Sometimes, happiness is not the full-stop that comes at the end of a sentence, but it is those spaces running in-between the words that constantly keep the sentence readable. It is not often a destination. It is a path. 
It is that which oils your drive, your resolve & keeps you running.
Because you may find yourself on a happy day questioning happiness itself.  Is this it? Like really? 
All these years, your life has been on a race to reach happiness. You had envisaged a timeless moment of endless sparks. That flighty feel of excitement, you gain wings soaring to the clouds of ecstasy. But now you are here, and it seems today is only a shadow of your cravings. This day seems to taste like every other day. 
So you’re confused. Your thoughts forever stretched before you.
And so I tell you now,  be happy every day even when intimidating walls stand before you, attempting to snatch your joy and your pearls of laughter. Because even in the darkest of nights, the clouds always find a way to smile as stars twinkle undimmable.
Because happiness is not often a grand feat that you may achieve at the end of the day. But it is that which gave you hope to be your best self. And to be more…
With loves…

By penhouse

Jaja Godspower is a creative thinker and business strategist. He an award winning writer, blogger, author and a film maker from Nigeria. He is motivated with the desire to grow brands and businesses through adequate branding and visibility with his writing expertise. He is the founder of Penhouse Initiative, one of the largest growing writing hub in Africa.

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