‘can two walk together except they agree?’
That seemed to be around Josh and Rosemary.
“Rose what’s up!” Josh approached her on a cool morning before lecture. They just finished their morning assembly, the class was so noisy and busy.
“Who stepped on my desk?”
“Who have to sweep this class!”
“Submit your assignment…!”
“Where is my book?” Different exclamation arises. Some were with their best friends as they discussed about the latest video, trending music, fashion of the week, latest showbiz…
All those didn’t bothered Josh but the gorgeous girl in the class who is looking more elegant as the day unfolds.
“Good, I passed your area yesterday.” Rosemary replied.
Josh wondered at the comment, “when! And I didn’t see or noticed you.”
“How will you?” Rosemary laughed.
“I am always outside…”
“Why?” She raised her eyebrows.
“The house is always lonely, so I prefer spending my evening outside than being inside.” Josh smiled.
“Whatever! Have you done your government assignment?”
“Yea,” Josh snapped, “but I didn’t do the one about constitutional development…”
“Why?” Rosemary asked.
“Did you? Who knows the features of MacPherson’s and Richard’s Constitution. I knew few, but all about Lugard’s indirect rule…”
“I asked my elder sister and guess what she told me?” Rosemary said.
“What?” Josh asked eagerly.
“She told me that MacPherson was after Lugard and their Constitution are almost the same… All she said were incredible to my ears, and she is a two hundred level political science student.”
“Jeez!” Josh exclaimed, “has she forgotten or she didn’t wanted to tell you.”
“Whatever, perhaps we weren’t taught.” Rosemary concluded.
“But seems you love the subject?”
“Yea, an anticipated lawyer.” She smiled.
“My humble chief justice.”
Rosemary smiled, “perhaps more than that, justice in this country had been bought.”
“How?” Josh love the asking, he never wished to stutter before a girl so he did the asking.
“How! Isn’t the rich perverting justice for them, political power and positions had been turned veto and immunity given as you can’t take a politician to court. All these are against equality before the law…”
“But your dad, I heard that he is a speaker in the state’s house of assembly.”
“And so.” She cut in.
“But ain’t he in power?”
Rosemary sighed as she got her exercise book from her bag, “if he is corrupt, justice will one day descend on him.”
Josh stared at her, “anyway, but are you staying close.”
“The third street after yours.”
Josh exclaimed, “so close! Did you move in there new?”
“Not really! Plot 24…”
Josh smiled, “wow, so visiting is allowed.”
“Not as you think.” She laughed, “my dad hates me bringing visitors.”
Rosemary digressed, “busy now! You said you didn’t do your assignment.”
“Are you attempting yours? How will you get it?” Josh asked.
“Google it!” She smiled as she showed him her Samsung Galaxy note II.
“I was bitter that you all answered less my expectation, I expected someone like Josh, Ike to storm that constitutional development.” Sir David said as he walked between the rows round the class.
“Josh what happened?” He asked as he got towards Josh’s seat.
Josh was biased as he looked down, he seemed to have disappointed the class, his teacher.
“Sir, the question was difficult, I searched but couldn’t get it…” Josh said finally.
“Why!” Sir David asked, “Even you Ike?”
“Sir… I.”
“What do you spend your money and credits for?” Sir David asked.
“Sir, for…” Ike stressed.
“WhatsApp! Facebook! Snapchat…!” Many exclaimed.
Sir David laughed, he was jovial and they all loved him. “chatting has nothing to add to you.”
“But sir, I said not that.” Ike said finally.
“Whatever, but Rosemary tried.” He commented.
“Heeyyyy…!” The class cheered.
Many stared at her especially Josh, ‘an enthroned heroine!’ he smiled.
“But you didn’t do much for that ovation.” Sir David said.
“Sir, why is the Constitution not helping the country?” Chike asked.
“Since ’22 Constitution precisely up till the ’99 Constitution, none is helping the state of the country.” Josh added.
“The Constitution you know is laid down rules, so how won’t it be profitable? Are the law makers fool to enact non profitable laws…”
Ike raised his hand as he was given attention, “sir, I think the makers are not the problem but the masses.”
“That’s correct!” Sir David exclaimed, “we the masses are we obeying the law? For example there are laws against drug trafficking but our youths still become drug barons…”
“But sir, it’s not their fault.” Josh exclaimed.
Sir David paused, “then whose fault?”
“The government?”
“Although the government has a hand in the issue but the masses has the right to be it or not.”
