He that breaks the hedge, he will the serpent… Josh paused. He wondered if it’s figurative or it is in the Bible, he thought as he was reading a book beside his mother’s bed.
‘why edge? What serpent?’ he thought as he went to his room pondering on it till he heard a knock on his door.
“Come in!”
Helen walked in, she looked dull and tired as she sat on his bed. Josh watched her for a while, surprisingly as different thoughts arose; why is she dull? What has Sam done… He omitted the wrong, ‘perhaps it may be right if he broke up with her.’ he thought.
“What’s wrong?” Josh asked finally from his study table where he was staring at her.
“You are full of jealousy, bitterness and anger thinking that Sam and I are dating.” Helen paused, “but we are just friends and nothing more…”
‘Is she hiding something suspicious?’ Josh thought.
“…I wished you to be by me always but you goofed.”
“How?” Josh asked.
“You got her pregnant, why! Josh why…!”
Josh was dumbfounded, his eyes got stern with anxiety, how did she know? None was there.
“Who, I… I don’t get.” He stuttered.
“Josh the girl that visited that night who is she?” Helen asked.
“A friend.” 
“And what was your discussion with her?”
“Em, she mistakenly picked up a pregnancy.”
“Mistakenly!” Helen cut in, “tell me how.” 
“Em, Helen this is private, but you did eavesdropped?” Josh asked.
“Do you love her?” Helen digressed.
“Um, I can’t tell.” Josh thought of Helen coming to investigate him.
“So you cheated on her.”
“How!” Josh exclaimed.
“You were after her but you don’t love her, just for your sexual pleasure.”
Josh stared at her for a while, “why all these questions?”
“Yea, I eavesdropped. Sam told me you are a Casanova…” Helen said.
“Oh goodness!”Josh exclaimed as he got her attention, “I got a rogue for a brother.”
“How?” Helen asked.
“The same guy that sleep with girls steadily is telling you this, someone allergic to drink and drug…” Josh said all he could to spoil Sam’s reputation just to get Helen.
“Really, does he have a girlfriend?” Helen asked.
“Maybe, I think so.”
“Why are mostly Nigerians anxious of white ladies?” Helen asked after hush.
“Why are white ladies stooping for Nigeria men?”
“Josh stop it!”
“Stop what!” Josh exclaimed.
“You dare raise words at me?” Helen asked.
“Don’t try to dominate the Blacks, no!”
“What no?” Helen asked confusedly.
“No to racism! No to foreign influence…” Josh yelled at her.
“Damn you Josh! I hate you, every single bit of you…” Helen cried.
“Ohhh…! I knew that one day these words will be released without remorse.” Josh said with no surprise. He was bittered, he lost his eyes off her as she wept wishing him to feel sorry and return to her.
‘I have goofed!’ Josh wailed. ‘ I need her but have built a fence.’ he thought as he turned to her with a sorry face.
“Is Sam around?” Josh asked quickly.
“No!” Helen sniffed in comfort, “I’m sorry Josh, I shouldn’t have yelled at you even though I felt sad. I want us to be together…”
Josh walked towards her as he sat on the bed close to her.
“I am sorry too.” Josh put a consoling arm around her shoulder.
“Last night, Sam walked up to me…” She said as she reminiscent:
“Hey baby what’s up!” Sam said.
“Sam, you aren’t sleeping?” Helen asked as she watched him in the dark entering her room.
“I just said let me spy through.” Sam grinned, “what’s wrong?” Sam asked as he saw her not happy.
“Nothing, just that the guy I seemed to love got a girl pregnant.” Helen cried.
“Then leave him, rather than bothering yourself.” Sam said as he crossed his hand around her shoulder.
“It’s too hard…”
“And he is cheating on you, you can turn your love to me.” Sam smiled.
“Is it bad?”
“Not really, but…”
“But what, you hate me?” Sam asked.
“How can I, you have been so close to me.” Helen said, “but my heart is with him.” She said with tears as she was playing with her finger.
“Can I use your phone.” Helen asked. Sam gave her willingly, he was astonished to see her with eyes around his video folder..
“Sam, you…” She was astounded to see his trend of videos. Sam wasn’t remorse, he smiled nonchalantly. She played a bit of it with no enthusiasm, but Sam was far, with his hand across her shoulder he was caressing her breast. She resisted as she looked at him while he smiled seeing it as just normal, fiddling a girls breast and getting away with it. Shortly be heard his name- his mother called him.
