Linda is very foolish to have thought that i would still accept her after she has messed herself up. How does she look at me a guy who they can just dump for a while and come back for when she needs him ?.
Well am over her now because i found some one who makes me happy. That’s my Tricia !!. They’ve all left after an awesome get together, it was amazing, the ladies got together very well. I had asked Tricia to come live with me and she will be coming by weekend, well so she said.
I lied on my bed and forced myself to sleep
I can’t believe Dominic said all that to me because of that bitch. She took my precious Dominic from me.
I knew i made a mistake but i have come to amend it but that girl won’t let me. I later found out that Dominic’s friend i left with didn’t love me, he was just attracted to my beauty. But that Tricia is also very beautiful. I can never let her have my Dominic, he belongs to me and me alone.
I took my phone and dialled a number, it rang and the person picked.
” Hello, i have a job for you and i want it clean ” i said onto the phone.

                      TRICIA: CHAPTER 22

     Tricia’s pov

   I really love Dominic, he is so loving and caring. Sophie and Dylan are also doing well.
Well, i don’t work at Dominic’s company as a chef. I now have a better position in one of his branches in the country. He wanted me to be with him, but i declined because i don’t want to be distracted and being with Dominic is gonna distract me.
Moreover i love it here. Dominic and i will be going to meet his family tomorrow. I haven’t really seen them for real but they are popular and a family of good reputation in the society. Hmm, i don’t know how those rich family is gonna love me, but Dominic said his parents are nice   people.
     I went to work today and i noticed a cleaner whose attention was on me.
Well, i don’t care. I stayed not too long at work and went home. Yeah, i decided when to leave, i am not to be questioned because my boyfriend … or should i call him my fiancee… is the owner of the company.

   FAST FORWARD   ( the next day )
     I already got dressed in a beautiful gown which is a little above my knee, wore my shoes and jewelries . Sophie helped me to straighten my hair and apply a little makeup on me. I stood up and look at the mirror, i look really beautiful. Awwwn i’m always cute.
“Oh my, you are gorgeous ” Sophie complemented.
“All thanks to the best Bestie in the world ” i replied with a smile.
Just then we both heard the door bell. That must be Dominic, right in time. I walked downstairs with Sophie i opened the door and there he stood looking charming as always.
 A wow escaped his lips as he stared at me. I had to wave my hands at him to bring him back from his dream land. He smiled, held my hand and led me to the car, he opened the car door and i went in. He played a calm music while driving and soon we pulled by a very big mansion. This is beautiful.  A gateman opened the gate and we drove in, we both came our of the car. I didn’t know when a  “wow” escaped my lips, the house is amazing. Maids were working. We went inside, the interior design is amazing.

“Mom, Dad i’m home ” Dominic shouted but there was no answer. Just then a girl came downstairs just my age…..

                      TRICIA: CHAPTER 23


     The young girl about my age jumped on Dominic out of excitement.
“Awwwn. Bro you forgot me. Isn’t it “
“No not at all. You’re my one and only sister. Love you and i promise i’ll make it up to you “
“Are you sure ?”
“Of course i am”
 “Hmm. Hi ” she said to me when she finally realised i was staring at them
“Hmm, who’s she ” she asked Dominic referring to me
“That’s my girlfriend “
“Oh !! finally
“I’m Gabriella. Dominic’s treasure ” she said making me smile while Dominic just looked on.
“I’m Tricia “
“Dominic’s wife to be ‘ she added. Arrgh.. this girl. Really jovial.
“mom, dad come see your daughter in law ” she yelled making me laugh. She’s this fun kinda person.
A young man and a woman came down whom i assume must be their parents. They are really young and they look really expensive.
” Good day dad, good day mom ” Dominic greeted
“Welcome son” his dad replied
“And who is this pretty lady here ?” his mom asked when we took our seats
“mom, this is Dominic’s girlfriend” Gabriella chipped in.
“You’re very welcome my dear ” i smiled.
“Least i forget Dominic. There will be a party coming up a day after tomorrow. All my business partners and associates will be there and i expect you to be there also and come with her as your date. I might not be there or i’ll be coming late so you’ll represent me  ” his dad said
“Okay dad”
   After some talks with the family, i and Dominic left for his mansion.
Dominic sent his driver to go bring my things from my former apartment because he insist i don’t go back again and that i live with him.

                     🎈💖   PARTY DAY  💝🎈

    I and Dominic dressed up for the party and i could say he is looking really handsome. He led me to the car and soon we got to the party with his guards following behind.
He held my hands in his arms as we both went into the hall.
 People were dancing with their partners to the slow rhythm of the music.
Linda walked up to us. Well, i don’t expect her to be here right now. She frowned seeing us.
“See who’s here” she said
“Please excuse us “Dominic said
“Hmm. Nice to meet you again ” she said stressing the “again”
“well i came here with my mom to occupy my mind since i can’t be with you. But you wont have him for too long because he is mine ” she said pointing her polished fingers at me.
She made to go and she purposely used her shoulder  to hit me on my shoulders making me unbalanced and i almost fell but someone caught me. Dominic…..

