CHAPTER 11-15


               TRICIA’S   POV continues

        Lucky me ! i’m with my credit card. Just then Lucas came in
” You’re always late to work
” Yeah dad said i should stop going to work and join him in his company. You know he got it back after the hard times
“Well, mine is on a business trip. Moreover i just started work not long”
“Yeah man, so what’s up
“I’m good. I need your suggestion.  What kind of gift should i give to a female friend on her birthday ?”
” Who ? Jennifer ?” he threw the question back at me
” Gosh! You’re so annoying. Jennifer is my ex ” i said almost yelling
” Then who ? because i can’t give you any suggestion when i don’t know the person involved” he insisted
 ” Okay, you win it’s Tricia ” i said
” Oh really, i suspected something like that. You like her isn’t it “
”  Jeez… No, she’s just a friend
 ” A friend or a girlfriend ?”

“Silly” i said and slightly hit him
” Okay, i think you should  just get her a car or a watch
 ” If i get her a car, Dad will easily know i’m using from his credit card he gave me. Remember i said i told him, i don’t depend on him” i explained
” Yeah you are right. A watch will do
” Yeah, Thanks buddy
” Oh.. it’s now buddy, am no longer annoying” he said and i chuckled .
 I bought the watch it’s quite expensive. I gave it to  Sophie to help me give it to her.

          SOPHIE’S POV 
    I got home after work, i closed early today. I gave my boss a lame excuse to allow me to home. Where’s Tricia ? i went to her room. There she laid sleeping peacefully, she’s really cute.  I wonder why she don’t have a boyfriend or a fiancee because she’s too beautiful to be single, lol.  Maybe it’s because she  just arrived.
 Sam sent a message earlier today that he’s not going to be around today. Today’s Tricia’s birthday, i think i should make her happy.  Yes !! a club will do.  I still  sat on the bed when she woke up
 ” Hey, you’re back  so early
” Yeah i told you i was gonna come on time today remember”
” Yeah, that’s true
“Let’s go to the club today to have fun
“Okay” she said
“Get dressed, we are going for shopping first
“Alright” she said smiling chat

                  TRICIA:: CHAPTER   12

            TRICIA’S POV

       Sophie is really a friend, she knows am sad. We are going to the club.
    Hahaha  i still remember vividly when Fiona and i went to a club while i was still leaving with step mom. I sneaked out of the house that very day, i didn’t ask for her permission because i knew that even if i asked she wouldn’t have granted me permission. When i came back that day, she beat the hell outta me, there were marks all over my body.
    I got up and got dressed. Actually Sophie has a car, we entered the car and drove off. Sophie drove to a boutique, we both went in, we got what we needed and we drove back home.  I took my bath and put on the gorgeous, sexy gown Sophie picked for me. I stopped above my knee and i put on the silver heels.  Sophie came in looking hot, she did the make up and French plaited my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror, i looked really beautiful with my dangling earrings, bracelet and wristwatch. I took my purse and we headed to the club.

             DOMINIC’S    POV

     I was in my office today when Dylan and Sylvester barged in with the receptionist
” Sir, i…. i  told them to wait” she stuttered
” Are you going to stop us now ” Dylan said sarcastically
    The receptionist just smiled and closed the door back.  They are my buddies, that’s how the behave, that’s why the receptionist is familiar with them.
   Dylan sat on the desk and Sly sat on the chair facing me.
 ” Hey, this is an office you know” i said hitting Dylan
“And so…
“We left our own works, just to come see you and here you are blabbering” Sly said
“So why are you here ?
“We are going to have fun tonight and we are going to have fun
“And what does that have to do with me ” i said though i know what they want.
“Durrgh, you are coming with us” Sly said flapping his lashes like a girl
“No” i replied trying to be serious but they started laughing and before i knew it, i was out of my chair. They carried me like a baby out of my office, my workers were already laughing.
   Dylan winked at the receptionist who was trying to hold her laughter.
 We are just like that. The three of us. I met them sometime ago, though i was lonely because of some reasons but they made my days fun.
 They took me onto their car and drove off with my guard following behind.

                      SOPHIE’S POV 

     We got to the club and got seats for ourselves, people  were dancing crazily. A guy came to where we sat and asked Tricia for a dance. Tricia looked at him in disgust, the guy was somehow ashamed of himself and he left. I just couldn’t hold my laughter, i almost laughed my lungs out.