“Some are forced.” Josh snapped.
“That’s influence of wrong association, how can someone be around bad gangs and desire to be good, one day you will turn bad.” He paused, “if you are diligent in good work you will be rewarded.”
“But sir, some gets bad for good as reward.” James said.
“Whatever, but if we have one million diligent youths what future are we attaining?”
“A bright future!” The class exclaimed.
Sonia drew sir David’s attention, “sir, what about those that are joining cult?”
“Cult is not a better group, it pays nothing rather youths should form a team group, a reading group which will be profitable…”
“But sir, why do many join cult?” Chike asked.
“Who will answer it?” Sir David threw the question to the class.
“To be involve especially where many are involved, some by force and some like politics join for power and influence…”
“That’s good, but you need to know that power have caused a lot of problem in this country; the youths fight for power, the olds fight for power, but what power are they fighting for? The youth join cult to be powerful among their peers, while the olds join politics to be powerful among their mates…” Sir David said.
“But sir, is it paying?” Rosemary asked.
“What will it pay? Is it an incorporation or a company?”
“But one guy in my street is an islander and is driving one of the latest Acura RSX, he owns a two storey building…” Uche interrupted Sir David. “If you see the bevy of beauties…” He whispered to Josh.
“That’s for him, perhaps he may be stealing it, yahoo crime or he must be an armed robber.”
“Yahoo boy no laptop, and you are profiting from it.” James laughed.
“Hush! We all should be a good example in this country; shun cultism, malpractice, taking of drugs, prostitution…” Sir David said.
“Sir,” Uche interrupted, “a friend of mine planned to join cult because of the girls in the group.”
“Girls!” Sonia exclaimed.
“Yea, what a guy can do a girl can do it more perfect.” Ike commented.
“Sir, based on Ike’s comment shouldn’t it be better for women to be given a chance in politics.” Josh asked.
“Sure, those that has the knowledge.”
“Do they need the knowledge? If they can manage a family can’t they manage a country?” Rosemary asked.
Sir David stood still, he had digressed from teaching to having some interaction, “a family is a unit, a country consist of different units. If they can manage one dosen’t mean that can manage many…”
“But the men are irresponsible especially those in power…” Ike blabbed.
“Those in office are lazy to their duty, they have done less their votes. It’s about three years for this tenure rather than development we are having one challenge or the other. The herdsmen can’t be silenced why? Isn’t it because of tribalism, why almost all the service chief are from the North. Democracy they say but the North are pulling the highest number even in the Senate….” Josh cried.
“The herdsmen issue, is the government sponsoring them?” Sir David asked.
“Perhaps, none can tell.” Ike snapped.
“What is representative government?” Sir David asked as he wrote on the board the topic of discussion.
“A government whereby the people elect those who will represent them in government.” Rosemary said.
“That’s amazing!” Sir David smiled, “Ike, your contribution.”
“A democratic government…”
“Okay..” he nodded in acceptance.
“Sir, is that the type of government we are practicing?” Sonia asked.
“But we have turned it from democratic to delegated government.” Josh cut in.
“How?” Sir David asked.
“Men are chosen by the so called godfathers for the masses.” Josh said.
Immediately the bell was rang as his period was over, Sir David summarized and planned to give his note in the next class. When Sir David left the whole class scattered as some continued their argument.
“How did you get it?” Josh asked.
“I read it last night.” Rosemary replied. Josh sat close to her eagerly.
“Wow, so you have time to even study extra topic.” Josh said, “what of your sister, which school is she?”
“She is in the richest private university in the country.” Rosemary said as she arranged her bag, “why asking?”
“I wanted to arrange a blind date between she and my brother.” 
Rosemary laughed, her upper teeth shines as her tongue cleaned to the roof.
“What’s amusing?”
“Do you know my sis, she is not too down for your bro.” Rosemary said.
“Meaning!” Josh was perplexed.
“She dates expensive guys, guys cruising one of the latest cars, guys with expensive bling-bling and jewelries…”
“Really…” Josh stressed.
“So you better warn your bro to stay off or he will be broke before it tick twelve.”
“Are you a parable teller?” Josh asked.
“No, but…” Rosemary paused as she caught Josh’s glimpse at her, he smiled as he gave her an eye.
“What!” She said as she stopped him.
“You looked different from your sis, at least if she will snub my brother, you aren’t a snub to me…” Josh said as he stretched his hand across her shoulder.
“Really, love the smell of your perfume.” She commented as she got closer to him.
