Tricia is a young girl who has suffered in the hands of her step mom and step sister after the death of her parents. She was to be sold by her step mom but escaped, and that was when she met Dominic. Dominic is the second richest business man in the country, he is a sadist and he is cold hearted. What made him so cold hearted ?? Who changed him ?? Read and find out.

                 CHAPTER ONE AND TWO
                       Tricia’s pov.   
       Tricia !!! Would you get your lazy ass down here, sleepy head ?
    Arrrrgh !! That’s step mom Helen, always disturbing me from my beautiful sleep while she leaves Lucia to enjoy hers.
        My name is Logan Tricia. I am nineteen  years old, finished high school a year ago. Mom left me when i was five years old, well that’s what dad told me before he too left me a year and six months ago. Anytime i think about it, tears well up in my eyes. They left me in this wicked world with step mom Helen and step sister, Lucia.   That’s enough about myself, as time goes on u will know more about me.
Tricia !!! she yelled again . Arrrgh life sucks. I walked up to her in the sitting room. Would i always be the one to wake you up to make my morning coffee for me ? she shouted. No ma, i said and rushed to the kitchen. I made the coffee and gave it to her and i went to Lucia’s room to give her hers. Immediately i dropped it on the table, a slap landed on my cheeks. “I’m sorry, good morning” i said when i realised i have not greet her this morning. A tear dropped from my eyes as i ran out of the room .
Yes ! step mom Helen said i should respect her even though i am a year older than her. I did the house chores and prepared breakfast, then go dressed for work. 
      Yes ! I am going to the supermarket, i am a sales girl and my salaries goes to step mom Helen who always maltreat me while Lucia stays at home doing nothing or useless things with her stupid friends.  Step mom said Lucia will soon go to college. But she told me that she can’t spend money on another woman’s child, so i am not going to college
                         TRICIA: Chapter 2
                      TRICIA’S  POV                         
       When i got to the super market, i smiled when i saw Fiona.   She’s my best friend and the one that makes me smile. 
Hey girl, she greeted.   Hi, i replied. There was a lot of customers today and we closed a bit late after which i went home. 
                                                                                                             HELEN’S POV.                   
       I really need money now because my small scale business is going down and my daughter ( Lucia ) needs to go to college. Just then, an idea struck me.  I remembered my best friend Tonia, who told me some weeks ago that some rich guys needed someone to buy who will serve them. A female precisely. 
    I think i need to sell Tricia out after all she is kinda useless.  Besides the money she gets as sales girl is not even enough for our feeding.
    Yes ! That’s the best solution i can think of right now.  But i think i need to inform Lucia.
Lucia !!! i called. Yes mom, she answered. I discussed the issue with her and she agreed immediately. 
I know Lucia hates Tricia a lot so there is no  need convincing her.  All i need to do now is to inform Tonia and i will get my money.
 I smiled at my thoughts. 
                    TRICIA’S POV
         I woke up this morning feeling lively. I did the house chores and dressed for work.  I got to work a bit late because Fiona already got there before me and there were few customers.  
We, seems like i am lucky because our superior is not yet at work. There were few customers today so we closed early. So Fiona decided we go to a nearby coffee shop because the weather is kinda cold. We discussed about random thongs mostly about my step mom and step sister. Well, Fiona call them devils in human form.
I later went home and i heard voices inside the house. Who are they  ??
                    TRICIA: CHAPTER 3
  TRICIA’S   POV   continues 
            I decided to stop and peep through the window when i  heard  voices. 
” How old is she and where is she ?  We could transfer the money to your account now, you know ”   one of the men said.
“Her name is Tricia , she is not around now, she went to work, tomorrow she won’t go to work. I will make sure of that”  step mom Lucia said and that was when it down on me that i was about to be sold out to unknown men. Tears streamed down my eyes.
Am i that useless to Helen that she decides to sell me out ?      Does she gate me this much this much ?
    Different thoughts kept finding it’s way to my mind.
 No ! This is not the time to shed tears. I have been through a lot for two years now and i survived so i can’t loose hope now.
     I have to be courageous.
    I wiped the tears tears that  kept rolling down my eyes. 
     I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I stopped when i realised i am a little far from home. No !! That’s no longer a home.
      I would have travelled to a place whey can’t find me but i don’t have any money on me now.   I decided go to Fiona’s place maybe she will be helpful.
I stood up and staggered to Fiona’s house, she should be at home now.
I got there and rang the door bell , her mom came out. “Good day ma’am”, i greeted.
“Good day Tricia, how are you” she answered
I was about speaking when the tears i have been trying to hold came gushing out. She understood and gave way for me to come in.  I went inside and sat on one of the couch.
“Fiona !!!”  her mom called.
“Yes mom ”  she answered. This made me remember and wish to have a mom. Someone who will also call me like this, some one who will love and cherish me.
Someone who will not sell me out for her own selfish interest without minding how i feel.   In my next life i will come with a sister who will share in my pains and happiness. Someone who will console me when i am down.
Fiona’s touch on my shoulders brought me out of my thoughts. Her mother is here already . 
      ” Hey, what’s up with the tears” Fiona said
  I narrated everything to them. At the end of it, Fiona’s eyes already welled up in tears.
