CHAPTER  16-20


   I got home and flung myself into one of the couches. I am already exhausted, i am so tired, maybe from too much crying and lack of rest. I know my eyes should be red and puffy by now. I laid down properly on the couch, my eyes are heavy and before i knew it, i drifted to sleep.


    I woke up from my dreamless sleep and rolled from side to side on my bed. I looked at the clock at the side of my bed, it’s already after 10 in the morning. I slept off yesterday, i need to check on Sophie. I went down stairs and there Sophie lay sleeping peacefully on the couch, seems i didn’t work out well. I need to prepare breakfast on time, i am sure she has not eaten since yesterday. I rushed back to my room, brushed my teeth and then took a quick bath and wore something simple, and put on my flip- flop and went to the kitchen and started preparing scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes and within some time, i was done. I arranged the dinning.

                     TRICIA: CHAPTER 17

      SOPHIE’S   POV

    I woke up and i perceived a sweet aroma. Where’s that coming from. Just then my stomach growled. Gosh !! I have not eaten since yesterday. All thanks to that bastard.
I walked to the dinning room. There Tricia sat smiling at me.
“Good morning ” she greeted
 “Good morning” i returned the greeting.
“Sit down and eat”
“I’m coming. Let me go brush my teeth” i said and ran off to my room. I hurriedly brushed my teeth because i am very hungry and went out to the dinning .
   I heard voices downstairs. When i got there, there was Laura my cousin sitting on the couch in the sitting room. Guess she just arrived.
“Hey girl
“Good morning. It’s been a long time
“Yeah. I’ve been busy that’s why i have not visited
“But still your place is just nearby. I mean it’s close to mine ” i complained faking a frown
“Awwwn. I’m sorry” she apologized
“So how has living alone been
“Soo boring”
”  Yeah. That’s why i have decided to come spend the week end with ya “
“Thanks. Come join us ” i said and we both went to meet Tricia in the dinning table.
  I took my plate of scrambled  eggs, bacon and pancakes. Barely looking at it, my mouth was watery, so i started digging into my food . After sometime we were all through, we went to the sitting room and we discussed about some things. Laura told Tricia that there is vacancy in the company she works, that she can be a cook or a waiter there. They both agreed to go to the company tomorrow morning.
 Well, as for me i gave missed work for two days now. I will just simply tell then that i was sock that’s why i have been absent. I am sure they will understand that. 
After sometime of talking, we played games which helped in taking my mind away from Sam for sometime. Laura and Tricia are two crazy friends. They are really fun to be with.



    I woke up quite early in the morning. After everything that is supposed to be done in the morning, Laura and i headed to the company. When i got out of the car. Wow was all i could say because the building, was just awesome, infact i can’t explain it. Laura took me to what seems to be the person in charge of cooking and they decided to put me among those serving.  I started work immediately. I served workers who needed something like tea, coffee and others. I did it happily because it was kinda easy. Then again my supervisor, as i decide to call it, told me to take a cup of coffee to an office. That’s the owner of the company I really want to see the person that owns such a large company. 
 The person must be very rich.
I knocked on the door and i heard a “come in”

So cuties who do you think the owner of the company is ??

                    TRICIA: CHAPTER  18


    I knocked on the door and i heard a come in. I went inside and i was surprised by who i saw. It’s Dominic !!. He was so engrossed in his laptop that i wondered if he actually saw me. I dropped the coffee on the desk and made to leave but his firm voice  stopped me.
 “Hey, you now work here ?”
“Yes sir” i replied in a way a person is supposed to respond to her boss and of course, he’s the boss here.
“Alright, that’s nice ” he said. I waited for him to talk but he didn’t so i left the office.
  After the day’s work, i went home hoping Sophie will be at home, but she was not at home. I freshen up, and ate. I on the TV but there was nothing interesting to me there, i just stared at it and before i knew it, i dozed off.
  When i woke up, it’s already late at night and Sophie was at home. We discussed a little before going to sleep. She said she has decided to move on from Sam.


     It’s been almost a week now Tricia has started working in my company as a chef or whatever.  I had wanted to speak to her most of the time but it’s kinda difficult for me. But i am going to summon up courage and ask her to have lunch with me today.
Yes!! i’m gonna do that.

       DYLAN’S   POV

        I am in my office now and my stomach is growing. Yeah right i  didn’t take breakfast before coming today. Let me just drive to that restaurant, my favourite, their dishes are super. I drove down there, got outta my car and went to take a seat. Just then a waiter came to me. She’s kinda familiar. Dylan you’re crazy, you are a regular person here and you must have seen all the waiters here. my subconscious yelled at me. She came closer, i looked at her head to toe she’s smiling and she’s beautiful like that.