“Thanks!” Josh smiled, he had taken it from Ike as he came to school, “upon an island there I saw a fair figure that can cause all eyes to fall, smiling and full of ecstasy…”
“What did you say?” Rosemary asked.
“I thought you are Queen of riddles and proverbs.” 
They both laughed.
“That is a poem.” She said.
“How do you know, so you heard it.” Josh said. He was surprised that she didn’t reply.
“But you have been seeing me, why these words now?” Rosemary said finally after a hush.
“Because you are special to my eyes, and I can’t afford to lose you.”
The dept of insurgency and crime was increasing steadily. No day passes without one death not being mentioned, Josh thought of the day he heard that the president’s son is in a foreign hospital, he was involved in a fatal accident.
Josh smiled but his neighbour laughed, “them never start, why e no be say the boy die.” He look vexed as he said it.
Josh wondered as the gravitas of hatred they have for the President; some preferred to be roasted in heating volcano, some to be crushed in the teeth of a furious lion than to be ruled by the current president.
The morning started with blackout, although it wasn’t the first so not many murmured. ‘I-pass-my-neighbor’ generator was in every flats. Josh thought of getting a pleasant weekend, it was end of term for them and the term had been a testimony to his lips. He never forgot Rosemary and their adventurous Valentine’s night. It was an unforgettable experience that he penciled it down in his diary.
“…our hands wrapped to each other as we approached the bed…”
He smiled as he opened his diary, he couldn’t imagine that Rosemary would loose herself to him as he took his time to make her moan for more. He had wished for that time right from the party they attended, his eyes were fixed to her cleavage as he tried to see through.
Josh stared at the ceiling, it’s few months since that history was made and now they are on break, he wished to visits the embassy but his dad wasn’t around. The house was graved, it had been in that mood since morning.
‘visiting Rosemary won’t be a bad idea.’ he thought.
What came through his mind this time was to collect a piece of gold circle as he felt to set another history.
‘she won’t allow.’ he thought, he knew the last one was out of wine pleasure, but now she will timidly resist, ‘love her squirm.’ he smiled.
He got on his black sweatpants and white T-shirt and was about leaving when his phone rang.
“Hello Josh, please go to the airport and pick Helen…”
“Mum, who is she?” Josh asked his mother.
“She is my friend’s daughter…” His mother explained.
When he ended the call he thought of the girl he was about to meet, it was like a movie to him- mission impossible. He laughed.
‘How will she be? Like Rosemary? Better, worst?’ he thought. Perhaps the States girls don’t fancy negro. He remembered books he has read about racism in the States, the recent of all was the one they read at school ‘Native Son.’ by William Morris.
‘who knows if she is not coming with her boyfriend, or he will call in soon. I pray she is jovial and…’ the next thought was disgusting, he hasn’t met her but has started flirting with a fancy figure of her.
He set out and headed for the airport, with a taxi it was one hour thirty minutes drive or more, he remembered telling his father that he wished his cousins return from England.
After much strive he arrives at the airport, “many are here but one is needed.” He said as he called his mother.
“She said she is on white shirt and blue jeans with brown hair…”
Josh remembered passing that description at the restaurant, he winked at her as he smiled wishing she was the person he was there for, her eyes were fascinating as she stared at him. He rushed back to the restaurant but found that chair empty, none on white shirt.
‘where will she be?’ he thought.
“Mum, I haven’t seen her!” Josh cried.
“She said she is at the park, I will tell her to wait there…”
Josh wondered if it is a hide and seek game or his mind seems to be playing game with him perhaps another Game of thrones. He thought of the stress he had passed through just for a girl when he should have been with Rosemary, he saw her afar with a black luggage bag beside her, she was making a call. Josh walked towards her with a smile of delight from his heart.
As he got closer he knew she was calling his mother.
“Hello, Josh!” Josh smiled.
“Are you Josh?” She asked.
“Yea, the guy that you are calling his mum,” Josh stretched his hand for a shake, she shyly shook him with the tip of her finger.
“Wasn’t it you, the guy I saw that passed me a wink at the restaurant…” She asked.
“Sure! When I set my eyes on you I was dumbfounded, extremely lust to your appearance.” Josh said as she smiled, he helped her and held her luggage as they find a taxi.
“Tell me, what’s your name?” Josh asked while they were inside the taxi.
“Am Helen Clinton, just call me Helen.”
“Helen!” Josh paused, “isn’t that an Igbo name?” He chuckled.
“What?” She asked.