” I won’t watch them sell you out ‘ Fiona said crying.
Fiona’s mom just kept staring at up all this while.
She finally spoke up.  “Don’t you have any relatives ” she asked
I really don’t know ma, because when my dad was alive, he never said anything about relatives i explained.
She nodded gently.
Please ma don’t send me out, you have to help me, i thought. If she don’t help me now, i have no where to go.
                   TRICIA: CHAPTER 4
       ” Hmm, how about you go to Chicago ? That way they won’t be able to get yo ” she said.
       ” I would have loved to go, even if i don’t know the house to stay bit i don’t have any money on me now” i explained 
   “Don’t worry i will give you some money, please manage it and be a good girl ” she said. ” Oh thanks mom ” Fiona thanked her mom. 
    Well Fiona’s parents are neither rich nor poor, they are just average people in the society.  Fiona took me to her room.
              FIONA’S POV
       I really feel bad for Tricia,  why does life have to be so difficult for her. I will really miss her. i sniffed.
     I brought out a bag and gave her some of my clothes and shoes. I put a new blanket and a sweater into the bag. Wouldn’t want my bestie to catch a  cold. Mom gave her some money and i also added my savings. I hugged her and bade her goodbye.
         TRICIA’S POV
      God bless this wonderful family who just saved me. I stayed there till money. Fiona’s mom helped me book a flight ✈✈ and i left. 
   I left all my sufferings, i am going to find a greener pasture.
     I came down and walked around. I checked my wrist watch, it’s 1:00 pm. 
I have to find somewhere to stay for the mean tome and start looking for a job. I sigh and walked through the walk way. I looked around, new environment free from step mom Helen and her mannerless daughter.  I kept asking questions and directions. I then took a cab to a place i was directed to. The hotel is not that big and it is not rich in appearance, it looks cheap. 
 I walked inside and i met a receptionist and she gave me a key to a room. As soon as i got to the room, i collapsed on the bed, this journey  is really stressful. 
 I brought out my phone and Fiona’s number and in no time she picked up. 
 ” Hey girl” she said from the other side. I can say she is a little bit happy now. I really miss her .
“Hey bestie, i just got to Chicago”
 “Where are you staying now” she asked 
   “Hmm, i found myself a room in an hotel ” i said 
 “Hope you are comfortable ” i could tell from her voice she is worried about me. 
“Yeah, sure i am”
“Before i forget, that witch that calls herself your step mom came looking for you. She was shedding crocodile tears thinking we are going to tell her your where about when she does that” she said.
” Really! at least i am free from her bondage” i said. I feel very happy now that i am gong to start a new life here.
 “So when are you going for job hunting ?” she asked
“Tomorrow, i think”
“Ok, bye  for now” 
“Alright” I said and hung up.
   I am just too tired to do anything now and before i knew it i drifted to sleep where i dreamt of the new life .
                  TRICIA : CHAPTER 5
         TRICIA’S POV continues
           I woke up the next morning, still on the clothes i wore yesterday. I slept off yesterday, i couldn’t even freshen up or eat before going to bed.
          I stood up brushed my teeth, took my bath and wore a simple gown and put on my shoes, and dressed my hair in a clean bun. I went out to get some food and ate. After eating, satisfied at my look, i went in search for a job.
           I roamed round the street searching for any vacancy.  I then came by a restaurant where there is vacancy for a waiter.   I went inside, it was big though, waiters were serving customers. 
     How do i find the way to the managers office i thought. 
 Just then, a lady walked up to me. She has long curly hair, brown eyes, seems like they have a uniform because she wore the same uniform that others serving customers are wearing.  She smiled at me. She’s cute just like me !!.
   “Hello, what do you want” she asked politely, seems she is the friendly type.
     “Hmm…. can yo… you… show me the way to the manager’s office ? i stuttered.
    ” Oh yeah, that way ” she replied and pointed go a direction.
   “Oh thanks” i said and walked out. 
I prayed silently that i get the job. No matter how the salary may be, i still need it to survive, besides i am out of cash.
    I got to the door, breath in and out and did the cross sign before knocking. I heard a lady’s voice saying come in. I walked inside with a pounding heart. 
   “So what are you here for she asked. 
  “For the job ma’am. I learnt there is vacancy for a waiter” i said.
  “So what makes you think you are qualified for the job of a waiter?”  she asked after offering me a seat to sit.  Seating in opposite direction to her, i think she is interviewing me now. 
 Hmm, i am punctual because step mom always wake me up very early every day. I am well disciplined, i am honest, if i steal or lie, step mom won’t hesitate to beat hell out of me. So i am qualified, well, i just finished high school so…..
“Answer me” the lady said and that brought me out of my thoughts.
“Oh, stupid me, i was asked a question and i was  busy thinking.
“Uh um, i think i am qualified for the job because i am punctual, regular and honest and also a very hard working lady, i am not lazy and i am well disciplined ” i said with a little confidence.  
She looked at me from head to toe like she was examining me. 
  Durrh !!! This is not a white collars job where you have to examine my dressing, moreover there’s uniform.
“To be continued”

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