Madagascar coronavirus cases

Madagascar came out a month ago with news that is suppose to fill the world with joy..
But the news was looked down on.. WHY? Because it came from an African country and a very poor one for that matter..
W.H.O immediately debunked the news that they don’t approve it and advise people shouldn’t subscribe to it..

Questions need to be asked
**Why has it taken W.H.O this long to come out with results of their clinical test they said they would do on the Curative drink?
**Why is that with the rate COVID-19 is spreading and killing people in other countries, Why haven’t Madagascar recorded a single death? Why is their number of infected so small?
Answers are the World is Ashamed to admit and accept that it’s a Little, No Name, Very Poor African country that have come out to save them all..

How is it possible that US, Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Russia and even China themselves couldn’t come out with the cure? But a lowly Madagascar..
This is the story of David and Goliath.. Good news is, follow African countries have started adopting their discovery.. Nigeria is soon to receive it’s deliveries.. Tanzania, Chad, Congo and more received theirs..

This should be a wake up call to African Nations that we Africans are not regarded at all, News broke out last month on how some scientist were planning to test their vaccines first on Africans.. Tanzania President have come out with claims that the COVID-19 testing kids that are been send to Africa are fake,  it tested positive to Goat, Paw Paw and anything.. Bill Gates and co have predicted massive death on streets of Africa.

Our Leaders need to stand up, sit up..


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