Josh was remorse, “oh, sorry Igbo is a local tribe in Nigeria, and many from there answer Helen. There is even one baby-like comedian named Helen Paul…” 
“So are you trying to say it’s a borrowed name overseas?”
“No!” Josh rushed.
“Whatever!” She waved off the chat, “where is here?”
“We are around Rumuola area.” Josh paused, “can it be compared with… Bakersfield?”
“No…! A lot of difference, the area is not civilized.”
“Lest I forget, I don’t stay at California but Florida, I have visited there but once, to see some friends.” Helen interrupted.
“Female friends?”  Josh asked.
She stared at him perplexedly, “mixed!”
“une fĂȘte! A party” Josh asked with a smile as he wanted to explore some French terms.
“quelque chose de tel, something of such!?” She smiled.
“Can you speak French?” Josh asked.
“Yea!” She smiled, “my mother is a French and my father is an English.”
“Wow!” Josh felt relaxed being around her.
“Welcome to my humble home.” Josh put his hand on his chest as he bow after opening the door for her.
She laughed at his reception, “who is that for? I am not ready for that.”
“For my royal queen charming.” Josh smiled as he acted like a steward.
“Such a nice apartment.” She commented as she sat on the sofa.
“So tell me, do you love to party?” Josh asked as he served her a glass of chilled orange juice.
“Depending on the type.”
“Like a girl to girl type…”
“No!” Helen cut in.
“Sorry no power supply, I know it’s like you leaving a palace for a wilderness.” Josh said.
She laughed, “what makes you think that Nigeria is a wilderness?”
Josh was astounded, “we are suffering; no light, no good road, no portable water supply, no… No money!”
“That is not a reason to reject…”
“The country is bad!” Josh interrupted her, “maybe when you stay a while here you will get to know.”
Helen laughed, “keep that to yourself. I have been to Nigeria.”
“When?” Josh asked.
“About six years ago, I was thirteen by then. We came for a friend’s wedding, it was mind blowing. I was like a kid then but I can still remember a bit of what happened…” Helen said.
“Wow!” Josh smiled, “was that’s at Lagos?”
“No! Port Harcourt, my mother said that it was in the meeting she got to meet your mother, the friend is your mum’s sister…” She smiled.
“Oh! My aunt, I remember now, she came back and marry an Igbo guy then they went back to the States but they later moved to England.” Josh said as he could remember, but he couldn’t remember seeing her.
“But I never remember seeing you.” Josh exclaimed finally.
“Yea, we were kids by then…” She laughed.
“Wow! So after then you haven’t step your feet around the shores of this country?”
“Yea,” Helen said.
“But there is nothing left in this country, the country is in a big mess and our president is adamant.” Josh stressed, he doesn’t bother to read the papers because the news are always about killing, missing fund or party rivalry. He hasn’t heard any news about development. He shook his head as he stared at her as she picked one of his novel on the table. ‘In Dependence’ by Sarah Mayinka.
“Do you understand that book?” Josh asked as he watched her read with all focus.
“Um, a bit but it’s all about Nigeria’s Independence?” She asked.
“It can’t be, Nigeria history is so vast and profound… This book is just about a Yoruba boy and his scholarship to Oxford, he met a girl and fell in love with her… He later got married to a girl in his country…”
“How about Vanessa, who is she?” She asked.
“The girl he met in Oxford.” Josh replied. He wanted to ask her of her age but he withheld in an assuming manner. He thought her age to be in the teens age bracket.
“How long will you stay in Nigeria?” Josh asked.
“Um, about two to three weeks, I just wanted to visit since my school is on break.” She said.
“Which school?” Josh asked.
“University of Florida!”
“Florida!” Josh alarmed.
“Yea,” she reacted with a stern look, “what’s it?”
“Nothing much, I would have been in Oxford but the United Kingdom embassy denied me visa.” Josh wept as he remembered the day he went to the embassy.
“Perhaps, they feel that Nigerians are no more trusted.” Josh said with a sad wry look.
“But some Nigerians are accepted, not all are denied visa.”
“Um, you are right.” He said, “anyway let that be for another day.”
While they were discussing his mother drove in, Josh knew it was her Acura MDX type.
“Do you have any siblings?” Josh started.
“Yea,” Helen replied.
“A brother?” 
“Yea, Jon!” She smiled, “he is working in the States.”
“Wow, same! My brother is in the university…”
“You have a brother?” She asked.
“You don’t look like such.” She exclaimed. Many has said the same thing that he looked like he’s the only child.
