess because of the way their eyes were closed and their mouths were moving.
I touched mums hand and she opened her eyes with joy and called out Tracy and hugged me I look at time on the wall it was not working so I asked mum what the time was and she told me not to be   worry about the  time  that  I should  be  thankful  that  I did  not die.
She said it was a Sunday I had been unconscious for 3 days and just then I saw flowers from Margret and I remembered jimmy and I had a flash back on what mum told me about boys and I cried bitterly mum was worried and asked happened and I narrated all that happened that day and told her she was right, just then a patient closed to me turned on the television and it attracted us and a pastor was teaching about love in which God has for man.
He spoke that God love is the ideal love and only true  love .he gave  a spiritual  reference to john chapter 3 verse 16 which talks about  his love for us and  him giving  his son  to die for us ,he finally  concluded  that true  in which  people seek  for  does not  come from meeting  the  apostle  gender  and telling in love  with the  person  but  from being  able  to make  sacrifice  for  a person or people as god  did.         
  By the time  he was done  I cried  to his mom  and said  mom  am  done with  lust  which  I call love . I am  not  ready for this  trauma  anymore  please  I now  know  jimmy  wasn’t  my  true love and true love exists  in a person  being  able  to sacrifice  everything  for another  and  you  and dad  has  always  being  that  for  me ,   I  hugged  them  both  and  said  I love  you  mom  and dad  and  they  both  chorused ‘’ we  love  you   too dear .

The end!

By penhouse

Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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