 I went to the bar attendant to get drinks for Tricia and i. I went back and we started drinking, the drink is alcoholic though.
  Some guys walked in and attention was on them, girls walked to them seductively. I was already feeling tipsy and i wanted to use the rest room, i excused myself from Tricia and walked away. Gosh… disgusting, in the rest room again, but them something caught my attention.
 The guy looks so much like Sam, my boyfriend. I’m sure of it. Just then, they stopped what they were doing, looks like they realised someone was here. Yes ! i said it, it was Sam. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The lady looked at me for a while and turned to Sam.
” Honey, let’s go seems she wanna use the rest room” and they both walked away.  I could see the guilt written on Sam’s face.
 How could you Sam !!
    I ran out crying, this is just too much for me…. Ah  …. i entered my car and drove home.

                     TRICIA CHAPTER 13


    I was still sitting waiting for Sophie when Dominic, walked out on the girls on the way. I was already feeling tipsy, in fact i’m drunk.
” Hey girl, do you recognize me ?
“Yeah, who wouldn’t. Just get outta my way” i remarked rudely.
     I saw Sophi running out of the club, seems she is in tears. Ah ….. i am already feeling headache and i am seeing double. I tried standing up to meet her, but i held my head and winced in pain, staggered  backwards, i almost fell but someone caught me.


      She’s drunk. She stood up and tried walking out to meet someone bit she staggered back and almost fell but luckily i caught her.
 I carried her in my arms and told Dylan i am going home. I went into my car and the driver took off.
    We got to my home, and carried her in bridal style and took her to a room next to mine.
 I used the blanket to cover her and removed the hair that fell on her face. She’s cute, i just starred at her admiring her pretty face. She’s sleeping, i anted a kiss on her forehead and went to my room.  I went into my room , freshened up and laid on the bed.

 My mind drifted to the girl in the next room. She’s the one that got into a fight with Dylan.  I don’t even know her name.  I don’t bring girls to my mansion, instead i take them to my hotel. I found myself thinking of her before falling asleep .


   I woke up with a slight headache. I looked around, this is so not my room, i am lying on a king sized bed. “Where am i ” i asked myself.    Just then the door opened to reveal that hottie, Dominic. He came inside and sat at the edge of the bed with drugs and a glass of water in his hands,  he placed them on the table.

 “Good morning” he said
“Why am i here ?” i asked
” Are you gonna tell me you don’t remember anything that happened last night ?”
   Just then, everything came flashing through my head. I remember every single thing.
 Just then, realisation hit me.
“Is he here ? i… mean.. uhumm…… does he live here ?” i stuttered
“That jerk “
 ” Oh… Dylan. He is my friend and not a jerk. Moreover he does not live here.  I stay alone. ” he said
 “Good” i heaved a sigh of relieve.
 “You know, he is a good guy” he said smirking
“Whatever” i replied rolling my eyes.
 “Next time don’t drink like that so you won’t get drunk “
 ” Durrgh !! I came with my friend
“Where is that so called friend of yours now ?
“Maybe she’s got reasons “
 ” Whatever, just take these and freshen up” he said referring to the drugs and left.

                 TRICIA  CHAPTER   14

        TRICIA’S    POV

      Oh…my. He knows what i need now.   I took it and went into the bathroom.
    Whoa !! The bathroom is large. I took my time to admire the bathroom, then went to the bath tub to have a nice bath. After bathing, i wore the bathrobe i saw in the bathroom and went back to my room. Just then, there was a knock on the door.
  ” Come in” o
i said and a maid came in with a small bag on her hand and placed it on the bed.
  “Your dress ma’am. Come down stairs for breakfast when you are ready “
” Okay, thanks” i said and the maid bowed slightly before going out, closing the door.

 I opened the bag and saw a beautiful short simple gown. I love it.  I wore the gown and put on the flip – flops i saw in the  corner of the room and arranged my hair.