“Welcome mum!” Josh said as his mother walked in. Her aso obi  and gele made her looked like a western Nigerian.
“Welcome ma!” Helen exclaimed.
“Oh, Helen! How are you?”
“Good!” She smiled.
Josh watched as his mother hugged her.
“Mum, I missed her severally at the airport, it was like a hide and seek game.” Josh exaggerated.
Helen smiled as she knew it’s only but hyperbole.
“What did you offer her?” His mother asked.
“A chilled orange juice.”
Josh smiled as he helped her to take her box to the visitor’s room, her visit has brought a bit of ecstasy to him. He eavesdropped his mother telling her to feel free at home and not be clothed with some apparel of shyness.
“Josh took your luggage to the visitor’s room, you can go and meet him…” Helen was told by Josh’s mum.
Josh wanted to play with her memory so he locked all the doors but left one door not locked- the visitor’s room.
“Josh…!” Helen stressed. She repeated the calling severally till she push a door and discovered it was open.
“Josh…!” She noticed her luggage was close to the bed but not a soul was sensed to be in the room.
“Josh, I know it’s you.” She said as she felt a soft hand from behind covered her eyes.
“How did you know?” He said as he removed his hand.
“Is there any other person here, or are there spirits around?” Helen asked as she chuckled.
“What if?” Josh said as he sat on the bed which was soft and desirous to lie.
“Then you are the one.” She exclaimed.
Josh laughed, “there I get your point, I am the only one around so if anything happens it will be done by me.”
“Okay, now you know!” She went towards the window as she saw a small garden at the backyard.
“Josh, what plants are there?” She asked as they drew his attention.
“I know not much but my mum planted sent-leaf, bitter-leaf, tomatoes and pepper, water-leaf, vegetable leaf, ozuza…”
“What! O-zu…” Helen stuttered.
“It’s a local leaf, mum will tell you better.”
She smiled, “that’s creative of her.”
Josh admired her as they were by the window, her light skin was so fair to his eyes as he cherished staring at her.
“What’s the name of this street?” She asked finally after some smiles at the garden.
“Dunno! It’s unlike the States where…”
“Josh please hush! Don’t compare everything with the States.” Helen yelled.
“Hush! The States is two centuries and while Nigeria is not up to a century…” She exclaimed as she left the window to the bed. Josh thought of hating her now, he felt every bit of her to be like threat to him. ‘she should be a racist! Perhaps she should among the Ku Klux Klan.’ he thought if she is a activist against negro.
Josh cursed everyone that planned against his trip to Europe. Helen glimpsed at him as he remained at the window, she knew he hates the country but hate him comparing it with the States.
“Josh, come over.” She wanted to say but before she could she heard, “Helen, come over to the kitchen…”
Josh turned to see him alone in the room, “gosh!” He exclaimed.
“Yes ma!” Helen said as she entered the kitchen.
“I know you love pizza, pudding and tart but here is Nigeria, Rivers state and is mostly known for her dishes… Swallow is our best…”
“Ma, which soup!”
“Oha soup.”
Helen wanted to ask about the soup, she only stared keenly.
“…this is the oha-leaf, we have some dried fish, periwinkle…”
“Ma, what did you call it?”
Helen stared at the little things in water. She wanted to ask why is it in the water but remained silent.
“…you know of the salt, pepper, palm oil…”
“Yea!” Helen replied. She watched as Josh’s mum cooked enthusiastically like a professional chef.
“My mum cooked one last week, it was thick, she said it was…”
“Ofor soup!” Josh’s mum laughed.
“It was yellowish with some black particles which she said is dried bitter-leaf…”
“Yea,” Josh’s mum said, “hope the atmosphere is not stuffy.”
“No, I am okay.”
“NEPA no wan give us light, for some days now they never bring light…”
Helen held her lips to silence, she didn’t wanted to comment about the electricity situation in the area. She plugged her earpiece to her I-Pod as she played ‘Seven Keys’ by Ariana Grande which is her favorite. Although she love songs by Nicki Minaj, Sia and Beyonce.
“Is that a phone?” Josh’s mother asked as she glimpsed at Helen.
“No an I-pod!”
“Eye pod, where is the eye?”
“No ma, I not eye!”
“Okay oh!” Josh’s mum smiled, “eye and I what’s the different?”
“They are homophones, ‘ai’  in pronunciation but different meaning.”
“Wow! So they teach very well in America, I thought it’s only politics, music and basketball they teach there?”