Sam was bothered, he lavished cursed on the devil for not allowing him fulfil his mission.
“Did he return?” Josh asked.
“Yea, after a while to take his phone, he hugged me and gave me a kiss, but they aren’t interesting like yours.” Helen seemed to cry.
Josh held her close to him as he caress her arm, he remembered the day she asked him to cut a sweet which she held between her teeth, he responded as they found themselves kissing, he thought of the romance which was exceptional.
“You are such a diamond that glitters all that concern me…” Josh whispered to her.
“It’s raining, it’s cold…” She smiled as she stood up. Josh watched as she closed the windows, there was power supply at least Josh was grateful as it reduced some cold in him, the heavy downpour had freeze his feet before then. Josh watched as she locked the door.
“What’s going on?” He asked timidly.
“The weather is cold, I wanna lit the warm candle in you..” She stripped off and she got on him as they started smooching.
‘stream of amazement!’ Josh thought as he took hold of the opportunity.
Breeze of favour blew towards Josh, he was filled with excitement as he got back home. It was the most joyful day of his life, he thought of how the same high commissioner granted him visa to England.
“God has done it, I was granted visa…!” Josh exclaimed as Helen asked him why the excitement, he hugged her passionately as they both rejoiced. He was so happy to be leaving the country sooner.
“How about your Amour?” Helen asked after a while of celebration. Josh started calling her ‘Mi Amour!’ from the first day they became so close.
“I will take her along.” Josh smiled.
Josh slot a tape into the mp3 player, it was a foreign mix-tape.
“Wish for a dance?” Josh asked Helen who was sitting on the sofa watching him celebrate.
“I’ll watch you dance.” She smiled.
“No you won’t, ” he grabbed her hand as he raised her up, they both danced happily.
“But when are you going back to the States?” Josh asked as they were having some chit chat.
“Um, in couple of days.” Helen smiled.
“So, I will miss you.” Josh was caressing her hair as she lay on his lap.
“Not really!” Helen laughed, “we will be communicating.”
“But seeing you is more adorning.” Josh snapped.
Helen laughed, “really, I will meet you when I travel to France, perhaps we will plan for a meeting.”
“Okay, I forgot you told me that your mom is a French.” 
“And my dad is an English,” Helen added.
“Really,” Josh smiled.
“Yea, from Swansea.”
“But why not you visit Swansea, there will be more closer.” Josh said.
“I love France, I have a lot of French relatives that are interesting to me than those in England.
“Wow…” While he was talking she rushed to the toilet.
“Are you okay?” Josh said as he went after her to help her, he was curious to know the problem. “This is the second time I see you vomiting, are you alright?”
“I seemed to be down, feeling dizzy and feeling some nauseous condition.
“What’s it?” Sam said as he walked in, he took notice of her dull look.
“She is not feeling fine.” Josh said.
“Jesus! Let’s take her to the hospital.” Sam said as they took her to their family hospital which is not far.
“She is pregnant…” Doctor Richard said after running some test on her, Josh felt like fainting but he held his feet to the ground.
“What!” Sam head sparked, he thought of who is responsible as he knew that he has only touch her but haven’t done anything with her. Josh was with tears as he remembered his nights with her.
“What nonsense!” Sam shouted as they walked into the sitting room.
“There must be a solution.” Josh said as he supported Helen to her room.
“Josh!” Helen called as he was about leaving the room.
“What’s it?” Josh turned. He was bothered of what to do before his parents return.
“Will you stand by me?” Helen cried.
“There will be a way out.” Josh said as he remembered the pills he gave to Rosemary and wishes to go and get it, “you just need some rest, I love you and will forever be by you.”
“I think we should terminate the pregnancy.” Josh said as he joined his brother in the sitting room.
“Not all girl’s concur with that.” Sam replied.
“I can persuade her.”
“But who is responsible?” Sam asked. He has ever wished to have her on his bed but she always resisted, Sam knew it was Josh responsible.
“Bro, I know of a pill that can eradicate pregnancy.” Josh said, “lend me some money let me go and get it.”
“I feel to ask that but I don’t have any money to get any pill.” Sam replied, “but do Helen wish for abortion?”
“Do she wish to get pregnant!” Josh exclaimed.