     I  came out of the room and walked down stairs.  There i saw Dominic sitting down on one of the chairs in the dinning room.  I looked at the table, there it was, food, fruits and juice.  There was a maid there who was busy serving him. He started eating and pointed his hands gesturing me to take a sit. I sat a little far from him. The maid also wanted to serve me but i refused and i served myself a plate of bacon, egg, cheese and sandwich. the meal is so delicious.
    The dinning room was quiet as non of is spoke, but i felt his gaze on me. i tried my best to avoid his gaze.
 I was through with my food, drank some water and cleared my throat to get his full attention.
“Uhuum, i’ll start going now, my friend would be worried about me. Thanks for everything”
“No need for that, why don’t you relax a little before going. I mean it’s  still early in the morning ” he tried convincing . I’m not ready for that, Sophie should be worried now.
 “No, i have had enough rest. My friend left the club yesterday crying and i need to find out what was wrong with her ” i explained.
“Alright my driver will drop you home. Hope we will meet again
“Thanks once again
  I went upstairs took my bag, wore my shoes and went downstairs, entered the car and the driver took off. He drove with me giving directions.
     We got there and i went inside to meet Sophie lying on the couch. She’s crying.
 She immediately stood up to hug me when she noticed my presence and i hugged her back. She cried on my shoulders.

 ” Hey what’s up. Why the tears ?” i asked after we both sat down
“Tricia….. Sam is cheating on me” she said
” I don’t understand. How ?”
” When i told you you i was going to the rest room yesterday, i saw Sam with a girl, doing some disgusting things and i am sure they were about making out ” she explained
” I’m sorry. But i think you should go to his place to really find out maybe he was drunk or something “
“No Tricia, i am so not going. He told me not to come to his house yesterday evening. He said he’s not going to be around, he never said he was going to the club “
“Sophie, you have to go. If it’s really true, then you can move on from him. That means he don’t deserve you” i said
” Alright ” she said and sniff.

                  TRICIA  CHAPTER   15

      TRICIA’S POV continues

      She’s really crying a lot and i’m very sure it hurts a lot, haven’t experience an heart break.  I love her so much that i hate to see her cry. I took her to the room and went to the kitchen to make something for her. I’m already full, have enough at Dominic’s place. I can’t believe i drank so much last night, i didn’t even think twice before taking the drink not knowing it was alcoholic.  This is one of the reasons why i hate clubbing.
  That Sam is such a jerk, i hate him already. He looked so calm and acted like he loved Sophie. I better not see the idiot any day, because if i do am gonna teach the idiot not to mess with my bestie. How can he cheat on Sophie, he is such a dumb ass. After cooking the food, i took it to her room, she’s sobber.
   I gave the food to her but she refused to eat the food saying she has lost her appetite, but i had to force her before she ate a little. After eating, i returned the plate to the kitchen and went to my room, guess she needs some time alone. I lied on my bed, took my phone and played games, since i am jobless for now.
 Well, i’ll start another job hunting. All thanks to that rudie  for making me jobless.
                      SOPHIE’S  POV
 I woke up and checked the clock beside my bed.  It’s afternoon already, i slept through out morning. Maybe what Tricia said is true, i need to go see Sam for explanations. I need to convince myself that this is not true.
   I walked sluggishly into the bathroom to have a warm bath. I went over to the bathtub and lay there lazily, not doing anything. allowed the water to wet me including my hair, as tears ran uncontrollably. When i was done, i wore my bathrobe and came out of the bathroom. I opened my wardrobe and pulled out a blue jean and a top. I took my hair dryer and dried my hair and dressed it properly. I wouldn’t want to look unkempt. After which i put on shoes, took my purse and drove to Sam’s house.
      I rang the door bell countless times before he opened.
“Hey” i said dryly
“Hi.. What are you doing here ?” he asked to my surprise
“What ? Is that your new way of telling me to come in ?”
“I’m sorry i can’t do that. Maybe it’s time i break up with you. Look Sophie uhuum… i am no longer interested in this relationship ” he said
“No Sam !! You can’t do this to me. Remember we love each other so much, you can’t just tell me you are no longer interested all of a sudden. I really do love you ” i said rushing my words.
 “I can’t be with you while you are keeping your virginity like you are not gonna loose it someday. We’ve been into this relationship for a year and some months now and i get nothing. I’m sorry but i am done with you” he said plainly looking into my eyes.
“Are you for real ? I know you love me. Just tell me you are kidding and i can still forgive you “
“I am sorry, i don’t love you anymore ” he said and that landed on me like a bombshell . It rang on my head repeatedly.
 “Honey” i heard a lady’s voice from inside
 “You have to go now. I have to go attend to someone now ” he said and walked inside shutting the door against me.
   I sat on the floor crying. After crying my heart out, i left for my house.

“To be continued”

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