“Ma do you watch basketball?” Helen asked.
“No, Josh love watching it.”
“Wow! Me too, I love it and don’t miss any update especially from my team of delight ‘Golden State Warriors.’ Curry is my favourite though I love James he is incredible on pitch.” Helen smiled.
“Me na African Magic or that latest popular movie channel Telemundo or Zee World.”
Helen laughed, “but ma, Josh told me of his failed trip to Oxford.”
“Yes oh, na the embassy wey turn am back. Don’t get confused this is our local language- pidgin.”
“I have heard about it but it’s…”
“It’s local, forget am! Na Naija we dey, no be that swi, swi, swi… Una dey speak for America.” Josh’s mum interrupted.
Helen laughed, “you mean American English?”
Helen laughed, she has heard that Nigerian women are always jovial and nice to be with. Josh’s mum was an example of a kind and jovial African mum.
“Thank God Josh is around, he will take you around tomorrow with my car, you will see that Nigeria is awesome.” She stressed.
“But Josh hates the country, he rejects the President on seat.”
“Whatever but our state Governor is trying,” Josh’s mum paused, “although in some states there are cases of killing.”
“Ma it’s everywhere!” Helen said, “there is no country that there is no case of killing, even in Florida, Las Vegas, Texas. All over the world people are dying…”
“That’s for them,” Josh’s mum cut in, “the food have done.”
Helen sniffed to catch the aroma, “it’s delicious, though my first time.” She laughed.
“Wey Josh? Josh!” Josh’s mum called.
“Yes mum!” Josh rushed in, he stared at Helen nonchalantly with sense to nudge her but his mother interrupted.
“Turn on the generator, it’s getting dark.”
Helen watched as Josh obeyed.
“Will you bath cold water?” Josh’s mom asked Helen.
“Don’t wora, I’ll.” Helen smiled, “you are too concerned about me, I can take care of myself.”
“Not when you are in my house, remember you did so to me when I visited your house last year. So as far as you are here I will take care of you.” 
They both laughed as Helen helped her to arrange the table. Helen remembered when Josh’s mum visited Florida for a medical training, she stayed in their house as she was being taken like a child.
“Josh couldn’t remember when we were small…” Helen said as she told Josh’s mum about the day they met.
“Oh, you still remember.” Josh’s mum laughed, “my sister’s wedding, I won’t forget. I met your mum the night before the wedding where we helped to arrange some things…”
“And on that day, Josh was on I guess a black suit which made him look big, he was so quiet but couldn’t wait for the food to be shared during the reception…” 
They both laughed, Helen wished Josh was there to hear it but he was outside.
“Really, mum is it true?” Josh cut in as he surprised Helen to know that he was listening.
“Yea, you made me use bleach to wash the white shirt you wore.” His mother said. Josh smiled as Helen laughed.
“How come I couldn’t remember this?” Josh asked.
“Because you were waiting patiently for the food.” His mother replied, “Helen, I cooked some rice in case you won’t eat the soup…”
“That will be better.” Helen rushed.
“So you don’t want swallow?”
“Ma, it too much maybe I will get on with it later.” 
“Oyibo!” Josh’s mom chuckled.
“Why?” Josh asked as he put his hand around her shoulder.
“I just want something light.” Helen said with a brief gesture.
Josh laughed as he sang a line of one of Falz’s song his popular artists. “…she said gimme something light, she is not really hungry but something light!”
“Is that a song?” Helen asked.
“Yea.” He smiled.
The table was set, everyone ate with courtesy for their food. Helen watched as Josh paid rapt attention to his food, she laughed as she knew he don’t joke with food. No talking while eating! So she have to wait till she finish eating before she ask her question…
“Hello, Rose!” Josh said as he picked his call by then his mother had left the dining.
“Am at your gate…”
“This late.” He exclaimed as he checked his time, it was twenty minutes past eight, “okay, am coming.”
“Where to?” Helen asked.
“A friend of mine is at the gate, lemme go and meet her.”
“Your food!” Helena asked.
“When I return.” Josh rushed out as he wondered why Rosemary will come to see him at night.
“Babe what’s up!” He said as he came outside to see her fighting with her tears, “what’s it?” He asked.
“I am pregnant.” She cried.
Like an atomic bomb just blast his ears, his heart skipped as he was astounded.
“Hey Rose, come on! Is this a night fantasy of error.” He tried to fake a smile.
This time he knew it wasn’t a joke, he took a deep breath as be felt doomed.