                   TRICIA: CHAPTER 23
    The party ended up smoothly, i didn’t get to see Linda again there seems she went somewhere else.

  The next day Dominic took me out on a date and there he proposed to me. And of course i accepted. I’m really happy now, he’s my fiancee.

  I was driving, on my way to the company, i noticed two cars following me, i didn’t bother because we might be going to the same direction but soon the cars over took me and three hefty men came out of the car, i was really frightened, i felt like screaming like it was going to help. But who am i kidding….
They grabbed my hands, took me into the car and blindfolded me. I knew i was just being kidnapped. Soon i heard them opened a door and tied me to a chair. Gosh what’s the meaning of all this, they removed what blindfolded me and tied me only to a chair. The men went out locking the door and taking the key with them.


  I was woken up by the sound of the door. I opened my eyes to see Linda.
“Nice meeting you again ” she said laughing mockingly.
“Proceed he told the kidnappers. They brought out some tools from a bag, torturing tools. I brought it close to me and used it on me i cried and screamed as the pain was just too much. One of them was videoing the whole scene, blood dripping from my body.


     I was at my office when a video clip was sent to my phone. I decided to play it and there she was, my treasure being tortured. Who the hell did this, she was calling my name in the video. I lost control of myself and ran out of the office like i was insane. People were looking at me but i don’t care. What mattered right now is that Tricia is kidnapped and is in danger.
 I drove immediately to Dylan’s house and i called Sly to meet me there….

                    TRICIA:  CHAPTER 24


     Dylan and Sly assured me that nothing’s going to happen to her. Sophie was also there, she’s really worried about her friend. Just then my phone rang. I picked it up.
“Hey, is this Dominic ?”
“Yes, who am i speaking with”
” Someone who is with Tricia “
“What !! where’s she. stop hurting her and bring her back to me ” i yelled
“Chill out. Stop yelling because with that i might pull the trigger “
 Dylan and Sly signalled me to calm down and stop yelling. So i took a deep breath before speaking again.
“So what do you want ” i asked him
“I don’t know yet. maybe….. her life.
“What !!” i yelled again. By now Sophie who has been there has started crying.
The person didn’t reply again. He has ended the call. I tried calling the number but he’s not picking up.

“Don’t worry buddy. I just got an idea ”  Sly bursted out
“And what’s that ?” Dylan asked
“Track the phone ” he said
“That’s a smart idea. But can you do that ?”
“Yes of course “
“Then what are you waiting for ?”
He went inside and came back with a laptop and he started operating.


Soon he was done
“Here’s the place they are in ” he said
“Do we need officers ?
“Yes but when we get there “
We planned everything and we went to the car and zoomed off, we didn’t take any guard with us because we don’t want to be easily noticed.
We got there and we sneaked inside the house as planned. We got walked gently trying not to make any noise. We heard voices from a room. We entered the room with our guns in our jean pocket.

There was two men and not just them…I saw Linda . Jeezz . How can Linda be behind this ? The men moved towards us and they pointed their guns at us. Linda was kinda surprised, i am really sure they wanted to kill Tricia at that moment. We started fighting without using guns. I sighted Linda holding a gun, she was really frightened, she pointed the gun at Tricia, she pulled the Trigger but i stood in front of her.
And the bullet hit me. My eyes became blurry and darkness took over…

                        TRICIA: CHAPTER  25


    Dominic is still unconscious. I am really scared right now, Sophie is trying to console me but it’s not working, because i don’t know what will become of me if he losses his life, he got into this condition while trying to save me.
 They only got two of the kidnappers, the other one and Linda fled away, i don’t know how, but i guess Linda is really cunny.  The doctors are still trying to revive him. I was later allowed to go to him, they said that he will wake up, he’s in comma.


     I saw myself in what look like a passage, i can’t find my way, this is kinda creepy. But then i saw light coming from a direction. I decided  to follow it. I came out of the long passage and i saw a woman whose face was turned against me. She faced me and that was when i saw her properly, i held her hand but she removed it and was leaving my sight, i shouted Tricia !!.


 I woke up and found myself on the bed, it’s an hospital.  I looked at my side and i saw Tricia, the only woman i love. She sat on a chair with her head on the bed lying close to me, she was sleeping.
She then woke up. She smiled and she almost screamed out of happiness. Her eyes where puffy and red, seems she has been crying. I held her hand and placed a light kiss on it. She stood properly.
“Humm, wait let me get something for you ” she was about leaving but i pulled her back and kissed her . I withdrew from it.
“Hmm give me sometime ” she said . But i winced in pain, she was afraid, fear written over her.
I laughed because her face was funny.
“Stop pretending. You scared me “
‘I really missed you, you got me scared. I thought i was gonna loose you ” she said in a whisper.
“No you won’t, I am there for you . I love you “
“I love you more “
“I love you morer
“I love you morest ” she said
“Who taught you that ?”
“You of course “
She said and we both laughed.

“To be Continued”

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