             TRICIA: CHAPTER   19

       Dylan’s   POV
    The waiter went in and brought my order for me. But at a second i just thought of making friends with her, not bad if i do though.
“Hey miss”
“I’m Dylan “
“I’m Sophie ” she replied
“Huh um. Nice.  Can you have a seat. I’ll  want is to have  a little chat”
“I’m sorry but i’m busy now. Maybe some other time “
 Wait !! is she rejecting me or what ? well no offence
“Alright” i said and she left


      Tricia’s is this person whose personality has caught my attention. I arrived work in the morning. I sent for her and within some time she came to my office. I just want to have lunch with her that’s all, she agreed.
 During lunch, i took her to a classy restaurant. We both made our orders and we discussed really well.   She made me laugh most of the time, she’s just so pretty, even her smile.  After enough discussion, we went back to the company and all i can say is that i’m happy like never before.



 Days rolled into weeks and i had the thought of  asking her to be girlfriend.  No doubt she’s the one my heart beats for. I told the guys about it, they encouraged me on it because they want me to have one, my last was Linda. 
I took her  out and asked her to be my girlfriend and she agreed. I was really happy finally, i found someone far better than Linda.
     Dylan also told me he found a girl and we all agreed that we ate going to have something like a get together dinner at my place today.
   Well we’ve prepared everything and make sure the house is perfect.  Soon the ladies will start arriving.  Sly’s girlfriend came first, Courtney, and then Dylan’s which was introduced to us as Sophie. We sat in the sitting room watching television while waiting for the last person to come which is my one and only love , Tricia.  Soon we heard the door bell and Courtney opened it to reveal my gorgeous  Tricia. Immediately she came in  fully to the sitting room Sophie hugged her, they were both laughing at the same time. I don’t know but i think they know each other before. We all sat and had fun and soon it was time for the dinner. We went to the dinning and just when we were about eating, the bell rang and a maid went to get it. Well i am not expecting any other person today but then the person i saw right in front of me got me surprised. 

So, who do you think the person is ??

                      TRICIA: CHAPTER  20

     I was shocked to see Linda smiling at me. Okay what does she want know because i could remember vividly that she was the one that broke up with me just to be with one of my business partner, she acted so cheap and strange then. I looked at her again and that was when i noticed the luggage that she came with. Okay, what’s she up to now.  I was still in my thoughts when she came close to me hugged me and placed a slight kiss on my lips.
“Awwwn, i’ve missed you she said ” surprising everyone. I guess Tricia was the most surprised and confused one.
I took her upstairs to my room.
“What are you doing here ?”
“I’m back for you. I’m sorry for the things i have done in the past. I’m really sorry, you are the perfect guy for me “
I scoffed ” Really so now you know that “
“I’m also sorry there’s no place for you in my life now because i have found someone better than you. And you know what, i can never leave her for anybody “
“I know you are just kidding “
“I am not. I have moved on from you, i don’t want you anymore”
“You’ve not moved on. I mean it’s clearly written, there’s no sign of a lady in your room apart from your guest in the dinning”
“Oh you think so ? The Angel i am with is not living with me yet, like i said she’s not like you. So get out of my house now ” i said.
“And who is that waste you said is better than me ?” and that got me angry
“Watch your tongue young lady. Just get outta here and i don’t wanna see you again “
“I’m really sorry” she begged on her knees
“You just have to leave ” i said and with that i held her by the hands and took her back to where everyone is.

“Let me do a little introduction here. Tricia, Sophie meet Linda my ex girlfriend. Linda meet Tricia, the love of my life and her bestie  Sophie which is also Dylan’s girlfriend, then lastly Gabriella Sly’s girlfriend “

“So she’s the bitch you are talking about”
“Hey, you are using the wrong words here. If you may leave here now because we have something good to do ” i said pointing to the door

“I’ll leave but i’ll come back to take my place. I will deal with you bitch” she said pointing at Tricia and with that, she stormed out of the house.

Immediately she left, Dylan and Sly let out the laugh which i know they have been trying to hold.

“Wow. I didn’t know she was so dumb to have thought that you haven’t moved from her yet”
“Yeah. So let’s eat. Sorry for the distraction ” i looked at  Tricia and i saw that she looks worried l, she was sad.

“To be continued”

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