“Okay, go home, we will talk later.” He bade her some escort as he held her closely patting hope into her.
Ignorance is what is destroying many today, many do things ignorantly and regret when the result is out…
Josh put off the television as the speaker seemed to be condemning him and he despised it. He sighed as a deep sense of despair overwhelmed him; not long he met Helen, Rosemary reported of being pregnant, not only that but his brother returned. He had failed another full semester exam and was suspended for drug addiction, he had lied that they are on break. Sam returned to see a gorgeous girl and was head over heal in love with her.
Josh checked the time, it was past seven in the evening, Sam and Helen haven’t return; his mother went for evening service although she persuaded him to follow but he refused and confabulated a lie of him in pains, though it was a lie but now he is in pains looking confused on what to do.
‘What will I do now?’ Josh thought. His focus was on how to eradicate Rosemary’s pregnancy. He got on to Google as he searched for help to safely terminate pregnancy. He got a lot of answers and finally concurred with one he seemed to be legit as he decided to get the pills for Rosemary.
“God help me I get it.” He prayed as he went out with some cash to get the pills. The road that was always busy seemed to be free today as cars move freely.
“You dey go!” One guy loading taxi rushed up to him and appealed on him to join the taxi, Josh was adamant.
He entered a pharmacy as he asked of the pills he needed, they told him that they don’t have it, the owner directed him to a shop that was a bit far. He was desperate as he walked towards the pharmacy he was directed to. He saw a gathering at the corner of the road with enthusiasm he checked and saw a fist fight between two men.
“Na because of woman they want kill themselves.” Someone said.
“Make una separate them.” A woman cried.
Josh left the scene as he saw the fight was getting tensed and the gathering not secured as some mop may come around and arrest everyone around. He was so shocked and filled with depression as he got to the pharmacy and discovered that his money was no longer in his pocket, he searched his pockets severally but couldn’t find it. All that evolved in his mind was the scene, the gathering.
‘it was in my front pocket and my hand inside the pocket…’ he thought. Unknowingly he removed his hand and the money slipped out as well.
“God help me, what will I do now?” He cried as he checked his pockets again wishing he finds it. Josh cried as he leaned to a Highlander Jeep, he was in front of the pharmacy and couldn’t find his money.
“What’s it?” A woman asked. Josh noticed that the woman was about to start the car.
“I misplaced my money.” Josh cried. He supposed not to but he have to or at last wonder why.
“So sorry! Um…” the woman opened her car and brought out an envelope, “take this.”
“Thank you ma!” Josh exclaimed happily as he took the envelope from her with hope that it is money inside. He later opened it to discover the amount of five thousand Naira.
Josh smiled as he went into the pharmacy when it was tranquil, he whispered to the guy on the counter the pills and the guy smiled as he went to get it, Josh knew the guy understood his predicament. He paid and with the change he whispered at the guy to give him some rubber contraceptive which he hid in his pocket as he jogged home, his plan was to visit Rosemary. As he passed the scene where there was commotion is now peaceful but was fishy as he spied some murmuring about him.
“He is the guy who lost his money…” A girl said to her friend.
Josh rushed to Rosemary street which was an estate like his, street light was on as some stroll on the tarred road.
“I am looking for Rosemary.” Josh said to the gate man.
“She no dey!” The gate man rioted.
Josh pretended to believe as he went aside to call Rosemary, she was astounded as she ran to meet him at the gate.
“What’s up!” Rosemary hugged him, “why this late, we are about having dinner.”
“Sorry for interruption, em, Rose…!” He dragged her to a corner, “I want you to eradicate this pregnancy.”
“What!” Rosemary exclaimed with surprise.
Josh held her mouth, “don’t shout!”
“Josh I won’t!” She cried, “my doctor warned me not to.”
“Who is he? Rose don’t be fooled with their physiology, let’s do this and be free.”
Rosemary shed tears, “Josh, it’s life you are getting with.”
“Then you planned it!” Josh got vexed.
“I planned it…” She stressed, “remember you have been pleading for it and now you turned to blame to me.”
“I am not blaming you but your fearful self, you are overwhelmed by fear; I can see it in your eyes, its fragrance smells around you.”
“Enough!” Rosemary shook her head, “it’s enough!”
“Okay,” he paused, “take!” He passed her a small pharmacy polythene bag.
“What’s it?” She discovered some pills wrapped in it, “Josh where did you get it from?”
“You need not that but the pills.” Josh interrupted.