“What is going on here, who wished for abortion and pregnancy?” Josh was astonished to see his parents appeared in the sitting room.
“Nothing.” Sam replied.
“Come on! Will you tell me what you both have been discussing because we eavesdropped.” His father yelled.
“Dad, mom! Helen is… Is pregnant.” Josh finally said after much pressure by his father.
“What!” His mother exclaimed.
“Go and call her for me!” His father commanded.
Few minutes later Josh and Helen showed up in the sitting room, Helen shivered as she was in tears.
“Helen!” Josh father called, “who got you pregnant?”
“…you know the person responsible so don’t mention my name if you are asked, we haven’t done anything and you know…” helen remembered what Sam told her while they were in the hospital, he threatened to kill her if she lie with his name. Though she wished to just to protect Josh.
Helen stared at Sam who was looking nonchalant unlike Josh that tears was all over him.
“I am responsible!” Josh exclaimed. He shocked everyone as he stepped in the middle of the sitting room close to his father. Josh wanted to do what’s right  because he knew he wasn’t innocent, Helen was shocked as Josh exclaimed and came out.
“Josh! You of all…”
“Josh why?” His mother cried.
Josh was on the floor pleading, he never thought of such to happen, he seem to be doomed as he cried our pleading for mercy.
“Josh, do you know that you have spoil the reputation of this family?” His father asked with his harsh voice.
“Dad, I am sorry!” Josh pleaded.
Helen knelt down as she joined pleading, the only adamant being was Sam who was standing and caressing his soft beards.
“Are you ready to accept responsibility?”
“Darling!” His mother interrupted his father, “it’s unfair.”
“What’s unfair? Isn’t him of age?” 
“No let’s think of solution.” His mother argued.
“Your trip to Europe has been cancelled…!” His father exclaimed after a hush.
“Noooo…!” Josh cried earnestly, “dad, please!”
“Darling, please don’t go too far…” His mother held his father’s hand as she pleaded. “Please…”
While they were in the sitting room they heard a knock.
“Yes, who are you?” Josh’s mom asked as she opened the door.
“I am Tinu from the Nigerian police force I am looking for one Sam Stephen.”
“Let them in!” Josh father said as he heard their argument.
“We are looking for Sam.” The police said as they handcuffed Sam. He was charged for drug and cocaine trafficking.
“Look at the children you are raising.” Josh’s father said after they had took Sam away.
“But you fathered them.” He mother replied.
“How can I father a bastard…”
Few minutes late while they were arguing they heard another knock.
“Who is it this time ?” Josh’s mum sighed as she opened the door.
“Good day, we are from the police force and we are looking for Josh for murder and raping one Rosemary Dickson…” 
“You son raped my daughter and killed her with fake drugs so as to abort the pregnancy.” The woman with them cried.
“Josh!” His parents echoed.
Helen stared at Josh who wished for death than to face the charges laid against him, he turned to Helen who was on a shattered wheel of despair. Tears flowed through his cheek as he was handcuffed and taken away…
“…my parents has separated, my dad heard about my misfortune and told me not to come to Florida, he was so furious that he don’t want to see me and my adulterous mum, he rejected me. My mum have move over to France and she wants me back, your mum told her everything. She only said let me come to France, my visa have been prepared even yours. I have to wait for you to be out so that we’ll go to France.” Helen said. 
Josh was astounded as he paused eating the food she brought for him, she went to visit him in the cell as his case was under prosecution, she wished him to be discharged even though is by bail. She got a SAN lawyer to take up his case even thought it’s a political case.
“I will return and shoulder my responsibility ” Josh said.
“I pray you be out, let it not be for your doom.” Helen cried.
Josh shook his head as he remembered his shattered dream, “my trip to Europe was ruined and shattered but I got you, I have none but you. You just inspired me reasons to smile.” Josh smiled as he shook his head.
“You have showed me more reasons to smile.” Helen said.
 “I awaits trial tomorrow, pray justice not grind me in its wheel.” Josh said after a hush. The time given to them wasn’t enough as the guard came and took Josh to his cell. Helen cried as she watched him leave exclaiming that tomorrow will end either in boom or doom.
“He will be released after the trial tomorrow.” Barr. Mark, Josh’s lawyer assured Helen.
She smiled as she thought of telling Josh’s mum her plans and about she and Josh’s trip to Europe. 
The End

By penhouse

Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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