“I am not taking these!”
“Then, I leave it over to you.” He tried to walk out.
“Josh! You are denying your responsibility, I can’t imagine it’s the guy I fell for that is humming these words.” Rosemary cried.
“Don’t cry much.” Josh held her as he wiped the tears off her cheek, “please I feel for you, please take the pills the description is there.” He kissed her.
“Josh be prepared to kiss my coffin.” She barged in swiftly as she banged the gate at him.
“Rose.. ” he couldn’t continue as he watched her rushed in.
‘…prepare to kiss my coffin…’ Josh wondered at her statement.
Josh got home lately after some lazy walk, he was tired as he sat on the sofa. He picked notice that none have returned, the house was still as he left it.
‘God, help Rosemary. Let she not try something stupid.’ he prayed, ‘but what is she up to?’
While he was bothered, Sam and Helen walked in, Josh was nonchalant and refused to reply.
“Bro,” Sam pat his shoulder.
“Hey Josh!” Helen said.
Josh didn’t open his silent lips as he looked depressed, he didn’t mind Sam and Helen as they walked away.
‘let she not commit suicide.’ he cried emotionally, he knew that her dad will rot him in jail if it turns true. His parents won’t raise a voice. When a politician, a speaker in the state Assembly raise a case even a common chartered accountant can’t call it off.
“What will I do?” He was bothered. Just then his mother walked in.
“I know not why you all refused attending service today.” His mother exclaimed from the door, she picked fault at anything they did because they refused to attend the evening service, “a communion service…”
“Mum welcome!” Josh said finally after she have exclaimed her bitterness.
“Have it to yourself! I thought you were having an excruciating pain?”
“Yes mum but…”
“But what, you left your bed to the sofa did you feel the pain?”
“Then why didn’t you come to church?”
“Am sorry mum!” Josh said.
She sighed as she went into her room, Josh felt the thing in his pocket. He had bought it with thought of having some charming experience with Helen- perhaps a night he won’t forget, his first night stand with a white girl but things had fallen apart, his brother had caught interest in her and they are getting on so cool. She spend most of her time with him, Josh didn’t bother about that but the situation at ground; he had tried to call Rosemary but her number was not reachable.
His thought flashed to Rosemary’s comment as he thought of what attracted him to her; her good shape so thick, her perfect chest not so voluptuous, gorgeous look.
‘she is really a caramel of beauty.’ he thought as he remembered Ike.
“The game is on, get in get her and score… Rosemary is having feelings for you… Josh thought of how it started, 
‘now I know what he meant! Now is the result, the game is over you have won but have to take the trophy home… Oh God, why wasn’t it friendly.’ he thought as he went into his room with wonders on agony in his heart.
‘I wished to be with Helen.’ he thought without doubt that he deserved her and not his brother. He waved off different thoughts of him being with Helen as he paced to the sitting room confusedly, his mind needed a tranquil environment but the house seemed not to give him the quantity of serenity he needed. He put on his phone as he played some videos from ‘Mark Angel Comedy’. He has been a great fan of the group and love any comedy produced by them, while he was watching the video Helen passed as she went to the fridge to get some water.
“Helen, the night is boring. Why not a stroll, what do you think?” Josh said.
“That will be awesome!” She concurred.
“Like where!” Sam barged in.
‘Why got I a rogue for a brother.’ Josh thought.
“Sam you decide.” Helen said as she sipped her glass of water.
“Um, I know a show happening at a night club, why not we attend perhaps it will be fun.”
“No!” Josh snapped as he interrupted his brother.
“Why?” Sam asked.
“I hate visiting night club.” Josh exclaimed.
“Why?” Helen asked.
“Sorry to say don’t bother, a stroll will be better.” Josh said.
“I concur with him.” Helen added.
“Okay, are you ready?” Sam asked her. 
“Sure!” She exclaimed as she was on a mini Jean and white vest. Sam reached for her hand as he smiled.
“Josh! Aren’t you coming?” Helen asked.
Josh was in the center of despair, ‘is he a Casanova?’ he thought.
“Umm… No! I am not… I just remembered mum told me to do something for her.” Josh stuttered.
“Okay!” Sam rushed as he smiled. Josh knew Sam was happy as he didn’t come along, he watched them leave as he remembered the first day he met Helen. 
‘why am I losing a my effort?’ he thought. “I need to get one, Helen and Rosemary can’t pass me by.” he thought of plans till he slept off on the sofa.
To be continued…

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Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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